Đồng nghĩa của not the done thing


Outside the bounds of acceptable behaviour
beyond the pale disgraceful improper indiscreet irregular unseemly unsuitable deplorable distasteful insupportable intolerable not on objectionable offensive outrageous scandalous shocking unacceptable unreasonable exceptionable excessive indefensible inexcusable over-the-top too much unjustifiable a bit much out of line out of order over the fence not quite the thing out of bounds unsatisfactory substandard dissatisfactory suboptimal subpar deficient inferior wanting displeasing inadequate impermissible disagreeable obnoxious inadmissible inappropriate undesirable mediocre amateurish bad awful imperfect poor dreadful lousy insufferable woeful abject wretched unimpressive terrible dismal insufficient reprehensible faulty horrible execrable abysmal pathetic stinking rotten cruddy laughable pitiable low meager dire crummy dodgy abominable questionable dubious nasty repugnant lamentable diabolical meagre contemptible appalling shoddy sorry pitiful hopeless atrocious lame condemnable scurrilous miserable trashy horrid disastrous horrendous crude out damnable cheapo vile off wrong odious wack defective gross irremediable grotty garbage rubbishy crumby punk loathsome sad disappointing stinky paltry worthless tatty below par won't do low-quality not up to scratch poor quality low-grade God-awful inacceptable not up to par half-baked second rate unappealing tenth-rate bush-league not cricket below standard uninviting second-rate less-than-stellar two-bit of poor quality from hunger not up to standard bush of low quality below average third-rate poor-quality reject not up to snuff second-class not quite the done thing under par

Trái nghĩa của not the done thing

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