Đồng nghĩa của foreboding

Alternative for foreboding

Đồng nghĩa: forecast, omen, prediction, premonition, promise, prophecy, warning,

forebodes, foreboded, foreboding

Đồng nghĩa: anticipate, call, foretell, predict, prognosticate, promise,

Danh từ

A sign or warning that a momentous or calamitous event is likely to happen
omen portent presage augury prediction premonition presentiment warning feeling foreshadowing intuition prognostication sign token hunch inkling prophecy suspicion auspice boding prefiguring forecast foretoken vague feeling chill forewarning funny feeling prenotion prognostic signification vibes gut feeling sixth sense bad vibes sinking feeling wind change feeling in the bones handwriting on the wall indication harbinger apprehension hint writing on the wall straw in the wind threat signal bodement idea misgiving herald apprehensiveness sneaking suspicion handwriting on wall fear anxiety promise dread ill omen divination impression sense expectation forerunner straw admonition prefigurement foreknowledge anticipation prescience wake-up call worry foretelling soothsaying forethought vaticination prognosticating presaging worriment awareness forecasting foresight writing bad feeling vision notion prevision auguring notice menace precursor alarm alert alarum intimation notification fancy admonishment suggestion feeling in bones caution heads-up clue danger sign word of warning knell disturbance discomposure perturbation disquietude pointer tip-off satori index assurance horoscopy sortilege light consciousness fortune-telling whistle giveaway advance warning prior warning high sign astrology feeling in one's water vague idea magic prognosis word announcement tip guess vibrations winds counsel wink thought presagement feeling in one's bones prenotice forewisdom auguration omination prenotation instinct qualm glimmer preconceived notion precognition preapprehension Mayday second sight consideration readiness foreseeing premeditation prophesy look out foretaste preparation contemplation prospect preconception realization outlook winds of change feeling in your bones heads up preindication word to the wise prolepsis cast predicting realisation prior knowledge red flag advice lesson message caveat prelude example revelation deterrent tocsin cue moral indicator deterrent example angel foregoer outrider red light announcer messenger usher lead nod exemplar alarm bells oracle exhortation object lesson monition mark manifestation news communication information declaration avant-courier siren intelligence prompt prophet commonition apocalypse proclamation answer truth determent adumbration flash danger signal model distress signal tip off bad omen citation summons order the writing on the wall clairvoyance cautionary advice puku piece of advice sign of things to come caution light advisory event illustrating a hazard a few words of wisdom enough said epiphany symbol SOS adviser runner reporter bearer representative inspiration instruction injunction predecessor precept precaution dope apprisal inevitability buzz steer whisper lowdown life lesson helpful example real-life lesson adjuration guidance qualification proviso piece of information cautionary tale reservation condition word of advice secret information information received inside wire bug in one's ear portents and evils imminent sample preview rider clause provision limitation stipulation canon edict law commandment fortune trailer restriction strings requirement whiff notifying tidings bell taste appetizer tester taster specimen demonstration proof attestation divine utterance insight try-out evidence signifier show disclosure display note exhibition antecessor advertisement grandparent forefather foreshadow pattern advertiser horn symptom expression telltale vestige guide advance guard appetiser projection hooter record register gesture implication trace scream warning device shout blast call gong squeal trumpet warning sound buzzer flap drum scramble alarm signal clock yell cry conjecture preamble explanation prefiguration wind significant prolegomenon reminder indicia estimate calculation alarm bell planning speculation auspication guesstimate budget best guess

Danh từ

A strong feeling that something bad is about to happen
apprehension apprehensiveness dread misgiving anxiety unease alarm fear disquiet disquietude perturbation trepidation uneasiness alarum butterflies chill fearfulness heebie-jeebies suspicion willies worry inquietude jitteriness jitters premonition presentiment twitchiness butterflies in the stomach nervousness concern agitation angst panic consternation distress terror fright horror worriment doubt dismay anxiousness concernment nervosity agita tension fretfulness care scare solicitude sweat restlessness uncertainty nerves trouble creeps shakes mistrust anguish hesitation shock misery goose bumps unrest vexation cold sweat torment discomposure disturbance stress collywobbles edginess abdabs trepidity blue funk cold feet jumps botheration malaise trembling upset woe tenseness funk strain discomfort yips mistrustfulness awe dubiety jim-jams reservation torture misgivings suspense gremlin a blue funk forebodingness doubtfulness watchfulness flap fuss misdoubt downer shivers drag fidgets screaming abdabs suffering scruple nail-biting Joe Blakes ants in pants fear and trembling qualm pins and needles all-overs suspiciousness jumpiness nerviness burden turmoil fidgetiness habdabs ailment storm disquietedness bother sorrow blues agony Weltschmerz depression palpitation emotion excitement needles sense of foreboding turbulence disconcertment a cold sweat quaking shuddering screaming habdabs heartache irritation affright flinching seizure shiver heart attack annoyance perplexity mid-life crisis aversion phobia nag distrust stage fright sudden fear timidity wariness reluctance scepticism query distrustfulness dubitation incertitude skepticism qualms tremors cravenness demur regret circumspection remorse disinclination hesitance hesitancy caution wonder dubiosity caginess chariness twinge compunction second thought repentance remonstrance contrition indecision pang objection insecurity conscience shame butterflies in one's stomach confusion ferment fluster excitability antsiness hassle restiveness difficulty instability embarrassment grief insomnia movement activity bustle hurry discomfiture transience fitfulness inconstancy worriedness unsettledness ants impatience tizzy awkwardness affliction disconcertion chagrin unquietness trial fermentation distraction tribulation hardship pain abashment pressure problem commotion disruption sadness surprise niggle stimulation diffidence disbelief inconvenience anger flusteredness mortification disappointment frustration lack of faith lack of confidence Sturm und Drang unbelief solicitousness disorder dysphoria dyspathy hysteria misfortune problems nervous tension trauma queasiness tumult disorientation bewilderment tremulousness touchiness harassment reservations discombobulation trembles delirium neurasthenia animation moodiness neuroticism quivers feverishness dithers sensitivity to-do humiliation cynicism defeat dilemma unpleasantness shudder headache questioning hindrance second thoughts bummer misbelief quandary question mark amazement unquiet constraint displeasure penitence discontent stupefaction astonishment hurry-scurry pangs doubts reconsideration regrets issue living day to day shaking fidgeting muddlement muddle adversity clamour upheaval flurry outcry question DTs lather arousal unhappiness travails travail ants in your pants loss of face incitement dissatisfaction disillusionment fit of nerves buck fever ill surviving getting by struggling mixing clamor rocking state discouragement disenchantment jump tremble fidget derangement tizz swivet mental stress mental strain conflict bad feeling emotional strain tizzy, tizz nervous excitement oppression responsibility dumps frenzy jam crush rush hurt grievance shake-up disarray trials and tribulations overextension distention heat intensity passion flutter urgency incredulity vacillation reversion letdown dislocation affront destruction burdens wavering irresolution expectancy albatross the blahs turn-up subversion beating ruin failure demurral dubiousness inhibition unsureness survival mode queries questions suspicions leeriness ambiguity demoralization rout overthrow undoing nonplus lack of certainty lack of conviction faltering lack of trust faithlessness umbrage issues descent demoralisation prenotion presage comedown conquest vanquishment defeasance strife task struggle disadvantage attention row pitfall consideration puzzle scrape heed hang-up aggravation nuisance interest carefulness irk irritant thorn bugbear unwieldiness downside peeve rub drawback unfitness pest exasperation aggro ruffle regard nuisance value uphill untimeliness unsuitableness unhandiness cumbersomeness heedfulness troublesomeness incommode stew hair shirt tiresomeness bothersomeness inopportuneness relevance bearing relation put out interestedness tender loving care

Danh từ

A large, dark cloud, usually a cumulonimbus, charged with electricity and producing thunder and lightning

Danh từ

The state of being mournful or in low spirits
mournfulness depression desolation despondence despondency dispiritedness melancholy despair disconsolateness disconsolation dolefulness grief heartache joylessness melancholia miserableness misery sadness sorrowfulness unhappiness woe anguish bitterness chagrin cheerlessness dejection demoralisation demoralization desperation discouragement disheartenment dismay distress doldrums dolor downheartedness dreariness forlornness glumness heartsickness hopelessness misgiving moodiness sorrow sullenness vexation bleakness catatonia desperateness despond disappointment dysphoria gloom gloominess malaise oppression pessimism saturninity somberness weariness woefulness wretchedness anhedonia blues defeatism dismalness dismals dourness dullness dumps funk heaviness mope mopes morbidity moroseness mourning pensiveness sulks blahs horror mubblefubbles mulligrubs low spirits low-spiritedness blue devils blue funk heavy-heartedness heavy heart the dismals the mopes the blues being bummed the hump blue Johnnies lugubriousness mirthlessness Weltschmerz negativity mopery slough of despond pain worry regret agony torment heartbreak broken-heartedness angst dejectedness heaviness of heart dolour infelicity rue grieving dissatisfaction listlessness upset suffering mortification torture lamentation anxiety affliction letdown discomfort abjectness lamenting the dumps ennui down discontent abjection tribulation disquiet bereavement uneasiness cynicism broken heart apathy mental suffering boredom tedium indifference tearfulness dysthymia trauma trial negative thinking downer ordeal megrim bummer displeasure lowness grievance discontentment dashed hopes qualm abasement low shock irritation heavyheartedness resignedness sorriness bewailing bemoaning hump weeping lack of enthusiasm travail straits emotional suffering seriousness lypemania devastation poignancy inertia discord agitation scruple downcastness unrest disquietude stress misfortune dolefuls wistfulness worriment turmoil strife stagnation stupor slump disinterest sluggishness lethargy torpor inactivity yawn lassitude resignation trouble embarrassment strain tumult mental pressure unwillingness world-weariness blackness lament blue cross distraction hurt remorse repentance discomfiture a low down trip excruciation burden hardship uncooperativeness contrariness antagonism negativeness martyrdom cold feet black mood the doldrums extreme upset loss of confidence lack of confidence concern harassment nervousness fear pang disillusionment disenchantment frustration disgruntlement megrims vapors vapours lugubriosity troubles disfavor indignation fatalism doubt distrust clinical depression disapproval disillusion resentment aggravation disfavour exasperation disaffection discontentedness distaste nihilism suspicion dyspepsia fretfulness dislike annoyance disrelish disgust unfulfilment anger endogenous depression reactive depression expecting the worst doom and gloom malcontentment discomposure malcontent disapprobation postnatal depression one's black dog ill-humor gloomy outlook dim view dark side lack of hope temper sulk expectation of worst grump looking on the black side grumps paddy foulie mood bate mard bad mood bout of moping fit of bad temper fit of pique bad temper fit of ill temper

Tính từ

Bodeful of bad or unfortunate consequences
baleful dire direful doomy ill ill-boding inauspicious menacing minatory ominous portentous sinister threatening dark forbidding unfavourable unpropitious unfavorable gloomy unlucky bodeful unpromising black minacious grim dangerous ill-fated apocalyptic ill-omened fateful adverse evil baneful lowering alarming warning hostile unfortunate infelicitous impending intimidatory bad doomed disadvantageous ugly glowering bleak brooding sinistrous worrying loury overhanging nasty discouraging premonitory disheartening wintry dismal disturbing creepy augural suggestive haunting prophetic untoward frightening intimidating heavy pessimistic malign unfriendly perilous inhospitable dreadful thunderous comminatory bullying wintery malefic doomful minatorial untimely terrorizing looming lowery portending near aggressive close scowling forthcoming impendent upcoming inopportune terrorising scary at hand glum morose uninviting moody troubled cautionary admonitory presaging clouded precursive prescient malificent fearful jinxed doubtful hopeless terrifying mean-looking fearsome imminent unsafe troubling unhealthy doom and gloom unhappy louring unwholesome ill-starred off-putting unhopeful cursed dubious approaching unchancy poor terrible disquieting unpleasant disagreeable wretched unsuited inconvenient eerie inapt unsuitable inappropriate unseasonable evil-looking malignant spooky eldritch ill-suited malevolent injurious momentous significant foreshadowing disastrous obnoxious suggestive of evil woeful harmful hurtful dishonest pernicious perverse deleterious poisonous blackhearted mischievous predictive prognosticatory important crucial phenomenal inspiring exciting intriguing remarkable fated destined thrilling exhilarating extraordinary apocalyptical grave catastrophic ruinous calamitous cataclysmic brewing revelational prognosticative oracular revelatory in the wind mortal fire-and-brimstone lethal fatal destructive awful horrible appalling frightful hellfire desperate shocking crying pressing critical unspeakable extreme cruel atrocious urgent distressing grievous harrowing serious outrageous drastic miserable horrendous dread spine-chilling redoubtable formidable hair-raising ghastly crippling horrifying godawful horrid irretrievable devastating lousy abysmal parlous chronic exigent oppressing lamentable deplorable fierce terrific heartbreaking regrettable afflictive

Tính từ

Deeply pessimistic
dark dismal pessimistic gloomy downbeat cynical bleak grim negative sombre despondent gloom-ridden depressing grave dreary hopeless morose cheerless fatalistic joyless defeatist drab melancholy glum lugubrious somber depressed despairing discouraging dejected demoralised demoralized desolate disheartening dispiriting funereal morbid troubled worrying dim harsh miserable mournful sullen bitter black doleful horrid oppressive alarmist austere distrustful doubting suspicious unfortunate unhappy chilly unenthusiastic Eeyorish cold comfortless depressive disconsolate drear dreich elegiac elegiacal godforsaken gray grey saturnine sepulchral solemn ominous forbidding wretched sad threatening dire darkening cloudy menacing sunless murky inauspicious sinister dreadful awful severe forlorn unfavorable unfavourable adverse tenebrific tenebrous lonesome chill Cimmerian lonely plutonian unpropitious uninviting downhearted anguished hard resigned angry dour fierce bearish distressing woeful terrible discouraged ferocious doubtful hostile inhospitable unpromising disadvantageous portentous clouded overcast misanthropic leaden heavy dingy worried pained louring stark stony God-awful promising rain looking on the dark side looking on the black side spineless given to looking on the black side mirthless uncomfortable sorrowing broken-hearted grieving sorrowful heartbroken grief-stricken mourning devastated down distressed inconsolable downcast grievous horrible crestfallen dolorous tough raging blue abject alarming woebegone atrocious stormy bad injurious perilous moody brooding harrowing exacting unwelcome hairy disagreeable exigent difficult low-spirited turbulent volatile malevolent baleful long-faced straitened objectionable strained unfriendly ill-omened treacherous ill-fated direful ill-boding hard-pressed lurid chilling disturbing shadowy parlous nightmarish unpleasant pressing discommodious precarious troublesome upsetting tortured harmful messy undesirable jeopardous apocalyptic dangerous rocky full of hardship very bad down in the dumps down in the mouth tumultuous sulky frowning scowling sore savage glowering stern fiery grumpy aggressive aggrieved indignant temperamental aggravated surly cantankerous crabby frightening intimidating enraged sour dull melancholic sorry pathetic heartbreaking heartrending dispirited saddening unwelcoming rueful piteous in the dumps teary tearful tragic bare low cast down spiritless clinical impersonal institutional spartan in low spirits dejecting lamentable drearisome lamenting bland dirgelike draggy mopey poor trying afflicted wintry jarring wintery pitiable onerous taxing rough pitiful humourless humorless moping down-and-out heavy-hearted vexatious in a blue funk serious problematic tricky poignant sober plaintive excruciating dirge-like tight squalid disappointing nostalgic awkward sticky traumatic sordid distressful thorny prickly delicate shameful in the pits colorless painful taciturn dragged execrable deplorable inferior lousy moving foul appalling hazardous arduous bothersome challenging irksome critical knotty indigent scurvy scungy impoverished displeasing detestable rotten horrific gut-wrenching problematical ticklish chancy worrisome concerning dodgy iffy punishing lacklustre deep lackluster hurting acheronian dubious suspect questionable colourless boring monotonous lifeless heart-rending unexciting blah uninteresting uninspiring macabre humdrum desperate unlikely unencouraging uncaring ruined abandoned deserted maudlin solitary chap-fallen unimpassioned exequial deathlike funebrial waste threnodic threnodial unmoved touching disconcerting tragical unoptimistic deathly Stygian obscure hollow bereft unhopeful unnerving disquieting discomforting sunk in gloom crabbed chapfallen oppressed weary mopish broody ugly unsmiling bad-tempered uncommunicative intolerable horrendous acherontic upset crushed lorn phlegmatic ill-tempered unresponsive regrettable companionless ghastly gruesome afflictive demoralizing demoralising in the doldrums cut up blue funk having the blahs having blue devils shocking crushing dolesome heart-breaking singing the blues agonizing discomposing agonising lachrymose derisible frightful plangent horrifying mortifying pensive heart-wrenching tear-jerking despicable contemptible disgraceful vile trashy shoddy filthy destitute derisory rigorous rugged sensitive controversial poverty-stricken cruel brutal burdensome hardhanded inhuman saddened heartsick brokenhearted droopy heavyhearted stiff searing heartsore wistful dysphoric crummy hangdog destroyed tristful weeping bleeding ripped in pain cast-down bummed out down and out fed up torn up on a downer taken down low-down let down in the toilet

Tính từ

Highly disturbing in nature
troublous upsetting distressing disturbing troublesome disquieting perturbing unsettling troubling worrisome discomforting discomposing nagging worrying bothersome nasty trying annoying irksome irritating aggravating unpleasant vexing provoking harassing difficult dismaying discouraging wearisome alarming tiresome inconvenient painful distressful burdensome disconcerting disagreeable frightening startling discommoding severe agitating ominous depressing gloomy onerous sinister perplexing creepy hard laborious pessimistic toilsome consequential disruptive impeding intrusive threatening embarrassing prophetic uncertain grim daunting shocking ghastly horrible menacing forbidding unnerving dreadful horrifying terrifying frightful horrendous terrible dire nerve-racking hostile displeasing harrowing inhospitable ugly intimidating fearsome appalling off-putting direful bleak dangerous dismal hair-raising tough unfriendly uninviting dour disheartening offensive odious repellent abhorrent glowering repulsive disappointing horrific fraught hairy awful redoubtable unfavorable unfavourable scary macabre nail-biting nerve-wracking chilling brooding austere fearful unwelcoming bad unpalatable dread spooky bodeful distasteful loathsome spine-chilling formidable inauspicious mean-looking baleful ferocious gut-wrenching dark tormenting confronting hurtful restless nervous anxious tense uneasy unapproachable concerning discomfiting imposing devastating awesome petrifying harsh overpowering rough awe-inspiring all-powerful adverse disadvantageous uncomfortable fierce rugged negative stark jarring untoward unhospitable dispiriting unfortunate melancholic unlucky testing unwelcome unhappy parlous regrettable sad glum mephitical agonising hellish irritable unpropitious unkind sombre dreary repellant woeful melancholy bewildering depressive agonizing revulsive bitter frustrating unamusing poignant hopeless uncongenial unpleasing distressed tragic sullen galling morose repugnant somber troubled cheerless unpromising evil-looking horrid suggestive of evil life-threatening perilous gruesome demoralizing monstrous grotesque abominable unspeakable disgusting atrocious unsightly vile sickening grisly objectionable hideous lurid nauseating foul nauseous demoralising hateful vexatious awkward niggling traumatic harrying taxing pestilential exasperating maddening tricky thorny problematic grave infuriating pesky pestiferous pestilent plaguy antagonizing rankling infernal grating riling antagonising chafing nettlesome peeving abrasive anxious-making rebarbative carking nettling pesty plaguey confounded wretched mean cussed nightmarish prickly sticky revolting tedious teasing execrable miserable detestable enraging deplorable wearing hellacious wicked enough to try the patience of a saint enough to drive you up the wall confusing scaring boring demanding stressful rotten torturous surprising poor doleful lousy gnawing affecting bedevilling stunning astonishing amazing staggering bothering lamentable challenging stupefying pathetic tragical cruel distracting afflicting punchable excruciating grievous heartbreaking saddening obnoxious gross heinous bloodcurdling abysmal bedeviling sorrowful godawful heart-rending heartrending causing fear pitiless vicious ruthless savage oppressed impoverished brutal merciless eerie flustering baffling poverty-stricken apprehensive scandalous outrageous damnable disgraceful eldritch blood-curdling spine-tingling distractive disrupting diverting diversionary irking accursed fiendish infamous pernicious fell devilish obscene extraordinary unexpected puzzling knotty heartstopping rancid grewsome overwhelming evil noisome fulsome noxious terrific nightmare unforeseen jaw-dropping incommodious arduous oppressive glaring cursed festering antipathetic moving touching sudden jolting astounding dumbfounding flabbergasting dumfounding eye-opening blindsiding remarkable dramatic from hell importunate unsatisfying unattractive impossible intractable undisciplined murder heavy uphill rowdy infestive ungovernable damaging repressive messy disorderly piteous pitiful humourless crummy humorless unbearable sober unsavory mortifying solemn pitiable unsatisfactory icky stinking unacceptable sedate undesirable diabolical unendurable stirring emotional impactful intense tearful impressive mournful uncool yukky grotty grody sour unappealing yucky afflictive unsavoury anguished beastly unlovely plaintive tear-jerking sentimental tender passionate expressive nostalgic heart-breaking extremely bad

Tính từ

Anticipating something with anxiety or fear
apprehensive hesitant afraid alarmed anxious concerned fearful nervous uneasy worried agitated edgy jittery restless uptight antsy disquieted doubtful fidgety frightened jumpy mistrustful neurotic panicky scared strained stressed stressy suspicious tense terrified trepidatious troubled twitchy shaky stiff uncertain weak frozen angst-ridden on edge having butterflies on tenterhooks hung up in a dither lily-livered worried sick in a sweat running scared in a cold sweat having a funny feeling having cold feet having stage fright biting nails nervy perturbed upset disturbed ill at ease insecure unquiet wired overwrought fretful keyed up timorous unsettled distressed dithery bothered het up aflutter queazy queasy discomposed timid worked up unnerved atwitter spooked in a tizzy hinky goosey dismayed restive overstrung strung out toey hysterical strung up on pins and needles uncomfortable shy windy shaken in a state trembling spooky like a cat on a hot tin roof cowardly ruffled squirrelly skittish in a stew in a flap in a tizz excited spineless intimidated disconcerted rattled flustered daunted in a state of agitation all of a dither all of a lather shocked high-strung self-conscious pusillanimous in a state of nerves hyper in a twitter shrinking petrified wrought up in a twit distraught vexed like a cat on hot bricks quaking gutless annoyed startled scared stiff highly strung yellow excitable flurried weak-kneed diffident having kittens aghast bricking oneself all of a doodah faint-hearted retiring in suspense mousy adrenalized angsty craven embarrassed scared to death unrestful frantic unrelaxed a bundle of nerves tremulous discomfited horrified cowed fainthearted chicken shook up soft wound up fazed febrile affrighted discombobulated confused impatient panic-stricken wimpy fearsome beside oneself awkward irritable spiritless fraught sensitive scary shaking recreant unsure unglued cowering wet irresolute unconfident terrorized horror-struck tormented taut feart wimpish yellow-bellied perplexed terror-stricken thrown irked terrorised choked like a fish out of water easily frightened with one's heart in one's mouth brittle mousey out of place unheroic pigeon-hearted chicken-livered in a panic meek irrational creepy hot and bothered chickenhearted bashful hysteric nerve-racking nail-biting sissy quivering browbeaten feeble flighty under stress solicitous unmanly anguished poor-spirited stressed out unassured chicken-hearted funky afeared frit discountenanced in a funk waiting for the axe to fall muddled irritated in a blue funk waiting with bated breath overanxious inconvenienced shaking in one's shoes nervous wreck frenzied bundle of nerves careful distracted have cold feet shivery fluttery emotional fretting dastardly distressing provoked poltroon fevered inhibited unsettling unnerving disturbing hairy disquieting distressful agitating nerve-wracking nerveless milk-livered boneless discouraged lacking courage white-knuckled hurt unassertive scared witless irascible pigeonhearted in turmoil grieved tentative introverted angstful bullied unstable wavering terror-struck frightened out of one's wits agog withdrawn sad horror-stricken scared out of one's wits aroused bugged submissive peevish unhappy saddened touchy overwhelmed overawed harassed clutched abashed candy-assed turbulent beset riled a wreck shaking like a leaf stunned worrisome fractious tortured plagued hassled passive unsteady self-doubting shot to pieces disappointed lacking confidence unpeaceful gutted phobic not self-assured lacking self-confidence angry angered worried stiff up the wall blue with one's stomach in knots in awe with butterflies in one's stomach put out broken up cut up ascared frightened to death fussy disorientated hectic faltering unnatural gauche weak-willed desperate flushed intense blushing under pressure aquiver disoriented bewildered panicked half-hearted easily scared weakling unreluctant under a strain strange lost frisky distrustful overactive hot under the collar hyped-up heated wrought-up overexcited afire atingle hyperexcited frazzled reserved fidgeting fitful pressured blanched disheartened disorderly overcome exercised coy wreck moving moved shot stressful feeling anxious unbalanced palpitant wrung jerky sheepish goose-bumpy rabbity quivery discomforted zipped up hot juiced up galled chafed white knuckled anxiously waiting nervously awaiting fearfully anticipating apprehensively expecting trying disillusioned deterred reluctant tetchy squirmy wiggly wriggly nerves on edge eagerly skittery self-effacing all nerves afflicted asea spasmodic itchy unforthcoming offended fretted run scared difficult tricky overemotional lacking in confidence lacking assurance not confident testy crotchety prickly all agog avid open-mouthed fixated obsessed paranoid exacerbated puzzled displeased chagrined aggravated pained mortified pestered harried harrowed miffed low traumatized traumatised abject cringey unruly short-tempered crabbed hot-tempered captious snappy temperamental chippy bad-tempered querulous quick-tempered ignoble milksoppish on the qui vive dispirited demoralized downcast in fear and trepidation numb with fear recalcitrant ill-tempered verklempt come apart psyched out unzipped bummed out wounded at sixes and sevens in disorder all torn up amazed tied up in knots butterflies in stomach biting one's nails lacking social skills tongue-tied white-livered sookie emotionally charged histrionic with bated breath restlessly moving oversensitive moody critical refractory Milquetoast capricious vacillating gentle cringing dishonourable dishonorable vague Delphic questioning unpoised sissified caitiff base perverse ornery obstinate stubborn unyielding pathetic easily agitated watchful impotent falling apart dreading cowhearted backward worthless limp-wristed squeamish demoralised put off champing at the bit characterless touch and go up in the air hanging by thread on thin ice in a spin a basket case sweating bullets in a flat spin paper tiger no guts having the willies having butterflies in the stomach apprehensive about intimidated by alarmed at in a fluster strict conventional cautious old-fashioned on the defensive sorrowful heartbroken mournful depressed inconsolable disconsolate miserable dejected despondent doleful down heartsick heavyhearted cheerless woebegone forlorn downhearted grief-stricken despairing brokenhearted melancholy crestfallen joyless beleaguered glum gloomy desolate heartsore down in the mouth down in the dumps tearful wretched broken-hearted low-spirited woeful nonplussed cast down sorry droopy devastated melancholic hangdog morose grieving flummoxed bereaved fuddled sullen in pain dismal broken mystified dolorous at sea hurting bemused befuddled heavy-hearted regretful confounded hard-pressed sombre somber agonized floored baffled stumped rueful preoccupied aggrieved taken aback agonised in the dumps bad dumbfounded affected hounded crushed sorrowing bamboozled teary oppressed bedevilled tristful bedeviled down-hearted bushed mazed wildered stupefied thrown off balance at a loss addled injured shook persecuted distrait careworn dazed astounded haunted astonished wistful hag-ridden clueless weepy dragged suffering sleepless mixed-up lugubrious shot down shaken up in grief in doldrums maladjusted raving in tears dreary put upon insane crazed crazy foxed beaten pessimistic solemn under the cosh up against it destroyed out of sorts bowed down peeved wrecked listless fed up tossing and turning flapping unhinged wakeful intermittent insomniac absent-minded engrossed bitter messed up mourning weeping long-faced violent weighed down surprised frayed unsleeping stricken mad insomnolent hurried funereal chapfallen all of a flutter grim heavy with grief overcome with sorrow bleak shattered hunted down-in-the-mouth black befogged shell-shocked fogged hard put active pensive racked with suffering worn out down in dumps sick at heart dull ruthful uncomprehending at the end of one's tether gray grey mixed up down and out languorous triste saturnine languid comfortless singing the blues sulky in shock twittering overloaded burdened badgered ripped undone indecisive burned sore contused dithering unconsolable basket case damaged swithering scunnered narked exasperated lamenting remorseful caught up impaired frustrated constrained stilted anxiety-ridden ground down pining inflamed nonplused feverish hyperactive grievous haggard besieged downtrodden stirred up emotionally unstable emotionally unbalanced worn down emotionally damaged emotionally injured depressive hopeless heavy luckless teed off put out of countenance dumbstruck in a lather discontented painful downbeat blank in a bad way in the pits elegiacal crummy cast-down elegiac emotionally defeated ailing racked grumpy lachrymose pressurized defeatist staggered flabbergasted mirthless rebellious alienated changeable roving bustling transient wandering inconstant footloose nomadic in despair in low spirits rushed piteous on a downer bleeding wild sunk as sick as a parrot brooding mopey sick as a parrot awake pressurised dolent in sorrow heartrending full of sorrow in mourning tear-jerking affecting troubling hapless morbid down in mouth bowled over blown away speechless let-down not happy delirious worked-up alert undermined reproachful besotted had their heads messed with unscrewed deranged swivel-eyed nuts at the end of one's rope with one's back up against the wall vigilant with one's back to the wall disgruntled stung piqued languished negative dysphoric crabby beside yourself dysfunctional disordered got caused to be at a stand made to scratch their head beat graveled buffaloed thrown off gravelled confusticated abstracted without sleep wide-awake attentive wide awake out of one's mind at the end of your tether like a chicken with its head cut off very upset out of your mind absent diverted at wit's end discontinuous disconnected interrupted inattentive visited by preyed upon distant absorbed faraway shook-up emotionally scarred emotionally disturbed erratic incomplete fragmentary heaving struck hit possessed psyched-out sorry for oneself chap-fallen not best pleased absentminded gripped cut to the quick bumpy messed-up consumed caught off balance out of countenance in botheration dolesome emotionally confused screwed up ill-adjusted dominated controlled miles away dreamy sidetracked unfocused wailing aching bewailing bemoaning cursed seized jouncy raging choppy disrupted sporadic dogged overpowered surrounded smitten devoured held bewitched rolly rough punchy dopey pixillated silly spaced spacey zonked-out muddleheaded spaced-out punch-drunk dopy addle pixilated muzzy addlepated raddled zonked slaphappy dizzy spacy not with it fiendish racked with pain storm-tossed deeply affected driven to distraction harmed fuzzy taken over under a spell in the grip of herky-jerky struck down laid low

Động từ

Present participle for to predict a future event
promising auguring indicating portending betokening foreshadowing foretelling forewarning predicting presaging foretokening prognosticating foreshowing prophesying warning of announcing boding forecasting heralding meaning signifying divining foreseeing harbingering omening prefiguring premonishing spelling vaticinating bidding fair pointing to adding up to signaling signalling adumbrating calling soothsaying reading anticipating threatening auspicating spaeing prevising envisaging denoting having a hunch envisioning foreknowing forerunning suggesting psyching out seeing coming expecting bespeaking seeing apprehending forboding implying calling it projecting doping out hinting perceiving saying visualizing visualising figuring amounting to proclaiming giving a warning of figuring out telegraphing previsioning discerning forefeeling espying sensing feeling understanding tipping conjecturing speculating estimating warning calculating imagining croaking guessing revealing gaging gathering determining supposing reckoning surmising thinking likely forespelling presuming judging reasoning concluding hinting at gauging crystal balling it seeing it coming giving notice of hazarding a guess seeing in the cards making book purporting stopping offering messaging backing shadowing forewarning of napping intuiting sanctioning thinking of telling of calling the shots declaring arrival pronouncing having a feeling indicating the coming of giving warning of preceding telling doping declaring disclosing divulging seeing something coming calling the shot marking designating manifesting ushering in identifying flagging ballyhooing showing in showing touting hypothesizing ascertaining calling the turn fancying theorizing deducing believing paving the way for coming before paving the way opening the way for postulating considering positing daresaying trusting deeming suspecting presupposing contemplating thinking assuming entertaining looking planning premising picturing predetermining foretasting hypothesising theorising inferring halsening forespeaking bargaining on coming to the conclusion taking for granted having sneaking suspicion banking on waiting for preparing for drawing the inference counting upon watching for counting on hoping for allowing for having a hunch of counting chickens looking for pre-empting reckoning on bargaining for figuring on contemplating the possibility of planning on getting the idea taking it as given regarding as likely taking it thinking it likely insinuating sizing up seeing handwriting on wall planning for telling in advance looking like seeming likely leading you to expect showing all the signs bringing hope holding out hopes of giving an indication of giving hope of giving good grounds for expecting leading to expect giving hope holding probability holding a probability of showing signs of leading one to expect holding out hope giving every indication of seeing future conceiving extrapolating demonstrating recognizing detecting deriving deciding psyching it out gleaning discovering recognising working out visioning prophecying intending proposing modelling modeling awaiting casting providing allowing taking seeing the future having in prospect looking forward to conceiving of looking ahead to charting purposing viewing seeing in one's mind's eye contriving accepting aiming for reckoning with depending on making allowance for making provision for taking into account diagramming delineating imaging featuring diagraming learning conceding philosophizing rationalising hearing stumbling on contextualizing taking something on board feeling for seeing through rationalizing differentiating contextualising philosophising construing seeing the light counting hearing tell computing noticing valuating inducing generalizing generalising making out seeing ahead drawing a conclusion making an educated guess drawing conclusions hazarding approximating savvying esteeming venturing grasping fathoming opining cognizing predicating getting appreciating tumbling to comprehending realizing twigging sussing smelling evaluating realising placing guesstimating picking taking a stab taking a stab at latching on to forming an opinion of making a guess at dare-saying cooking up taking a shot at getting the picture making an estimate of going out on a limb picking out dreaming up daring say having a sneaking suspicion of cottoning on to catching on to taking a shot jumping to a conclusion nosing sniffing whiffing snuffing tasting scenting becoming conscious of getting wind of picking up becoming aware of sniffing out nosing out

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