Đồng nghĩa của het up

Tính từ

Showing or feeling insecurity or uncertainty
anxious nervous worried tense uneasy edgy jittery jumpy uptight troubled upset nervy perturbed antsy agitated unquiet aflutter insecure dithery queasy queazy hinky goosey atwitter excited on edge ill at ease keyed up hung up in a state wound up all of a flutter apprehensive twitchy restless fidgety in a tizzy overwrought on pins and needles worked up wired on tenterhooks disturbed stressed overstrung unsettled strung up in a flap fearful fretful windy toey strung out in a tizz in a stew all of a dither stressy frightened bothered in a state of agitation spooky squirrelly hyper in a twitter distressed all of a lather strained scared concerned in a state of nerves in a sweat wrought up having kittens in a twit flustered like a cat on a hot tin roof disquieted discomposed all of a doodah distraught disconcerted shaky restive alarmed afraid flurried ruffled hysterical uncomfortable dismayed unnerved adrenalized high-strung neurotic highly strung panicky bricking oneself shaken beside oneself uncertain like a cat on hot bricks in suspense distracted worried sick trembling frantic shaking excitable in a dither discombobulated hot and bothered spooked in a cold sweat rattled a bundle of nerves unsure vexed shook up unglued hesitant unrelaxed frenzied febrile desperate self-conscious hectic skittish annoyed fraught quaking heated fevered in a panic sensitive unstable touchy stressed out choked confused harassed tormented irked bundle of nerves anguished under stress waiting with bated breath shy overexcited shocked terrified inhibited retiring embarrassed overactive wrought-up emotional shrinking discomfited hot under the collar doubtful fazed quivering provoked white-knuckled irresolute feverish timorous irritable suspicious furious under a strain irascible fretting unrestful discountenanced brittle crazy impatient peevish overanxious clutched waiting for the axe to fall swivel-eyed with one's stomach in knots angry having butterflies in the stomach put out angstful beset shot to pieces flipped out nervous wreck inconvenienced unzipped tortured bugged angsty riled beside yourself perplexed in a flat spin a wreck at the end of your tether solicitous with your heart in your mouth worried stiff like a fish out of water muddled hassled irritated plagued in a pother in a tiz-woz twittering trepidatious indecisive tentative dithering wavering vacillating swithering shaking in one's shoes under pressure caught up creepy frisky anxiously waiting nervously awaiting fearfully anticipating apprehensively expecting awkward nerve-racking nerves on edge stressful nail-biting feeling anxious in turmoil palpitant all nerves wrung on the qui vive pressured careful withdrawn strict on the defensive conventional old-fashioned cautious out of place bashful faltering unnatural gauche unconfident wreck moving moved fluttery shot blushing in a spin shivery aghast a basket case dreading taut watchful sweating bullets diffident up the wall white knuckled tetchy timid hurt self-doubting unassertive self-effacing distrustful testy crotchety prickly short-tempered crabbed hot-tempered captious snappy temperamental chippy bad-tempered querulous quick-tempered grieved meek lacking confidence unforthcoming ill-tempered gutted sad not self-assured lacking self-confidence introverted passive oversensitive moody critical wild verklempt come apart blue offended psyched out unhappy bummed out thrown wounded angered broken up disappointed cut up at sixes and sevens in disorder saddened all torn up low amazed fretted hyperactive mad mousy frenetic tooshie fierce afflicted asea rabid crazed vague touch and go up in the air Delphic unassured hanging by thread on thin ice questioning unpoised freaked-out steamed up overwhelmed wound-up throwing a wobbly high keyed-up affected fired-up hot-and-bothered hot under collar stirred weary strung-out worn all shook up worked-up unstrung tired out of your mind spent delirious maniacal exacerbated puzzled displeased chagrined aggravated pained mortified pestered harried harrowed miffed raving active hurried transient unsteady tossing and turning turbulent unruly wandering intermittent changeable fidgeting itchy inconstant unpeaceful footloose spasmodic roving sleepless fitful nomadic bustling uncontrolled deranged ferocious insane demented berserk violent unhinged weirded out freaked out weird panic-struck spazzed out last-minute raging zonkers wigged out panic-stricken out of control corybantic at wits' end distrait hysteric berko unscrewed frazzled animated inflamed enraged roused flushed startled intense aquiver daunted unreluctant irrational flighty hyped-up afire atingle hyperexcited zipped up hot juiced up sorrowful heartbroken depressed mournful inconsolable disconsolate dejected miserable despondent doleful down heartsick heavyhearted cheerless downcast woebegone forlorn downhearted despairing brokenhearted melancholy crestfallen beleaguered joyless grief-stricken glum gloomy dispirited desolate heartsore down in the mouth down in the dumps tearful wretched broken-hearted low-spirited woeful traumatized bewildered cast down disheartened sorry droopy nonplussed melancholic hard-pressed hangdog traumatised morose grieving flummoxed bereaved fuddled discouraged sullen in pain dismal broken mystified devastated dolorous at sea hurting bemused befuddled heavy-hearted confounded demoralized angst-ridden stunned sombre somber agonized floored baffled stumped rueful preoccupied aggrieved taken aback demoralised regretful agonised in the dumps bad dumbfounded hounded crushed under the cosh up against it horrified bamboozled teary disoriented bedevilled tristful bedeviled down-hearted sorrowing bushed mazed wildered stupefied thrown off balance at a loss injured shook persecuted unbalanced aroused careworn dazed astounded haunted astonished hag-ridden wistful clueless weepy dragged suffering mixed-up lugubrious shot down shaken up in grief in doldrums maladjusted in tears dreary put upon addled foxed beaten peeved pessimistic solemn destroyed out of sorts exercised bowed down spiritless wrecked listless fed up with your back to the wall singing the blues flapping difficult obsessed wakeful galled insomniac oppressed stiff affrighted terrorized absent-minded engrossed bitter horror-struck messed up mourning weeping browbeaten long-faced surprised frayed unsleeping stricken insomnolent overcome terrorised funereal chapfallen grim heavy with grief overcome with sorrow abashed bleak hunted in difficulties down-in-the-mouth black terror-stricken befogged shell-shocked fogged hard put pensive racked with suffering worn out down in dumps sick at heart lost dull frozen ruthful uncomprehending in a tight corner in a tight spot in a blue funk gray grey mixed up at the end of one's rope down and out languorous triste running scared with one's back up against the wall saturnine having cold feet languid comfortless sulky ripped badgered skittery unconsolable basket case burned sore contused exasperated disorderly overemotional damaged narked easily agitated easily frightened stilted lamenting remorseful histrionic scunnered impaired frustrated disorientated anxiety-ridden ground down shattered reserved pining scary nonplused grievous haggard besieged downtrodden chafed stirred up emotionally unstable emotionally unbalanced worn down emotionally damaged emotionally injured depressive panicked falling apart biting one's nails discomforted hopeless heavy luckless put out of countenance strange dumbstruck in a lather discontented painful downbeat blank in a bad way in the pits elegiacal crummy cast-down elegiac emotionally defeated in shock foreboding mistrustful ailing racked grumpy lachrymose tied up in knots pressurized defeatist teed off staggered flabbergasted weak mirthless rebellious alienated in despair in low spirits rushed piteous on a downer bleeding weighed down sunk as sick as a parrot brooding mopey sick as a parrot awake pressurised dolent in sorrow heartrending full of sorrow in mourning tear-jerking affecting troubling lily-livered biting nails having a funny feeling having stage fright tongue-tied lacking social skills bowled over blown away speechless hapless morbid down in mouth let-down not happy alert undermined reproachful besotted had their heads messed with vigilant disgruntled stung piqued dysfunctional disordered got caused to be at a stand made to scratch their head beat graveled buffaloed thrown off gravelled confusticated abstracted without sleep wide-awake attentive wide awake languished having blue devils negative dysphoric having the blahs crabby absent diverted at wit's end intimidated petrified discontinuous disconnected interrupted inattentive visited by preyed upon abject cowardly distant absorbed faraway shook-up emotionally scarred emotionally disturbed erratic incomplete fragmentary cowering heaving struck hit cowed pusillanimous possessed psyched-out chap-fallen sorry for yourself chicken afeared not best pleased absentminded yellow feart frit gripped cut to the quick distressing bumpy messed-up in awe alarmed at in a funk shaking like a leaf scared stiff faint-hearted scared witless terror-struck apprehensive about scared to death intimidated by scared out of your wits in a fluster horror-stricken frightened out of your wits consumed caught off balance out of countenance in botheration dolesome emotionally confused screwed up ill-adjusted dominated controlled miles away dreamy sidetracked unfocused unnerving disturbing hairy distressful agitating unsettling disquieting worrisome nerve-wracking wailing aching bewailing bemoaning cursed seized jerky jouncy choppy disrupted sporadic dogged overpowered surrounded pushed smitten devoured held paranoid bewitched trying rolly rough punchy dopey pixillated silly spaced spacey zonked-out muddleheaded spaced-out punch-drunk dopy addle pixilated muzzy addlepated raddled zonked slaphappy dizzy spacy not with it fiendish busy tricky time-poor overloaded overburdened overtaxed overworked racked with pain storm-tossed deeply affected driven to distraction harmed fuzzy emotionally charged taken over under a spell in the grip of pressed struggling herky-jerky struck down laid low in dire straits hard at it between a rock and a hard place

Tính từ

Very upset
irate burning indignant hot and bothered hot under the collar angry infuriated in a temper enraged incensed mad annoyed furious cross riled miffed peeved fed up aggrieved put out hacked off aggravated irritated cheesed off narked teed off ticked off ratty peed off shirty brassed off sore upset ireful worked up steaming anxious crook burning with excitement flustered snaky excited boiling bent out of shape livid wrathful choleric steamed up angered fuming outraged apoplectic fit to be tied in a huff hopping mad rabid inflamed rankled ballistic ticked roiled wroth foaming enflamed riley hot infuriate hopping horn-mad foaming at the mouth exasperated in a pet in a fume going crook blue in the face vexed piqued seething up in arms irked raging tooshie in high dudgeon beside oneself displeased resentful on the warpath huffy maddened browned off nettled wild provoked incandescent disgruntled testy ropeable choked in a frenzy in a lather off the air as cross as two sticks beside yourself galled frenzied steamed vex soreheaded aerated eggy not best pleased irritable frustrated very angry ranting ill-humoured raving in a bad mood ill-humored bothered miffy hot-tempered ill-tempered snuffy bad-tempered agitated discontented troubled grumpy offended surly perturbed ruffled snappy impatient irascible grouchy touchy seeing red in a paddy short-tempered wound up in a bate crabby wrath waxy dissatisfied petulant affronted peevish antagonized tetchy frantic disturbed scunnered cranky splenetic spare hoha out of humour out of sorts with all guns blazing heated passionate antagonised prickly stroppy quick-tempered burned up sullen churlish bitter sulky harassed fractious snappish crotchety cantankerous waspish filthy querulous unhappy uptight crabbed hurt captious fiery in a rage snippy snarky snippety out of humor perverse narky bummed out hacked hostile chippy gnashing one's teeth boiling mad dyspeptic crusty insane pettish raging mad raspy stuffy distressed disgusted disagreeable harried sour dirty unglued chafed storming desperate grousing thin-skinned mardy iracund violent demented all steamed up crazed up the wall overcome with anger fierce fretful ill-natured liverish maniac ornery iracundulous bent unreasonable bugged feisty caviling bilious acrimonious smoking peppery scandalized shocked bristly edgy pushed too far out of temper bearish corybantic griping at boiling point at daggers drawn short blown a gasket cavilling antagonistic scandalised dark irrational curmudgeonly hasty roused in a filthy temper critical beside yourself with rage cray-cray berserk p.o.'d chagrined pained scornful as black as thunder black flaming snitty hassled worried vehement vicious frenetic in a towering rage rage dogged at end of one's rope rousted rubbed the wrong way buffaloed crackers crazy jumpy faultfinding airborne air-to-air flying ballistical surface-to-air radge ferocious scalding steamy piping confused fretted impassioned tormented afflicted perplexed overexcited out of countenance hateful insulted slighted dishonored humiliated malcontent overheated umbrageous dishonoured good and mad mad as hell disaffected waspy shrewish gloomy huffish acrid trying having got out of bed on the wrong side brusque dour nasty-tempered uncooperative acid misanthropic mumpish cynical growling snarling contrary peckish hotheaded pouty oversensitive sensitive tough temperamental whiny brooding tart obstinate sharp nasty morose quarrelsome in a mood difficult sorehead saturnine tense blunt cussed hypercritical glum whining curt fault-finding on edge miserable cross-grained carping moody unsociable pouting argumentative awkward like a bear with a sore head on a short fuse gruff complaining malicious venomous fretting vinegary volatile contentious grumbling truculent whingeing childish foul-tempered out-of-sorts fussy harsh malignant disputatious hot-blooded vindictive crybaby ugly whingy having got out of bed the wrong side pertinacious spiteful obstreperous short-fused ungracious chuffy easily offended mean scratchy ready to be tied disappointed discontent malcontented crabbing bellyaching uncontent bad tempered kvetching kicking out of joint ungratified raving mad full-on all-out uncompromising energetic extremely angry manic breakneck concerted

Tính từ

Irritable, bad-tempered, grumpy or peevish
fretful complaining cross irritable edgy fractious petulant touchy uneasy distraught miserable overwrought querulous testy uncomfortable worried anxious captious crabbed crotchety fidgety peevish restive stressed tense tetchy bad-tempered grumpy ill-natured irascible short-tempered unhappy agitated crabby cranky distressed grumbling ill at ease ill-tempered out of sorts ratty splenetic unsettled upset uptight whining worked up wrought up carping cavilling caviling contrary critical faultfinding huffy mean nervous ornery overstrung perverse rattled restless snappish twitchy unquiet wreck on edge grouchy apprehensive cantankerous snappy jittery impatient pettish choleric sullen jumpy chippy prickly waspish surly nervy narky troubled liverish perturbed soreheaded ill-humoured antsy disagreeable ill-humored crusty disturbed sulky peppery eggy miffy moody fiery dyspeptic peckish quick-tempered scratchy snaky wired churlish sour insecure disquieted stressy bothered curmudgeonly snippy bilious snarky keyed up stroppy snippety stuffy raspy whingy concerned bitter shirty discomposed angry strung out in a bad mood whingeing toey queazy sorehead spooky on tenterhooks on pins and needles shaky dithery queasy exasperated fearful in a state in a tizzy morose afraid squirrelly like a bear with a sore head resentful alarmed windy shaken strung up in a stew annoyed aflutter in a tizz goosey atwitter hinky vexed waxy frightened mardy discontented scared hung up unrestful hot-tempered thin-skinned spooked in a flap in a state of agitation like a cat on a hot tin roof strained all of a dither out of humor disgruntled all of a lather worried sick displeased in a sweat acrimonious in a state of nerves spiteful in a twitter fretting like a cat on hot bricks in a twit flustered disconcerted unnerved flurried quarrelsome out of temper ruffled dissatisfied cynical in a dither difficult volatile nasty dismayed on a short fuse tart shrewish having kittens awkward waspy all of a doodah obstinate mumpish hyper in suspense high-strung a bundle of nerves unsteady shook up out of humour fault-finding in a mood angsty as cross as two sticks harsh glum temperamental unglued malcontent fazed piqued peeved fed up pouty whiny tough timorous irritated unsociable unrelaxed pouting fussy scrappy trying bricking oneself acrid trembling excited sharp gloomy grousing gruff bearish under stress irked griping sore acid dour turbulent tormented unruly trepidatious unpeaceful waiting with bated breath beside oneself cross-grained short-fused like a fish out of water having got out of bed the wrong side bundle of nerves taut having butterflies in the stomach with your heart in your mouth timid careful argumentative hostile shy feisty truculent arsey unfriendly huffish shivery frustrated fluttery confused thrown contentious disaffected snarly highly strung spasmodic creepy brusque misanthropic pertinacious shaking hysterical crybaby ungracious aggrieved plaintive discombobulated put out fraught discontent snarling envious salty white-knuckled curt ungratified disapproving quivering sensitive malicious venomous malignant vindictive oversensitive grudging panicky angstful solicitous self-conscious jaundiced bugged malcontented picky kvetching cheesed off growling saturnine blunt cussed childish chuffy stressed out ireful uncooperative riled clutched waiting for the axe to fall brooding brassed off recalcitrant aghast a wreck ugly tooshie browned off hot and bothered embarrassed anguished refractory short hacked off ticked off teed off discomfited fidgeting fitful shot to pieces wild foul-tempered out of joint irresolute itchy nervous wreck in a cold sweat in turmoil perplexed up the wall nasty-tempered out-of-sorts with one's stomach in knots having got out of bed on the wrong side hot under the collar shaking in one's shoes not best pleased in a funk embittered excitable skittish discountenanced neurotic flighty skittery brittle belligerent ticklish exercised under pressure violent bellicose antagonistic destructive bad wicked uncongenial vicious mousy atrabilious zowerswopped ungenerous disorderly inhospitable inimical fierce loudmouthed confrontational pugnacious adversarial under a strain distracted perversely irritable easily frightened easily agitated wavering frisky unbalanced abusive malevolent warlike threatening defiant combative militant jerky froward quaking pressured adrenalized stubborn unyielding disappointed hassled mopey irate indomitable uncompliant indocile squirmy wiggly wriggly offensive moving moved wound up shot overanxious choked galled unsatisfied unfulfilled bloody-minded beset champing at the bit bristly suspicious harassed palpitant all nerves wrung on the qui vive tortured plagued livid apoplectic anxiously waiting nervously awaiting fearfully anticipating apprehensively expecting hotheaded rancorous unkind mighty assaultive antipathetic agonistic discordant disorientated out of place hesitant white knuckled tied up in knots biting one's nails mad muddled hypercritical glowering mopish scowling steamed sharp-tongued angered iracund iracundulous disputatious steamed up crook vex ropeable worried stiff restlessly moving moping dark aloof hoha wroth passionate vinegary hasty filthy obstreperous regretful aerated disoriented bewildered objectionable in a paddy up in arms on the warpath foaming at the mouth in a bate hopping mad in a lather bent out of shape fit to be tied frowning withdrawn sourpussed sulking dismal depressed cheerless ennuied offended sniveling put-out unassuaged begrudging insatiable fed-up unappeased not satisfied unsated jealous strange lost unsure hot-blooded aggressive active hurried transient tossing and turning unstable wandering intermittent changeable inconstant footloose roving sleepless nomadic bustling snivelling easily offended in a huff down in the mouth having a fit of the sulks in the sulks in a strop nerve-racking unsettling unnerving disturbing hairy disquieting nail-biting distressful agitating distressing nerve-wracking chagrined terrified intimidated petrified blue murmuring cowardly censorious daunted frantic horrified sick and tired sick to death peed off startled cowering terrorized affrighted pusillanimous cowed chicken shocked afeared hysteric fed up to the teeth yellow feart frozen stunned frit terrorised worrisome grumbly moaning bemoaning whimpering wailing negative crying deploring lamenting in awe horror-struck in a blue funk alarmed at terror-stricken running scared apprehensive about scared to death intimidated by scared out of your wits shaking like a leaf panic-stricken in a fluster scared stiff horror-stricken having cold feet faint-hearted scared witless frightened out of your wits terror-struck with a chip on your shoulder fed up to the back teeth hard to please huffy irascible watchful dreading in a spin a basket case sweating bullets in a flat spin uncertain in a panic shrinking diffident retiring frenzied unconfident doubtful febrile sad weak afflicted lily-livered cut up saddened wretched inhibited irrational aroused bashful overexcited scary have cold feet spineless desperate harried obsessed stiff hectic angst-ridden sorrowful hurt heated overactive frazzled disconsolate distrustful grieved inconsolable emotional cautious meek harrowed weak-kneed inconvenienced heartbroken self-doubting grief-stricken questioning gutted feverish dolorous desolate bummed out fainthearted devastated pained mistrustful phobic appalled tremulous all torn up broken-hearted wounded unassured sorrowing beleaguered despairing sissy overwhelmed paranoid frightened to death wimpy pessimistic brokenhearted haunted affected miffed indecisive fevered dubious provoked wrecked unnatural wrought-up vague shook gauche blushing agog agonized wary despondent tentative unassertive manic introverted gutless traumatized aggravated basket case guarded sceptical dejected melancholy vacillating mousey craven hyperactive careworn doleful doubting skeptical fearsome shot down traumatised recreant grieving weeping mournful rueful pigeon-hearted lacking confidence fixated passive tensed preoccupied woeful dolesome not self-assured lacking self-confidence spiritless soft hounded demoralized all of a flutter aching bewailing suffering lacking courage wimpish unheroic yellow-bellied funky feeble abashed sheepish pigeonhearted chicken-hearted wet discouraged disheartened chickenhearted rabbity poor-spirited demoralised stilted oppressed agonised stupefied submissive weary bedevilled broken up high stressed-out not confident numb dazed dumbfounded in pain racked with suffering racked with pain bedeviled pushing the panic button at the end of your tether in doubt in a pother burdened in a tiz-woz twittering faltering dithering intense flushed swithering dragged ripped inflamed aquiver panicked overemotional caught up unreluctant stirred up flapping carried away unconsolable distrait reserved narked afire hyped-up atingle hyperexcited histrionic worrying asea blanched strict conventional stressful feeling anxious scunnered exacerbated puzzled mortified pestered eagerly compulsive obsessive overstretched discomforted mistrusting chary hyperexcitable juiced up zipped up hot hard-pressed avid all agog open-mouthed prim chafed nerves on edge sorry lamentable lugubrious funeral plangent foreboding falling apart unmanly goose-bumpy nerveless quivery butterflies jellyfish hag-ridden old-fashioned run scared with bated breath unhealthy abnormal on the defensive circumspect untrusting painful modest shamefaced in pieces pressurized pressurised fretted lacking in confidence lacking assurance approval-seeking maladjusted tongue-tied lacking social skills self-effacing mannered artificial ill-at-ease aw-shucks low very scared in fear and trepidation numb with fear abject boneless dastardly biting nails having a funny feeling having stage fright unforthcoming in a frenzy erratic deviant aberrant disordered verklempt unzipped white-livered poltroon sookie leery paralysed speechless paralyzed in disorder amazed easily upset fiddle-footed sissified milk-livered chicken-livered caitiff base candy-assed benumbed transfixed unsure of yourself out of countenance cringey psyched out come apart swivel-eyed cowhearted backward worthless hopeless wakeful Delphic immobilized immobilised unpoised shell-shocked put upon crazy keyed-up fired-up stirred unstrung freaked-out wound-up hot-and-bothered strung-out worn worked-up tired spent at sixes and sevens indeterminate unclear equivocal borderline unknown questionable ambiguous dubitable chancy inconclusive gentle Milquetoast capricious bullied browbeaten insomniac on guard all wound up visited by preyed upon throwing a wobbly beside yourself heavyhearted broken on the rack no guts having the willies paper tiger at wit's end under the cosh up against it flipped out out of your mind suicidal unsleeping awake bereaved down heartsick hurting rigid hot under collar all shook up insomnolent touch and go on thin ice hanging by thread forlorn downcast mourning crushed suspecting alert up in the air possessed persecuted flexed tight trustless vigilant gripped resigned consumed clouded possessive quizzical hard in despair defeatist without sleep wide-awake attentive wide awake dominated controlled melancholic strabilious bleak sunk no-win long-suffering woebegone cursed overcome seized wondering unbelieving solid firm tightened dogged overpowered surrounded heavy with grief overcome with sorrow weighed down can't win insane devoured held bewitched stretched in the pits not a prayer at end of one's rope down in the dumps in the soup in the dumps taken over under a spell fiendish in the grip of close snug tightly drawn inflexible extended having reservations in question

Động từ

Past tense for to fuse or melt two things into one, especially in order to extract metal from ore

Động từ

Past tense for to irritate or upset, typically with repeated or unpleasant acts
annoyed harassed aggravated antagonised antagonized bugged exasperated galled got gotten goaded irked irritated narked nettled peeved pestered riled ruffled vexed frustrated nagged upset angered bothered displeased disturbed hassled incensed infuriated maddened made angry needled provoked teased agitated got to gotten to incommoded made cross molested perturbed troubled worried badgered bedeviled bedevilled broke brake broken chafed distressed enraged frosted gnawed gnawn grated harried henpecked nudged persecuted piqued plagued rode ridden rubbed up the wrong way spited beleaguered burned up burnt up drove crazy driven crazy drove to distraction driven to distraction gravelled graveled rankled bummed out drove mad driven mad ate eaten exacerbated got at gotten at got under your skin gotten under your skin got your goat gave someone grief given someone grief gave someone the hump given someone the hump hacked off humped made your blood boil miffed rasped teed off ticked off wound up cheesed off drove round the bend driven round the bend drove round the twist driven round the twist drove up the wall driven up the wall egged on fired up got in your hair got on your wick got your back up gotten your back up got your dander up hacked you off made someone see red made waves turned off worked on asked for it got on your nerves gotten on your nerves gave someone the pip given someone the pip put your back up hit where one lives rubbed the wrong way made somebody's hackles rise put out raised your hackles ruffled one's feathers got up someone's nose gotten up someone's nose put someone's nose out of joint rattled someone's cage got across gotten across

Động từ

Past tense for to become or make more intense
intensified boosted increased heightened strengthened raised concentrated escalated extended deepened magnified reinforced sharpened amplified augmented enhanced stepped up widened compounded added to aggravated exacerbated redoubled accentuated broadened built up consolidated emphasised emphasized expanded gained strength inflamed picked up quickened worsened accented aggrandized amped up beefed up brightened darkened exaggerated exalted intensated lightened made worse pointed rose risen roused spiked stressed whetted added fuel heaped on piled on set off toned up poured it on fanned fuelled fueled heated fanned the flames added fuel to the flames rubbed salt in the wound heated up lift multiplied enlarged swelled jacked up inflated improved lifted maximized upped maximised hiked pumped up upgraded hiked up enriched mushroomed elevated swoll swollen developt developed mounted pyramided accelerated supersized stoked hyped cranked up bumped up put up promoted encouraged grown grew snowballed dilated underlined built cultivated stimulated fostered nurtured renewed furthered made greater hastened incremented accumulated supplemented advanced puffed up ballooned enforced stretched straught proliferated elaborated padded sweetened distended hotted up become worse lengthened added expatiated sent up jumped up run up uplifted bolstered fanned the flames of turned up made louder advertized advertised revitalized souped up buttressed revitalised rallied jumped fortified boosted up shored up pushed up made better bucked up blown up blew up became worse ran up

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