Đồng nghĩa của grooved

Alternative for grooved

grooves, grooved, grooving

Đồng nghĩa: channel, furrow, routine, track,

Động từ

Past tense for to enter into a hamonious relationship with

Động từ

Past tense for live it up
lived up enjoyed life got down had a ball had a good time had fun let your hair down lived it up painted the town red partied revelled reveled celebrated enjoyed oneself made whoopee made merry whooped it up roistered caroused lived had a wild time had a night on the tiles raved it up lived life to the full pushed the boat out jolled larged it had a whale of a time had a party enjoyed yourself gone out on the town went on a spree went on a bender gone on a bender gone on a spree went out on the town let loose rejoiced cut loose raved feasted drunk drank wassailed stepped out spreed let go had a fling put the flags out anded be merry put the flag out frolicked binged birled socialized rollicked let yourself go raised hell painted the town kicked up one's heels rioted socialised overindulged romped ate eaten jubilated junketted junketed enjoyed wallowed luxuriated gloated rolled savored savoured crowed kicked up heels delighted indulged thrived let one's hair down killed the fatted calf larked basked run around beat the drum kidded around fooled around carried on let off steam raised the roof went to town blown off steam gone to town blew off steam had a knees-up relaxed lived extravagantly boozed lived in clover lived large imbibed quaffed bevvied pub-crawled caroled blest carolled blessed revered kicked over the traces raised Cain lived high on the hog feted commemorated occasion had a great time crew thriven lived high off the hog had a night on the town lapped up made a pig of oneself marked with a red letter exulted gloried relished beaten the drum lived in the lap of luxury throve ran around played gone overboard went overboard taken pride took satisfaction took pride taken satisfaction gotten it on got it on gone out went out drank heavily drank freely drunk freely drunk heavily drank and make merry drunk and make merry went on a pub crawl went on the bevvy went on the piss gone on the town went on a binge gone on a drinking bout went on a drinking bout gone boozing bent the elbow went on the town gone on a pub crawl gone on the piss went boozing gone on a binge gone on the bevvy gotten drunk got drunk

Động từ

Past tense for to give great joy, delight or pleasure to
overjoyed contented gladdened gratified satisfied amused charmed entertained cheered thrilled pleasured tickled diverted enchanted enraptured rejoiced delectated allured attracted exulted fascinated gloried jubilated pleased ravished scored sent slew slayed slain wowed arrided tickled pink turned on hit the spot went over big gone over big freaked out knocked dead knocked out tickle to death tickled to death enthralled fulfilled exhilarated humored uplifted captivated excited enamored heartened elated indulged entranced bewitched humoured enlivened regaled warmed made happy brought joy to delighted cheered up suited bowled over made someone feel good made content made a hit with someone brightened up gladded agreed with bucked up warmed the cockles of the heart buoyed up pleased greatly gave someone pleasure given someone a kick given a buzz gave a lift given pleasure to given someone pleasure appealed to given a lift gave someone a kick gave a buzz gotten one's kicks got one's kicks gave pleasure to beguiled mesmerized spellbound absorbed absorpt gripped enticed engrossed feasted magnetized arrested transfixed dazzled bedazzled obliged witched enamoured ensnared raptured magnetised mesmerised hypnotized riveted rivetted gassed wiled grabbed titillated favoured recompensed babied pampered favored requited coddled killed hypnotised owned caught up carried away made a hit filled the bill swept off feet made a hit with got under someone's skin made somebody's day made someone glad made someone pleased made someone content drawn drew own given pleasure gave pleasure done the trick did the trick did one proud done one proud

Động từ

Past tense for to make a long, narrow superficial wound or mark on a surface, especially skin

Động từ

Past tense for to force a path through

Động từ

Groved or grove

Trái nghĩa của grooved

grooved Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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