Đồng nghĩa của cruddy

Tính từ

Dirty and unclean
filthy grimy mucky bedraggled befouled begrimed bemired besmirched black blackened dingy dirty draggled dusty foul grotty grubby grungy muddy nasty smudged smutty soiled sordid stained sullied unclean uncleanly slimy sludgy sooty polluted scuzzy squalid yucky messy unwashed manky festy gungy smeared skanky bogging sloppy unhygienic unsanitary scungy contaminated spotted unkempt icky crummy insanitary scummy greasy feculent tarnished sleazy disheveled muddied dishevelled shabby defiled slovenly dirt-encrusted mud-caked besmeared smeary grimed tainted miry gross grody ruined uncleaned not clean untidy blemished discolored marked undusted impure unswept fouled discoloured putrid rotten fetid smelly putrefied decaying sticky murky seedy dreggy rundown foetid slatternly bespattered dungy spattered unlaundered pigpen mud-encrusted unpleasant insalubrious slummy dowdy raunchy spotty dust-covered dust-filled slushy disgusting miserable scruffy frowzy oozy flea-bitten gloopy arenaceous arenose dust-ridden sloughy caked grim tatty cloudy mucous yukky muculent clammy viscous glutinous dark mud-spattered straggly disarrayed unsightly dishabille mung smoky faecal fecal repulsive loathsome horry yecchy soily revolting verminous slipshod infected unhealthy noxious unwholesome infested septic dirtied rank toxic stale corrupt germy disease-ridden stinking germ-ridden unsanitized poisonous decayed rancid deleterious harmful diseased pestilent spoiled poisoned spoilt adulterated mouldy vile reeking moldy musty unfiltered detrimental noisome fuliginous gunky soot-covered vitiated unhealthful putrescent corrupted fusty decomposed mildewy decomposing rotting funky sour flyblown strong stenchy malodorous stinky reeky rotted mephitic offensive dusky goopy odorous scurvy brackish adulterate alloyed sodden soggy swampy dank airless stuffy stagnant festering debased degraded mixed frowsty mildewed squelchy soft sopping fenny quaggy watery marshy waterlogged boggy acrid skunky foul-smelling acid strong-smelling stenchful bitter nauseating odiferous odoriferous spoiling pungent harsh acidic pongy whiffy drab flat dull mouldering putrified lacking in freshenss addled saturated heavy bad off perished corroding ripe damp frowsy unventilated caried worm-eaten purulent wormy carious pustular mucid maggoty unfit for human consumption bad-smelling overripe moldering beastly smelling washed out

Tính từ

Deserving hatred and contempt
nasty dirty lousy wretched deplorable contemptible despicable sorry mean pitiable cheap pitiful grubby lame paltry scurvy scummy ratty scabby sneaking vile loathsome rotten awful detestable abominable appalling bad odious terrible dreadful disgusting revolting abhorrent sordid offensive pathetic wicked poor distasteful grotty horrible repulsive repugnant execrable unsavory miserable atrocious sickening unsavoury beastly shocking disagreeable base horrid God-awful disgraceful reprehensible abject nauseating gross hideous dishonorable shabby unpleasant frightful diabolical stinking hateful gruesome yucky dishonourable foul scandalous unacceptable inferior lamentable shameful unpalatable sad low dire icky repellent unappetizing crummy ignominious worthless filthy disreputable obnoxious ignoble objectionable discreditable bitter displeasing uncongenial unlovely unwelcome unpleasing harsh sour woeful heinous skanky horrendous mucky yucko funky low-down ghastly substandard bum unsatisfactory faulty abysmal degenerate sleazy inadequate nauseous noxious malodorous noisome squalid rancid disastrous unspeakable uninviting smelly rank acrid putrid fetid polluted mephitic ugly pongy stinky whiffy horrifying calamitous villainous niffy smudged bedraggled stained unsportsmanlike besmirched black repellant fulsome dingy yukky draggled befouled smutty unfair grimy blackened grungy obscene miasmal sullied loathly muddy begrimed illegal evil bemired dusty unclean uncleanly soiled no-good disgustful festy olid foetid hellish poison ungodly unholy on the nose sick-making off-putting beyond contempt deficient unfortunate subpar dissatisfactory grievous regrettable suboptimal off despisable unprincipled wrong unscrupulous chronic useless distressing unworthy vulgar disdainable heartbreaking very bad immoral foul-smelling evil-smelling pants currish snide crass shoddy intolerable measly grim slimy mournful unbearable opprobrious beyond the pale a load of pants low-minded vicious brackish messy hopeless feeble blithering grody laughable raunchy yecchy creepy scuzzy flaming cursed underhanded thoughtless shameless pits inexcusable cowardly tragic unforgivable infernal accursed confounded petty dislikable well below par deceitful egregious outrageous senseless inglorious preposterous hateworthy footling beggarly swinish outcast monstrous ridiculous unpardonable unconscionable foolish sinful undesirable indefensible malicious malevolent disrespectful meanspirited unethical crook rubbish poorly out of sorts rough sick off colour off-colour harmful iniquitous insupportable stupid unhappy unjustifiable depraved nefarious graceless slipshod malignant sneaky indecent deceptive insufferable criminal melancholy dismal mediocre dilapidated trashy punk crumby wanting junky rubbishy bush sucky blameworthy downer overwhelming bummer godawful dolorous afflictive good-for-naught meritless good-for-nothing no-count no-account common schlock low-quality run down cheesy flimsy bush-league cut-rate shlocky low-rent wack el cheapo seedy shlock low-grade unsightly weak schlocky gimcrack cheapjack second-rate coarse bargain-basement godforsaken down at heel trumpery degrading scungy caitiff infamous below contempt beneath contempt dirty rotten low-life corrupt shady dastardly dishonest crooked flagitious degraded notorious cruel dark louche knavish piteous bogging treacherous fiendish rascally heartrending cheerless joyless reprobate comfortless underhand uncharitable grisly shy unrespectable impure servile untrustworthy rueful scoundrelly damnable debased harrowing debauched exceptionable dislikeable unlawful unbecoming forlorn dissolute vomitous rebarbative menial lewd off-color not cricket vomit-inducing moving affecting touching annoying fraudulent ungentlemanly compassionate afflicted stirring commiserative tearful arousing suffering sorrowful distressed dreary barbarous infuriating exasperating irritating devilish sly bleak depressing roguish murderous desolate pestilential humiliating flagrant perverted improper gloomy sombre drab black-hearted unrighteous distressful diabolic horrific disheartening sullen morose drear uncomfortable solemn somber tawdry undignified illegitimate seamy shifty inequitable mercenary illicit macabre indigent glum depressive impoverished sepulchral gut-churning gut-wrenching questionable inelegant stomach-churning stomach-turning maddening shaming debasing tragical unseemly upsetting wrongful callous irreligious sacrilegious profane impious blasphemous unkind mean-spirited perfidious traitorous erring fallen merciful savage brutal barbaric poxy poisonous craven godless heart-rending ungenerous forbidding very disgusting blackguardly ill-famed hateable decadent immodest ribald intemperate drunken carnal profligate ruthless unchivalrous tainted bent lawless ornery hated reviled perverse unhealthy ill-reputed miscreant hard-hearted narrow-minded inhuman sleazoid avaricious warped malfeasant insalubrious disturbing saddening brutish peccable unlikable tasteless galling dismaying unregenerate calculated venal covetous morally wrong merciless squicky cringe-making cloying surfeiting sleazeball insignificant peasant ordinary reproachful modest simple plain selfish stingy natty miserly inconsiderate poignant plaintive tear-jerking nightmarish abandoned self-seeking suspect disorderly mischievous contradictory inconsistent hostile opposed incompatible adverse of bad reputation dubious suspicious slippery unwholesome miry inimical averse antipathetic antagonistic fishy dodgy derisible meagre to be pitied doleful meager small embarrassing pixieish tricksy impish scampish arch pixie lying leprechaunish waggish puckish pixy prankish elvish unfriendly invidious extrinsic counter against extraneous unconformable different opposite revulsive unfitted alien foreign in low esteem licentious in the doghouse lowly no good derogatory in bad libidinous odorous musty mouldy moldy reeking inhumane grewsome lurid heartless butcherly brute truculent sadistic terrific wanton nightmare blasted cacodemonic facinorous in opposition frolicsome arrant ruthful desperate hairy fearful curst pesky freaking cussed darned cotton-picking danged doggoned durn durned dang doggone goddamned darn deuced discouraging unpromising blimming funereal morbid dreich lugubrious saturnine destitute derisory sunless plutonian tenebrous lonesome tenebrific elegiac elegiacal unsporting crafty Cimmerian poverty-stricken double-dealing cunning devious wily Machiavellian cheating conniving designing calculating guileful deceiving unsportsmanly shrewd slick scheming ill-gotten below the belt against the rules Janus-faced out of order

Tính từ

Insignificant or worthless
two-bit inferior shoddy poor trashy junky lousy worthless cheesy base gaudy sleazy tatty garbage ratty valueless catchpenny piddling second-rate no good rinky-dink small-time crummy low-grade grotty rubbishy miserable mediocre bad substandard cheap wretched execrable paltry low-rent poor-quality shabby second-class below par tenth-rate common grody rotten tawdry low-quality pitiful rubbish el cheapo lame sad third-rate terrible manky schlocky tacky cut-rate gimcrack cheapjack trumpery dreadful unsatisfactory inadequate unacceptable deficient duff bush-league punk sorry not up to snuff ropy drecky bum bargain-basement awful atrocious deplorable abysmal disastrous horrendous abominable appalling diabolical cheapo pathetic lamentable horrid pitiable damnable laughable not up to scratch horrible tinhorn below standard junk less-than-stellar cheap and nasty subpar below average dime-a-dozen poor quality run-down nasty under par schlock imperfect objectionable dismal faulty crude defective average disagreeable disappointing meretricious wanting dud cheapie disgraceful stinking dime-store a dime a dozen not up to par Brummagem odious wack useless entry-level tinny crumby pinchbeck lemon garbagy tattered grungy kitsch sub-par scurrilous beastly insufferable grubby scroungy meager dire dissatisfactory bottom-rung naff twopenny-halfpenny two a penny gross irremediable brassy meagre low-end reprehensible sucky indefensible stinky not up to much coarse jerry-built unsound unworthy revolting repulsive middling hack ordinary repellant repellent hellish rancid disgustful hellacious rebarbative loathly dingy scruffy slipshod broken-down mean bad news raunchy downer icky unspeakable diddly egregious rough fallacious bummer godawful detestable the pits poxy grim pants not good chronic erroneous not the best blah frightful unstylish ticky-tack tasteless inelegant dowdy styleless ticky-tacky unfashionable bogus no-good low in quality flimsy empty despicable good-for-nothing abandoned barren won't do over the fence impermissible inacceptable exceptionable not on distasteful unappealing dodgy offensive intolerable woeful dubious insupportable insufficient from hunger loathsome suboptimal contemptible not quite the done thing hopeless amateurish displeasing condemnable God-awful half-baked out low second rate vile not cricket obnoxious off wrong unreasonable questionable uninviting improper abject inadmissible unsuitable unimpressive inappropriate of poor quality repugnant not up to standard undesirable beyond the pale unseemly bush of low quality reject out of order poorer indifferent déclassé a load of pants flawed direful downmarket unexceptional subnormal pedestrian leaving much to be desired bodger piss-poor not much cop worse commonplace tinpot fair half-pie no great shakes strictly for the birds of a sort lowbrow down scale down-market poopy not good enough slovenly so-so desperate incompetent very bad careless sour run-of-the-mine passable run-of-mine medium insignificant run-of-the-mill Mickey Mouse outclassed undistinguished bog-standard uninspired uninspiring stupid outrageous for the birds unwelcome harmful fair to middling squalid dilapidated sordid seedy slummy insalubrious damaged broken impaired mangy run down down at heel unfit unsellable warped unsaleable scuzzy blemished scratched inoperative cracked deformed partial torn limited incomplete malfunctioning unfinished immature amiss patchy ramshackle scrubby undeveloped inexact rudimentary sketchy untidy bedraggled threadbare rickety worn-out unkempt decrepit moth-eaten beat-up dog-eared tatterdemalion down-at-the-heels neglected dumpy bombed-out down-at-heel timeworn tumbledown menial rundown disfigured in a state of disrepair not functioning minus vicious not working faultful sick fallible injured few bugs bottom-of-barrel marred end-of-the-pier second-best second class

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