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Động từ

Past tense for to cause to become angry
angered infuriated incensed enraged inflamed maddened riled outraged rankled roiled enflamed madded ticked off steamed up provoked galled narked upset irritated annoyed exasperated vexed vext aggravated irked hacked off wound up needled nettled piqued displeased peeved bugged gravelled graveled put out antagonized rubbed up the wrong way put your back up offended miffed affronted bothered antagonised made your blood boil made someone see red ruffled chafed umbraged got your goat got across exacerbated agitated empurpled pestered burnt up burned up rubbed the wrong way sent into a rage stirred up fired up made blood boil hacked you off made you see red driven up the wall drove up the wall got rasped spited itched frosted persecuted grated griped humped disgruntled excited fretted embittered crazed disturbed drove crazy driven crazy hurt got to acerbated grated on crossed teed off appalled got at whipped up gotten across raised your hackles bummed out got in someone's hair put someone's back up made your hackles rise got under someone's skin raised hell rattled someone's cage ruffled someone's feathers put someone's nose out of joint egged on asked for it rid rode ridden driven mad drove mad misted got your back up gotten your back up clouded misted up fogged fogged up incited festered gotten gat become misty clouded over become misted misted over grope gripen unhinged hassled irritated greatly rattled caused resentment to caused annoyance to hacked insulted scandalized bristled grilled goaded gnawed at obsessed harassed made you angry gnawed pained tormented mortified plagued gotten to disgusted frustrated aroused baited burnt boiled burned possessed shattered distracted cheesed off browned off aggrieved gotten at wronged scandalised made livid made one see red made someone's blood boil got one's goat made sore tried your patience gotten under skin gotten under one's skin got your dander up boiled over lost one's temper become covered with condensation tried one's patience got under one's skin gotten one's goat caused offense to ruffled one's feathers jarred on got on one's nerves made someone's hackles rise got someone's goat gotten someone's back up got someone's back up got on your nerves caused offence to got on someone's nerves gotten on your nerves riled up rubbed one the wrong way rubbed you up the wrong way gotten someone's goat made indignant gotten on someone's nerves made somebody's blood boil given someone the hump rankled with got under skin gave someone the hump gotten on one's nerves became misted became misty ate eaten gnawn gnew eaten away at ate away at got a rise out of gotten a rise out of gave offence to given offence to ate up eaten up became covered with condensation got someone gotten someone drove you crazy driven you crazy gave someone the pip given someone the pip blew up gotten on someone's wick got someone's dander up gotten up someone's nose got up someone's nose gotten someone's dander up blown up got on someone's wick eaten at ate at drove you to distraction driven you to distraction got under your skin gotten under your skin drove you round the bend drove you round the twist driven you off your head driven to distraction got your hackles up drove to distraction drove somebody up the wall driven you round the bend drove you out of your mind drove out of mind driven somebody up the wall driven out of mind drove you off your head gotten your hackles up driven you round the twist driven you out of your mind troubled worried distressed perturbed nagged teased made angry wound wounded harried badgered cut to the quick made cross discomposed niggled abraded grieved disquieted bedevilled bedeviled stung got in your hair molested hurt someone's feelings depressed discomfited shocked disconcerted taunted made waves afflicted hounded got on your wick dissatisfied perplexed beset injured jarred chagrined discommoded dogged turned off driven round the bend drove round the bend pricked caused offense tried someone's patience saddened hit where one lives driven round the twist drove round the twist mithered discountenanced fazed tried agonized given a hard time gave a hard time slighted embarrassed dismayed incommoded disobliged concerned picked on agonised tried the patience of prodded roused flustered inconvenienced affected ailed bit nudged devilled deviled stirred repelled bored browbeat cut pursued zinged bummed horrified put off discombobulated worked up worn on wore on intimidated sticked in one's craw nauseated sickened got someone's hackles up dissed crushed bullied setted one's teeth on edge hectored made unhappy put your nose out of joint rattled one's cage nagged at disheartened got across someone got up your nose put someone off their stroke beat put into a flap put down cast down put on the spot upset the apple cart set on hurt somebody's feelings put somebody's nose out of joint put into a funk set someone's teeth on edge set one off put a damper on given someone grief gave someone grief pressed prest ached driven bananas drove bananas gotten on somebody's nerves got on somebody's nerves got on nerves gotten on nerves pinched compressed cramped squeezed grinded ground chivvied chivied fussed scared confused unsettled discontented disaffected tantalized tattered frayed eroded fouled muddied interrupted unnerved spurred impeded hindered stewed petted tiffed huffed criticized tantalised bitten flurried winged capped curdled disappointed sounded revolted cooled mispleased chid chided smouldered devastated confounded heckled hazed tired scoured henpecked bore got someone's wick pushed one's buttons intruded upon browbeaten rattled someone's chain imposed on oppressed steamed bent someone's ear repulsed excruciated harmed breathed down someone's neck beleaguered attracted absorbed motivated jangled interested grabbed ignited awaked absorpt quickened victimized carped at harrowed questioned examined tweaked quizzed brewed fermented intensified dejected caviled cavilled imposed upon disrespected played dirty foiled thwarted gotten in one's hair got in one's hair made nervous terrorized raged lambasted caused sorrow exercised bled wigged caused anguish mourned caused suffering snubbed mixed up soured tortured worked on heated up het up excoriated panicked alarmed distempered slurred humiliated worn wore wearied criticised started blustered frilled flummoxed furbelowed stumped disrupted cowed fuddled floored burdened crabbed begrudged grudged pushed the buttons of wore out worn out bruised pothered grated upon jarred upon dispirited expelled dragooned victimised exiled hunted terrorised crucified scraped away brought down run up the wrong way messed setted your teeth on edge caused someone to lose their composure made anxious caused anxiety thumbed nose at turned one off made someone fed up loused up cramped style hung up brought one down weighed down dampened spirits stressed wound somebody up resent made it hot for someone messed with made wretched caused to panic made discontented made things hot for someone blistered worked into lather puts somebody's nose out of joint aroused hostility in caused annoyance caused resentment pushed someon's buttons made blue resented gathered discouraged become bored racked made miserable cankered caused anguish to strained found fault with smoldered caused bitterness singled out got the knife into lost patience grated at chastened had had enough made turbid gnawed away at caused vexation sticked the knife into dragged down ulcerated oke aken driven nuts drove nuts broke broken brake awoken awoke worn down wore down thrown threw shook up shaken up given the business gave the business thrown off balance threw off balance beaten wore away worn away gave a bad time given a bad time ran up the wrong way worn upon wore upon driven insane drove insane gotten even got even broke one's heart broken one's heart became bored took a rise out of taken a rise out of thrown into a tizz threw into a tizz wore to shreds bit into worn to shreds bitten into ulcered broke the heart of broken the heart of trod on someone's toes trodden on someone's toes given offence gave offence drove you up the wall driven you up the wall threw into tizzy thrown into tizzy gotten on someone got on someone

Động từ

Past tense for to set something on fire

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ired Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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