Đồng nghĩa của smitten

Alternative for smitten

Đồng nghĩa: crazy, dotty, enamored, gaga, in love, infatuated, soft on(p), stricken, struck, taken with(p),

smites, smote, smiting, smitten

Đồng nghĩa: afflict,

Tính từ

Having an attraction to
afflicted besotted with infatuated with love-struck by obsessed with beguiled by beset bewitched by captivated by charmed by devoted to enamored of enamoured of enchanted by enthralled by in love with into plagued struck affected besotted crazy about enamoured enamored gone on hooked hopelessly in love with infatuated lovesick mad about potty about stricken struck on taken very attracted to very taken with wild about bowled over by ensorcelled by laid low sweet on twitterpated by very keen on head over heels in love with in love head over heels in love captivated fascinated bewitched spellbound charmed obsessed entranced enchanted absorbed devoted engrossed passionate enraptured fond mesmerized keen mesmerised attracted hypnotized nuts about hypnotised hooked on enthralled fanatical taken with riveted rapt crazy gripped beguiled stuck on mad enthusiastic about keen on sold on enthusiastic focused intent focussed smitten with excited passionate about mad on preoccupied enticed seduced loving intoxicated amorous single-minded fixated intrigued monomaniacal immersed fond of interested wrapped up in head over heels intense preoccupied with single-minded about hell-bent preoccupied by obsessive about possessed by hung up on involved engrossed in caught up in dedicated to immersed in ardent addicted to wild wild on under a spell interested in dotty about turned on intent on hung up zealous eager transfixed dotty dazzled tantalized titillated very enthusiastic delighted thrilled gripped by nuts potty consumed tantalised really into occupied happy engaged lost distracted buried concerned addicted deep busy queer caught up partial to sunk in taken over wrapped up absorbed in up to here heavily into up to here in taken up focused on locked in eat sleep and breathe tied up involved in dialed in up to your ears wound up deep in thought having a one-track mind gone twitterpated has a thing about silly about swept off one's feet overwrought dizzy love-struck fervid fervent avid hysterical nutty beside oneself attached hot for very keen overpowered very interested transported aroused sent carried away with gaga over taken up with prepossessed wackadoodle wackadoo fanatical about paranoid neurotic injured hit extremely curious very inquisitive highly interested extremely interested very curious using troubled wounded in the grip of wasted abusing jonesing for dependent on shooting up under the influence dependent strung out jonesing on prone habituated with a … habit crazed drawn agog deeply affected harmed caught predisposed curious moved inquisitive sold impressed roused attentive struck down inspired touched lured stimulated inspirited fixated by riveted by attached to mesmerized by attracted to hungry for fascinated by eager for intrigued by

Động từ

Past participle for to hit or strike with force
struck stricken knocked hit hitten smacked thumped beaten beat pounded punched slapped clouted cuffed socked bashed clobbered cracked swatted thwacked wallopped walloped banged belted boxed rapped hammered slugged swiped thrashed whacked biffed bopped buffeted buffetted slammed batted bludgeoned bobbed bonked busted clapped clapt clipped clipt clocked nailed pasted slogged tagged whaled zapped afflicted attacked blasted hung one on pummelled battered pummeled lambasted decked sloshed boffed welted drubbed donged let someone have it tanned lammed quilted smashed flogged whipped pelted whomped belaboured laid one on belabored licked swinged swongen whopped lashed laid into cudgeled cudgelled knocked into the middle of next week clubbed birched sticked one on basted laced into dotted chinned switched rained blows on floored roughed up thudded assaulted worked over hidden hid given someone a good hiding thrust laced pitched into threshed lathered paddled crowned given someone a hiding whapped mauled beatbeat the living daylights out of the living daylights out of tonked slated tapped spanked pommeled pommelled whupped lit into tromped fibbed curried popped blown done plugged let have it whammed bunged up messed up punched out dinged given someone a drubbing given someone a beating bumped knocked around given someone a good beating given someone a good drubbing caned jabbed skelped larruped larrupped hooked chopped thrusted driven druv beaten up hit hard done over knocked about beat up on sucker-punched abused flailed rammed crashed maltreated KO'd aimed blows at scourged patted conked hit over the head hit on the head brained mistreated impelled wound wounded drawn forged clumped strapped drummed uppercut hurt lobbed striped set upon set about weighed into zonked set on run torn into injured punished hit out hit for six let fly mutilated lacerated mangled brutalized brutalised maimed come down on let one have it put on the rack hit out at hacked poked spiked filliped stroked caught assailed swung swungen duked bombarded impaired chipped thumped on knocked on scudded borne down lashed out blipped bammed bushwhacked crushed mashed trounced impacted collided impinged given someone a hot bottom plumped picked wiped trashed felled totaled roughhoused levelled leveled totalled manhandled flattened planted one taken out socked it to someone skulled stunned concussed boxed somebody's ears sailed into landed a punch percussed stoned pelleted dabbed whanged blitzed kicked sunken sunk rained blows upon clonked beaned coshed had a go at got stuck into jumped mugged fallen upon laid a finger on sticked one on someone plunged lashed out at swung at ridden roughshod knocked out leathered flagellated disfigured lamed crippled disabled broken bruised wrecked defaced contused physically attacked slapped around hauled off on jumped down one's throat pounced upon gone for dashed against boxed someone's ears given a black eye stabbed sent horsewhipped tormented slashed pushed dug cowhided molested persecuted rawhided flayed ill-treated propelled martyred crucified butted sticked twacked jackhammered stuck dashed inflicted pain on inflicted suffering on martyrized grilled impaled tortured given someone the works malleated hat smote smit smited swonge beat the living daylights out of gave someone a hiding gave someone a good hiding did beat up blew chastised gave someone a beating gave someone a drubbing gave someone a good beating gave someone a good drubbing tanned one's hide did over drove drave jarred waxed put over one's knee put someone over your knee put out cut crashed into broke brake head-butted slippered prodded drew nudged gave someone a hot bottom damaged trimmed castigated contacted harmed defeated tore into feruled whisked jerked fustigated elbowed windmilled blackjacked caromed grazed gashed incapacitated punished severely whirled bunted clattered jostled filled in smashed into caused injury to paddlewhacked scratched banged up crashed against pinched dusted someone's britches struck with a stick collided with caused pain to beat with a stick cracked against pulverized ploughed into cracked into connected with warmed someone's seat shoved scraped knocked against jogged bumped into knocked into pulverised slammed into run into fell sank bore down swang took out given someone a licking gave someone a licking rode roughshod shaken shook fell upon gave a black eye wore out worn out screwed gave the cat o'nine tails given the cat o'nine tails beaten with a stick ran into banged into gave somebody a hiding given somebody a hiding swang at went for came down on ran shove shoven shave

Động từ

Past participle for to kill, especially with godly force
killed slaughtered executed massacred decimated dispatched murdered obliterated slain slayed annihilated assassinated exterminated felled finished neutralised neutralized wasted butchered iced offed snuffed terminated whacked croaked wiped out caused the death of finished off knocked off garrotted hit cut to pieces put down put to death put away cut down put to sleep destroyed erased eradicated liquidated extirpated eliminated claimed blackballed downed stiffed topped smoked waxed scragged nixed gotten got crucified suffocated asphyxiated hitten strangled hanged done in lynched taken someone's life disposed of done for polished off hung made away with done to death mowed down bumped off sacrificed taken the life of blown away wiped from the face of the earth guillotined done away with carried off ended the life of rubbed out taken out shot down immolated slew fell smote smit smited gat hat took out took someone's life did to death took the life of did away with blew away did for did in put an end to terminated with extreme prejudice put to the sword zapped snuffed out removed abolished silenced canceled cancelled expunged gave someone the works given someone the works blotted out wiped off the face of the earth put end to gotten rid of got rid of vaporized vaporised purged taken took ended excluded sterilized dragged scratched drug sterilised effaced extinguished cleared away dragged down gunned down ethnically cleansed sent to kingdom come stamped out swept away blacked out cleaned up sent to the gas chambers rooted out took down taken down

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