Đồng nghĩa của drunk

Alternative for drunk

drunks, drunker, drunkest

Đồng nghĩa: dizzy, intoxicated, tipsy,

drinks, drank, drinking, drunk

Đồng nghĩa: guzzle, sip, swallow,

Tính từ

Under the influence of alcohol
intoxicated drunken tight blitzed smashed bombed canned plastered tipsy hammered sloshed wasted inebriated pickled stewed wrecked maudlin merry soaked loaded sottish steaming blotto stoned befuddled legless under the influence bladdered pie-eyed soused incapable paralytic sozzled tanked tiddly fuddled gin-soaked tippling toping blasted blind drunk dead drunk lashed roaring drunk rolling drunk woozy zonked flying mullered out of it worse for drink bevvied drunk as a lord lit up reeling squiffy trashed under the table wired worse for wear blatted boozed-up cock-eyed drunk as a skunk guttered juiced ratted stinko tanked up well oiled rat-arsed squiffed three sheets to the wind trolleyed cut dronkverdriet elephants ripped slaughtered steamed two sheets to the wind well-oiled crock fou half cut kaylied langered mashed sauced steamboats swacked well away besotted full inebriate ossified sat shickered shot stukkend zoned Brahms and Liszt broken having had a skinful inked lekker liquored up munted obliterated bacchic blind boozy cockeyed crapulent crapulous crocked ebrious foxed fried gassed high impaired lit looped monged oiled pixilated potted screwed slang sotted stiff stinking strung out tired and emotional wet babalas bibulous ebriate ebriose grogged up in the bag off your face Adrian Quist bashed buzzed flushed glazed groggy having had one over the eight laced lush monged out muddled out to it snockered tanked-up totaled wiped out half seas over as full as a goog as tight as a tick boozed up seeing double feeling no pain one over the eight drunked up in one's cups under the weather three sheets in the wind half-seas over sodden high as a kite in polluted happy intemperate faced tripping red-nosed gin-sodden in your cups slightly drunk stupefied boozed jacked spaced irrigated unsteady dazed drinking beery gone schnockered the worse for drink under the influence of intoxicating liquor hard-drinking mellow dead to the world feeling good half in the bag half-crocked out of one's head hooched up out of one's skull out of one's box boozing blazed demolished cooked unsober sloppy baked drugged doped tied one on elevated addled turnt plowed geeked pixillated ploughed punchy spaced-out hopped-up out off one's head zonked-out drunk as a fiddler spaced out half-cut blown-up on a trip burned-out alcoholic out of one's gourd off one's face full of well-being tiddled tozy-mozy narcotized comatose on drugs delirious hallucinating euphoric hyped up charged up freaked out dopey benumbed floating unconscious coked drugged up junked-up blown away dead-drunk turned on out of one's mind off one's head on a high drugged-out bibacious insensible anaesthetized anesthetized knocked out out of your mind

Tính từ

Suffering from alcoholism

Tính từ

In a state of wild excitement or ecstasy
delirious ecstatic frenzied hysterical elated thrilled euphoric frantic transported overjoyed rapturous agitated beside oneself carried away corybantic distracted distrait distraught excited exultant hysteric jubilant wild Corybantic in seventh heaven on cloud nine sent crazy delighted emotional enthused high in raptures intoxicated jumping for joy on cloud seven over the moon overwrought walking on air blissed out in transports of delight wigged out wild with excitement on a high beside yourself in a frenzy of delight enraptured cock-a-hoop blissful wrapped joyous exhilarated happy on top of the world rapt tickled pink beside oneself with joy stoked joyful treading on air gleeful made up as pleased as Punch as happy as Larry as happy as a sandboy as happy as a clam animated like a child with a new toy elevated entranced rhapsodic enrapt giddy rhapsodical heady beside oneself with happiness delirious with happiness overexcited pleased proud ravished flushed enchanted floating dreamy aroused flying floating on air absorbed turned on flying high in a frenzy turned-on extremely happy inspired impassioned cheered roused chuffed glad thrilled to bits rejoicing triumphant puffed up exulting gladdened exalted in high spirits set up looking good fired up in heaven hopped up crowing revelling charmed swaggering gloating boastful crank glorying prideful deliriously happy reveling flipping victorious merry wowed content gay triumphalist only too happy dizzy stimulated blown away happy as a lark happy as a clam infatuated captivated piqued galvanized concerned galvanised moved affected quickened interested enthusiastic fervent beatific in transports orgasmic athrill upbeat out mad sunny gone in exaltation preoccupied absent-minded abstracted absent inattentive very happy distant engrossed faraway forgetful oblivious tickled to death pleased as punch vague unaware wool-gathering heedless unmindful scatterbrained woolgathering ditzy miles away in a brown study a million miles away lost in thought cheerful cheery exuberant chirpy buoyant jovial jolly peppy blithe sparkling light-hearted ebullient blithesome mirthful jaunty bright gladsome chipper bubbly laughing sparky vivacious effervescent lively radiant carefree breezy jocund sprightly airy frolicsome gratified tickled peart full of beans high-spirited contented zingy smiley zippy grinning bouncy happy-go-lucky genial smiling lighthearted untroubled satisfied perky of good cheer in good spirits unworried festive optimistic hopeful beaming zestful spirited positive good-humoured good-humored pleasant jocular without a care in the world thankful bright-eyed and bushy-tailed energetic full of hope full of the joys of spring up jocose lightsome winsome eager electrified ardent playful vigorous full of vim and vigour hilarious delightful full of life pleasurable enjoyable convivial wonderful encouraged eupeptic canty irrepressible zappy keen glowing passionate uplifted amused energized like a dog with two tails peaceful stirred blessed atingle sportive frolic gamesome brash cheering alert bouncing energised can't complain frisky snappy enlivened fun-loving desirous bright and breezy great as merry as a grig avid hungry agog thirsty athirst impatient solicitous motivated triumphal geeked hopped-up greedy possessed fascinated engaged enthralled gung ho glorious pumped spellbound amusing alive hepped up inspirited vibrant dynamic bewitched hung up heavenly pleasing cool blest light boon uproarious active beguiled touched vital aglow fantastic heartwarming smug overwhelmed hearty ludic enamoured activated boisterous larking debonair entertained rollicking fulfilled enlivening cheerly brisk grateful rosy sanguine insouciant enamored pizazzy mettlesome springy kinetic animate jazzy pert racy spanking pizzazzy stirred up doing handsprings enchanté gruntled at ease alive and kicking well pleased worked up exhilarative psyched serene funny overpowered filled with joy in paradise in rhapsodies celebratory laughable poised composed pacific commodious providential sober measured collected effusive sublime bubbling heartening bonny frothy gushing easy-going scintillating influenced blissfully happy seraphic laughter-filled chucklesome quick turnt felicitous celebrating fun-filled vivid started complacent easygoing unthinking amiable satisfying fiery forceful heated feeling one's oats explosive fervid emotive entertaining appreciative easy hushed unflustered sedate unperturbed unruffled prizewinning lucky champion dominant welcome hot juiced voracious raring nuts antsy anxious zealous go-go gratifying in transports of joy in transports of pleasure extravagant lyrical eulogistic saintly zesty flattered privileged harmonious idyllic spaced-out perfect humorous jumping riotous grooving vitalized bucked in ecstasies paradisiacal well paradisal fun paradisaical paradisaic saturnalian paradisiac rousing rocking good over-the-top comfortable magical in ecstasy diverted roseate honoured honored Panglossian good-natured frivolous devil-may-care pleasure-seeking unconcerned slaphappy rakish in a good mood at peace self-possessed in the twilight zone waggish def in trendy groovy now mod hep downtown with-it hip confident forward pushy self-assertive presuming sunny side up glass half full full of pep rip-roaring very pleased feel-good starry-eyed rose-colored excitable willing pleasantly surprised gripped inclined craving chomping at the bit champing at the bit amenable bursting ambitious appetent restive disposed awakened longing pining hankering covetous tumultuous au courant mesmerized held riveted intent aflame dreaming mesmerised daydreaming employed hypnotised busy occupied taken involved hypnotized unconscious wrapped up caught up in popping

Tính từ

Unruly or lawless in behavior
disorderly unruly lawless rowdy boisterous disruptive turbulent rebellious antisocial rough ungovernable wild anarchic disobedient undisciplined anarchical obstreperous refractory riotous troublesome unlawful unmanageable insurgent insurrectionary lawbreaking mutinous uncompliant uncontrollable indisciplined rioting seditious wayward fractious intemperate noisy raucous termagant out of control out-of-control out-of-line out-of-order out of hand on-a-tear recalcitrant insubordinate contumacious intractable defiant wilful difficult willful contrary froward rebel untoward violent chaotic headstrong unrestrained bolshie restive balky incorrigible recusant incompliant delinquent revolutionary uncontrolled uncooperative badly behaved naughty stubborn unbiddable perverse errant attention-seeking mischievous stroppy troublemaking obstinate disaffected irrepressible disordered ill-disciplined rascally roguish noncompliant awkward self-willed unbridled non-compliant insurrectionist ungoverned impish impetuous incontrollable pugnacious misbehaving dissident bad factious anarchistic uproarious quarrelsome bellicose impossible subversive traitorous truculent reckless resistant nonconformist tough rash disloyal insolent impudent tumultuous threatening ornery mean treasonable unrestrainable up in arms iconoclastic radical rude exasperating without law and order badly-behaved indocile loud ugly vicious immoderate dissentious tempestuous rampageous mutinying rumbustious aggressive disorganized rampant belligerent dissentient treacherous disorganised unyielding heedless evil impulsive impervious drunken opinionated bawdy imprudent forward inexorable assertive trying militant obdurate fierce ruffianly playful out of line erratic tricksy puckish brattish scampish prankish wrong gallus fiendish wanton undisciplinable warring ill-behaved full of mischief devilish nonobservant brutal resistive unsettling disturbing upsetting limit untrained brawling unsteady capricious unschooled distracting thuggish hard dangerous divisive impotent breakaway rebelling inconsistent two-fisted rugged deranged uncontained helter-skelter turbid hedonistic renegade off-base disrupting malcontent radge uncomplying criminal lacking self-control treasonous nuts outrageous madcap crazy insurmountable hysterical berserk unpredictable fickle armed restless sabotaging alienated individualistic attacking callous hardened civil disobedience causing trouble unconstrained uncurbed unchecked unhindered unconventional unbounded confused lively rollicking romping challenging misruled misgoverned misbehaved unfettered extrovert uninhibited in disorder licentious corybantic incautious profligate irrational artful intolerable unbearable undependable in turmoil excited strong freaked overwhelming abandoned indomitable overpowering intense insuppressible impolite wicked mulish raunchy kiddish thoughtless immature childish infantile ill-natured inconsiderate sly disrespectful frolicsome foxy bothersome raving thrilled annoying sinful immoral cross-grained self-indulgent strong-willed aberrant arbitrary teasing worthless giddy flighty dysfunctional beside oneself like a loose cannon bad-mannered revolting terrorist whiny petulant problematic uncivilised tyrannous unorthodox untamed despotic heterodox unregulated unpeaceful terrorizing uncivilized nihilistic terrorising uncultivated warlike infringing piratical savage barbarous socially impaired troublous maladjusted confrontational combative argumentative tiresome bold hot-tempered disturbed malicious irksome scrappy pesky uncontainable sullen cantankerous peevish hostile nasty loudmouthed wearisome demanding fleeing loose vociferous escaped clamorous rampaging rambunctious fugitive roisterous rackety rip-roaring roistering screaming booming strepitous piercing blusterous running raising Cain raising the roof runaway intransigent bloody-minded pigheaded renitent inflexible cussed unreasonable thrawn unaccommodating bull-headed pervicacious stiff-necked unhelpful obstructive disobliging unbending unwilling dissenting contrarious nonconforming opposing immovable resisting negative vexatious insubmissive antagonistic uncompromising determined irregular contentious obstinately disobedient unmalleable unresponsive adverse unadaptable persistent unpersuadable rock-ribbed dogged adamant stubborn as a mule bullheaded pertinacious erring pat miscreant pig-headed irreconcilable estranged haughty morose heretical maverick cross unfavorable unfavourable shrewish crabby unamenable apostate schismatic unsupportive withstanding tricky daring provocative audacious resolved malign malevolent maleficent spiteful declinatory refusing divergent impatient objecting declining sticky disputatious problem incurable feisty paradoxical contrariant discordant arsey disagreeing not cooperative inimical wrongheaded antipathetic converse disregardful cheeky dareful sassy gutsy implacable as stubborn as a mule ready for a fight insoluble hard-line thorny unpliable locked resolute tenacious knotty with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way loath negativistic averse reluctant indisposed hesitant unrelenting spoiling for a fight arch ludic elfish hardheaded adamantine inconvincible ossified locked in tough nut hang tough hard-nosed self-opinionated deaf to reason offending untrammelled incorrect unhampered sinning elfin unlimited unrestricted unconfined furious anti deviant raw full-on unimpeded unsuppressed incontinent inappropriate culpable transgressing guilty unsubmissive against opposed straying not controlled untrammeled running wild inept unfit contradictory inapposite incongruous unhappy amiss unapt indecorous infelicitous malapropos graceless illogical inapt unbecoming wrong-headed improper unsuitable unseemly shifting stray deviating heretic devious fallible unreliable meandering errable dead set against hostile to disinclined to accept inimical to opposed to averse to reluctant to accept unenthusiastic about unwilling to accept off straight and narrow unhealthy rotten

Động từ

(of food, drink or drugs) To have consumed
took drank consumed imbibed ingested ate swallowed took in devoured downed chomped on fed on gobbled up gorged on gulped guzzled ingurgitated munched on partook of put down scarfed tossed down inhaled hoist put away wet whistle sipped swilled supped quaffed swigged drained necked bibbed boozed gulped down sucked slurped slugged tippled hoisted chugged snarfed tossed off killed slugged down gargled belted glugged knocked back snarfed down lushed up irrigated belted down lapped washed down dissipated pounded down scarfed up sloshed lapped up skolled thirsted nipped snarfed up scarfed down sopped taken sunk sank sunken partaken of gobbled wolfed scoffed bolted gorged gormandized crammed wolfed down glutted polished off slopped shifted eaten ravened demolished scoffed down tucked into packed away shoveled down munched pigged oneself on noshed chomped feasted on gorged oneself on pigged out on hoovered pigged out chowed down got outside of stuffed fed feed tucked away dispatched finished off champed ate up eaten up snacked on tucked in gobbled down murdered overindulged disposed of englutted crammed in dined crammed down bolted down finished chewed nibbled gluttonized Hoovered absorbed absorpt made short work of stuffed one's face grazed on banqueted banquetted masticated taken in feasted bit regaled satiated gourmandized ate greedily eaten greedily eaten hungrily ate hungrily engorged manducated binged got stuck into disposed dropped chugalugged ruminated made a pig of oneself digested partaken partook gnawed filled grinded ground fared victualed refreshed crunched chewn sucked up overeaten overate junketted junketed swallowed hurriedly sated lunched chumbled put choked snacked grazed chawed got down tasted surfeited breakfasted eaten like a horse blimped out had supper ate like a horse engulfed had dinner had mowed down feasted upon packed choked down wined and dined stuffed your face beat dined on bitten gnawn soaked up fore faren indulged sponged received subsisted guzzled down chowed osmosed gorged oneself metabolized devoured greedily gasped pigged assimilated triturated pigged oneself gorged oneself with bevvied loaded up on swallowed up crunched on gourmandized on dissolved consumed food stuffed oneself tost chaveled suppered sucked in made a pig of oneself on cleaned out gummed sponged up chewed noisily had tea breakfasted on drank up shovelled it in scarfed out destroyed had breakfast mopped up chowed on lived on shoveled it in fared sumptuously porked out on had a meal crushed sustained oneself of relied on for nourishment metabolised washed up blotted devoured food dug in indulged in swallowed whole squashed cloyed overindulged in drank in drunk up attacked porked out poured rent sopped up mealed on dived in teared congested binged on assumed fed one's face drunk in scrunched eaten to excess subsisted on delighted in lunched on jaded fared on pecked at picked at had lunch blotted up gnawed on swilled down jammed ate to excess steeped tossed rended stuffed yourself preyed on chewed up ripped horked crammed oneself with existed on taken up took up putten eaten quickly ate heartily ate quickly eaten heartily taken over took over beaten ate between meals eaten between meals ate voraciously eaten voraciously took as nourishment taken as nourishment eaten to your heart's content eaten your fill ate sumptuously eaten sumptuously ate your fill ate to your heart's content bit on bitten on torn tore drawn up drew up drawn in drew in taken nourishment took nourishment drank milk drunk milk partook of food partaken of food ate out fallen to did lunch eaten out fell to broken bread done lunch broke bread

Động từ

Past tense for to absorb or soak up a liquid

Trái nghĩa của drunk

drunk Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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