Đồng nghĩa của bilious

Alternative for bilious


Affected by or associated with nausea or vomiting
sick nauseous queasy nauseated liverish barfy qualmish ailing ill unwell below par out of sorts under par green about the gills under the weather green around the gills not a hundred percent squeamish sickish seasick queer queazy queerish bad carsick airsick crook green travel-sick green at the gills about to throw up peaky poorly indisposed sickened dizzy punk lousy rotten funny sickly suffering from motion sickness woozy suffering from altitude sickness sick as dog chunderous disgusted nauseatic mean suffering from radiation sickness down unhealthy unsound run-down sickly-looking off-color drawn thin emaciated peaked in bad shape trainsick uncomfortable upset groggy awful giddy terrible rough off peculiar dreadful peakish crummy restless concerned uncertain dubious unsettling unsettled odd troubling off colour rocky doubtful pukish fidgety green around gills sick as a dog grotty seedy ropy wabbit not oneself run down not up to par washed out peely-wally faint not well weak not very well infirm lightheaded light-headed off-colour not in good shape not up to snuff diseased bedridden in poor health in a bad way debilitated frail feeble infected impaired laid-up disordered like death warmed up afflicted shaky invalided feverish valetudinarian iffy vertiginous reeling bummed laid up on the sick list pale at death's door delicate wobbly invalid hospitalized incurable suffering dazed sick to one's stomach under medication rickety broken down unsteady hospitalised hazy whirling tipsy off balance punch-drunk laid low motion sick slightly unwell unfit fatigued tired not up to the mark horrible not so hot imperfect confined tottering defective declining travelsick ugly unsightly ropey ghastly qualmy disturbed distressed failing low poor paltry lame not yourself uneasy off form miserable throwing up vomiting blah off one's feed pallid pasty pasty-faced drained haggard achy hypochondriacal in pain decrepit ashen whey-faced gray colourless bloodless ashy grey ashen-faced anaemic corpse-like cadaverous sallow ill-looking not feeling well wan pinched the worse for wear deathly pale off-balance unbalanced unstable volatile swooning light ditzy etiolated peelie-wally grim anemic as white as a ghost as white as a sheet colorless strange in poor shape running temperature on sick list a wreck got the bug feeling terrible feeling awful off one's feet feeling rotten hypercritical annoyed exacting mincing prim puritanical cowardly uncompromising captious hysterical easily upset easily offended confused muzzy swimmy aswoon puzzled punchy gaga dopey muddled not with it weak-kneed weak in the knees slap-happy seeing stars


Deliberately uncooperative
cantankerous ill-natured ill-tempered bad-tempered disagreeable irritable crotchety curmudgeonly dyspeptic grouchy grumpy irascible splenetic testy tetchy crabbed crabby fractious ill-humoured ornery peevish peppery pettish prickly waspish acid bearish bloody-minded choleric crusty hot-tempered ill-humored quick-tempered scratchy short-tempered shrewish surly touchy cranky cross-grained liverish cross snappish ratty snappy chippy petulant narky eggy peckish soreheaded snaky miffy huffy perverse bitter fiery querulous sour sulky like a bear with a sore head impatient moody sullen snippy shirty stroppy snarky stuffy snippety brusque angry raspy churlish spiteful fretful on a short fuse morose edgy nasty mean acrimonious waxy complaining out of sorts short-fused gruff snarling captious in a bad mood vicious whingy difficult quarrelsome volatile on edge whingeing sorehead hostile unfriendly curt harsh miserable acrid as cross as two sticks rancorous thin-skinned awkward tart malicious vindictive vitriolic malign malignant venomous out of humor in a mood critical unpleasant temperamental out of temper hot-blooded uptight hotheaded sharp malevolent cussed passionate dour ugly poisonous catty obstinate ireful argumentative cynical contrary uncooperative short fussy saturnine mardy vinegary wrathful virulent resentful scathing hateful hurtful having got out of bed the wrong side cruel rude savage unkind glum ferocious truculent discontented whining grumbling bristly ungracious tense tough sarcastic sensitive carping contentious excitable trying blunt whiny annoyed waspy grousing cutting fault-finding envenomed antagonistic wounding snide feisty atrabilious censorious evil-intentioned pouty unsociable disobliging baleful vengeful barbed impolite discourteous pernicious acerbic pugnacious bad misanthropic pertinacious abrupt malefic tooshie wicked dissatisfied impulsive pouting oversensitive hate-filled maleficent iracund iracundulous arsey unhelpful gloomy inflammable exasperated scornful hasty mumpish growling fretting childish cavilling caviling chuffy disputatious scrappy out of humour wild hot-headed sharp-tongued having got out of bed on the wrong side easily upset nasty-tempered hot under the collar out-of-sorts embittered aggressive mean-spirited scowling vinegarish tempersome grudging snarly zowerswopped bad-humored brief unruly recalcitrant unlikable boorish uncivil murmuring plaintive spunky acute jaundiced uncongenial belligerent indignant irate refractory perversely irritable eristic bellicose ungenerous humourless disrespectful humorless froward apt to fly off the handle unhappy got up on wrong side of bed like a bear restless indomitable uncompliant restive indocile moping unsmiling mopey sharp-tempered biting grumbly salty moaning negative crying deploring lamenting bemoaning whimpering wailing ill-mannered pointed huffy irascible hard to please caustic mordant huffish disgruntled stinging in a temper raving psyched up cold angerful frenzied fuming fierce convulsed disapproving ranting cheerless hypercritical displeased crybaby contemptible ignoble rotten brooding griping sore filthy obstreperous brutal astringent searing withering corrosive belittling acerb smart-aleck acidulous smart-alecky smart-mouthed scalding pungent trenchant satiric sardonic acidic satirical hard-nosed despiteful ill-disposed defamatory mordacious foul-tempered easily offended taunting piercing dirty squint-eyed spleenful horrid evil accidentally on purpose violent combative confrontational militant threatening emotional furious warlike agonistic impetuous irritated discordant assaultive piqued jumpy vehement vexed gladiatorial explosive nervous defiant highly strung uneasy upset fidgety high-strung on the warpath brawly twitchy neurotic anxious hypersensitive tempestuous impassioned irked agitated unsettled skittish enraged jittery warring disputative ticklish ill at ease inflamed excited headstrong hot intense inhospitable up in arms worried stormy rough peeved livid outraged infuriated riled mad litigious apoplectic incensed ardent provoked melodramatic heated nervy raging rabid overstrung battling wired aerated fighting antsy unquiet wroth perturbed incandescent steamed up aggers stressy het up bolshie teed off destructive keyed up hopping mad bent out of shape foaming at the mouth adversarial fit to be tied abusive offensive spoiling for a fight inimical loudmouthed terse mercurial galled uncomfortable factious fervent overwrought aggrieved stressed fervid animated unstable lively put out faultfinding wrangling ropeable brittle troubled ballistic angered rankled spirited dark bickering apprehensive steamed overemotional crook burning ticked seething aggravated worked up adrenalized brawling agitable hysterical frantic feverish turbulent demonstrative foaming boiling roiled hawkish insecure quick militaristic steaming enflamed infuriate rebellious volcanic shaken oppugnant unpredictable hopping riley biffo warmongering hinky goosey dithery atwitter queasy queazy aflutter wound up ticked off choked storming spare passional hacked off sabre-rattling wilful willful ready for a fight hung up in a lather cheesed off beside oneself in a paddy in a bate easily provoked going crook easily agitated easily frightened seeing red horn-mad ready to fight in a huff in a fume have a bone to pick blue in the face in bad mood beside yourself with rage in a pet have chip on shoulder in high dudgeon with all guns blazing prima donna-ish in a frenzy distraught wrought up distressed foul menacing uncontrollable offended inconsiderate uncharitable unsympathetic wreck rattled frowning mopish forceful naysaying joyless broody dejected provocative blue wounded mopy kittle viperous mighty antipathetic narked glowering louring toey unindulgent black wriggly pushy perturbable dicey hazardous unsafe flip squirmy jingoistic battleful having short fuse hot under collar antagonized wiggly maddened hacked very angry miffed bloodthirsty tilting wrestling martial skirmishing controversial polemical polemic dissentious evil-minded on the outs at loggerheads looking for trouble have it in for wired up roused nettled rousted dramatic ructious arguesome under arms bugged frustrated bundle of nerves over-emotional a bundle of nerves all wound up keen glowing dogged scandalized buffaloed war steamed-up hottempered antagonised shocked scandalised self-assertive itching to fight having a chip on one's shoulder disturbed skittery fluttery spooky flighty hyperexcitable spasmodic hyperkinetic fed up browned off torrid charged amorous blazing tumultuous boiling mad hyperactive hyper all steamed up raging mad peed off overcome with anger at boiling point discomposed uncontrolled alarmable rash intolerant reckless galvanic enthusiastic overzealous susceptible in a rage beside yourself rubbed the wrong way blown a gasket off the air burned up bummed out at end of one's rope hot and bothered pushed too far in a filthy temper paroxysmal cyclonic convulsive effusive vigorous zealous abrasive crude alarmed fearful all shook up unceremonious knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts aroused hammer and tongs bang-bang distracted short fused self-conscious fraught unrestful embarrassed discomfited brusk vitriolous blowing hot and cold undiplomatic offhand flaming warm perfervid nutty dismayed harassed tormented shaky anguished perplexed bothered wrung disquieted suspicious in turmoil palpitant afraid all nerves like a fish out of water on the qui vive cavalier bluff fiddle-footed brisk vex slashing red-hot warm-blooded gung-ho hoha razor-edged rapier-like breviloquent thoughtless unmannerly dripping with malice stubborn demanding direct graceless uncompromising bad-mannered not best pleased short-spoken no-nonsense overbearing unrelenting unreasonable unamenable grim intractable unaccommodating matter-of-fact to the point hardheaded obdurate pigheaded picky fastidious rigid inflexible tyrannical finicky on tenterhooks strong-minded hard-line tiresome unmanageable bull-headed steadfast choosy resolute immovable oafish thrawn opinionated delicate dogmatic intransigent oppressive unflinching overcritical wrong-headed obstructive particular over-particular dictatorial importunate pitiless strict single-minded set in one's ways finical hard to handle invidious fiendish uppity troublesome stiff stiff-necked hard to satisfy irritating contrarious inexorable unyielding opinionative unbending perfectionist balky on pins and needles like a cat on a hot tin roof like a cat on hot bricks


(of a person's face or complexion) Of an unhealthy yellow or pale brown colour
sallow anaemic pale pallid pasty peely-wally sickly wan yellowish bloodless colourless waxen jaundiced jaundiced-looking pasty-faced peaked peakish peaky sickly-looking unhealthy unhealthy-looking wabbit anemic ashen ashy colorless dull etiolated greenish-yellow lymphatic muddy washed-out waxy yellow washed out like death warmed up white bleached grey milky drawn faded whey-faced cadaverous ghastly chalky paled tired-looking sapped blanched ghostly mealy whitish discoloured lurid deathly livid doughy drained deathlike wheyfaced listless down depressed forceless worn white as a sheet gray low ineffective haggard discolored ineffectual chalk-white ashen-faced faint pinched deathly pale thin weak watery corpse-like leaden insipid feeble sick green as white as a sheet as white as a ghost white-faced dim white as a ghost flat spectral alabaster wishy-washy lusterless cream dulled ghostlike pastel achromatic lacklustre lackluster murky emaciated off-color not shiny unwell fair waxlike creamy poorly greyish grayish ivory light languid washy milk-white light-coloured light-colored lustreless drained of color dingy looking as if one has seen a ghost striped poor inadequate unsubstantial insubstantial corpselike frail exsanguinous bland pale-faced infirm neutral uncolored drab achromic monochrome milk-and-water namby-pamby banal grey-faced gloomy dusky grisly characterless enervated ash-colored waterish deathful deadly deadened unwholesome anaemic-looking tired shopworn muted stonewashed the worse for wear subdued matte matt subfusc without color ill tarnished sullied mat opaque fair-skinned light-skinned bad indisposed crook ill-looking liverish queasy nauseated nauseous funny out of sorts rough peculiar off colour under the weather off awful rotten crummy grotty seedy punk sickened not oneself dreadful lousy ropy unsound run-down ailing terrible run down peelie-wally below par not up to par green about the gills in poor shape

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