Đồng nghĩa của steamed up

Tính từ

Feeling anger or rage
angry irate furious incensed enraged infuriated livid outraged angered ballistic indignant ireful mad rankled riled apoplectic choleric fuming ticked wrathful rabid foaming roiled shirty sore enflamed hot inflamed infuriate steaming hopping riley wroth cheesed off teed off going crook hopping mad horn-mad hot under the collar bent out of shape fit to be tied blue in the face in a huff in a fume in a pet seething raging irritated boiling cross exasperated foaming at the mouth up in arms annoyed beside oneself on the warpath tooshie wild incandescent vexed in high dudgeon beside yourself choked maddened in a frenzy provoked piqued ticked off off the air irked upset frenzied aggravated ropeable aerated in a temper in a lather browned off resentful miffed peeved very angry raving steamed nettled ranting aggrieved as cross as two sticks displeased soreheaded seeing red offended frustrated crook huffy snaky worked up spare disgruntled affronted antagonized heated galled frantic perturbed put out in a paddy waxy in a bate with all guns blazing hacked off antagonised bitter discontented bothered hurt ruffled burned up agitated troubled narked hacked insane chafed bummed out in a rage raging mad hostile wound up gnashing one's teeth boiling mad peed off dissatisfied hot and bothered pained acrimonious vex irascible unhappy disgusted desperate corybantic demented crazed maniac irrational bent unreasonable smoking berserk roused splenetic dirty unglued filthy bugged up the wall stroppy violent fierce storming pushed too far bad-tempered in a towering rage at boiling point at daggers drawn hot-tempered fed up all steamed up overcome with anger ill-tempered blown a gasket ill-humored antagonistic scandalised dark not best pleased in a filthy temper passionate beside yourself with rage scandalized ill-humoured shocked fiery sombre sullen somber scalding steamy piping air-to-air flying ballistical surface-to-air airborne rousted blazing mad as hell good and mad hateful insulted dogged rubbed the wrong way at end of one's rope uptight buffaloed ferocious radge black flaming crackers testy crazy vehement rancorous vicious frenetic rage as black as thunder out of control flaming mad blazing mad very upset in a wax surly stung embittered ready to be tied red swollen dishonored slighted humiliated sour eggy grieved disturbed distressed hoha umbrageous dishonoured acrid afflicted weighty grieving brassed off hard annoying distressing raw infected chagrined reddened chafing septic scornful p.o.'d festered itchy angry-looking painful itching smarting tender stinging burning puffed up festering fevered sensitive scalded blistered burnt bloodshot raving mad full-on all-out uncompromising breakneck energetic concerted manic extremely angry injured disrespected wounded needled miffy defiant rattled snubbed snuffy disgraced shamed salty ridiculed libeled vilified defamed cursed reviled slandered mocked libelled menacing tetchy threatening crabby waspish belligerent aggressive unfriendly vitriolic malignant malicious malevolent vindictive evil wicked maleficent narky baleful moody poisonous ratty malign malefic glowering louring venomous sulky evil-intentioned hate-filled

Tính từ

Feeling angry or annoyed
cross angry annoyed snappy vexed grumpy impatient irritable petulant irascible peeved churlish disagreeable surly fractious grouchy peevish put out testy cantankerous crotchety snappish tetchy waspish irritated querulous irate irked piqued upset captious choleric displeased galled resentful touchy apoplectic crabby dyspeptic livid ratty splenetic mad riled sullen ireful narky pettish shirty sore steamed stroppy wild cranky crook crusty fiery liverish perverse prickly raspy ropeable short snarky snippety snippy soreheaded stuffy vex waxy fretful hoha snaky wroth aerated cavilling caviling eggy faultfinding jumpy mardy tooshie bad-tempered hot-tempered ill-humoured ill-tempered short-tempered ill-humored quick-tempered teed off ticked off bent out of shape hopping mad in a bad mood not best pleased out of humour foaming at the mouth hacked off hot under the collar in a lather on the warpath up in arms as cross as two sticks in a paddy out of humor out of sorts fit to be tied in a bate aggravated disgruntled exasperated nettled huffy furious aggrieved miffed wrathful angered enraged flustered narked miffy bothered affronted frustrated ruffled hurt provoked maddened offended harried indignant disturbed agitated troubled incensed harassed infuriated sulky hassled fed up snuffy snitty wrath scunnered worked up in a temper cheesed off wound up peed off in a huff browned off brassed off in high dudgeon chippy crabbed quarrelsome ornery ill-natured peppery edgy peckish argumentative curmudgeonly uptight scratchy complaining mean moody bilious disputatious sour feisty like a bear with a sore head difficult truculent scrappy thin-skinned critical combative confrontational miserable contentious belligerent temperamental bellicose whingy on edge aggressive morose pugnacious shrewish antagonistic sorehead militant contrary whining bitter litigious grumbling gladiatorial agonistic warlike discordant brawly assaultive on a short fuse carping whingeing awkward bearish tense hostile brusque out of temper harsh acrimonious volatile fault-finding tough obstinate waspy sensitive discontented trying cross-grained dour fussy short-fused spiteful threatening nasty restive disputative curt cynical oversensitive restless whiny tart acrid sharp saturnine mumpish vinegary grousing pertinacious dissatisfied factious ungracious polemical acid defiant salty passionate venomous vindictive controversial polemic warring cussed uneasy wrangling bickering anxious oppugnant bolshie worried fidgety stressed nervous ill at ease unsettled huffish bristly twitchy gruff glum unsociable pouty unquiet misanthropic crybaby overstrung ticklish recalcitrant snarling unruly iracund iracundulous pouting in a mood malicious het up malignant uncooperative gloomy hasty refractory hotheaded growling blunt fretting childish chuffy froward easily offended highly strung indomitable having got out of bed the wrong side ugly arsey unpredictable battling fighting grumbly negative dissentious hypercritical foul-tempered excitable hard to please obstreperous aggers hot-blooded nasty-tempered out-of-sorts spoiling for a fight ready for a fight have chip on shoulder bloody-minded troublesome opinionated uncompliant indocile vinegarish overwrought distraught uncomfortable plaintive murmuring brooding unhappy censorious griping filthy hypersensitive wrought up distressed inharmonious provocative offensive destructive moaning bemoaning whimpering wailing crying deploring lamenting catty challenging dissentient wreck rattled ructious tempestuous arguesome militaristic hawkish spiky having a chip on one's shoulder having got out of bed on the wrong side unfriendly nagging sarcastic brief scornful impassioned turbulent violent war brawling toey biffo jingoistic sabre-rattling warmongering battleful scolding rancorous snide criticizing dicey hazardous unsafe perturbable hot flip fierce looking for trouble have a bone to pick loudmouthed have it in for ardent on the outs at loggerheads backbiting cattish wired up vixenish sharp-tongued criticising huffy irascible bundle of nerves nervy insecure wired apprehensive skittish unstable brittle neurotic hysterical antsy jittery hinky goosey keyed up perturbed dithery atwitter queasy queazy aflutter stressy adrenalized excited like a cat on a hot tin roof like a cat on hot bricks hung up on pins and needles high-strung on tenterhooks demanding stubborn uncompromising overbearing intractable unrelenting unreasonable unamenable unaccommodating grim hardheaded boorish rigid inflexible hard-nosed obdurate pigheaded tyrannical picky fastidious finicky disobliging importunate strong-minded pitiless strict single-minded set in one's ways hard-line finical tiresome hard to handle unmanageable invidious bull-headed steadfast choosy fiendish uppity headstrong resolute immovable oafish rude thrawn stiff stiff-necked delicate dogmatic intransigent oppressive hard to satisfy irritating unflinching contrarious overcritical wrong-headed inexorable impolite unyielding opinionative unbending obstructive perfectionist balky particular over-particular dictatorial naysaying

Tính từ

Full of fervor
excited zealous energetic fanatical fervent lively manic perfervid pumped frenetic obsessed passionate raring ready ardent disorderly fevered spirited sprightly wild crazy effervescent feverish psyched uncontrollable voracious delirious fierce game high nuts restless unruly vivacious amped angry crazed furious high as a kite juiced mad nutty stirred up high-spirited unrestrained stirred fired up hyperactive on fire wigged-out intense emotional fervid vehement impassioned animated flaming earnest fiery heartfelt heated burning passional violent torrid charged religious demonstrative incandescent blazing superheated glowing stirring hot-blooded moving deep red-hot warm-blooded inspired inflamed vivid sincere wholehearted rousing ablaze frantic urgent emotive mushy overemotional sentimental melodramatic touching powerful profound romantic full-hearted worked up starry-eyed from the heart white-hot eager allegiant strong committed assiduous dedicated steadfast warm frenzied enthusiastic messianic vigorous consuming raging tumultuous impulsive impetuous ungovernable forceful inspiring eloquent hotblooded stimulated expressive precipitate thrilling affecting headlong poignant high-pressure quickened high-powered keen avid devoted enthused hot extreme devout resolute desirous dynamic solicitous gung ho hungry active aroused great determined athirst zestful forcible stoked antsy mad keen driven rabid potent acute agog faithful thirsty unwavering impatient tempestuous loyal aggressive anxious staunch firm tender true intent emphatic excessive deep-seated hopped-up hearty keen as mustard geeked uncontrolled deeply felt hepped up motivated diligent willing interested intemperate ebullient serious immoderate constant dramatic exhilarated exciting thrilled exuberant ambitious stormy obsessive strenuous true-blue keyed up dutiful excitable mettlesome bright-eyed and bushy-tailed intensive explosive unbridled feeling genuine as keen as mustard heightened meaningful significant pious sensitive greedy stimulating yearning purposeful severe overwhelming afire longing sworn responsive peppy effective animate bold zippy full of beans chomping at the bit sparky gutsy assertive itching vibrant conscientious champing at the bit infatuated compelling incensed punchy industrious ecstatic inordinate persistent fanatic rampant stanch raw vital ferocious true blue adoring hard-hitting untiring full of life single-minded inspirational amorous gung-ho sparkling agitated electrifying fixated driving all-consuming deep-rooted bouncy zappy pushy jaunty good unswerving electric steady touchy-feely riotous gay brisk feisty inspiriting impressive temperamental hyper racy card-carrying raving resounding moved craving tenacious hysterical dyed-in-the-wool rugged striking rash dogged terrible turbulent storming unfaltering full-blooded in-your-face stubborn ready and willing obstinate unflinching raring to go fuming volatile hard psyched up gritty hooked euphoric mournful unfeigned bigoted caring bitter graphic hellacious sympathetic elated blistering heavy hopeful telling fascinated warmblooded beside oneself exquisite concerned fond dithyrambic sharp juiced up persuasive loving militant gripping uplifting titillated overpowering potty arousing irrepressible alive bubbly exhilarating riveting warm-hearted effectual tireless chirpy addicted boisterous red-blooded adherent enterprising stalwart possessed appetent perky influential indefatigable fast thoughtful vociferous heady neurotic intoxicating zingy happy rip-roaring airy tough hair-raising spunky aflame go-ahead doting peppery gingery breathtaking galvanizing pledged kinetic rhapsodic supportive exhilarative galvanic instigative snappy cordial kicky zesty springy pert delighted mighty jazzy pizzazzy pizazzy spanking bouncing frisky hopped up provoking muscular anthemic mind-bending emotion-charged mind-blowing mind-boggling heart-stopping soul-stirring covetous go-go awakened uproarious galvanising deep-dyed lovesick besotted intuitive out of control high-octane all-out solid nervous hard-working buoyant ghastly almighty absorbed persevering dotty wishing full of vim and vigour strong-willed insatiable extraordinary wrathful enraged pulling no punches settled exceptional strong-minded desiring engaged rarin' to go aching enraptured fired lustful dreadful hectic inveterate encouraging indomitable unhesitating sad suggestive fearful set radical affectionate visionary dependable resolved fearsome distracted reverent revealing irresistible hung up pleased vicious over-enthusiastic intoxicated noisy cheerful smitten enamoured frightful excruciating effusive understanding pregnant heartening overwrought rapturous revolutionary overzealous unreasonable trusted articulate silver-tongued mercurial honest roused opinionated clamorous seething overindulgent trustworthy revelatory meaning pathetic uncompromising revering chipper rigorous dying captivated rowdy extravagant peart venerating true-hearted itchy indicative heavy-duty reliable gentle plucky patriotic action-packed diehard uncurbed biased overenthusiastic breezy tried and true tried and tested desperate concentrated compulsive enamored doleful bugged unqualified provocative animating considerate unchecked trusty blunt volcanic lawless unflagging vocal outspoken colourful colorful dinkum strict extremist pushing motivating painful turnt pointed outrageous close grasping acquisitive anarchic maniacal energized flamboyant soulful dying to gotta have energizing gone on hot-tempered activated berserk high-strung impactful rough coming on strong down-the-line seditious bona fide robust stable perceptive stem-winding lusty inciting energised heartbreaking ballsy hardy obstreperous amenable awakening vibrating irrational agonizing wishful energising swivel-eyed berko convulsive studious disposed immovable breathless deranged magnificent mutinous shaking bright and breezy very excited turned on pining pumped up lyrical alive and kicking termagant in turmoil rambunctious raucous agonising hot to trot have-a-go agitating attached inclined hankering heartrending geared up full of get-up-and-go in a frenzy cranked up carried away tremendous sexy titillating sultry irascible besetting scintillating incisive aglow decided bent on fixed hardboiled buckled down set on bent painstaking aflutter bubbling over towering susceptible unrelenting sedulous marked responsible tried tried-and-true penetrating piercing convincing cogent big abject entrenched atingle agitable daring laborious arduous taxing overactive intensified instinctive ravenous heartwarming overcharged authoritative all out magnetic unchanging hard-core rooted intrenched exhausting bursting loud poetic warmhearted rapacious avaricious inspirited galvanized go-getting revolutionist verklempt sentient obsessional very angry bound uninhibited valiant strident forthright insistent influenced encouraged uplifted wacky tantalized habitual prepared supreme thorough grave rocking barnstorming indignant irate acrimonious ireful gaga tantalised positive emotionable solemn untrammeled untrammelled daft pronounced full-throated gut hot for jumping bright relentless hot-headed through and through impervious annihilatory gluttonous corrosive edacious engagé involved engrossed galvanised succinct terse pithy unfailing deepest thoroughgoing up proactive bullish banzai flush short-fuse highly strung enduring stout on one's side fluent rampaging devastating jumping up and down major riled up preoccupied knee-deep occupied self-driven ultra wanting hoping for longing for fain single-hearted old faithful true to the end out-and-out given over to heart-to-heart confirmed bred-in-the-bone charismatic activating productive self-motivated highpowered hyped-up go-getter vitalizing unmanageable harsh unfettered biting take-charge can-do obdurate goody-goody worshipping worshiping heart-and-soul pietistic sunny primal visceral unconcealed undisguised minded on the make extremely enthusiastic flourishing drastic glad restive unreluctant blustery ruinous keen on inexorable rumbustious off the air on the warpath distraught unrestrainable dashing bustling dazzling frolicsome pyretic full prepossessed febrile wackadoodle wackadoo paroxysmal coercive rebel graceful hardened happening virile humming buzzing in the mood of a mind pysched up up for on for favourably inclined waiting with bated breath chaotic unstable ambitious for anxious for yearning for eager for cheery joyful merry jubilant full-on fundamentalist orthodox indulgent fascinating hopping spry coruscating busy astir fresh thriving abuzz play hard ball play for keeps foaming at the mouth fit to be tied unhinged maniac distrait erratic monomaniacal partial headstrong domineering credulous willful contumacious incorrigible goody two-shoes roller-coaster unsettled radiant sturdy upbeat brash frolic gladsome exultant beguiled enchanted charmed willing for ready for avid for sensational trembling traditional conservative terrorist sweating devouring abubble sound aboil intent on gamesome blithesome blithe glib lucid smooth-tongued well-spoken pure prayerful artistic refractory kind hot and heavy critical shivering shuddering quaking bewitched subjective resilient maddened beside yourself overexcited in a fit hysteric in a state driven to distraction very upset unnerved out of one's wits panic-stricken in a panic spasmodic prehensile hopeful for envious aspiring towards aspiring keen for disturbed irregular rowdydowdy full of force true to life smiley crank benevolent gale force cut-throat empathetic perturbed full of confusion untamed full of ups and downs full of conflict stern roughhouse full of upheavals destructive well-expressed full of the joys of spring full of spirit ball of fire full of pep awe-inspiring fabulous swinging delightful fab enchanting miraculous boss wondrous blood-tingling awesome large spine-tingling intolerant nuts for high on evocative descriptive friendly dear nurturing taken spellbound love-struck seduced feeling one's oats burning up flushed febrific ravening for itching for greedy for thirsty for craving for wishing for hungry for self-indulgent foolish rapt distressing upsetting iron-willed grandiloquent rhetorical smooth-spoken well spoken voluble magniloquent well expressed sententious facund amatory compassionate tender-hearted elevated of good cheer light-hearted reborn dying for aspiring to entranced piteous pitiful illiberal prejudiced one-sided partisan generous attentive amiable reverential indicating emotion indicating feeling allusive imaginative zero cool hard-nosed giddy struck silly fatuous lovesome simple lovey-dovey serving soft-hearted soft receptive tenderhearted infuriated narrow-minded pitiable disturbing saddening heart-rending sorrowful overjoyed sagacious sure self-confident unyielding unbending in high spirits as merry as a grig undue profligate unjustified prodigal enrapt cheering gladdening representing mobile pictorial indicating representative full of feeling communicative showy full of emotion brilliant open ingenious easy-to-read picturesque masterly signifying infected naked insane corybantic overboard sick poisoned smoking mad-dog ultraist diseased sizzling bitten unwell virulent flipped ill harrowing wretched tearful miserable incendiary reinvigorated decisive brave courageous ripe irritable vulnerable impressionable cognizant sensorial perceiving conscious sensory reactive sensible fragile very keen very enthusiastic expressing adoration bound up close-knit unwarranted unrestricted inflaming warming zealotic fireball gut-wrenching tragic tear-jerking plaintive independent heroic self-assertive mean take charge unhampered unhindered imprudent egregious lavish runaway unbounded dissolute reckless abandoned freaked out rabble-rousing insurgent self-starting using wild-eyed nostalgic perturbing eulogistic firm in spirit confident certain stout-hearted tough-minded ironclad resourceful demagogic O.T.T. dissipative wanton incontinent over the top dissipated uncalled for debauched rebellious fomenting agitational revitalized quick motivational elevating on cloud nine over the moon hate-mongering two-fisted unbalanced over-the-top inspirative improving enriching enlivening contentious controversial heart-warming invigorating memorable seditionary inflammatory incitive impelling stimulative wasted dependent on under the influence jonesing for shooting up habituated abusing addicted to strung out with a … habit dependent jonesing on prone like a red rag to a bull instigating affective exalting refreshing alert vitalized revitalised born-again envigorating piquing triggering thought-provoking

Tính từ

In a state of nervous excitement or anxiety
overwrought agitated tense distracted distraught frantic excited overexcited wired hysterical uptight desperate frenzied nervous neurotic upset anxious distressed edgy fidgety jumpy on edge beside oneself jittery panicky restless worked up feverish heated hectic highly strung hyperactive keyed up nervy overactive twitchy wrought-up adrenalized in a state stressy strung out swivel-eyed tooshie wound up affected crazy emotional excitable fired-up freaked-out het up high high-strung hot-and-bothered hyper keyed-up overstrung overwhelmed spent stirred stressed strung-out strung up tired touchy under a strain uneasy unstrung weary worked-up worn wound-up beside yourself throwing a wobbly flipped out in a tizzy in a twitter out of your mind all shook up hot under collar at the end of your tether worried apprehensive troubled perturbed unquiet antsy disturbed ill at ease bothered dithery frightened in a tizz in a flap fearful queazy toey queasy unsettled scared insecure flustered fretful having kittens concerned discomposed in a stew aflutter all of a dither fraught wild hung up disquieted mad windy wrought up atwitter frenetic in a state of agitation spooky strained delirious shook up alarmed rattled on tenterhooks shaky goosey hinky furious in a state of nerves afraid squirrelly unglued all of a lather on pins and needles panic-stricken like a cat on a hot tin roof shaken spooked in a sweat violent ruffled uncomfortable unnerved in a panic disconcerted dismayed in a twit flurried hot and bothered in a cold sweat fevered raving rabid all of a doodah hysteric intense manic confused febrile in a dither restive a bundle of nerves in a flat spin berserk taut annoyed trembling raging angry bricking oneself deranged shocked unscrewed irritable insane worried sick in suspense corybantic unzipped vexed timorous hot under the collar angsty fierce obsessive uncontrolled wigged out maniacal exciting fervid hurt crazed grieved shaking terrified distrait timid out of control choked muddled harassed tormented irked weirded out at wits' end in a lather unrelaxed animated like a cat on hot bricks unhappy panic-struck impatient ferocious quaking in a fluster unhinged moved startled sad turbulent saddened irrational demented aghast under stress horrified clutched hassled disappointed discountenanced gutted stressed out weird zonkers thrown discombobulated in a frenzy freaked out spazzed out skittish anguished irritated waiting for the axe to fall carried away in a tiz-woz inconvenienced flighty waiting with bated breath careful fractious spasmodic with your heart in your mouth fluttery impassioned shivery creepy peevish unrestrained sensitive passionate irascible vehement overcome fretting fanatical energetic wreck lively overanxious fiery inflamed aroused afflicted petrified tempestuous devastated chaotic berko white-knuckled tumultuous unbalanced quivering terror-struck daunted angstful solicitous horror-struck bugged avid disordered terror-stricken horror-stricken shattered unrestful scared to death scared stiff very upset a wreck verklempt in a spin nervous wreck frozen frit pained shot to pieces beset riled angered tortured plagued provoked bundle of nerves blue perplexed in a funk fast and furious worried stiff like a fish out of water out of one's mind in a blue funk having butterflies in the stomach with one's stomach in knots put out shaking in one's shoes bummed out scared out of your wits broken up cut up frightened out of your wits in a pother madding fanciful overcharged weak roused hesitant fussy fazed flushed consumed aquiver frazzled under pressure frisky unreluctant overemotional unsettling unnerving stirred up flapping hyped-up afire atingle hyperexcited disturbing disquieting emotive furibund phrenetic confusing histrionic strung-up hag-ridden charged hairy agog eagerly pressured embarrassed self-conscious discomfited emotionally charged traumatized dispirited moving shot spirited bitter distressful nonplussed nuts addled falling apart all agog open-mouthed lost it all of a flutter suspicious palpitant wrung zipped up hot juiced up agitating cross complaining uncontrollable at fever pitch white knuckled anxiously waiting nervously awaiting fearfully anticipating apprehensively expecting asea not knowing what to do with oneself out of one's wit with bated breath compulsive petulant crushed heartbroken in turmoil all nerves up the wall rigid worrisome exacerbated puzzled displeased chagrined aggravated mortified pestered harried harrowed miffed on the qui vive tearing one's hair out intimidated unrestrainable testy miserable querulous stressful stormy cowardly fixated unstable oversensitive phobic distressing offended fretted crabbed captious crotchety tetchy maniac traumatised concerning full-hearted like a chicken with its head cut off low unhealthy abnormal paranoid cowering terrorized affrighted pusillanimous cowed convulsive nerve-racking nail-biting nerve-wracking last-minute chicken afeared wounded shell-shocked emotionally defeated broken-hearted grumpy short-tempered ill-natured bad-tempered yellow feart stunned terrorised maladjusted enthusiastic perfervid passional irrepressible impetuous maddened driven to distraction incensed fuming possessed rampant blazing seething in awe alarmed at running scared apprehensive about intimidated by shaking like a leaf having cold feet faint-hearted scared witless come apart psyched out at sixes and sevens in disorder all torn up amazed inhibited erratic disoriented aberrant deviant obsessed cranky splenetic out of sorts ill-tempered whining crabby grumbling ratty fervent indignant wrathful irate acrimonious ireful ardent frightened to death funky zealous shy watchful trepidatious dreading snappish perverse contrary ornery caviling faultfinding carping huffy critical mean in a fit injured damaged basket case out of one's wits skittery a basket case sweating bullets cavilling brittle impaired busy ecstatic mousy flurrying like one possessed flustering boisterous riotous easily frightened easily agitated rumbustious buzzing brisk bustling thrilled elated rip-roaring nutsy madhouse burning vibrant wooly zoolike jungle hassle crowded transported euphoric very busy woolly very active overjoyed rapturous jubilant exultant in seventh heaven Corybantic sent on cloud nine like Piccadilly Circus hell broke loose drunk delighted enthused wild with excitement on cloud seven in a frenzy of delight in raptures over the moon blissed out in transports of delight walking on air on a high jumping for joy intoxicated uncertain unsure shrinking diffident retiring awkward unconfident doubtful lily-livered wretched bashful irresolute scary unsteady have cold feet spineless stiff peeved angst-ridden sorrowful disconsolate distrustful inconsolable cautious out of place wavering meek weak-kneed self-doubting grief-stricken questioning unpeaceful dolorous desolate fainthearted mistrustful appalled tremulous unassured sorrowing beleaguered fidgeting despairing sissy wimpy pessimistic brokenhearted haunted indecisive exercised dubious wrecked unnatural vague shook gauche blushing agonized wary despondent tentative unassertive introverted gutless depressed narked guarded sceptical dejected melancholy wriggly vacillating mousey squirmy panicked withdrawn wiggly craven exasperated careworn doleful doubting skeptical fearsome fitful shot down recreant grieving weeping mournful rueful pigeon-hearted lacking confidence passive tensed preoccupied galled woeful dolesome cynical teed off not self-assured lacking self-confidence spiritless soft hounded demoralized wailing aching bewailing bemoaning suffering lacking courage wimpish unheroic yellow-bellied unruly feeble abashed sheepish pigeonhearted itchy chicken-hearted wet discouraged disheartened chickenhearted rabbity poor-spirited demoralised stilted oppressed agonised stupefied submissive unyielding bedevilled stressed-out not confident sleepless active numb dazed dumbfounded in pain racked with suffering racked with pain bedeviled pushing the panic button in doubt tossing and turning burdened twittering faltering dithering scunnered disorderly swithering dragged ripped caught up disorientated unconsolable reserved jerky worrying blanched strict conventional bewildered feeling anxious curt hard-pressed prickly strange lost overstretched discomforted hot-tempered snappy temperamental chippy quick-tempered mistrusting chary hyperexcitable prim chafed nerves on edge sorry deploring lamentable plaintive lugubrious regretful funeral plangent foreboding moody biting one's nails unmanly goose-bumpy nerveless quivery butterflies jellyfish recalcitrant restlessly moving old-fashioned run scared volatile on the defensive circumspect untrusting painful refractory modest shamefaced tied up in knots in pieces hurried changeable roving transient wandering intermittent inconstant footloose nomadic pressurized pressurised obstinate stubborn lacking in confidence lacking assurance approval-seeking tongue-tied lacking social skills self-effacing mannered artificial ill-at-ease aw-shucks very scared in fear and trepidation numb with fear abject boneless dastardly biting nails having a funny feeling having stage fright unforthcoming white-livered poltroon sookie leery paralysed speechless paralyzed champing at the bit easily upset fiddle-footed sissified milk-livered chicken-livered caitiff base candy-assed put upon benumbed transfixed unsure of yourself out of countenance cringey cowhearted backward worthless hopeless wakeful Delphic immobilized immobilised unpoised gripped at wit's end under the cosh up against it indeterminate unclear equivocal borderline unknown questionable ambiguous dubitable chancy inconclusive gentle Milquetoast capricious bullied browbeaten insomniac on guard all wound up visited by preyed upon heavyhearted broken cheerless morose on the rack dominated controlled no guts having the willies paper tiger suicidal bereaved down heartsick hurting cursed seized unsleeping awake dogged overpowered surrounded mourning insomnolent touch and go on thin ice hanging by thread forlorn downcast devoured held bewitched suspecting alert persecuted taken over under a spell fiendish in the grip of up in the air gloomy dismal flexed tight trustless infuriated enraged in a temper vigilant resigned clouded possessive quizzical hard in despair defeatist without sleep wide-awake attentive wide awake woebegone aggrieved fed up hacked off melancholic strabilious bleak sunk no-win long-suffering wondering unbelieving solid firm tightened heavy with grief overcome with sorrow weighed down can't win jealous cheesed off shirty peed off brassed off sore ticked off stretched in the pits not a prayer at end of one's rope down in the dumps in the soup in the dumps close snug tightly drawn inflexible extended burning with excitement steaming crook bent out of shape boiling snaky having reservations in question

Động từ

Past tense for to provoke to frenzy or madness
angered enflamed enraged incensed inflamed infuriated ired madded maddened misted outraged rankled riled roiled clouded fogged fogged up misted up ticked off became misted become misted became misty become misty clouded over misted over rubbed the wrong way became covered with condensation become covered with condensation provoked galled irritated exasperated narked annoyed upset vexed aggravated put your back up hacked off wound up irked made your blood boil piqued needled gravelled graveled put out made someone see red nettled antagonized peeved displeased bugged offended bothered got your goat rubbed up the wrong way antagonised affronted miffed chafed empurpled sent into a rage umbraged made somebody's hackles rise got across ruffled got agitated embittered fired up grated burnt up burned up pestered exacerbated hacked you off made you see red raised your hackles drove crazy driven crazy driven up the wall got under your skin drove up the wall gotten under your skin excited crazed fretted stirred up driven mad drove mad disturbed disgruntled spited persecuted frosted humped gotten across hurt got at got your dander up acerbated rasped got to got your back up itched ruffled one's feathers teed off griped bummed out gotten your back up put someone's nose out of joint appalled grated on egged on whipped up asked for it gotten rode ridden got on your nerves gotten on your nerves incited festered unhinged hassled irritated greatly bristled caused resentment to caused annoyance to hacked grilled goaded crossed made sore tried your patience made livid rattled grope gnawed at boiled over lost one's temper got on your wick gotten at aggrieved made an enemy of somebody caused offense to wronged gotten to jarred on got on one's nerves frustrated aroused baited burnt obsessed harassed made you angry raised hell got in your hair gnawed boiled cheesed off rattled someone's cage caused offence to burned disgusted scandalised pained browned off tormented riled up rubbed you up the wrong way made indignant made somebody's blood boil mortified possessed given someone the hump rankled with shattered insulted gave someone the hump gotten on one's nerves scandalized distracted plagued got a rise out of gotten a rise out of gave offence to given offence to ate gotten on the wrong side of eaten got on the wrong side of eaten at ate at gave someone the pip given someone the pip blew up gotten up someone's nose got up someone's nose blown up got someone gotten someone ate up gnawn eaten away at eaten up ate away at drove you crazy driven you crazy drove you round the bend drove you round the twist driven you off your head driven to distraction got your hackles up drove you to distraction drove to distraction driven you round the bend drove you out of your mind drove out of mind driven out of mind drove you off your head gotten your hackles up driven you round the twist driven you out of your mind driven you to distraction vext gat gripen rid troubled worried distressed perturbed nagged teased made angry wound wounded harried badgered cut to the quick made cross discomposed niggled abraded grieved disquieted bedevilled bedeviled stung molested hurt somebody's feelings depressed discomfited shocked disconcerted taunted made waves turned off afflicted hounded dissatisfied perplexed beset injured jarred chagrined discommoded dogged driven round the bend drove round the bend pricked caused offense saddened hit where one lives driven round the twist drove round the twist mithered discountenanced fazed tried agonized given a hard time gave a hard time slighted gnew embarrassed dismayed incommoded disobliged concerned picked on agonised setted one's teeth on edge tried the patience of prodded roused flustered inconvenienced affected ailed bit nudged stirred devilled deviled repelled bored cut browbeat pursued zinged bummed horrified put off discombobulated worked up worn on wore on intimidated sticked in one's craw nauseated sickened dissed crushed bullied hectored made unhappy rattled one's cage nagged at disheartened got across someone put someone off their stroke beat put into a flap put down cast down put on the spot set on put into a funk set off upset the applecart set someone's teeth on edge put a damper on given someone grief gave someone grief pressed prest ached driven bananas drove bananas pinched compressed cramped squeezed grinded ground chivvied chivied fussed scared confused unsettled discontented disaffected tantalized tattered frayed eroded fouled muddied interrupted unnerved spurred stewed petted tiffed huffed impeded hindered criticized tantalised bitten flurried winged capped curdled disappointed sounded revolted cooled mispleased chid chided smouldered devastated confounded henpecked heckled hazed tired scoured got someone's wick bore pushed one's buttons intruded upon rattled someone's chain browbeaten imposed on beleaguered oppressed steamed repulsed excruciated bent someone's ear harmed breathed down someone's neck attracted absorbed motivated jangled interested grabbed ignited awaked absorpt quickened victimized harrowed carped at questioned examined tweaked quizzed brewed fermented intensified dejected caviled cavilled imposed upon disrespected played dirty foiled thwarted made nervous terrorized raged lambasted caused sorrow exercised bled wigged caused anguish mourned caused suffering snubbed worked on heated up het up mixed up soured tortured excoriated panicked alarmed distempered slurred humiliated worn wore wearied criticised blustered frilled flummoxed furbelowed stumped disrupted cowed fuddled floored started burdened crabbed begrudged grudged pushed the buttons of wore out worn out bruised pothered grated upon jarred upon dispirited expelled dragooned victimised exiled hunted terrorised crucified scraped away brought down run up the wrong way messed caused someone to lose their composure made anxious caused anxiety thumbed nose at drove you up the wall driven you up the wall made someone fed up loused up hung up weighed down dampened spirits stressed resent made it hot for someone messed with made wretched caused to panic made discontented made things hot for someone blistered worked into lather aroused hostility in caused annoyance caused resentment pushed someon's buttons made blue resented gathered discouraged become bored racked made miserable cankered caused anguish to strained found fault with smoldered caused bitterness singled out got the knife into lost patience grated at chastened had had enough made turbid gnawed away at caused vexation sticked the knife into dragged down ulcerated oke aken driven nuts drove nuts broke broken brake awoken awoke worn down wore down thrown threw shook up shaken up given the business gave the business thrown off balance threw off balance gave a bad time given a bad time beaten wore away worn away ran up the wrong way worn upon wore upon driven insane drove insane gotten even got even broke one's heart broken one's heart became bored took a rise out of taken a rise out of thrown into a tizz threw into a tizz wore to shreds bit into worn to shreds bitten into ulcered broke the heart of broken the heart of trod on someone's toes trodden on someone's toes given offence gave offence threw into tizzy thrown into tizzy gotten on someone got on someone

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