Đồng nghĩa của hundred to one

Tính từ

Not likely to be true or to happen
improbable doubtful unlikely dubious far-fetched questionable uncertain fanciful implausible inconceivable debatable flimsy incredible unapt unbelievable unimaginable unthinkable not likely unimagined bleak iffy impracticable rare slim unsubstantial weak difficult to believe not expected outside chance unheard of slim and none fantastic unconvincing preposterous absurd impossible unrealistic suspect ridiculous remote fantastical incredulous uncompelling fishy hard to swallow thin unconceivable beyond belief extraordinary illogical feeble unreasonable faint slight staggering poor farfetched mind-boggling outside cock-and-bull astonishing distant scarcely credible tenuous beyond the bounds of possibility dubitable problematic incogitable cock and bull full of holes won't wash full of it hard to believe ludicrous astounding reachy tall outlandish amazing shaky laboured fragile strange off fabulous labored slender breathtaking incomprehensible doubtable false won't hold water exaggerated mind-blowing hard to take vague inadequate unsound out of the question lame suspicious untenable puzzling incongruous obscure unpersuasive small insubstantial strained shallow negligible tiny outrageous frail disputable far out unheard-of equivocal exceptional spectacular singular too much phenomenal highly unlikely for the birds meagre fabricated nonsensical meager beyond the realm of reason irrational contrived distorted unsatisfactory specious shady bizarre incoherent elaborate unreliable unplausible untrustworthy undependable extravagant unknowable pathetic unspeakable ineffable arguable unutterable unimpressive minimal insupposable sketchy unique forced overwhelming marginal dodgy phony uncommon untold stupendous phoney unworkable prodigious unordinary unattainable shonky out of the ordinary not in the least likely problematical unthought of awful stunning wonderful awesome eye-opening surprising sublime miraculous portentous wondrous remarkable undreamed of beyond one's wildest dreams not on inconsiderable minute eye-popping marvelous striking marvellous unusual not kosher unexpected unicorn unnatural insufficient hokey overdone flawed untoward contrary misleading overblown uncredible unsubstantiated contradictory faulty inconclusive nebulous nominal isolated trifling sensational embellished untrue dishonest untruthful minuscule exiguous threadbare superficial rings phony insupportable transparent ponderous ineffectual less likely laughable hyperbolic farcical beyond possibility spurious unsustainable unsupportable groundless hollow invalid irreconcilable senseless indefensible caricatural artificial imcomprehensible not able to hold water vapid unreal moot embroidered histrionic impractical idealistic speculative undecided unconfirmed queer unsettled unsure harebrained infeasible reaching awe-inspiring outstanding bewildering confounding supernatural impressive nonrational airy illegitimate unreasoning fatuous nutty wacky fallacious vain unfounded unreasoned inconsequent inconsequential flakey kooky scatterbrained flaky cockeyed lamebrained screwy cockamamie dicey fractional flat imperceptible diminished mootable blown up unfeasible extremely implausible extremely doubtful extremely unlikely beyond reason extremely difficult to believe won't fly off the wall self-contradictory weak-kneed long shot fat chance odd complicated not to be thought of romantic insignificant half-baked jaw-dropping not convincing past belief open to doubt not feasible little on thin ice touch-and-go shifty funny peculiar mysterious underhand tremendous up in the air under suspicion far faraway outlying unachievable not worth considering murky crooked dark bent disreputable scarce hardly possible non-viable contrary to reason immense legendary hopeless unrealizable beyond one unsuitable unobtainable amazeballs indescribable rad unacceptable ambiguous not quite right devious irregular out-of-this-world top drawer not remotely possible inapprehensible undreamed-of not understandable

Tính từ

Unable to be achieved or realized
unrealizable unattainable impossible unfeasible unachievable unobtainable unworkable insolvable hopeless insuperable inconceivable unreasonable impracticable inaccessible unsolvable undoable insurmountable unimaginable unthinkable impractical insoluble absurd preposterous futile infeasible useless impassable impervious inexecutable irrealizable beyond cureless irreparable uncorrectable unrecoverable visionary no-go no-way hardly possible no-win too much way out contrary to reason not a prayer out of the question implausible unviable far-fetched vain outlandish forlorn incredible illogical risible outrageous irresoluble irresolvable crazy farcical irrational paradoxical wild laughable unbelievable ridiculous ludicrous beyond you not to be thought of not worth considering non-viable not on like herding cats beyond the bounds of possibility beyond one not possible hare-brained unrealistic invincible unconquerable unbeatable pointless invulnerable indomitable impregnable unstoppable unsuitable bulletproof unassailable overwhelming unreachable unpractical bootless unwinnable undefeatable inconvenient beyond hope challenging not having a prayer with no chance of success not feasible improbable incomprehensible highly unlikely unacceptable unfathomable impenetrable inscrutable inextricable difficult inexplicable unknowable unexcogitable uncompleteable unaccomplishable unmanageable unexecuteable unfulfillable beyond the realm of reason inoperable unserviceable not doable awkward unusable nonpractical inapplicable desperate despairing despondent purposeless not remotely possible imprudent unwise nugatory unsuccessful failed unavailing ungettable impossible to carry out unavailable unapproachable inapproachable untouchable elusive parlous bad threatening unpromising sinister menacing beyond reach not at hand unmasterable ineluctable forget it no way

Danh từ

hazard chance luck accident casualty circumstance coincidence destiny fate fortuity hap probability fluke fortune happenstance misfortune mishap providence serendipity adventure dynamite fling go possibility toss-up venture wager long shot lucky break lucky hit risky business way the ball bounces way the cookie crumbles stroke of luck kismet contingency doom good luck freak twist of fate gamble break stars lot happening karma bad luck a twist of fate Lady Luck the stars Dame Fortune what is written in the stars cast future haphazard destination advantage happenchance occurrence occasion circumstances predestination even chance predetermination heads or tails a fluke a happy chance a bit of luck the times a piece of good fortune wheel of fortune divine will a bit of good luck handwriting on the wall fortuitousness haza luckiness fortunateness eventuality quirk incident mozzle run of luck fifty-fifty happy accident accidental happening hit risk unforeseen event afterlife divine decree Norns Moirai Fates what is written Parcae breaks lottery mere chance peradventure the luck of the draw turn happy chance good fortune bit of luck hit or miss piece of good fortune chance event bit of good luck turn of the cards throw of the dice heritage cup dole horoscope inescapableness wyrd orlay astral influence lot in life portion foreordination preordination God's will foreordainment situation preordainment condition blessing good break what is in the books God's plan nemesis election divine intervention necessity ordinance inevitability weird hand Providence end predestiny outside influence start what is to come Fortuna writing on the wall one's lot one's dole opportunity edge Lady Fortune one's portion scenario course of events success life history experiences place station adventures expectation means state position plight star certainty experience boon deal predicament godsend lucked out lucked into fighting chance windfall miracle streak of luck benediction bonanza strike roll of the dice decision sentence hand one is dealt lucky strike one in a million decree verdict condemnation judgment way cookie crumbles tragedy conclusion calamity trouble Moira judgement cataclysm opinion stumbling upon dumb luck happy coincidence fixed future Judgment Day handwriting on wall lap of the gods

Trái nghĩa của hundred to one

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