Đồng nghĩa của unsuccessful

Alternative for unsuccessful

Đồng nghĩa: abortive, failing, fruitless, unfortunate,

Tính từ

Not successful
futile useless vain abortive fruitless ineffective failed unproductive ineffectual unavailing bootless inefficacious profitless misfired pointless thwarted barren empty foiled nugatory otiose unprofitable worthless balked baulked botched frustrated in vain without success defeated disastrous doomed idle to no avail inadequate to no effect hopeless impotent unfruitful weak non-successful unrewarding feeble valueless purposeless inefficient to no purpose powerless inept lame hollow sterile trivial unfructuous inutile paltry trifling impractical of no use Sisyphean senseless no dice pathetic feckless counterproductive of no avail bungled poor wasted unable indecisive for nought unsatisfactory void hamstrung inexpedient unimportant incompetent inoperative null unprolific meaningless insignificant frivolous aimless unremunerative impracticable on a treadmill not worth the candle unconvincing implausible unfit stymied exhausted insufficient forceless withered defeasible inferior neutralised spineless innocuous neutralized limited anticlimactic ruined miscarried unavailable failing forlorn flat unimpressive delusive dry incapable unreal inconsequential gainless blocked vapid unsubstantial insubstantial no-win petty stillborn broken junky impuissant bungling scant uneconomic thankless invertebrate needless a dead loss hindered stonewalled obstructed thin tame cramped no use flimsy not fruitful save one's breath null and void spoiled frustaneous unlucrative shallow for naught time-wasting spoilt inane puny misleading slight unnotable shuck delusory motiveless dull chaffy cheap banal spinning one's wheels wild goose chase messed up uncreative slow unyieldly nonproductive lazy wasteful rotten lousy boring groundless unworkable unusable going nowhere dead fouled up insipid unpersuasive stale uninspiring in vicious circle not a prayer dashed unsuitable wrecked uninteresting no good no-good baseless unserviceable nonfunctional of no value casual tedious arid commonplace unpurposed nonpractical unfunctional baffled rambling irrelevant unfounded unhelpful ended lost dysfunctional expendable scrap unuseful inoperable pants lacklustre dreary monotonous drab unstimulating prosaic lifeless humdrum resultless unneeded lacking foundation vacuous vacant unfilled clear disappointed crushed desperate despairing despondent unattainable not useful good-for-nothing wanting without grounds not serious without foundation lackluster impossible unachievable without rhyme or reason no good to gundy beyond hope faint unprosperous not having a prayer with no chance of success ending in divorce unthriving emasculate slack-spined not well not effective no go no way unnecessary miserable negligible no-account wretched nothing purportless piddling footling measly despicable contemptible shiftless inconsiderable abandoned sorry picayune minute ignoble trashy spiritless Mickey Mouse unessential wet abject base poxy wishy-washy wanky piffling nickel-and-dime chicken niggling minor irresponsible small slothful apathetic indolent little unambitious bogus waste mediocre ne'er-do-well unenterprising pitiful meagre mean effete unreasonable soft nonsensical mindless goalless bad nerveless weakling unreliable pitiable weak-kneed characterless milk-and-water namby-pamby peripheral nominal piddly pimping peanut rubbishy deficient defective wanton redundant superfluous limp-wristed meager dinky drifting inappreciable small-fry immaterial de minimis light fiddling superficial foolish small-time incidental low-ranking of no consequence nonessential second-rate of no account uncalled-for uncalled for drossy of no great concern invalid throwaway stupid disadvantageous unsalable nonvalid nonbinding pyrrhic insincere absurd objectless specious of no earthly use not needed insane fatuous not helpful woeful wandering parlous unasked lamentable deplorable nongermane helpless adrift unpromising threatening sinister menacing vague uncommunicative vile unconstructive adverse negative unreturned Pyrrhic witless indiscriminate designless thoughtless illogical irrational crummy sad ill-fated bleak minuscule bush-league minor-league uncelebrated lightweight lesser secondary obscure infinitesimal smalltime not worth it not pertinent fustian reckless incautious uncareful carefree careless wild debased depraved degraded low desultory brainless random beyond remedy despaired of shameful disgraceful dishonourable dishonorable ill-suited inappropriate unsuited ridiculous floundering undirected haphazard subsidiary villainous ignominious corrupt degenerate wimpish frail wimpy weakened not proper not good enough improper scanty irresolute silly unmeaning unsound of no benefit junk unadvantageous inconsistent incompatible inapt beggarly mingy ungenerous mere derisory hit-or-miss rubbish non-essential two a penny not much cop unassertive skimpy of little account pettifogging exiguous extraneous uninformative meek cowardly gutless timid weak-willed fickle passive a dime a dozen dithering faltering craven frothy of little consequence of little importance tinpot of no moment not worth mentioning zero zilch of no importance zip twopenny-halfpenny shoestring indifferent not worth a hill of beans timorous wavering indeterminate vacillating pusillanimous undetermined fallible neither here nor there no great shakes not worth speaking of beside the point chicken-hearted corruptible supine yellow lily-livered hemming and hawing waffling yellow-bellied undependable faint-hearted yielding unsure easily led

Tính từ

Failed, not successful
losing unfortunate unlucky ill-starred luckless unprofitable beaten defeated failed foiled frustrated loss-making unprosperous baulked balked fated hapless ill-fated ill-omened out of luck unhappy jinxed calamitous star-crossed wretched disastrous doomed miserable cursed hopeless unpropitious stricken poor untoward unfavourable unfavorable afflicted snakebitten snakebit ruinous adverse hard luck disadvantaged desperate broken forsaken destitute ruined pained shattered troubled awkward burdened in a bad way cataclysmic forlorn catastrophic dire pitiful fateful black cursed with ill-luck deplorable unbecoming inept inopportune unsuitable regrettable inappropriate infelicitous lamentable damaging desolate pathetic pitiable woeful abject worthless sad sack ill-chosen devastating tragic blighted terrible accident-prone harmful untimely baleful dreadful destructive fatal detrimental cataclysmal ravaging tough luck bad break awful shocking injurious grievous appalling down on luck behind eight ball bad annihilatory horrible dark devastative damning inauspicious abortive ill-boding sinister ominous direful menacing threatening portentous foreboding baneful unpromising ill minatory doomy evil gloomy disadvantageous apocalyptic forbidding bodeful minacious misfortunate dangerous hostile grim sinistrous lowering hard bleak ugly impending malign alarming malefic heartrending heartbreaking nasty distressing disturbing discouraging inimical tough unhealthy unwholesome frightful hurtful deleterious fearful disheartening wintry pernicious intimidating warning unpleasant comminatory frightening minatorial malignant bullying unfriendly inhospitable perilous scary intimidatory terrorizing poisonous mischievous portending near aggressive close impendent upcoming lowery loury overhanging scowling forthcoming worrying wintery doomful terrorising at hand condemned destroyed foredoomed bedevilled rueful piteous sorry bedeviled unadvantageous unwelcome unchancy mortal grave tragical distressful sorrowful painful cautionary admonitory ill-timed disquieting deadly catastrophal imminent unsafe looming fire-and-brimstone lethal apocalyptical disagreeable unsuited disaster-prone shattering crippling inconvenient creepy eerie premonitory too bad inapt unseasonable evil-looking spooky eldritch ghastly clumsy ill-suited hellfire clouded precursive prescient augural malificent dismal presaging suggestive haunting prophetic malevolent suggestive of evil dishonest perverse obnoxious blackhearted noxious horrendous dread spine-chilling redoubtable formidable fearsome hair-raising horrifying terrifying klutzy all thumbs two left feet bungling woebegone hexed voodooed loser nocuous jonah brooding glowering godawful horrid foul vile heavy thunderous maleficent cancerous prejudicial wicked pessimistic terrific iniquitous reprobate nocent cantankerous poor fish behind the eightball

Tính từ

(of an action or situation) Causing shame or a loss of honour
inglorious disgraceful dishonourable humiliating ignominious shameful ignoble discreditable unheroic abject demeaning disreputable failed infamous mortifying shaming undignified blameworthy contemptible degrading detestable dishonorable offensive reprehensible scandalous shabby shocking unrespectable unworthy wretched opprobrious despicable shoddy shady notorious base debasing louche shy low sorry outrageous belittling mean embarrassing lowering unbecoming abominable vile cheapening bad immoral unprincipled hateful scurvy deplorable atrocious inexcusable ungentlemanly wicked monstrous unspeakable heinous indecorous unforgivable odious disgusting loathsome appalling indefensible low-down infra dig egregious diabolical indecent sordid derogatory corrupt unsuitable unseemly objectionable terrible unladylike unbefitting improper unfitting dreadful iniquitous rotten unrefined miserable discomfiting humiliatory unceremonious intolerable dastardly nefarious pitiful scornful disparaging derogative decrying pejorative derisory depreciative contemptuous denigratory slighting uncomplimentary depreciatory deprecatory disdainful detractive denigrative knavish unacceptable untoward inappropriate sinful criminal nasty cheap beyond contempt flagitious vulgar discrediting menial villainous pitiable bringing shame lewd untrustworthy unscrupulous crooked beggarly shameless beyond the pale indelicate exceptionable indiscreet tasteless derisive depreciating patronizing condescending sneering crass patronising inelegant dirty in bad taste beneath you lacking dignity humbling crushing unfair opprobious miscreant putrid deceitful treacherous devious fraudulent blackguardly unkind mean-spirited beneath one's dignity disgracing ungenerous unpleasant deflating squashing chastening quashing dishonest rascally beastly tragic sad awful lamentable senseless grievous preposterous unfortunate barro dishonoring toe-curling blush-making cringe-making cringeworthy vicious seedy suspect questionable disorderly selfish miserly stingy thoughtless cruel mercenary inconsiderate disrespectful natty scummy despisable ridiculous unpardonable unconscionable foolish abhorrent undesirable unsavoury of bad reputation dubious suspicious seamy sleazy slippery unwholesome dishonouring poor execrable disastrous insupportable horrifying abysmal dire repugnant frightful shifty dodgy fishy unjustifiable pathetic calamitous lousy distressing grim regrettable in low esteem licentious dissolute in the doghouse unsavory in bad lowly libidinous no good bringing low bringing down mournful crummy woeful revolting insufferable cruddy unbearable sickening heartbreaking corrupting downgrading very bad God-awful drunken reprobate carnal immodest ribald intemperate obscene profligate impure flagrant unclean debauched horrible foul degenerate evil inferior wrong unsatisfactory inadequate hopeless horrendous worthless distasteful paltry horrid depraved useless gross hideous chronic low-minded poxy substandard obnoxious duff laughable pants snide currish disagreeable pits third-rate repulsive godawful nauseating rubbish repellent dismal ghastly second-rate disappointing lame unethical ugly unreasonable ropy mediocre degraded a load of pants petty fiendish noisome noxious nauseous horrific hellacious trashy dark underhanded defective not up to snuff bum damnable stinking second-class deficient rancid repellant fulsome imperfect culpable amateurish not up to scratch faulty not up to par ungodly condemnable filthy unrighteous grubby unholy blamable inept unlawful scabby ratty black unwarrantable coarse direful inexpiable sucky scurrilous rubbishy servile meagre devilish no-good disdainable ruthless excessive meager infernal upsetting perverted perverse debased perfidious barbarous excruciating unfavorable unfavourable cursed caitiff accursed not on ill-advised sneaking disturbing punk displeasing heartrending uncharitable tawdry underhand squalid slimy cowardly measly good-for-nothing out of order scungy inopportune low-grade not cricket rueful remiss inhuman grave savage meanspirited erring barbaric violent censurable careless negligent malevolent satanic feeble grisly amoral macabre terrific gruesome grewsome lurid nightmarish nightmare unwelcome bungling fearsome roguish hellish desperate fearful unwarranted unlucky diabolic scoundrelly tricky crying too much over-the-top wrongful uncomfortable piteous unpermissible untenable unallowable catastrophic morbid sneaky deceptive graceless agitating wanton glaring impossible exasperating confounded unhappy venal sinister out of line not the done thing over the fence a bit much illegal impermissible distressful icky bent bewildering no-account from hell too bad raunchy uncivilised uncivilized cheesy junky bargain-basement cut-rate schlocky low-rent common tenth-rate insufficient recreant uninviting dissatisfactory affecting warped beneath contempt forlorn out of place el cheapo cheerless joyless wack grotty stinky irremediable garbage crumby valueless comfortless out of keeping low-life bush-league poor quality under par low-quality off-color god-awful poor-quality below par less-than-stellar two-bit callous irregular ill-famed brutish bestial traitorous unhealthy ill-reputed merciless unremittable unpopular undesired blithering malicious dissipated tarnished aberrant ominous flaming hard-hearted narrow-minded slipshod malignant craven unpalatable backbiting untrue maligning vilifying traducing gossiping detracting unchivalrous vitiated wet sleazoid cheapjack trumpery gimcrack schlock errant footling highly improper out of bounds unearthly humble slavish faithless sacrilegious irreligious profane impious blasphemous hateworthy red hot ineffectual exploitative conscienceless corrupted cheating fallen swinish outcast stupid modest simple peasant ordinary reproachful plain bribable negligible incompetent good-for-naught no-count meritless cataclysmic murderous godless plebeian reproachable cunning furtive wrongdoing guileful in poor taste wanky insubstantial irremissible unjustified silly absurd ludicrous foolish-looking unsought unwanted delinquent illegitimate sullied tainted illicit lawless broken inexpert tragical inequitable malfeasant not quite the thing below contempt uncalled-for unprovoked reprovable blameable deadly mortal cutthroat Machiavellian sly unconscientious dirty rotten peccable tinhorn downer bummer grody sub-par not good erroneous not the best diddly the pits blah bad news rough fallacious grungy afflictive regretful criticizable gratuitous rude impolite black-hearted amiss guilty demeritorious self-seeking two-faced scheming arrant casuistic crafty morally wrong not forgivable heart-rending subpar suboptimal infelicitous tactless inexpedient injudicious severe serious at fault without reason without justification without cause wanting inadmissible moving a pity unimpressive inapt steep saddening touching harrowing explosive exquisite hard fierce intense blistering keen acute almighty heavy-duty vehement profound deep heavy intensive furious ferocious incongruous inconsistent incompatible crude cheapo off tatty out immoderate exorbitant unendurable disquieting inacceptable bush unappealing reject extravagant maddening OTT poignant tear-jerking plaintive beneath undeserving undue ill-suited ill-considered ill-timed unsuited O.T.T. extortionate forbidding stupefying scary frightening disconcerting terrifying heartstopping perturbing too great debauching depraving contumelious extreme gut-wrenching ineligible dreary startling staggering stunning astonishing unsettling overwhelming intimidating alarming amazing formidable parlous below average won't do below standard half-baked of low quality second rate of poor quality from hunger not quite the done thing not up to standard bleak depressing unnerving surprising redoubtable desolate compassionate afflicted stirring arousing small derisible commiserative tearful suffering to be pitied sorrowful doleful distressed over the top unfitting to nothing unmerited unsuitable for unfit improper to inappropriate to off-putting godforsaken awkward gloomy sombre drab hair-raising out of character unbecoming to solemn somber disheartening discouraging unpromising sullen morose drear flustering compromising funereal not much cop yucky not good enough out of character with not deserving not worth out of place with not fit depressive impoverished sepulchral indigent dreich lugubrious saturnine glum destitute spine-chilling gut-churning sick-making delicate confusing sensitive sunless plutonian tenebrous lonesome elegiacal tenebrific elegiac vomitous bogging sick yucko disgustful loathly discomposing discountenancing touchy troublesome abandoned Cimmerian poverty-stricken cringey vomit-inducing perplexing equivocal puzzling uneasy trying unpropitious inconvenient discommodious distracting worrisome discommoding troubling incommodious rattling

Tính từ

Unable to fully realise one's ambitions

Tính từ

Clumsy or awkward in nature
inept clumsy bungling awkward bumbling crude klutzy maladroit undexterous ungraceful blundering gauche rough unfacile botched butterfingered butterfingers fumbled unhandy unproductive wooden artless hopeless all fingers and thumbs cack-handed ham-fisted ham-handed heavy-handed all thumbs graceless ungainly inexpert inelegant gawky unskilful uncoordinated lumbering incompetent unco unskillful stumbling oafish unpolished clodhopping handless gawkish amateurish gangling lubberly left-handed coarse like a bull in a china shop ponderous untactful cloddish unrefined stiff clownish uncouth unsophisticated tactless unskilled unwieldy indelicate lumpish inefficient inexperienced unadept useless crass rough-hewn boorish green shambling fumbling rude gruff cumbersome indiscreet floundering spastic harsh unsubtle stilted blunderous rash careless injudicious bovine clunky hasty vulgar foolish muddled two left feet with two left feet inapt bulky unfortunate unfit untoward untalented weedy unable brash loutish imprudent heavy-footed accident-prone unpolitic having two left feet having two left hands flat-footed undiplomatic hulking impolitic stolid heavy rustic ill-bred not agile all thumbs rough-and-tumble botching mutton-fisted untrained inadept unproficient raw unworkmanlike unsteady fumbly slouching coltish helpless splay ill-shaped elephantine brutish laborious skill-less clunking out of your depth unmannerly disaster-prone ill-fated unlucky doomed ill-starred uncultured gross bearish Neanderthal lumpen blockish churlish yobbish dorky uncivil unwise sharp inadvisable blunt dozy swinish stupid unthinking unperceptive simple badly behaved ape-like primitive tasteless rudimentary plain ill-advised callous rough and ready jerry-rigged jerry-built jury-rigged rough-and-ready straightforward precipitate lifeless unnatural rigid passionless uncomfortable rustical leaden flat dry stodgy uneasy unimpassioned spiritless soulless weighty inflexible deadpan inexpressive obstinate unyielding unbending lacking vitality

Trái nghĩa của unsuccessful

unsuccessful Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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