Đồng nghĩa của oversensitive

Alternative for oversensitive

oversensitive /'ouvə'sensitiv/
  • tính từ
    • quá nhạy cảm

Tính từ

Reacting to stimuli too readily
emotional hypersensitive prickly thin-skinned touchy vulnerable sensitive irritable volatile temperamental easily offended chippy irascible quick-tempered hot-tempered petulant tense neurotic impatient uptight tetchy short-tempered fiery querulous testy snappy choleric ornery mean highly strung fractious pettish peevish huffy crabbed high-strung bad-tempered ticklish crotchety ill-tempered passionate hotheaded moody edgy easily hurt paranoid easily upset cross defensive grumpy surly quarrelsome grouchy on a short fuse ratty excitable nervous twitchy umbrageous cranky cantankerous splenetic captious sulky curmudgeonly crusty angry waspish melodramatic mercurial peppery hot-blooded hot-headed jumpy sullen fretful overemotional snarling crabby shirty curt gruff shrewish snappish narky disagreeable bilious dyspeptic unstable sour spiteful soreheaded stroppy exasperated grumbling peckish eggy critical sharp on edge snippy bearish annoyed miffy liverish waxy snaky scratchy explosive froward headstrong nasty acid willful wilful out of humour hung up cross-grained having got out of bed on the wrong side overstrung like a bear with a sore head ill-natured in bad mood ill-humored as cross as two sticks prima donna-ish in a mood having got out of bed the wrong side short-fused ill-humoured in a bad mood quick to take offense combative responsive tooshie susceptible tender vicious snarly zowerswopped atrabilious soft supersensitive perversely irritable reactive bloody-minded delicate ultrasensitive conservative quick to take offence over-emotional hyper-sensitive self-justifying easily affected tempestuous anxious violent uneasy impulsive stormy incensed intense restive nervy dramatic insecure ill at ease wired apprehensive unsettled skittish brittle fidgety shaken frantic raving inflamed infuriated fuming enraged furious hottempered steamed-up antsy hysterical jittery hinky worried unquiet goosey keyed up dithery perturbed atwitter upset queasy queazy aflutter troubled stressy adrenalized excited like a cat on a hot tin roof restless on pins and needles het up on tenterhooks like a cat on hot bricks stressed agitated all shook up glum huffish disgruntled unsociable argumentative feisty whingy bristly ireful brusque misanthropic perverse cynical bitter contentious truculent pouty harsh obstinate difficult pertinacious discontented hypercritical whining miserable snarky uncooperative displeased contrary churlish resentful whiny crybaby acrimonious ungracious gloomy snippety iracund pouting tough fussy brooding iracundulous disputatious morose stuffy waspy grousing dissatisfied acrid trying dour carping mardy griping awkward out of humor mumpish growling complaining malicious venomous fretting vinegary short whingeing childish cavilling raspy tart hasty malignant vindictive caviling sorehead saturnine sore filthy obstreperous blunt cussed chuffy ugly fault-finding out of temper nasty-tempered out of sorts hot under the collar foul-tempered out-of-sorts toey dicey hazardous unsafe unpredictable perturbable wired up wound up bundle of nerves irritated piqued peeved irked fierce vexed indignant riled narked put out unfriendly impetuous vehement offended uncivil mopey frowning embittered irate unmannerly miffed aggravated nettled faultfinding worked up mad sarcastic unpleasant wrathful wild crook distraught in a temper steamed up teed off abrupt ticked off hacked off not best pleased foaming at the mouth bent out of shape overwrought unhappy moping impassioned distressed glowering censorious aggrieved sourpussed unresponsive uncommunicative arsey heated galled scrappy angered salty hurt provoked joyless sulking unruly fed up inflammable vex distracted ropeable ferocious feverish negative snuffy wrath in high dudgeon in a huff frenzied brassed off cheesed off browned off peed off hostile disapproving in a lather hot under collar sharp-tongued easily provoked uncomfortable disobliging quick catty vinegarish bad-humored tempersome recalcitrant wrought up vitriolic spunky acerbic acute grudging terse refractory mopish bad wicked jaundiced uncongenial ungenerous wreck rattled like a bear indomitable uncompliant indocile dejected agitable broody apt to fly off the handle unindulgent got up on wrong side of bed brief scornful blue wounded kittle mopy choked bothered affronted flustered sharp-tempered maddened disturbed frustrated harried ruffled psyched up angerful ranting cold pugnacious convulsed cheerless harassed hassled having short fuse livid apoplectic snitty steamed scunnered stewed insulted hoha wroth easily frightened easily agitated aerated boorish loutish hopping mad rude impolite up in arms on the warpath in a paddy in a bate fit to be tied uncouth vulgar oafish discourteous animated lively ardent ungallant ungentlemanly ill-mannered ill-bred fervent spirited uncharitable unkind classless mean-spirited unchivalrous clownish cloddish inconsiderate plaintive murmuring overexcited fervid raging rabid ignorant desperate turbulent rough tumultuous uncivilised clodhopping uncultured crude crass polite bad-mannered miserly unpolished rustic uncivilized base lowbred unneighborly coarse beside oneself panicky grumbly moaning bemoaning whimpering wailing crying deploring lamenting paroxysmal volcanic cyclonic savage convulsive passional disparaging deprecating overcritical nagging overactive hectic wrought-up hyperactive in a state strung out swivel-eyed knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts hot hammer and tongs aroused bang-bang freaked-out overwhelmed flipped out wound-up throwing a wobbly under a strain crazy strung up high keyed-up affected fired-up hot-and-bothered in a tizzy beside yourself stirred weary strung-out in a twitter at the end of your tether worn worked-up unstrung tired hyper out of your mind spent pedantic quibbling niggling pettifogging nit-picking hair-splitting judgmental nitpicking criticizing judgemental rejective hard to please pass-remarkable pernickety severe nitpicky thorny unfair exceptive hairsplitting very critical petty demanding criticising exacting trivial unjust cavillous finicky tricky huffy irascible

Tính từ

(in non-technical use) Abnormally sensitive, obsessive, or anxious
neurotic nervous anxious compulsive manic obsessive overanxious overwrought disturbed fixated irrational jumpy phobic tense unstable abnormal hysterical nervy paranoid twitchy unhealthy highly strung hyper maladjusted stressy aberrant choked clutched deviant disordered disoriented distraught erratic fearful hysteric inhibited obsessed upset uptight wired basket case hung up nervous wreck bundle of nerves edgy jittery troubled excitable emotional agitated sensitive high-strung uneasy touchy fidgety restless worried apprehensive skittish temperamental on edge chippy insecure antsy unsettled fiery irritable queazy perturbed stressed brittle dithery queasy passionate hot-tempered easily upset irascible keyed up thin-skinned impatient het up quick-tempered overstrung hot-headed unquiet frightened scared aflutter hinky excited goosey atwitter adrenalized volatile hypersensitive worked up ill at ease panicky in a state deranged on tenterhooks unbalanced short-tempered frantic concerned spasmodic unhinged prickly wild disquieted shaky overexcited afraid tetchy defensive crazy feverish restive beside oneself tempestuous testy violent vehement umbrageous psychotic easily frightened easily agitated impetuous moody petulant agitable fierce ticklish in a tizzy on pins and needles easily offended distressed confused mad flighty frenzied skittery trepidatious distracted bothered crazed shy raving fluttery toey maniacal berserk susceptible uncontrolled discomposed mercurial curt strung out ill-adjusted hyperactive strained spooky swivel-eyed huffy snappy crabbed messed up screwed up mixed up impassioned intense high stiff peevish heated unnerved wound up rabid strung up rash overemotional tooshie easily hurt demonstrative overzealous crotchety impulsive in a twitter ornery volcanic blazing bad-tempered beside yourself ill-tempered in a cold sweat in a sweat explosive hotheaded melodramatic headstrong froward terrified flipped out like a cat on a hot tin roof willful prima donna-ish like a cat on hot bricks wilful on a short fuse in bad mood hot-blooded mean psychopathic self-justifying conservative stilted prim nerve-racking stressful nail-biting in suspense feeling anxious have cold feet alienated hyper-sensitive withdrawn nerves on edge strict conventional cautious easily affected insane on the defensive old-fashioned ardent demented lunatic captious querulous untogether estranged muddled fervent dysfunctional hasty critical demonic demoniacal unrealistic shaking trembling quaking spirited unfit hung-up maladapted fevered wrought up febrile hesitant fervid incandescent perfervid passional sectionable hyperexcitable hyperkinetic alarmed in a state of agitation squirrelly in a state of nerves windy torrid charged sulky in a stew suspicious doubtful foreboding mistrustful burning superheated religious warm dithyrambic sullen inflammable intolerant reckless galvanic enthusiastic quick alarmable uncertain weak in a flap bricking oneself having kittens in a tizz nutty freaky busy up flipped choleric angry frozen flaming all of a dither in a twit all of a lather grumpy morose all of a doodah over-emotional short-fuse red-hot warm-blooded lily-livered running scared having stage fright biting nails having butterflies worried sick having cold feet in a dither having a funny feeling angst-ridden short fused offended cantankerous cross blowing hot and cold pretentious senile frowning saturnine sour crusty glum miserable moping mopish uncontrollable fiddle-footed dour crabby freaked out turned out hopped up emotionally confused unrestrained delirious splenetic mardy dejected piqued mopey waspish broody tender unrestrainable huffish blue mumpish wounded kittle mopy soft supersensitive vulnerable delusional maniac out of control distrait ill-humoured ill-humored convulsive berko delicate ultrasensitive irrepressible maddened turbulent driven to distraction raging incensed fuming frenetic possessed panic-stricken in a panic in a frenzy rampant seething furious desperate quick to take offence carried away very upset in a fit out of one's wits overactive hectic wrought-up freaked-out overwhelmed wound-up under a strain keyed-up affected fired-up hot-and-bothered stirred weary strung-out worn worked-up unstrung tired spent timid taut throwing a wobbly angsty steamed up out of your mind fretful hot under collar all shook up spooked flurried at the end of your tether careful unglued timorous shivery mousy uncomfortable flustered ruffled fraught unrelaxed shaken tormented disconcerted dismayed shook up vexed discombobulated a bundle of nerves annoyed hot and bothered saddened unhappy self-conscious anguished irked harassed bugged sad unrestful cut up shocked unsure grieved hurt embarrassed afflicted rattled discountenanced irritated discomfited hassled plagued stressed out under stress all torn up awkward creepy bashful disappointed disconsolate retiring inconsolable pained irresolute gutted shook inconvenienced unsteady tortured beset perplexed bummed out like a fish out of water waiting for the axe to fall unsettling unnerving in a flat spin disturbing disquieting hairy waiting with bated breath distressful agitating startled despondent worrisome out of place distressing depressed grieving displeased heavyhearted sorrowful exercised unconfident wretched fretting mournful shrinking white-knuckled nerve-wracking doleful heartbroken cheerless quivering frazzled panic-struck down bereaved wrecked rueful thrown under pressure fazed miffed pressured desolate introverted angered fractious hot under the collar unruly provoked despairing heartsick fidgeting fitful low woeful up the wall broken-hearted brokenhearted unpeaceful aghast hurried angstful solicitous harried riled harrowed frayed shot to pieces woebegone unzipped a wreck broken up hag-ridden grief-stricken in turmoil emotionally charged put out worried stiff with one's stomach in knots with butterflies in one's stomach with one's heart in one's mouth aroused twittering indecisive tentative fussy dithering wavering vacillating drawn swithering flushed histrionic disorientated caught up graceless overtaxed taxed peeved dragged ripped aquiver daunted frisky reserved faltering unnatural gauche exciting unreluctant all of a flutter bewildered unconsolable shot down hyped-up afire atingle hyperexcited blushing exasperated emotive trying sapped drained discomforted strange lost palpitant wrung falling apart strung-up straight unhip strait-laced agog eagerly difficult tricky rigid distrustful wreck moving moved shot all nerves on the qui vive asea zipped up hot juiced up diffident active transient wandering intermittent changeable itchy inconstant footloose roving sleepless nomadic bustling anxiously waiting nervously awaiting fearfully anticipating apprehensively expecting fatigued lacking social skills tongue-tied all agog avid open-mouthed exacerbated puzzled chagrined aggravated mortified pestered white knuckled recalcitrant shaking in one's shoes concerning tearing one's hair out refractory tied up in knots butterflies in stomach biting one's nails self-doubting unassertive self-effacing forlorn disheartened with bated breath perverse obstinate stubborn unyielding watchful meek lacking confidence unforthcoming dreading melancholic discouraged heavy-hearted aggrieved downcast not self-assured lacking self-confidence passive terrorized in a spin fretted champing at the bit a basket case sweating bullets tossing and turning cowed hounded joyless tearful demoralised dispirited tristful down-hearted demoralized downhearted beleaguered vague Delphic unassured questioning unpoised affrighted petrified verklempt having butterflies in the stomach browbeaten in disorder amazed terror-stricken abashed gloomy droopy sombre teary sorry crestfallen weepy sore hangdog heartsore cast down burned wistful somber contused pressurized touch and go up in the air hanging by thread on thin ice come apart psyched out horror-struck scary horrified rushed ferocious at sixes and sevens uncool pressurised hunted chicken-hearted yellow numb chicken scared stiff rabbity sissy butterflies jellyfish in tears down in the mouth in grief down in the dumps in doldrums low-spirited in the dumps weird last-minute zonkers corybantic unscrewed hard-pressed at the end of one's tether with one's back up against the wall up against it under the cosh at the end of one's rope terrorised devastated traumatized broken melancholy bitter dolorous weirded out spazzed out at your wits' end wigged out at wits' end in fear and trepidation very scared pushing the panic button numb with fear weeping hurting wriggly squirmy mourning haunted crushed agonized dolesome wiggly sorrowing bewailing persecuted bemoaning wailing agonised suffering aching traumatised in pain heavy with grief racked with suffering overcome with sorrow racked with pain all wound up

Tính từ

Unable to be given (a medicine or other treatment) or to eat (a food) without adverse effects

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