Đồng nghĩa của laughable

Alternative for laughable

laughable /'lɑ:fəbl/
  • tính từ
    • tức cười, nực cười

Tính từ

Ridiculous, often to the point of being funny
funny humorous hilarious amusing comical droll comic farcical diverting uproarious entertaining killing antic chucklesome comedic humoristic hysteric hysterical jocose jokey ludicrous rib-tickling ridiculous riotous risible screaming sidesplitting side-splitting mirthful priceless bizarre camp campy eccentric embarrassing facetious fantastic gelastic har-har inadequate inane jocular joshing mocking pitiful rich riot scream unimpressive unsatisfactory unusual witty absurd wacky light-hearted zany slapstick waggish silly merry jolly hysterically funny whimsical good-humored good-humoured a scream joking preposterous killingly funny a hoot tongue-in-cheek playful gay sportive rollicking too funny for words jovial gleeful goofy very funny screamingly funny pleasant a laugh lighthearted foolish frolicsome odd derisory cheerful crazy ironic happy blithe jocund wry blithesome jesting boffo fun slaphappy frivolous flippant for grins smart extremely amusing clever sparkling stupid tongue in cheek outrageous clownish derisible engaging derisive cheery sunny festive nutty daffy gut-busting beguiling lively teasing light roguish satirical gagged up joyous flakey flaky flip wisecracking mischievous laughing unserious a barrel of laughs putting one on in jest high-spirited pulling one's leg not serious comedical outrageously funny madcap childish grotesque pathetic cockamamy cockamamie custard-pie knee-slapper scintillating ludicrous. laughable convulsive rip-roaring hearty quirky quaint very amusing raucous ribald off-the-wall oddball too much daft fun-loving nonsensical asinine ludic crack-up quizzical laffer laugh-a-minute off the wall quick-witted delightful enjoyable interesting joyful noisy strange unreasonable for a laugh glib stimulating a laugh a minute highly amusing convivial exhilarating puckish impish arch unlikely incongruous irritating queer joculous exhilarated novel cheering gratifying pleasurable charming gladdening pleasing bantering annoying agreeable enchanting in fun sprightly capering loony jerky fool dippy fool-headed batty gump dizzy screwy goofus a joke a bit much a card a caution irreverent fool around crazy shtick Mickey Mouse a bit thick over the top cut up OTT dry fanciful piquant original prankish recreative captivating appealing sharp-witted compelling absorbing fascinating intriguing riveting peculiar sharp quick fun-filled weird relaxing unconventional snappy outlandish flighty spirited dotty kinky nonserious lightweight ingenious epigrammatic escapist fantasy distracting trivial trifling brilliant recreational animated chipper pixieish tricksy scampish pixie sly leprechaunish knavish wicked pixy rascally devilish elvish ribbing chaffing razzing kidding rallying fooling funning penetrating piercing intelligent bright keen clowning bubbly gamesome kittenish jaunty curious nimble-witted flirtatious freakish singular highbrowed snazzy profound quick on the draw tactful smart-aleck racy smart-alecky cutting quick on the uptake capricious offbeat idiosyncratic good-natured fantastical crotchety freaky chimerical as a joke to tease dicey imaginative random chancy uncertain old-fashioned creative arbitrary kooky mad insane avant-garde off-centre crackpot cuckoo nuts cracked wacko inept cranky screwball looney brainless weak-minded witless harebrained simpleminded half-witted lunatic senseless featherheaded fatuous cockeyed half-baked unwise tomfool lunkheaded whacky kookie bubbleheaded sappy balmy dilly off the air in left field dumb way out out there hare-brained congenial nice moving stirring enthralling provocative exciting enticing poignant striking impressive inspiring engrossing gas restorative rousing entrancing thrilling affecting be a ball

Tính từ

So ludicrous as to be amusing
absurd ludicrous preposterous ridiculous derisory risible farcical nonsensical silly derisive irrational asinine cockamamie cockamamy comical crazy daft fatuous foolish idiotic pathetic senseless stupid cock-eyed hare-brained insane outrageous scatterbrained worthy of scorn inane brainless unreasonable pointless witless unwise wacky mindless imbecilic bizarre illogical mad harebrained half-baked half-witted zany nutty loony kooky whacky barmy dumb foolhardy featherheaded lunatic cuckoo crackpot dotty dippy moronic kookie unintelligent simpleminded unthinkable balmy fantastic cockeyed dopey looney daffy sappy imprudent lunkheaded bubbleheaded wild strange weird weak-minded injudicious puerile derisible unbelievable implausible screwball gormless thoughtless irresponsible peculiar odd shocking incredible grotesque vacuous dim-witted outlandish fanciful dim inept jerky fool tomfool thickheaded ill-considered incongruous goofy queer infantile monstrous unusual fantastical impolitic astonishing impracticable damfool freaky screwy impractical glaikit trifling unthinking ill-conceived contemptible ill-advised off-the-wall off the wall rash reckless wooden-headed pea-brained eccentric unworkable droll unreal rum funny freakish obtuse extraordinary futile dense demented vain batty thick unreasoning meaningless chowderheaded dotish potty inadequate doltish dull negligible nominal empty-headed insufficient minimal tiny insulting paltry birdbrained imbecile pitiful measly miserable miserly token small piddling stingy lousy way out incautious indiscreet bewildering mystifying baffling puzzling unsound mingy poxy nickel-and-dime inappropriate curious surreal piffling ignorant gelastic whimsical inconsequential wacko unrealistic crackbrained offbeat quirky loopy inconceivable simple childish vapid remarkable funky weirdo useless naive unjustifiable cretinous untenable nonrational spaced-out off-kilter incoherent groundless weak impossible slow unsmart unscientific far-out lamebrained lamebrain insipid out to lunch knuckleheaded dorky dopy too much insensate out of the question off beam brain-dead thick-witted comic inadvisable burlesque misguided for the birds extreme foolheaded flighty extravagant excessive exorbitant purposeless slang mercurial idiotical improvident unaware complacent halfwitted wackadoodle nonconformist crazy-ass abnormal unique wackadoo phenomenal outré dreamlike quixotic idiotish squirrelly ineffectual empty frivolous feather-brained taking the cake unreasoned smoothbrained giddy niggling picayune petty chicken minute piddly trivial slight footling pimping insignificant no-account inconsiderable peanut flawed extremely foolish full of holes stupidly irresponsible very stupid worthless scatty incorrect faulty joshing incompetent camp embarrassing in vain campy diverting smooth-brained short-sighted beyond all reason bird-brained out of all reason doolally gonzo contradictory minor unimportant to no avail dull-witted simple-minded divvy off your head off your trolley for grins not well thought out without foundation without basis ill-thought-out not making sense vacant dof crass wishy-washy immature flat innocuous boneheaded oafish off the air up the pole de minimis Mickey Mouse chuckleheaded stupefied bonehead opaque hebetudinous dunderheaded softheaded gullible pinheaded airheaded devoid of intelligence different unfamiliar idiosyncratic original soft dummy blockheaded slow-witted shortsighted thick-headed sluggish stolid deficient cranky way-out erratic unconventional kinky old-fashioned queerish out-of-the-way bizarro off-centre singular illegitimate invalid inconsequent baseless fallacious unfounded arbitrary special off the beaten track out of the way out of the ordinary quaint oddball flakey specious unstable distraught raving aberrant reasonless wrong disconnected sophistic delirious disjointed hilarious flaky inconsistent mean unhinged deranged unachievable maniacal unattainable unobtainable unfeasible hopeless unviable unimaginable forlorn undoable far-fetched insurmountable unrealizable insuperable irresoluble insolvable unsolvable paradoxical irresolvable not to be thought of impervious insoluble not on not possible inaccessible no-way not a prayer not worth considering inexecutable beyond one impassable hardly possible no-go non-viable like herding cats beyond the bounds of possibility infeasible beyond you hundred-to-one contrary to reason irrealizable unwarranted impulsive hasty heedless unjustified unconsidered madcap spurious careless uncalled-for unsupported random flimsy capricious overhasty ill-founded undue immoderate unwarrantable false premature hotheaded unconscionable unsubstantiated inordinate unsustainable steep shaky overmuch stiff impetuous precipitate feebleminded uncalled for unwary unnecessary harum-scarum slapdash subjective unfair improbable extortionate wanton unacceptable intemperate unjust questionable indefensible hollow erroneous clueless haphazard unguarded defective headstrong headlong hit-or-miss temerarious needless devil-may-care discretionary featherbrained disproportionate unreliable negligent optional personal fiery frenzied jumping to conclusions insuppressible passionate determined furious unsystematic intolerable superficial supercilious offhand approximate wayward unaccountable unconvincing posh absonant overkill pricey unrightful too-too unlawful wrongful improper peremptory precipitant ill-judged inconclusive OTT too great costing an arm and a leg out of bounds up to here hot-headed tenuous poor over the top insupportable irreconcilable dubious suspect vague idealistic unlikely romantic self-contradictory daring bold uninformed illusory aimless casual perverse casuistic foundationless reachy unsubstantial audacious adventurous venturous brash venturesome unprovoked nonvalid motiveless indiscriminate desultory inexcusable helter-skelter bad fruitless wrongly inferred blind inattentive dappy gratuitous overextravagant overdue overweening plethoric towering baroque lavish fancy unmerciful devilish ditsy unthought-out dear absent-minded reactive nerdy unearthly out of all proportion ad hoc knee-jerk willful judgemental mistaken incomprehensible judgmental shot-in-the-dark unsafe risky unarguable undefendable refutable unforgivable inadmissible unpardonable muttonheaded wrong-headed misjudged inexpiable braindead abstract unpersuasive ungrounded intuitive instinctive unempirical wrongly deduced untrue tearaway soft in the head unsatisfactory nebulous doubtful farfetched lame feeble precipitous fallible inaccurate badly thought out not thought through sophistical donkeyish obstinate unbacked dodgy iffy unsupportable fishy sketchy obscure unproven unproved inconsiderate over-adventurous fat-headed loose bad-tempered stroppy uncorroborated irrelevant unconnected beyond belief starry-eyed dead from the neck up overbold airy problematic thin unimpressive unauthorized hurried pell-mell cursory spur-of-the-moment gadarene flying drive-by rushed ill-tempered untruthful off inexact out not following utopian visionary unworldly theoretical perfectionist delusory won't hold water won't wash unrestrained sudden seat-of-the-pants chimerical imaginary idle regardless unmindful bogus off target all wet uncivilised appalling sneaky conscienceless beyond the pale knavish reprehensible wicked barbarous uncivilized ungodly over-the-top horrifying unholy criminal bottomless not backed up causeless illegal goalless gone nonrealistic ivory-tower floating remiss tactless neglectful full of hot air without justification without reason without cause unauthorised forgetful dizzy wide of the mark irreflective purportless valueless designless otiose slipshod inadvertent undiscerning unreflective unobservant unheeding dreamy disorganized without explanation overabundant unrestricted not working superfluous unprofitable feckless inutile unhelpful not applicable not sensible blue sky unconcerned indifferent frothy light-headed wool-gathering light-minded ditzy feather-headed lightheaded slaphappy yeasty unlimited overindulgent untempered dizzying surplus uncurbed supererogatory unmeasurable wasteful on cloud nine light shoestring deaf apathetic undiplomatic listless floundering drifting wanky undirected unpurposed profitless barren woolly-headed disorganised a bit much chance good-for-nothing without rhyme or reason not with it not thinking clearly with a mind like a sieve unpredictable unmotivated stray scattered catch-as-catch-can discretional wilful imbalanced

Tính từ

Filled with mirth
mirthful merry festive jolly amusing blithe jovial cheerful cheery playful frolicsome funny glad happy hilarious amused gay jocund light-hearted sportive vivacious ludic uproarious gladsome gleeful high-spirited buoyant chucklesome euphoric exhilarated jocular laughter-filled blithesome carefree elated enjoyable fun-filled jocose joyous laughing pleasurable sunny convivial entertaining fun-loving in high spirits joyful larking lighthearted lively perky humorous comical facetious upbeat chirpy droll witty comic bright jaunty bubbly animated exuberant sparkling peppy airy sprightly good-humoured good-humored genial chipper ebullient zippy risible happy-go-lucky breezy diverting sparky sidesplitting ludicrous bouncy farcical untroubled optimistic waggish pleasant positive jokey side-splitting effervescent riotous comedic wacky in good spirits full of beans grinning smiling rib-tickling rollicking zingy humoristic ridiculous without a care in the world bright-eyed and bushy-tailed joshing peart hysteric cock-a-hoop spirited full of vim and vigour radiant hysterical unworried content smiley full of the joys of spring winsome lightsome snappy antic hearty hopeful of good cheer whimsical jubilant camp campy cheering eupeptic canty frivolous slapstick gelastic screaming killing tongue-in-cheek priceless festal full of life absurd mischievous slaphappy daffy riot gamesome fun flippant full of hope joking roguish friendly preposterous contented bright and breezy eccentric ecstatic insouciant delightful vibrant silly frisky teasing zany goofy rich inane scream energetic scintillating zestful glib for grins pleased jesting boisterous exultant holiday clubby social impish cordial welcoming jumping rocking grooving boon noisy puckish easy-going derisory gladdening blissful debonair har-har fantastic unusual mocking bizarre excited pleasing engaging alert wild perk gratifying bantering active bouncing vital flip Pickwickian enthusiastic boffo zappy odd prankish agreeable tricksy rascally devilish nutty frolic crank kittenish elvish pizazzy jazzy pizzazzy beguiling enlivening cheerly crazy off-the-wall gut-busting clever racy rosy brash zesty in jest very funny lots of laughs good-natured gagged up as merry as a grig as lively as a grig extremely amusing hysterically funny a scream quick-witted full of fun too funny for words full of pep rowdy delighted overjoyed stupid gratified triumphant nonsensical derisive asinine beatific companionable sociable conversible hospitable foolish dynamic carnival celebratory bonny interesting irrepressible bubbling free and easy arch rejoicing easygoing unthinking amiable childish warm clownish thrilled exalted smug over the moon gloating stoked loony chaffing jollying dizzy outgoing benign beaming pixieish scampish pixie sly leprechaunish knavish wicked pixy Christmassy gala novel charming vigorous vivid bucked too much derisible unconstrained rip-roaring mad saturnalian lusty quirky quaint abuzz exhilarating unsatisfactory inadequate embarrassing pitiful unimpressive enchanting affable sunbeamy clowning in fun back-slapping good-time wry oddball roseate high up sanguine happening partyish humming buzzing smart for a laugh unserious stimulating tongue in cheek backslapping good killingly funny a hoot stirring quizzical laffer crack-up decorated carnivalesque go-go swinging feastly feastful sunny side up glass half full cut up flakey flaky joculous warming satisfying uplifting welcome coltish encouraging heartening juiced up skittish mettlesome devil-may-care springy kinetic pleasure-seeking unconcerned animate pert rakish spanking brisk elfish larky frolicky fay sportful naughty larkish excitable espiègle confident forward pushy self-assertive keen presuming soul-stirring heart-warming feeling one's oats full of get-up-and-go full of joie de vivre sharp-witted highbrowed snazzy profound sharp quick on the draw ironic tactful smart-aleck nimble-witted smart-alecky cutting quick quick on the uptake as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy on top of the world daft laugh-a-minute off the wall wisecracking outlandish screamingly funny insane strange screwy dippy dotty outrageous a laugh weird peculiar fanciful madcap unconventional irreverent queer light kooky cockamamie crackpot cuckoo kinky satirical pathetic cockamamy batty grotesque freaky lunatic kookie screwball looney balmy incongruous hare-brained cheeky original curious sarcastic saucy offhand sassy impertinent offbeat cocky freakish nuts jerky fool disrespectful cranky impudent rude off-centre idiosyncratic cute wacko senseless cracked dismissive wise simpleminded fatuous irrational smarty-pants fantastical brainless witless harebrained cockeyed unwise whacky lippy unreasonable idiotic out there featherheaded lunkheaded bubbleheaded dry flighty weak-minded half-witted half-baked barmy way out off the air a barrel of laughs not serious pulling one's leg putting one on nonserious comedical lightweight casual inappropriate custard-pie ludicrous. laughable fresh sardonic outrageously funny ingenious recreative ribald burlesque precious cutesy piquant epigrammatic knee-slapper trivial trifling brilliant convulsive mincingly clever very amusing recreational singular raucous incredible capricious illogical unbelievable ribbing razzing kidding rallying fooling funning implausible meaningless pointless crotchety chimerical penetrating piercing intelligent imbecilic unlikely irritating highly amusing a laugh a minute unthinkable unreal dicey imaginative random chancy uncertain old-fashioned creative arbitrary monstrous astonishing shocking inconsistent goofus fool-headed gump annoying a card a caution capering fool around crazy shtick Mickey Mouse a joke a bit much OTT a bit thick over the top avant-garde way-out surreal superficial far-out erratic bonkers shallow irresponsible inept tomfool sappy loopy unpredictable thoughtless overfamiliar unorthodox Bohemian far out potty dilly insolent brassy brainsick unhinged deranged crackers demented outré crazed loco maniac wud maniacal unsound bedlam scatty meshugge mental bughouse crackbrained psychotic slang fruity rum unbalanced remarkable haywire bats funky gaga spaced-out queerish moonstruck off-kilter weirdo out-of-the-way whacko psycho meshuga bizarro certifiable dumb gonzo looney tunes loony tunes non compos mentis in left field acting crazy

Tính từ

Of low or mediocre quality
terrible poor awful inferior dreadful inadequate appalling hopeless lousy atrocious dire duff pants pathetic unsatisfactory useless abysmal bad crummy frightful mediocre pitiful substandard wretched miserable chronic execrable junky poxy rotten rubbish rubbishy shoddy trashy bodger bum cheap cheapjack coarse common schlock schlocky sleazy trumpery cut-rate gimcrack low-grade low-rent second-rate bargain-basement el cheapo very bad a load of pants lamentable deplorable woeful abominable disgraceful horrible diabolical pits dismal sorry unacceptable worthless God-awful third-rate disappointing defective deficient second-class imperfect disastrous not up to par horrendous paltry lame sucky egregious shameful not up to scratch amateurish faulty horrid not up to snuff punk godawful cruddy dissatisfactory shocking sad meagre meager odious less-than-stellar pitiable grim cheesy feeble nasty incompetent hideous ropy gross contemptible objectionable garbage wanting below par damnable stinking poor-quality under par grotty beastly inept low-quality two-bit mean negligent careless revolting repulsive repellant repellent rancid disagreeable catastrophic distasteful offensive obnoxious regrettable repugnant unfortunate calamitous loathsome hellacious sub-par low not much cop ghastly insufferable poor quality displeasing undesirable reprehensible wack shabby crumby scurrilous irremediable indefensible stinky bush-league unsound grievous despicable impaired amiss dirty sneaking ratty grubby scabby scummy scurvy rough low quality hellish disgustful rebarbative loathly blah well below par downer icky diddly bummer the pits not good grody erroneous bad news fallacious grungy not the best distressing cataclysmic direful raunchy detestable tinhorn unspeakable valueless foolish-looking silly ridiculous god-awful rueful absurd ludicrous derisory tragic affecting fulsome noxious disgusting nauseating scandalous obscene foul abhorrent sickening ugly evil noisome nauseous less than ideal ineffectual weak not okay lacking insubstantial scant found wanting not good enough inconsiderable unworthy not acceptable too little bereft broken inexpert suboptimal subpar unseemly impermissible exceptionable intolerable insupportable improper inadmissible unsuitable inappropriate insufficient abject unimpressive dodgy dubious unreasonable questionable tatty condemnable crude out cheapo vile off wrong inacceptable unappealing uninviting bush reject won't do over the fence not on tenth-rate below standard from hunger below average not quite the done thing half-baked second rate not cricket of poor quality not up to standard beyond the pale of low quality out of order heartbreaking heartrending harrowing base mournful upsetting piteous distressful heart-rending cheerless sorrowful depressing unpleasant doleful unhappy gloomy tawdry moving middling disturbing poignant saddening comfortless ordinary average agonizing sombre junk somber melancholy lemon gut-wrenching agonising bleak joyless disheartening poorer desolate forlorn painful dark traumatic touching dreary indifferent plaintive discouraging stirring dime-a-dozen hack déclassé morose unlucky good-for-nothing not up to much drear ignominious afflictive horrifying horrific troublesome bitter unwelcome tear-jerking glum tinny tacky solemn tragical funereal drab dispiriting insignificant unfavourable gruesome unfavorable disquieting sordid depressive uncomfortable unpalatable dishonorable low-end disconcerting grave dishonourable measly petty tearful afflicted sullen downmarket galling flawed pedestrian subnormal unexceptional beggarly distressed mortifying harsh vexatious difficult leaving much to be desired severe excruciating cruel heinous monstrous jerry-built ignoble crushing dolorous inauspicious sour nightmarish worrying unsavory suffering black blameworthy to be pitied unsavoury compassionate cheap and nasty no great shakes squalid melancholic anguished unbearable dingy dismaying oppressive hard yucky yukky small grisly troubling discreditable disreputable lugubrious tough hateful discomforting negligible wicked morbid unnerving lurid frightening irksome sepulchral torturous worse scungy tormenting adverse afflicting macabre hurtful annoying naff chilling half-pie unpleasing uncongenial disconsolate impressive cheapie unpropitious tattered run-down emotive entry-level bottom-rung a dime a dozen twopenny-halfpenny beyond contempt emotional tender arousing commiserative ill-advised heart-warming inexcusable ruinous melting derisible commiserable dispirited impactful devastating mirthless discomposing cold opprobrious inglorious ruthful puny godforsaken too bad dissatisfying sober fair seedy undistinguished heavy tortured commonplace menial trifling ill dinky degrading stressful meretricious humourless humorless impoverished indigent snide currish daunting perturbing trying unkind mingy piddling destructive filthy scrubby forbidding tenebrous villainous dud piss-poor unlovely frustrating irritating vexing hostile austere parlous exacting shadowy gray grey shady ill-fated weak sauce kitsch scroungy off-putting troubled foreboding low-down pinchbeck Brummagem brassy sinister low-minded two a penny of a sort rinky-dink heart-breaking dime-store ominous merciful unpopular undesired teary beseeching ruined imploring entreating supplicating wet bungling sorrowing untoward regretful inopportune brackish unappetizing disillusioning fatal wanky warming worrisome degenerate deadly powerful ropey despisable disdainable tinpot disenchanting unsettling end-of-the-pier cowardly evocative a pity agitating telling soul-stirring uplifting so-so piffling demoralizing demoralising poorly hateworthy hairy fraught sedate troublous unendurable unsought unwanted testing alarming sentimental cataclysmal overwhelming poopy unforgivable despondent dejected blue swinish outcast crass thin damaged unpromising uncool awkward dejecting dolesome second-best cheap-jack outrageous preposterous senseless lethal mortal irritable bewildering wistful stunning mind-blowing sympathetic responsive unearthly run-of-the-mine passable medium run-of-the-mill run-of-mine concerning dreich saturnine destitute strictly for the birds unpardonable unconscionable sinful foolish deathly hapless fateful off-color sunless plutonian lonesome elegiacal tenebrific elegiac depressed heartwarming affective haunting no good second class nerve-racking nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking unprincipled outclassed uninspiring bog-standard uninspired mephitical perplexing aggravating revulsive unamusing eerie anticlimactic immoral iniquitous unscrupulous for the birds leaving a lot to be desired Cimmerian poverty-stricken ghostly terrifying gory grotesque grieving pensive heart-wrenching lachrymose plangent unjustifiable emotionally moving dilapidated fearsome agonized criminal fair to middling terrific pitiless grewsome murky nightmare slummy racked agonised slimy infamous caitiff ill-starred insalubrious unfriendly hard-pressed inhospitable harmful doubtful treacherous injurious negative pressing precarious exigent jeopardous apocalyptic rocky straitened dour discommodious perilous dangerous full of hardship threatening strained ill-omened ill-boding messy weird spooky spookish scary arousing affect acid sharp rank bland tart shifty fierce ruthless savage unhealthy sick unrelenting burdensome searing murderous onerous relentless stiff brutal hardhanded merciless inhuman rugged ferocious beneath contempt low-life below contempt no-good dirty rotten death-obsessed great sore remorseless mangy intemperate intense rigorous inclement provoking broken-down desperate run down taxing down at heel hard-hearted hurting scruffy unforgiving scuzzy lesser scanty stingy ungenerous insipid not enough miserly tiny shoestring fractional unconsiderable nominal trivial exiguous limited ramshackle minor lowly bedraggled worn-out unkempt decrepit untidy threadbare rickety neglected dumpy bombed-out tumbledown moth-eaten beat-up dog-eared tatterdemalion down-at-the-heels down-at-heel rundown timeworn humble unpretentious secondary subordinate unimportant junior subservient unassuming low-ranking subsidiary second-string ancillary second-fiddle smaller demeaning little reduced bottom slighter servile plebeian lower lower-ranking humdrum craptacular minor-league lower in status undersized lower in rank small-fry small-time third-string low-born subjacent second-banana beneath someone under someone's heel not very important back seat less important below someone lower-class not so important

Tính từ

Expressing or characterized by derision
derisive jeering mocking ridiculing contemptuous jibing scoffing scornful taunting denigratory derisory detracting dismissive disparaging pillorying slighting snide teasing absurd caustic cockamamie cockamamy comical disdainful farcical insulting lampooning ludicrous pathetic preposterous ridiculous risible sarcastic satirical scathing silly sneering cheeky cocky contumelious crusty cynical flip fresh gally irreverent nervy out-of-line rude sardonic sarky sassy smart smart-alecky snidey for the birds foolish crazy stupid asinine nonsensical outrageous daft senseless idiotic zany inane bizarre hare-brained fatuous insane wacky irrational droll funny pointless unreasonable derisible imbecilic grotesque witless mad brainless fantastic comic hurtful spiteful hilarious unwise incredible illogical outlandish unbelievable shocking diverting unthinkable nutty monstrous crackpot cuckoo harebrained whacky astonishing loony looney featherheaded kooky kookie gelastic half-witted half-baked off the wall derogatory deprecatory mean unkind foolhardy humorous contemptible odd mindless amusing strange incongruous scatterbrained moronic freaky entertaining simpleminded fantastical facetious fanciful barmy cockeyed lunatic daffy sappy dotty screwball dippy lunkheaded bubbleheaded balmy weak-minded joshing camp campy unusual yelling raucous disrespectful provocative provoking ironical ironic quizzical vacuous puerile burlesque demeaning belittling degrading derogative decrying pejorative depreciative uncomplimentary depreciatory detractive denigrative weird satiric surreal nasty freakish peculiar queer curious foolheaded uncivil extreme impossible rum wacko excessive extravagant deprecating inept jerky fool exorbitant tomfool feather-brained gay blithesome jocund merry mirthful sunny jolly jocular jocose gleeful jovial festive blithe futile thoughtless irresponsible rash imprudent inappropriate reckless unintelligent shrewish vituperative malicious disapproving far-out thick useless vain ineffectual ignorant inadvisable biting insinuating too much out of the question taking the cake injudicious misguided dumb snarky ill-natured mordacious embarrassing in vain incompetent obtuse to no avail naive dopey doltish unpleasant cutting hateful for grins idiotical improvident dim-witted ill-considered chucklesome inadequate scream har-har riot laughing eccentric rich jokey witty riotous uproarious hysterical insufficient minimal pitiful trifling tiny small cock-eyed killing slapstick negligible miserable nominal miserly token paltry comedic humoristic sidesplitting screaming antic side-splitting rib-tickling hysteric stingy lousy measly priceless ludicrous. laughable piddling mingy piffling poxy nickel-and-dime worthy of scorn cheery cheerful happy good-humoured good-humored hearty implausible meaningless goofy unreal wild screwy inconsistent batty

Tính từ

Not enough in size, amount or degree
inadequate insufficient deficient poor meagre scarce short sparse limited scant incomplete insubstantial measly restricted weak inconsiderable low paltry inappreciable incommensurate meager miserly scanty sketchy skimpy bare exiguous feeble lame pathetic shy barren depleted derisory junk lacking parsimonious piddling spare stunted thin dry failing small stinted unproductive not enough too few too little bush-league in short supply wanting negligible slight stingy little light slender slim sparing skimp tenuous miserable minimal flimsy trifling modest unfinished imperfect bitty patchy defective puny hand-to-mouth beggarly superficial unsatisfactory insignificant faulty tiny fragmentary rare scrappy scrimpy pitiful trivial lean thin on the ground shallow perfunctory reduced at a premium unsubstantial tight rudimentary unconvincing bereft few partial implausible nominal finite few and far between hard to come by shabby destitute shoddy minimum diminished infrequent inconsequential frail too small too little too late hard to find disappointing lamentable unpolished like gold dust sporadic not to be had not to be had for love nor money inferior cursory unbelievable flawed missing outline impaired substandard unsound mean scrimp contemptible inconceivable incredible unpersuasive hasty unsufficient second-rate needing mingy hurried devoid diminutive drained narrow hardly any piecemeal low on short on frugal scattered needed rough short of slipshod thinning barely sufficient crude little or no fragile uncritical depthless part not up to scratch half-baked occasional shortened leaving much to be desired incoherent fragmented fractional dispersed thinly distributed airy seldom met with lousy marginal penurious incidental ungenerous unqualified broad-brush confined petty infinitesimal picayune nugatory piffling minus unfitted incapable unample incompetent undermanned under strength thumbnail circumscribed defined definite determinate measured basic close imperceptible wispy out of little bitty smallish dwindling mediocre skeletal lacking in detail on the small side cut set ineffectual faint scrubby uncommon coming up short lowly delimited truncated threatened seldom semioccasional base ordinary subnormal not hacking it run-down transparent diffuse not much not making it short-handed strapped for pushed for frivolous threadbare disjointed at a low level unsatisfying unacceptable improbable untenable questionable vapid with an insufficiency of inept baseless puerile ungrounded fallacious false groundless illogical controvertible inane unreasonable assailable wishful weakly scarcer than hen's teeth absent not good enough exhaustible inquorate subtle flat mere unrefined not up to standard bodger not acceptable unfruitful infertile omitted empty cooked gone away unfulfilled bankrupt deprived less untidy unsystematic uneven disorganized weak-kneed casual not up to par burned out below par in default cut off desultory out of gas undeveloped undone abridged not up to expectations not much cop passing slapdash inconsistent disconnected half-pie unaccomplished qualified unexecuted unconsidered patchwork disorganised vague inchoate rude not total broken expurgated underdone unconsummated immature unwhole curtailed under construction not whole not entire garbled nodding rapid rushed token trite offhand duff unsuitable unworthy thrown together inattentive fleeting quick unassembled unequal underprovided undersupplied injured amiss damaged marred imprecise fuzzy flash summary insincere feigning second string second fiddle outta gas found wanting third string provisional not make it cobbled together woolly wooly introductory preliminary coarse unclear hazy not cut out for surface-level on the back of an envelope

Tính từ

Implausible or untrue
tall unlikely exaggerated far-fetched implausible improbable dubious outlandish fanciful incredible misleading overblown preposterous questionable unbelievable absurd dishonest doubtful dubitable embellished extravagant fabricated false fantastic fishy illogical outrageous sensational suspect suspicious untrue untruthful bizarre farcical farfetched hyperbolic impossible incoherent ludicrous nonsensical shady spectacular unconvincing arguable debatable disputable distorted embroidered equivocal flimsy histrionic iffy inconceivable incongruous mind-boggling undependable unimaginable unrealistic unreliable untrustworthy beyond belief blown up cock and bull far out hard to swallow complicated out of the ordinary ridiculous cock-and-bull unthinkable fantastical incredulous unconceivable laboured strained uncompelling not likely unsubstantial labored hard to believe hard to take astonishing astounding extraordinary remote staggering breathtaking unimagined weak unreasonable phenomenal untenable insupposable uncredible incogitable not in the least likely scarcely credible out of the question not able to hold water rings phony highly unlikely fabulous reachy puzzling thin obscure problematic unplausible faint slight rare unheard-of strange untoward contrary for the birds full of holes full of it won't wash too much won't hold water outside chance less likely irrational crazy feeble poor senseless insane unreal wild foolish inadequate groundless unsound inane wacky unpersuasive shaky mad specious unjustifiable unsatisfactory faulty lame pathetic invalid fallacious silly unfounded tenuous fatuous indefensible baseless amazing hare-brained nutty flawed beyond the bounds of possibility shallow harebrained inconsequential cockeyed unworkable queer weird idiotic impracticable peculiar risible difficult to believe stupid unsustainable daft loony singular unusual cockamamie barmy insufficient unfeasible off the wall kooky half-baked odd insupportable unique vain unimpressive remarkable pointless exceptional unapt imbecilic asinine zany off-the-wall unheard of eccentric lunatic screwy contradictory mind-blowing unviable paltry trifling unreasoning hollow transparent elaborate unattainable unacceptable whimsical unjustified illegitimate inconsequent nonrational whacky superficial forced impractical inept sophistic futile slim defective unsuccessful ill-founded uncommon wrong balmy incomprehensible unwise comical prodigious shocking uncertain stupendous cock-eyed doubtable surprising funny bewildering stunning miraculous off brainless frail looney wondrous cuckoo kookie meagre striking meager featherheaded unwarrantable eye-popping non-viable unsubstantiated inconclusive way out spurious trivial vague inexcusable unforgivable sketchy unsuitable unpardonable irreconcilable ineffectual frivolous erratic capricious unachievable unreasoned unobtainable contrived puerile unnatural controvertible reasonless erroneous unsupported ineffective goofy unwarranted insubstantial ineffable unrealizable overdone artificial undoable outré curious self-contradictory unspeakable unknowable meaningless monstrous grotesque insuperable insolvable unsolvable romantic ungrounded wishful untold unutterable unscientific derisory abnormal inexpiable insignificant useless hopeless offbeat inconsistent marginal contemptible assailable weakly insoluble mystifying baffling arbitrary flat unordinary overwhelming negligible small irresponsible unconfirmed grandiose inaccessible unthought of oddball outside infeasible slender potty simpleminded flakey mindless tremendous shonky awful awesome portentous wonderful eye-opening sublime freaky aberrant phony undreamed of witless daffy flaky without foundation unexpected ill-conceived cockamamy dotty screwball dippy lunkheaded crackpot bubbleheaded phoney batty distant tiny demented make-believe hundred-to-one without basis inconsiderable amazeballs not on fragile hardly possible marvellous marvelous off beam beyond the realm of reason contrary to reason not to be thought of weak-minded half-witted idealistic unicorn counterintuitive foundationless unarguable undefendable refutable tame vaporous nebulous inadmissible without justification uncorroborated likely unreachable unwinnable unsupportable incorrect unthinking crackbrained hokey unbacked injudicious derisible airy beyond possibility threadbare moronic puny jerky fool slang tomfool sappy fruitless profitless imcomprehensible sophistical vapid unstable distraught raving disconnected delirious disjointed nominal isolated unhinged deranged extremely implausible extremely unlikely extremely doubtful not expected off your head casuistic unproved maniacal beyond reason won't fly extremely difficult to believe perverse irrelevant unconnected exorbitant reckless slim and none extremely foolish stupidly irresponsible inefficient flabby faltering unpleasing outstanding supernatural impressive awe-inspiring confounding ponderous unmaintainable unverifiable unmanageable unsanctionable caricatural lacking substance bad uncalled-for unbalanced legendary immense weak-kneed undecided speculative unsettled unsure not following reaching hilarious dicey fractional imperceptible diminished minute excessive dodgy scatterbrained lamebrained rad indescribable not making sense derisive over the top unendurable underhand shifty mysterious O.T.T. a bit much OTT top drawer beyond one's wildest dreams out-of-this-world inapprehensible undreamed-of overdramatic high-flown sensationalized long shot fat chance notable momentous on thin ice touch-and-go problematical murky crooked bent dark disreputable jaw-dropping unforgettable eye-catching arresting inflated overstated special unwonted uncustomary noteworthy conspicuous past belief open to doubt temporary fleeting brief exceeding uncanny extraordinaire unprecedented serious especial unco atypical preternatural unaccustomed aberrated freak anomalous out-of-the-way not understandable not convincing unfamiliar uncivilised inordinate unconscionable sensationalised extortionate barbarous uncivilized heavy flash gnarly forby beyond wildest dreams ambiguous irregular not quite right devious not kosher unbelieveable recondite mercurial off beaten path never to be forgotten out of this world wackadoodle nonconformist infantile crazy-ass freakish wackadoo beyond your wildest dreams highly coloured imprudent dreamlike surreal rum funky quixotic quirky weirdo foolhardy forlorn insurmountable irresoluble last straw paradoxical irresolvable spaced-out off-kilter little minimal imaginary out of bounds impervious inexecutable impassable irrealizable short-sighted beyond all reason bird-brained out of all reason inappropriate illusory faraway far outlying ambitious visionary scarce illusive suppositious different extreme hallucinatory no-way no-go not possible beyond one out of sight not a prayer not worth considering like herding cats beyond you

Tính từ

Comically or repulsively ugly or distorted
grotesque deformed distorted unnatural bizarre malformed misshapen monstrous odd ugly weird fanciful fantastic freakish hideous outlandish strange unsightly abnormal misproportioned twisted whimsical gnarled mangled mutilated freaky homely ill-favoured ill-favored peculiar unappealing unattractive unbeautiful uncomely unhandsome unlovely unpleasing unpretty vile fugly huckery rum aberrant absurd antic eerie extravagant extreme flamboyant grody gross incongruous perverted queer surreal surrealistic uncanny ghastly gruesome grisly disgusting horrid repulsive macabre horrible frightful grim horrific revolting dreadful terrifying disfigured horrifying shocking horrendous terrible awful nightmarish abominable morbid repellent nasty spooky frightening unpleasant lurid as ugly as sin loathsome offensive repugnant unprepossessing sickening plain beastly plain-featured grewsome disagreeable appalling gory displeasing atrocious short on looks foul fearsome ghoulish ghostly dire creepy dark sick unearthly spookish scary gloomy plain-looking uninviting terrific nightmare not much to look at unnerving bleak shapeless alarming objectionable warped distressing shadowy ominous funereal sinister melodramatic disheartening fearful sepulchral supernatural forbidding hellish disturbing not beautiful chilling bestial black repelling unsettling crooked sombre somber dull obscene startling bad-looking contorted direful unshapely reptilian unhealthy distasteful sullen harrowing depressing dreary fiendish daunting dismaying blemished diabolical morose wry upsetting irregular unwholesome intimidating drack spine-chilling unspeakable sickly eery cruel devilish unalluring ordinary drab bent asymmetrical unusual ill-proportioned bandy hunchbacked ill-shaped no oil painting thrawn nauseating savage wretched hateful cold bloody death-obsessed out of shape not much for looks hard on the eyes shady ugly-looking frightful-looking awful-looking teratoid mutant miscreated lacklustre lackluster prodigious obnoxious unappetizing ordinary-looking skewed insipid not pretty bloodthirsty demonic brutal banal as plain as a pikestaff unlikable unbeauteous subfuscous trite unaesthetic animal mousy disconcerting disquieting troubling recurved not appealing discouraging deadly infected diseased ailing Gothic worrying demoralizing perturbing bothersome foreboding irksome discomforting plain as a pikestaff like the back end of a bus scaring shameful miserable troublesome discommoding unpalatable unsound malignant pathological abhorrent outrageous melancholic glum melancholy dispirited dismal depressive desolate solemn cheerless menacing sensational astounding odious heinous vexing discomposing tenebrous sad perverse brooding maleficent moody baleful irascible graphic exaggerated unpardonable petrifying godawful abject tremendous unforgivable pitiless murky mirthless lugubrious drear gray mournful dingy grey grave diabolic sadistic threatening bone-chilling egregious hellacious onerous nauseous explicit mysterious bad from hell heavy inexcusable formidable mean bloodcurdling deathly gut-wrenching demoralising preternatural God-awful evil redoubtable hair-raising trashy sensationalist overdramatized colourful rubbishy unrestrained eldritch tasteless ribald kitschy cheap salacious pulp prurient far-out mystifying unreal other-worldly haunting off-putting violent suggestive dirty filthy inscrutable detestable shock-horror tacky vivid juicy flakey uncouth mystic occult flaky secret magic oddball whacko numinous magical supernal yellow full-frontal awe-inspiring out of the ordinary fiery raunchy salty deep striking colorful off-color purple sanguine rough racy distinct garish low-down unseemly crippled ungainly ill-made awry buckled askew marred bowed curved damaged disjointed disproportionate hard-favoured hard-featured

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