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Alternative for funereal

funereal /fju:'niəriəl/
  • tính từ
    • thích hợp với đám ma
    • buồn thảm (như khi đi đưa đám)
      • a funereal expression on one's face: vẻ mặt buồn thảm như khi đi đưa đám

Tính từ

Having the mournful, sombre character appropriate to a funeral
dismal gloomy solemn dark depressing dreary grave sombre sad bleak lugubrious sepulchral cheerless woeful doleful melancholy miserable morbid morose serious joyless sorrowful black chill Cimmerian cloudy cold comfortless darkening depressive desolate dire disconsolate drear dreich elegiac elegiacal forlorn glum godforsaken gray grey lamenting lonely lonesome maudlin mournful murky plutonian saturnine somber sullen sunless tenebrific tenebrous wretched deathlike dirge-like dolorous exequial funebrial dirgelike disheartening grim oppressive unhappy drab depressed melancholic blue dejected despondent dull dispiriting woebegone dingy downcast crestfallen hopeless dim sorry down in the dumps down discouraging dour dispirited down in the mouth austere uninviting heartbreaking downhearted distressing heartrending low saddening pathetic shadowy tearful low-spirited abject pessimistic mirthless humourless humorless cast down rueful bad piteous teary distressed macabre heavy-hearted inconsolable unwelcoming shady severe dreadful sober horrific in low spirits ghastly heartbroken dejecting tragic uncomfortable terrible moody painful heartsick stark heartsore gruesome sedate unpromising in the dumps grief-stricken horrid obscure upsetting unsmiling anguished caliginous despairing lamentable nightmarish long-faced dusky unpleasant saddened inhospitable bare brokenhearted heavyhearted lachrymose eerie grisly clinical impersonal spiritless institutional stern horrible mourning lurid shocking spooky staid frightful pensive hangdog loathsome foreboding ghostly awful darkened horrifying afflicted hurting obscured lightless pitiful unearthly spookish disappointing droopy darkish harrowing in the doldrums downbeat stygian unlit no-nonsense appalling heart-rending clouded nubilous nebulous leaden drearisome pitchy rayless dusk unilluminated earnest poignant overclouded hideous pitch-black pitch-dark bland weighty sorrowing broken-hearted draggy mopey grieving grotesque traumatic moving unfavorable unfavourable gory wintry jarring wintery dimmed chap-fallen frightening discouraged sunk in gloom distressful unfortunate weird horrendous pitiable ominous subdued troubled terrifying disagreeable dragged moping revolting stony-faced poker-faced foul atrocious offensive monstrous deplorable ghoulish darksome darkling chilling down-and-out grievous scary sulky sickening grewsome bummed out down and out in pain plaintive deathly brooding overcast threnodic regrettable defeatist bitter devastated sourpuss muted poor inauspicious touching demoralizing crushed wistful uncanny supernatural forbidding troublesome chapfallen taciturn repulsive in the pits bereft colorless fearsome demoralising deadpan displeasing agonizing discomposing heavy disheartened devilish vile despicable contemptible repugnant plangent detestable crummy destroyed cast-down agonising sick unnatural dolent terrific nightmare unhumorous tear-jerking heart-wrenching upset lacklustre deep lackluster sobersided acheronian in a blue funk po-faced God-awful unexciting poorly lit blah uninteresting uninspiring colourless boring monotonous lifeless humdrum spartan Stygian hollow uncaring ruined abandoned deserted solitary Eeyorish nostalgic pained unimpassioned threnodial waste stony unpropitious daunting unmoved sinister adverse disadvantageous difficult portentous afflictive excruciating crushing dolesome sorry for oneself grumpy bad-tempered uncommunicative disconcerting weepy frowning glowering lorn phlegmatic ill-tempered unresponsive down-in-the-mouth crabbed surly oppressed weary mopish broody ugly dirgeful hellish vexatious unnerving disquieting discomforting dysphoric bleeding disenchanting companionless hard derisible mortifying diabolic diabolical sadistic twisted perverted given to looking on the black side cut up shot down looking on the black side acherontic having the blahs having blue devils hazy blue funk uncomic cruel gross gut-wrenching singing the blues hurtful torn up misty foggy heart-breaking sick as a parrot businesslike sickly unclear beclouded hazed opaque afflicting hurt emotional languorous triste agonised demoralised down in dumps broken disappointed aggrieved tristful listless agonized down-hearted languid demoralized uneasy squalid pokerfaced sordid calamitous rainy subfusc louring lowering clouded over shameful disgraceful contemplative intense execrable trashy rotten shoddy inferior lousy filthy indigent scurvy scungy impoverished destitute derisory in sorrow in mourning full of sorrow poverty-stricken quiet resolved introspective straight-faced composed ruminative unplayful resolute bound and determined thoughtful reflective bookish deep in thought shaded umbrageous repellent disgusting nasty objectionable distasteful unacceptable off-putting abhorrent obnoxious undesirable hateful odious nauseating reprehensible intolerable obscene insufferable strange phantom preternatural unsavoury sick-making unpalatable noxious beastly fearful nauseous bedimmed creepy spectral rebarbative godawful exceptionable disgustful loathly pitiless crepuscular adumbral umbral shadowed badly lit faint from hell mortuary haggard wraithlike unbearable beyond the pale corpselike anemic unsavory weak anaemic haunted extraterrestrial hair-raising mysterious other-worldly umbriferous umbrous umbrose tenebrious unhealthy spine-chilling eldritch blood-curdling alien bizarre death-obsessed eery haunting not of this world phantasmal phantasmic demoniac fiendish heavenly sublime ethereal inappropriate hyperphysical

Tính từ

Of or relating to a funeral

Tính từ

Related to, or resembling, a ghost, spirits, or death
ghostlike ghostly spectral ghoulish wraithlike cadaverous demonic phantomlike spiritual corpselike demoniac demonish demonlike devilish ethereal ghastly otherworldly supernatural deathlike deathly demonly grisly skeletal creepy eerie shadowy spooky corpse-like phantasmal phantom unearthly phantasmic weird other-worldly vampiric unreal wraithy insubstantial uncanny strange scary haunted indistinct mystic unnatural mysterious frightening sinister abnormal freakish eldritch illusory terrifying blood-curdling scaring spine-chilling hair-raising chilling petrifying apparitional chimerical freaky rum dreamlike deadly haunting paranormal incorporeal disembodied ashen pallid shadowlike extraterrestrial demoniacal diabolical fiendish infernal hellish diabolic gaunt alien wondrous out of this world zombielike serpentine macabre zombiesque odd queer awesome preternatural curious fearful uneasy too good for this world spookish bizarre mystical tomblike crawly unnerving superstitious disconcerting fantastic peculiar occult dead mortal mortuary magical phenomenal divine pale eidolic holy wan bodiless intangible impalpable airy immaterial aerial unbodied unembodied discarnate unsubstantial metaphysical nonmaterial nonphysical disincarnate unworldly insensible imponderable formless celestial unfleshly incorporate spiritlike asomatous disbodied dreamy psychic uncorporal heavenly subjective transcendental non-physical evanescent discorporate vapory vaporous invisible abstract not material untouchable vague dim indefinite elusive ephemeral non-material indeterminate imperceptible to the touch uncertain unobservable inappreciable abstruse eluding slender evading rare unapparent hypothetical unsure imperceptible slight evasive unquantifiable hallucinatory imaginary light wispy halituous uncorporeal delicate gossamer dainty fine exquisite gossamery subtle tenuous beautiful elegant graceful fragile fairy refined rarefied thin diaphanous fluffy lovely frail gaseous waiflike filmy

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