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Alternative for enfeebled

enfeeble /in'fi:bl/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm yếu


Weak or lacking in strength
weak frail feeble debilitated weakened infirm delicate enervated sapped slight wasted effete prostrate faint languid prostrated asthenic wimpy wimpish unsubstantial tender soft softened exhausted low fatigued undermined depleted diminished unnerved devitalized down-and-out worn out rendered feeble sickly ailing incapacitated weakly decrepit fragile ill unwell shaky helpless poorly strengthless sick indisposed drained unsound spent tired puny doddering unhealthy in poor health anemic crippled anaemic lame failing powerless spindly weedy weary emasculated tottering doddery vitiated rickety unsteady sluggish nerveless laid low run-down aged faltering languorous spineless limp anile weakling impotent trembly paralyzed paralysed sensitive invalid bedridden weak-kneed sapless flimsy out of shape scrawny valetudinarian out of gas down declining past it faded hindered unstable below par flagging deteriorated irresolute wobbly old drooping insecure wavering etiolated tottery debile ancient senescent vacillating flabby sensile halting dainty unfit senile broken-down tenuous burned out crook hamstrung impuissant handicapped invertebrate pathetic meager meagre yielding handcuffed characterless wet bad hog-tied forceless dying wishy-washy limp-wristed high and dry long in the tooth out of sorts peaked run down under the weather sick as a dog milk-and-water namby-pamby encumbered hampered light indecisive washed-out slender breakable played out in declining health rundown lacklustre poor lackluster senior meek withered atrophied deteriorating wilted haggard degenerative ravaged shattery thin fishy wispy shatterable brittle fracturable nesh susceptible lackadaisical listless passionless disabled stricken tepid unenthusiastic unexcited done in rusty easily damaged uninterested sinking reduced valetudinary unwilling dizzy ineffective superannuated shilpit on the sick list out of action compromised blasé rotten lousy elderly apathetic trembling washed out gone to seed out of condition on the ropes unable without energy gentle insufficient woozy half-hearted dopey flat disadvantaged beat pooped in second childhood in one's dotage incapable incompetent untrained small disadvantageous off-color low-energy laid-up worn-out diseased suffering unproductive inept infecund paper tiger gutless dud tuckered out a wreck out of commission out-of-action tired out in bad shape punk sickened peaky languishing not well impoverished over the hill no spring chicken in bad health wasting feeling awful off colour down with rocky laid up loose restrained restricted impaired slack insubstantial toothless droopy lax floppy unfirm sagging saggy pendulous toneless lank wilting irresilient quaggy out of tone inelastic flaccid precarious jerry-built ramshackle vulnerable unsafe wonky shaking impressionable defenseless defenceless teetery wobbling quaking dodgy makeshift imperfect gimcrack shoddy tremulous quavery in poor condition aquiver quivery atremble shuddery wabbling wabbly shuddering quivering giddy badly built waxen unreliable thrown together flawed bockety deficient shivering inadequate jittery dilapidated perilous cheap frangible hazardous vertiginous tremorous unsecured lightheaded unbalanced muzzy tumbledown exposed mild light-headed groggy tame moderate rattletrap nervous fluctuant rootless quavering unsettled vibrating weak at the knees all of a tremble all of a quiver ticklish tricky in poor shape pliable superficial unpowerful errant malleable fallible easily broken waxy unsatisfactory substandard erring resistless ineffectual easily tempted easily led unguarded unprotected awry derelict pampered on its last legs jumpy fluttering doubtful inconstant staggering like jelly podgy overindulged unconvincing timorous aflutter disintegrating decaying crumbling broken ruinous with rubbery legs stifled muted subdued insufficiently powered not strong enough low-powered excited tremulant cowardly aspen palpitating timid spiritless hushed graceful indistinct muffled rachitic rumpty tumble-down shacky shambly geriatric paralytic neurasthenic sclerotic atonic rheumatic spastic arthritic teetering reedy loosened slackened relaxed movable unfastened tinny squeaky shrill dangerous endangered immature low-key faint-hearted woolly reeling falling to pieces high moving mobile slippery wiggly risky lubricious not fixed not secure out of training lily-livered palsied lethargic wooly cracked at risk underpowered off-balance high-pitched jellylike aquake ashake unsure woolly-headed not set all aquiver


Feeling tired, fatigued or weary
exhausted drained fatigued spent beat bushed debilitated enervated knackered tired weary dead breathless panting pooped puffed puffing shattered wasted frazzled gasping jaded sapped weak bushwhacked effete prostrated aweary beaten done flat fried jiggered limp loggy logy prostrate stonkered wabbit weakened wearied whipped worn zonked bleary fordone rooted toilworn whacked creamcrackered kaput shot worn out dog-tired burned-out burnt-out clapped out tired out bone-tired bone-weary dead beat dead tired out of breath ready to drop tuckered out wiped out worn-out all in done for done in fagged out knocked out puffed out puffing and blowing run-down tapped out washed-out whacked out extremely tired gasping for breath played out running on empty shagged out zonked out had it on your last legs out on one's feet outta gas worn to a frazzle jet-lagged asleep on one's feet fagged run down etiolated washed out like death warmed up sleepy depleted rundown careworn haggard burned out worn-down drowsy crippled drawn pinched strained disabled gaunt weariful listless hollow-cheeked overtired languid droopy sluggish hollow-eyed flagging fit to drop burnt out finished consumed done up tuckered drooping used up dead on one's feet overworked lethargic groggy far-gone wan without energy out of gas torpid low asleep collapsing raddled languorous faint stressed out unwell overtaxed winded stressed pale peaky ashen blanched wrinkled fretted wheezing pasty-faced blown gone taxed tense short-winded wheezy used dog-weary expended lackadaisical dragging hacked lacklustre lackluster bleary-eyed played-out heavy broken-down slumberous somnolent huffing and puffing inactive inert short of breath dead-tired out of whack dead-beat wiped-out unsteady out of puff sleep deprived sallow done-in all-in wiped bored sick grim languishing bedraggled done with empty peaked narcoleptic overused dog tired dropping lassitudinous blasé infirm feeble low-energy faded worn down very tired dozy petered out old run ragged withered fraught on last leg in poor health apathetic breathing heavily over-tired tired-out lacking in energy half-awake aching sore overloaded overburdened exasperated wrecked lumbering stress-ridden heavy-lidded indolent wooden slow slothful emptied under stress lifeless choking gulping unenergetic lazy dissipated disbursed thrown away lost washed-up down the drain slow-moving spiritless passive unhealthy unproductive lymphatic sedentary dilatory snoozy dilapidated tattered unkempt slow-going slow-paced somnific dull footsore disheveled dishevelled coarsened debauched asthmatic stertorous emphysematous gulping for breath the worse for wear below par with sunken cheeks worse for wear under par comatose passed out down for the count out for the count


Past tense for to make feeble
debilitated devitalized sapped weakened immobilised immobilized indisposed prostrated tired crippled disabled drained enervated etiolated exhausted fatigued handicapped incapacitated paralyzed paralysed softened wasted attenuated blunted depleted diminished emasculated knackered laid low lay low made feeble made weak shattered torpefied undermined unhinged unnerved knocked out did in done in wore out worn out hurt wearied impaired frazzled put out of action pooped reduced tired out overtired washed out ruined destroyed taxed fagged out overtaxed vitiated busted tuckered out damaged marred hamstrung hamstringed whacked jaded injured eroded harmed overwrought overworked killed pooped out spoiled spoilt sabotaged tuckered bushed took it out of taken it out of harassed wrecked petered out broke broken brake worn down wore down crushed impoverished impeded diluted lessened bankrupted overexerted defeated overextended overfatigued lamed conked out run ragged unstrengthened disarmed watered down worn wore subverted outwore outworn consumed used up compromised hindered lowered worn to a frazzle wore to a frazzle disempowered depressed subdued eviscerated hampered withered extenuated suppressed rendered infirm quashed offset decreased wound wounded calmed tempered vanquished overpowered overcome sucked dry numbed abated thinned restricted deadened assuaged shrunk strained made powerless mutilated maimed soothed inactivated pained failed did up done up halted made tired pinioned totalled kiboshed mangled battered totaled muzzled hogtied unfitted unbraced hocked sapped the strength of benumbed brought someone to their knees put to sleep rendered incapable shot down put on the sick list arrested appalled shut down put a damper on eaten away ate away ran ragged threatened felled floored dropped cowed levelled leveled contracted downed degraded dispirited cramped subjugated overwhelmed smashed demoted demoralized dulled wore away worn away hospitalized disembowelled exenterated dampened disemboweled repressed disrated humiliated downgraded sickened mowed encumbered overdone overdid drew drawn atrophied whittled scuppered scotched knocked down rooted extinguished tamed constricted dissipated devaluated adulterated offsetted rarefied lightened mitigated deflated knocked over flawed blemished bloodied made feebler wiped out nearly killed overcame folded ennuied ennuyed overstrained wilted demoralised collapsed overburdened fainted routed mowed down endamaged limited bowled over cooled burdened shrank shrunken sank sunken sunk made unfit rendered powerless spiked shrivelled emaciated shriveled bowled down stifled jammed allayed stopped moderated muffled plagued made weary brought down run into the ground invalided layed up hospitalised dominated laid up saped your strength sapped your strength made helpless made impotent deprived of force reduced the power of mollified disenabled deactivated alleviated appeased sated cauterized slaked damped relieved eased drowsed brought low clamped toned down frozen froze caused instability brought to ruin faded glutted drooped flagged oppressed weighed pulled the teeth of reduced the powers of removed the sting from took out taken out actioned rendered inoperative caused ennui cauterised transfixed took the edge off astounded had a negative effect on brought to grinding halt palsied demolished obtunded gnawed conquered brought to a halt dazed desensitized thrown monkey wrench in rained on someone's parade stupefied prevented from moving invalidated confined to a wheelchair tied bemused disqualified anesthetized corroded made inoperative made nerveless prevented from working hebetated daunted mastered closed stunned nonplussed threw monkey wrench in stopped dead desensitised had a bad effect on anaesthetized lost interest confined to bed crossed up petrified kept down rendered inactive made inert taken the edge off beat down brought to a standstill fell shaken shook overthrown overthrew went stale gone stale grew weary gave out given out grown weary grown tired grew tired gnawn gnew did harm to done harm to bore down borne down beaten down ran into the ground worn oneself to a shadow wore oneself to a shadow wore oneself to a frazzle worn oneself to a frazzle flattened decked toppled knocked to the ground grounded ground KO'd laid out put down cut down knocked for six struck down knocked unconscious lay out upset kayoed threw down thrown down thrown to the ground threw to the ground fizzled bedraggled languished succumbed sagged overturned spread out set down knocked into the middle of next week caught off balance brought to the ground stricken down bored spilt spilled disfigured defused tripped tackled made sleepy threw thrown debased flushed straightened poleaxed plastered rolled abraded graded laid tipped over hobbled unbalanced shoved dislimbed dismembered sidelined defaced tumbled shagged out upturned ironed out rolled out drained of energy knocked off your feet hurled to the ground stripped made safe run down made lame run over stript tripped up skinned neutralised deescalated rendered defenseless scattered made harmless neutralized pulled down unarmed picked off removed the fuse from occupied disbanded bore taken took shove shoven shave worn on wore on ran over ran down


Past tense for to have a diminishing effect on
impaired damaged harmed marred spoiled spoilt reduced injured undermined vitiated weakened blunted decreased diminished hindered lessened worsened debilitated deteriorated compromised enervated blemished bloodied broke brake broken crabbed crippled defaced disabled disfigured endamaged flawed hurt impeded threatened blighted cheapened debased destroyed devaluated devalued dinged disqualified invalidated prejudiced queered ruined tarnished totalled totaled tweaked unfitted crossed up fouled up lost strength made useless messed up roughed up put the kibosh on put out of commission put out of action wrecked destabilized subverted sabotaged jeopardized disrupted impoverished ravaged devitalized corroded incapacitated depressed dismantled corrupted crushed annihilated trashed afflicted wound tainted wounded smashed inconvenienced sapped withered shattered blasted shocked scorched torpedoed battered interfered with destabilised jeopardised screwed up mucked up loused up detracted from smashed up wreaked havoc on caused detriment to shook up shaken up taken out took out wrought havoc done harm to did harm to wrought havoc on thrown a monkey wrench into threw a monkey wrench into cut hit maimed upset scratched cut to ribbons bruised put a damper on lacerated mutilated slashed pierced gashed stained scarred sullied stabbed teared grazed punctured hacked ripped winged plugged zapped irritated polluted blotted stuck carved sliced sticked clipt contused scraped nicked clipped mangled bended bent detracted warped opened up hat torn tore hitten corve tore apart torn apart carven


Past tense for to diminish the confidence or courage of
demoralised demoralized disheartened discouraged daunted dispirited unnerved shook shaken dejected depressed undermined unmanned dismayed weakened sapped crushed chilled cowed devitalized disconcerted enervated frustrated rattled subdued threw thrown cast down disempowered abashed crippled damped dampened debilitated deflated disarranged discountenanced disordered disorganized disparaged disturbed embarrassed jumbled muddled nonplussed snarled unglued unsettled unzipped upset brought low knocked sideways blew out blown out blew up blown up got to gotten to knocked for six sent up took apart taken apart psyched out took steam out taken steam out knocked the stuffing out of intimidated put into a flap set back put the wind up put someone off their stroke frightened emasculated alarmed flustered confounded perturbed fazed distressed agitated discomposed discomfited disarmed ruffled startled disquieted jolted stunned stupefied panicked discombobulated unhinged bewildered needled scared buffaloed worried surprised distracted spooked floored bowled over caused someone to lose their composure took aback taken aback rid ridden uncalmed rode shook up shaken up threw off threw off balance thrown into a tizz thrown off balance thrown off threw into a tizz gave a turn given a turn put a damper on saddened humbled weighed down cast a pall over put down subjugated lowered stifled ailed overwhelmed troubled suppressed deterred oppressed squelched smothered diminished dashed desolated wearied extinguished overpowered overcome quelled deadened defeated curbed chagrined abased bothered disappointed made downhearted humiliated made dispirited made dejected made crestfallen indisposed disinclined bummed out dulled damped down beat down weighed heavily on brought down got down made someone fed up poured cold water on broke broken brake overcame bore down on beaten down borne down on thrown cold water on given someone the blues gave someone the blues threw cold water on thrown a pall over threw a pall over

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