Đồng nghĩa của high strung

Tính từ

Nervous, anxious or easily excitable
excitable nervous flighty fluttery hyper hyperexcitable jittery jumpy skittery skittish spasmodic spooky anxious edgy impatient nervy restless tense volatile fiddle-footed easily upset hyperactive agitated uneasy uptight fidgety hyperkinetic twitchy keyed up highly strung neurotic wired antsy emotional touchy hysterical apprehensive excited on edge worried temperamental unsettled sensitive upset troubled ill at ease perturbed dithery restive frenzied insecure overstrung stressed irritable overwrought worked up irascible hot-tempered chippy adrenalized het up manic distressed fiery in a tizzy stressy quick-tempered oversensitive hot-headed aflutter overexcited unquiet disturbed queazy feverish discomposed fretful heated overactive queasy wound up brittle passionate shaky easily frightened unstable hung up frantic fierce agitable short-tempered flurried hectic desperate unnerved wild in a state bothered shy spooked hinky goosey overzealous atwitter panicky toey violent beside oneself easily agitated petulant testy on tenterhooks nervous wreck distraught rash thin-skinned hotheaded moody on pins and needles hypersensitive frightened scared fearful distracted high intense wrought-up uncomfortable timid disquieted concerned strained enthusiastic overemotional squirrelly unrelaxed wriggly tetchy squirmy wiggly spirited strung out uncontrolled alarmable under a strain ornery crotchety peevish mercurial crabbed snappy bad-tempered overanxious tooshie swivel-eyed ill-tempered vehement explosive impulsive impetuous willful a bundle of nerves volcanic ticklish up the wall strung up melodramatic prima donna-ish demonstrative like a cat on hot bricks headstrong bundle of nerves wilful froward on a short fuse tempestuous in bad mood hot-blooded critical mean carried away all wound up bashful graceless under pressure in a frenzy in a lather energetic uncontrollable hasty on the edge unbalanced inflammable intolerant short fused reckless blowing hot and cold galvanic susceptible quick taut angsty awkward frenetic white-knuckled windy mad trepidatious furious nerve-racking stressful nail-biting in suspense feeling anxious wrought up pressured self-conscious wreck moving moved stressed out shot to pieces white knuckled in a state of agitation shot in a state of nerves choked clutched under stress nerves on edge jerky prickly delirious maniacal defensive rabid captious querulous quivering careful afraid unglued disorientated out of place hesitant excessively active paranoid itchy unrestful like a cat on a hot tin roof embarrassed zealous umbrageous easily affected conservative easily hurt hyper-sensitive easily offended timorous shivery mousy fanatical ferocious vexed tormented disoriented bewildered discomfited unrestrained exciting like one possessed busy obsessive restlessly moving shaken strange in turmoil perplexed like a fish out of water lost unsure freaked-out steamed up overwhelmed flipped out wound-up throwing a wobbly crazy keyed-up affected fired-up hot-and-bothered hot under collar beside yourself stirred weary strung-out in a twitter at the end of your tether worn all shook up worked-up unstrung tired out of your mind spent lively sulky sullen ardent angry grumpy morose spookish irresponsible light-headed harebrained skitterish whimsical animated combustible flappable volative undependable zippy giddy lightheaded peppy scatterbrained wary dizzy frivolous unreliable fervent offended cantankerous cross frowning saturnine sour crusty glum curt miserable moping mopish impassioned huffish dour splenetic mardy blue mumpish dejected wounded ill-humoured piqued crabby mopey huffy kittle mopy ill-humored waspish broody torrid charged fervid short-fuse red-hot warm-blooded incandescent burning superheated religious flaming warm perfervid blazing dithyrambic passional very nervous over-emotional choleric flushed startled annoyed shocked terrified alarmed aquiver in a panic daunted unreluctant irrational dismayed hot under the collar hyped-up febrile fraught afire atingle hyperexcited disconcerted ruffled provoked zipped up hot hot and bothered juiced up flustered rattled in a flap in a tizz all of a dither in a stew in a sweat harassed having kittens all of a lather hassled in a twit in a dither irritated worried sick uncertain fazed all of a doodah discombobulated trembling in a cold sweat shook up bricking oneself confused irked creepy shaking frazzled stiff unnerving unsettling disquieting shrinking inhibited retiring disturbing thrown distressful distressing agitating unsteady exasperated hairy aroused worrisome quaking stilted fatigued diffident nerve-wracking careworn irresolute turbulent bugged constrained solicitous aghast doubtful drawn unpeaceful suspicious hysteric anguished phobic muddled discountenanced inconvenienced waiting with bated breath in a flat spin put out running scared drained with one's heart in one's mouth unnatural fevered gauche overtaxed overburdened blushing weak fretting harrowed wavering pinched exhausted hurt petrified intimidated grieved unconfident withdrawn fractious angstful sad sheepish galled inflamed aggravated unhappy saddened affrighted horrified terrorized fidgeting fitful introverted unruly pusillanimous a wreck waiting for the axe to fall afeared frit harried beset riled terrorised horror-struck fixated scared stiff tortured plagued faint-hearted panic-stricken in a spin disappointed gutted scared to death all of a flutter angered lily-livered stressed-out in a funk frozen obsessed worried stiff in a blue funk have cold feet in pieces with one's stomach in knots with butterflies in one's stomach cut up shaking in one's shoes broken up having cold feet infuriated difficult precarious tensed forced twittering fussy indecisive tentative sapped dithering vacillating faltering frisky highly-strung stimulated stoked jazzed swithering peeved narked scunnered prim caught up disorderly distrustful overstretched reserved stirred up flapping taxed roused strict conventional cautious pumped-up rigid shamefaced modest histrionic panic-struck chafed palpitant wrung scary discomforted compulsive emotive mannered artificial ill-at-ease aw-shucks teed off afflicted asea falling apart foreboding mistrustful concerning strung-up hag-ridden all nerves weak-kneed goose-bumpy nerveless spineless rabbity chickenhearted quivery unmanly old-fashioned anxiously waiting nervously awaiting fearfully anticipating apprehensively expecting on the defensive exacerbated puzzled displeased chagrined pained mortified pestered miffed active hurried transient wandering intermittent changeable inconstant footloose roving sleepless nomadic bustling emotionally charged recalcitrant lacking social skills tongue-tied on the qui vive frayed pressurized pressurised refractory having stage fright biting nails having butterflies having a funny feeling angst-ridden out of countenance at fever pitch self-doubting unassertive self-effacing unhealthy abnormal perverse obstinate stubborn unyielding meek lacking confidence unforthcoming tearing one's hair out maladjusted unsure of yourself not self-assured lacking self-confidence passive erratic aberrant deviant disordered fretted overloaded watchful champing at the bit dreading tossing and turning low vague Delphic unassured questioning unpoised shell-shocked dangerous verklempt unzipped stress-ridden on the rack a basket case sweating bullets basket case hazardous in disorder amazed touch and go up in the air hanging by thread on thin ice come apart psyched out bummed out at sixes and sevens all torn up having butterflies in the stomach cowardly perilous haggard rundown serious worrying ugly burned out worn out overworked cowering cowed chicken delicate yellow feart stunned raddled apprehensive about intimidated by alarmed at terror-stricken in a fluster dicey unsafe nasty iffy scared witless horror-stricken terror-struck in awe withered gaunt unwell shaking like a leaf scared out of one's wits frightened out of one's wits touch-and-go knife-edge highly charged hollow-eyed hollow-cheeked worn-out

Tính từ

Having or showing emotional sensitivity
susceptive acute cognizant conscious delicate easily affected emotionable emotional feeling fine hung up hypersensitive impressible impressionable irritable keen knowing nervous oversensitive perceiving perceptive precarious precise psychic reactive receptive responsive seeing sensatory sensible sensile sensorial sensory sentient supersensitive susceptible tense ticklish touchy touchy feely tricky tuned in turned on to umbrageous understanding unstable wired sensitive tender sympathetic empathetic caring warm-hearted considerate gentle compassionate warm tender-hearted soft thoughtful intuitive soft-hearted passionate fiery vulnerable demonstrative fragile kind humane kindly benevolent empathic affectionate beneficent good-hearted kind-hearted generous benignant concerned tenderhearted kindhearted comforting good-natured loving charitable mild commiserative gracious softhearted pitying indulgent benign merciful tolerant goodhearted supportive warmhearted altruistic helpful patient selfless solicitous big-hearted maternal motherly fatherly great-hearted large-hearted all heart unselfish attentive lenient giving humanitarian magnanimous fatherlike bleeding-heart condoling commiserating consoling sympathizing doting genial encouraging sympathising philanthropical philanthropic clement forbearing neighborly neighbourly open-hearted well meaning tactful cordial amicable pleasant careful affable amiable friendly good sweet hospitable cheerful mellow vicarious liberal fond nice munificent greathearted sparing pleasing angelic benefic decent obliging ruthful having heart in right place easygoing bleeding heart well intentioned heart in right place well-mannered forgiving interested hearty human appreciating comprehending easy-going permissive piteous bighearted moved adopted imagined assumed open-minded well disposed well-disposed do-good loving and giving old softie well-intentioned open pardoning pitiful condoning touched touchy-feely sorry courteous wholesome eleemosynary lovable agreeable unstinting soft touch cooperative polite chivalrous brotherly calm congenial propitious likeable unoffensive likable open-handed sociable dutiful lavish princely delightful big bounteous public-spirited good-tempered regardful bountiful good-humoured respectful sweet-tempered gallant accommodating openhanded good-humored openhearted noble engaging freehanded deferential stirred reassuring impressed melted stimulated affected influenced uplifting inspiring nurturing affirmative inspiriting aware diplomatic discerning deeply moved enthusiastic sensitized appreciative protective soothing approving cheering positive gladdening heartening calming heartwarming sensitised insightful finely tuned boosting gratifying stimulating fulfilling welcome

Tính từ

Tenacious, energetic, spunky
feisty combative argumentative aggressive belligerent quarrelsome bellicose pugnacious contentious confrontational truculent militant disputatious warlike scrappy agonistic chippy gladiatorial discordant assaultive brawly fiery ornery touchy tough difficult sensitive active courageous spirited spunky excitable enthusiastic gutsy alive bubbly energetic frisky game gritty gutty hearty lively mettlesome peppy zestful thin-skinned hot-blooded full-blooded go-getting on the warpath full of pep antagonistic hostile cantankerous irascible stroppy threatening captious ill-tempered bad-tempered hot-tempered defiant fractious irritable contrary petulant quick-tempered violent choleric fierce warring aggers cross fighting testy litigious snappy crabby huffy prickly mean spoiling for a fight querulous perverse battling disputative angry surly bolshie grouchy pettish offensive uncooperative cavilling controversial militaristic obstreperous rebellious oppugnant bickering caviling adversarial grumpy cussed destructive cranky sullen inimical narky ill-natured ready for a fight unfriendly provocative polemical snappish peppery factious arsey peevish challenging nasty polemic hawkish uptight sabre-rattling warmongering wrangling obstinate martial biffo short-tempered crotchety passionate bearish have chip on shoulder have a bone to pick splenetic exasperated inhospitable loudmouthed miffy fretful malevolent jingoistic soreheaded ratty snarly bristly crabbed bilious dyspeptic ireful recalcitrant dissentious bloodthirsty snarky crusty tetchy curmudgeonly insolent hotheaded pushy contending ructious military snippy snippety iracund iracundulous edgy waspish stuffy war harsh refractory salty unruly brawling awkward churlish disagreeable out of humor raspy hasty intransigent rude temperamental critical sharp hot flip ardent sour discontented pertinacious troublesome intractable froward balky ill-humored hypercritical ungracious ferocious opinionated fussy trying dissatisfied at loggerheads ill-humoured out of sorts up in arms hot under the collar have it in for having a chip on one's shoulder on the outs ready to fight battleful disruptive adverse naysaying rough looking for trouble dissentient soldierly gung-ho plucky determined spiky wrestling tilting skirmishing under arms sanguinary attacking assertive vigorous tempestuous arguesome self-assertive itching to fight impassioned turbulent radical unpleasant discourteous ultra-active two-fisted forceful extremist extreme combating itching fanatical zealous embattled scathing deadly vituperous terrifying intimidating cowing terrorising trenchant hateful mordacious frightening browbeating caustic terrorizing bullying mordant warrish revolutionary assertory in arms disobedient insubordinate contumacious non-compliant daring resisting audacious bold resistant mutinous dissenting willful restive subversive untoward ungovernable wilful wayward rebel recusant incompliant disregardful cheeky insubmissive reckless dareful sassy resistive abusive grumbly disobliging hardheaded overbearing importunate strong-minded pitiless strict single-minded set in one's ways boorish unrelenting rigid hard-line inflexible finical bloody-minded hard-nosed obdurate tiresome vexed unpredictable pigheaded hard to handle unmanageable invidious bull-headed steadfast choosy fiendish uncompromising hard to please uppity unreasonable headstrong unamenable resolute immovable oafish demanding tyrannical unaccommodating picky thrawn stiff stiff-necked negative delicate dogmatic oppressive hard to satisfy irritating indomitable stubborn unflinching contrarious overcritical wrong-headed inexorable grim impolite unyielding opinionative unbending obstructive perfectionist particular fastidious over-particular finicky dictatorial rancorous unkind mighty antipathetic tense sulky huffish disgruntled glum curt moody unsociable impatient gruff volatile shirty whingy shrewish brusque misanthropic cynical pouty oversensitive bitter displeased snarling peckish resentful eggy whiny acrimonious whining miserable grumbling crybaby gloomy annoyed liverish brooding morose pouting waxy snaky scratchy waspy grousing acrid dour mardy acid mumpish growling tart sorehead saturnine sore blunt on edge carping griping complaining malicious venomous fretting vinegary short whingeing childish malignant vindictive filthy spiteful chuffy out of humour ugly having got out of bed the wrong side having got out of bed on the wrong side nasty-tempered as cross as two sticks in a mood fault-finding out of temper cross-grained like a bear with a sore head on a short fuse foul-tempered out-of-sorts short-fused easily offended in a bad mood vitriolic unsympathetic virulent hot-button biting jaundiced fire-eating eristic opposing adversary accusatorial vicious wrathful disapproving uncongenial unreceptive disputable cutting dissident conflicting acerbic opposed at odds sarcastic unwelcoming oppositional alien uncontrollable self-willed unwilling unpropitious maleficent malefic adversative undisciplined viperous catty undisciplinable cold inharmonious unhelpful litiginous litigatious behavioural tooshie vinegarish persuasive outspoken brief scornful allergic opposite reluctant ill-disposed oppugning heated incontrollable obstinately disobedient renitent pervicacious behavioral noncompliant withstanding wild foul sardonic bristling inflammable intolerant antisocial embittered vengeful manic hysterical icy uncomfortable lawless uneasy severe hard corrosive grating cruel stern stinging pungent astringent keen dysfunctional divided split delinquent unfeeling annoying brutal devastating piercing acidulous incisive wounding callous hurtful galling insensitive naughty badly behaved ill-disciplined mischievous mortal acerb inconsiderate comfortless quarrelling tumultuous disagreeing socially impaired bad impudent erratic errant disturbed badly-behaved misbehaving pesky roguish rowdy ill-behaved problematic troublous incorrigible maladjusted exasperating unrestrainable irksome uncompliant rascally uncontainable devilish wearisome indocile disorderly abrasive rubbing the wrong way hard to take disharmonious insurrectionary clashing seditious sectarian schismatic disputed debatable contended uncertain equivocal ambivalent unresolved moot unsure divisive malcontent insurgent estranged alienated disaffected troublemaking partisan rival undecided borderline controvertible unsettled quarreling at variance open to question open to debate

Trái nghĩa của high strung

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