Đồng nghĩa của stained

Alternative for stained

stains, stained, staining

Đồng nghĩa: discolor, mark, soil, spot,

Trái nghĩa: cleanse,


Dirty with stains
dirty filthy smudged begrimed grimed soiled blemished cruddy discoloured discolored draggled foul grimy marked smutty sullied tainted unclean befouled bemired besmeared besmirched dusty grubby grungy mucky smeared sooty tarnished bedraggled black blackened dingy festy grody grotty muddy polluted scungy scuzzy sordid squalid uncleanly bogging gross gungy manky messy muddied nasty ruined skanky sleazy uncleaned yucky not clean dirt-encrusted mud-caked contaminated slimy unwashed defiled spotted unhygienic sloppy unsanitary insanitary unkempt spoiled icky impure crummy scummy fouled greasy oxidized rusty feculent disheveled dishevelled spoilt slovenly rotten shabby infected smeary adulterated corroded oxidised miry corrupted rusted dirtied putrid fetid sticky blotted flawed putrefied untidy faded corrupt yellowed foetid undusted imperfect unswept marred vitiated debased decayed smelly adulterate alloyed decaying seedy insalubrious poisoned slatternly murky sludgy dreggy bespattered mud-encrusted degraded dungy spattered unlaundered pigpen infested despoiled disfigured scratched dull streaked destroyed damaged harmed bruised rundown slummy diseased impaired dowdy disgusting miserable scruffy frowzy flea-bitten dust-filled spotty dust-covered slushy gloopy raunchy cloudy oozy yukky mucous muculent clammy viscous glutinous arenaceous arenose dust-ridden bastardized flecked mottled scarred caked sloughy devalued straggly disarrayed unsightly dishabille mung unhealthy diluted mixed mud-spattered lowered noxious germy unwholesome smoky rank rancid stinking unhealthful septic harmful depreciated bastardised bleached wan pale faecal loathsome fecal repulsive horry yecchy revolting verminous slipshod soily disease-ridden germ-ridden foxed etiolated blotched weathered perverted washed out bad off stale sour decomposed putrescent noisome decomposing mouldy turned reeking rotting moldy malodorous poisonous high whiffy olid musty toxic mephitic nauseating strong-smelling addled gamy unpleasant pungent miasmic deteriorated blended funky reeky inedible attenuated unfit for human consumption foul-smelling evil-smelling unsavoury flyblown niffy pongy sickening unsavory offensive blighted fusty strong disagreeable curdled overripe mouldering miasmal moldering rotted stenchy nidorous putrefactive carious doctored disintegrating unpalatable infectious uneatable festering unappetizing vile pestilent fermented indigestible stinky unconsumable old perished distasteful watered down moldered putrefacient stenchful frowsty frowsy worm-eaten wormy humming unfiltered maggoty ripe mouldered graveolent soured dank ill-smelling not fit to eat crumbling gamey dissolved obnoxious unrefined combined admixed deleterious wasting away loaded unsanitized stagnant plague-ridden catching strong-tasting going off going bad strong-flavored strong-flavoured unpleasant-tasting tasteless bitter repugnant wasted injured unfresh degenerated gangrenous putrefying distorted envenomed poison venomous clabbered tough as old boots bug-ridden contagious deviant falsified altered gone off gone bad weakened deadly virulent malignant sick ailing unwell sickly desecrated trashed unsound ill violated profaned abused ravished debauched acrid raped infirm pestilential niffing cooked lousy crook peccant abnormal stinking to high heaven poorly afflicted indisposed mucked up putrified mildewy corroding caried purulent pustular beastly smelling bad-smelling


Very disgusting, dirty or unpleasant
nasty foul unpleasant dirty distasteful disagreeable disgusting horrible sickening filthy nauseating odious offensive repellent repugnant vile loathsome obnoxious awful abominable dreadful objectionable repulsive revolting nauseous unappetizing appalling hideous horrendous noxious terrible unpalatable frightful grotty horrid malodorous noisome yucky atrocious gross icky rancid squalid stinking unsavoury evil-smelling foul-smelling lousy smelly uninviting acrid beastly diabolical foetid fetid ghastly grubby gruesome mephitic polluted putrid rank skanky cruddy pongy stinky ugly whiffy abhorrent bad bedraggled befouled begrimed bemired besmirched bitter black blackened cheap contemptible deplorable despicable dingy disgustful displeasing draggled dusty evil fulsome funky grimy grungy harsh illegal lame loathly mean miasmal mucky muddy niffy obscene paltry pitiable pitiful ratty repellant rotten scabby scandalous scummy scurvy shocking smudged smutty sneaking soiled sordid sorry sour sullied unclean uncleanly uncongenial unfair unlovely unpleasing unsavory unsportsmanlike unwelcome wicked wretched yukky festy olid yucko bum hellish poison ungodly unholy off-putting God-awful sick-making on the nose shabby grim grody rundown tatty hateful detestable bogging execrable grisly heinous gut-churning monstrous reprehensible vomitous intolerable unspeakable vomit-inducing stomach-turning stomach-churning rebarbative insufferable sick hellacious horrifying macabre beyond the pale horrific base fearful dire unacceptable distressing from hell invidious outrageous very unpleasant nightmarish dislikeable lurid terrific nightmare undesirable creepy cringe-making sleazy terrifying vulgar emetic poisonous grewsome egregious damnable exceptionable spine-chilling godawful pestiferous unbearable ornery upsetting brutal savage vicious low fiendish nefarious bloody villainous murderous dark low-down shameful unforgivable harrowing reeking infamous forbidding grievous poor unsightly flagitious abysmal hateable immoral worthless biting embarrassing cutting rubbish annoying pesky yecchy off-color bloodthirsty violent gut-wrenching sickly catty blood-and-guts sanguinary blood-and-thunder shameless chunderous hated reviled discouraging harmful tainted diseased insupportable eerie sanguine very disgusting offending opprobrious disconcerting repelling scabrous unpardonable inexcusable hurtful deleterious unhealthy pernicious injurious mischievous tremendous abusive impertinent insolent irritating discourteous frightening morbid woozy brackish rocky censurable blood-stained baneful unwholesome pestilential weird daunting fierce gory dislikable unlikable tasteless galling dismaying reeky serious alarming accursed uncool shuddersome resentful blasted cursed cussed confounded spine-tingling pill heel strong high musty stenchy fusty deadly insalutary dangerous squicky cloying surfeiting sleazeball scuzzy disgraceful raunchy godforsaken gnarly depressing frowzy frowsy miasmic frowsty corrupt perverted excruciating pigpen ripe sinful depraved degenerate cruel barbaric debased iniquitous uncanny ghostly dim faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural deathlike corpselike unnatural unearthly anemic ghoulish sepulchral funereal weak anaemic dishonourable dissolute diabolic miserable reprobate humiliating debauched ruthless degrading abject ignoble coarse devilish contradictory inconsistent hostile opposed incompatible adverse barbarous inhuman snide unrighteous ignominious currish dishonorable unlawful wrong unethical low-minded inimical averse antipathetic antagonistic impure infernal brutish unfriendly extrinsic counter against extraneous unconformable different opposite revulsive unfitted alien foreign degraded abandoned merciless black-hearted flagrant in opposition mediocre substandard disastrous dismal inferior inhumane heartless butcherly brute truculent sadistic wanton unsatisfactory trashy crummy cut-rate garbage lamentable wanting low-grade third-rate under par low-quality pathetic less-than-stellar punk poor-quality second-class below par sub-par laughable deficient second-rate two-bit rubbishy sad cacodemonic facinorous desperate hairy


Stained with ink


Marked or decorated with spots


Past tense for to mark or discolor with something that is not easily removed
soiled blackened dirtied sullied blemished discoloured marked smudged besmirched contaminated muddied spotted defiled smeared befouled begrimed blotched fouled grimed polluted smirched spattered splashed splattered bemired corrupted daubed disgraced distained gaumed mired mucked spoiled spoilt tainted tarnished tinged blotted debased discolored tarred got dirty gotten dirty got filthy made dirty made filthy marred ruined bespattered darkened poisoned injured vitiated blighted splotched splodged streaked damaged speckled specked flecked hurt impaired messed up dotted touched disfigured defaced adulterated sprinkled infected besmeared mottled bedaubed dappled scarred harmed denigrated marbled stippled debauched made impure perverted dashed wrecked depraved mucked up put a damper on rusted degraded freckled peppered shot maculated flawed clouded upset bloodied slabbered destroyed bruised wet profaned faded sprayed coated covered put the kibosh on scattered besoiled blacked plashed sploshed crippled scratched desecrated undermined smutched endamaged made sooty crabbed besprinkled trashed compromised demoralized mangled maimed sabotaged queered fouled up warped crossed up anointed loused up cut dented demoralised spread scorched slushed shotten vilified studded inked bedabbled shamed strewed showered draggled encrusted mutilated bleached sloshed distorted alloyed made unclean dishonoured dishonored scotched crushed slopped wetted doused made mucky scuppered bastardized made dusty devastated littered abased rotted nixed banjaxed disrupted weakened made smoky prostituted cast a slur dished demolished shattered cast a pall over cast a shadow over cruelled euchred violated broadcast made muddy made a mess of screwed up annihilated cankered made black put an end to corroded played havoc with split made darker put a stop to caked with dirt bastardised put paid to put the lid on brought to naught dulled colored dyed undone undid imprinted broke broken brake pitted impressed notched charred gashed chipped scored scraped nicked swartened weathered made grimy blazed chalked painted stroked checked bespeckled radioactivated stigmatized discredited branded blobbed striped deformed pimpled festered roiled riled murked bestudded scuzzed up bestrewed bestrewn mussed bedraggled coloured crumbed messed made foul washed out strewn beclouded drowned soaked sopped drenched plunged moistened squirted blurred dusted shaded frustrated torpedoed blasted spritzed made murky patched variegated ebonized plastered swashed made cloudy ended mussed up stigmatised bent dinged tweaked bended detracted prejudiced subverted demeaned lessened cheapened devalued consumed brutalised inflicted deteriorated brutalized prevented quashed quelled mullered smashed detracted from vandalized gutted clouded up made blacker toxified infested spangled discharged emitted dribbled dispersed sputtered spluttered broadcasted totalled ravaged wound wounded totaled stymied envenomed embittered got wet roughed up dragged through the mud razed disfeatured incapacitated nullified caked with mud disintegrated lacerated scathed abused wronged burnt maltreated teared gnawed dismantled knocked battered cracked vandalised burned lured seduced ballsed up afflicted decayed disappointed brought to an end stabbed blew a hole in blown a hole in covered with blotches tampered with smashed up banged up thrown a monkey wrench in the works of threw a monkey wrench in the works of led astray bestialized glitched up played merry hell with thrown a spanner in the works of threw a spanner in the works of scourged caked with soil wreaked havoc on made dark sored wasted away watered down made degenerate made a hash of caused injury animalized pockmarked sowed sown did in done in shook up shaken up gave a bad name given a bad name gnawn torn tore gnew ulcered wrought havoc on did damage to wrought havoc wore away done damage to worn away drove a nail into the coffin of driven a nail into the coffin of done for did for took the edge off took the shine off taken the shine off taken the edge off took the pleasure out of took the enjoyment out of taken the pleasure out of taken the enjoyment out of


Past tense for to sully the good name of someone
slandered vilified denigrated smeared discredited blackened disparaged slurred aspersed slighted libelled libeled besmirched reviled demonised demonized dishonoured dishonored impugned insulted bad-mouthed spoke ill of spoken ill of ran down run down cast aspersions on spoke evil of spoken evil of did a hatchet job on done a hatchet job on threw mud at thrown mud at dumped on spread lies about blackened the name of blackened the reputation of conducted a smear campaign against spoke badly of spoken badly of sullied the reputation of dragged through the mud brought discredit to tarnished sullied disgraced defamed tainted blotted degraded shamed stigmatized smirched spread scandal about calumniated stigmatised traduced dragged through the mire brought into disrepute debased maligned defiled soiled besmeared lowered brought shame on cast a slur on reproached injured spotted scandalized put in a bad light derogated censured scandalised belittled spoilt spoiled reflected badly on damaged rubbished knocked breathed on befouled decried brought shame upon blotched attacked ripped derided disrespected reduced flung mud at humiliated slagged off embarrassed tarred and feathered assailed muckraked ripped up and down slung mud at put down blemished run smear campaign given a black eye gave a black eye gave a bad name given a bad name brought shame to spread tales about cast in a bad light humbled abased cheapened done a number on did a number on undermined poisoned brought dishonour to dragged down ran smear campaign dragged someone's name through the mud demeaned chastened snubbed fouled given a bad name to gave a bad name to scorched blistered badmouthed prejudiced disfavored disfavoured vilipended perverted ruined compromised burlesqued caricatured cut up hit where one lives cut to the quick showed up reflected negatively torn down tore down cut down to size shown in a bad light showed in a bad light blackened someone's name told lies about muddied the reputation of harmed the reputation of dragged name through mud cast aspersion damaged the reputation of marked wrong put someone in their place taken down took down detracted roasted offended branded miffed sunken sank sunk blighted zinged devalued spattered insinuated chopped pushed capped mortified exposed corrupted diminished misrepresented slammed disregarded ridiculed owned attainted desecrated mocked disesteemed debauched marred panned villainized blackguarded lost face skinned alive shot down caused to lose face detracted from pooh-poohed brought into disfavour slung mud written false reports about made lose face made someone eat crow dragged through mud accused falsely wrote false reports about run a smear campaign against own backbitten backbit blown off blew off poor-mouthed taken down a peg took down a peg taken down a peg or two took down a peg or two ran a smear campaign against dissed abused criticized slated vituperated criticised deprecated hit out at depreciated minimized condemned trashed discounted trash-talked minimised dismissed lambasted had a go at hurt scorned played down cried down pulled apart undervalued underrated bashed pummelled poured scorn on talked down kissed off denounced pulled to pieces inveighed against sneered at trivialized berated underestimated marginalized railed against marginalised scoffed at trivialised downgraded treated lightly minified hit misprized rapped dispraised flamed fulminated against hammered skewered pilloried held cheap pummeled bagged outraged laid into blackened the character of jumped on excoriated curst cursed contemned wrote off written off blasted belied took to pieces taken to pieces deflated disdained made light of picked holes in mistreated castigated blasphemed upset wound wounded savaged lampooned oppressed taunted affronted scolded blamed reproved persecuted understated downplayed laughed off laughed at reprobated sneered tore into torn into done down did down cast slur on put zingers on miscalled slanged ripped up appalled vituperated against cut dead put a whammy on hurt someone's feelings called names cut down sold short called someone names put away put hooks in harmed accused annoyed ill-treated maltreated provoked aggravated spited gossipped lied gossiped backstabbed ill-used cheated chid flayed admonished chided crucified gossiped about slagged lectured slapped teased criticized unfairly squelched reprimanded reamed squashed trespassed wronged aggrieved thrown brickbats at threw brickbats at strumpeted plastered scathed rebuked voodooed cussed dug jinxed disobliged irritated had a pop at despised nagged belabored potshotted offended against disgusted shocked sledged upbraided destroyed girt scoffed jeered girded sinned against imposed upon called down dressed down ragged on bad mouthed horrified slang raked over the coals hitten hat hosed belaboured caused offence to execrated poormouthed blackened name treated disrespectfully shot full of holes tongue-lashed repelled nauseated revolted sickened given offence to gave offence to deplored discommended made little of objected disapproved frowned expostulated stepped on one's toes cussed out shouted at anathematized cavilled at carped at reprehended displeased laid down the law thought little of animadverted disapproved of dismayed come down on not gone for caused raised eyebrows looked down on spurned complained held forth against faulted discountenanced blackballed knocked off high horse marked down moaned found fault with raised eyebrows amongst sniped at clamored against railed caused a few raised eyebrows amongst spoke of with disfavour spoken of with disfavour lay about lain about given a talking-to gave a talking-to rid rode ridden did wrong to done wrong to did injury to did an injustice to done a disservice to did a disservice to done an injustice to done injury to taken apart took apart taken a swipe at took a swipe at gave black eye given black eye swore at sworn at threw shade thrown shade gave comeuppance given comeuppance taken dim view of took dim view of did the dirty on taken advantage of took advantage of done the dirty on torn to shreds taken away threw stones at took swipe at took away taken swipe at came down on thrown stones at tore to shreds

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