Đồng nghĩa của plagued

Alternative for plagued

plagues, plagued, plaguing

Đồng nghĩa: annoy, badger, bother, disease, epidemic, harass, haunt, molest, pester, pestilence, torment, trouble, vex, worry,

Động từ

Past tense for to cause anguish or distress to
troubled pestered bedeviled bedevilled harassed persecuted tormented badgered bothered disturbed harried annoyed hassled molested vexed vext hounded afflicted teased tortured worried aggravated agonised agonized anguished beset besieged bugged cursed curst excruciated fretted harrowed irritated mithered nagged racked rode rid ridden deviled devilled haunted kept after pained agitated beleaguered chafed galled gnawed gnew gnawn hectored infested irked perturbed pursued upset gave someone grief given someone grief drove round the bend driven round the bend drove up the wall driven up the wall got in your hair got on your nerves gotten on your nerves gave a hard time given a hard time distressed oppressed exasperated provoked hurt burdened needled ruffled stressed strained nettled put out got to riled baited disquieted discomposed peeved narked chivvied tried picked on goaded angered piqued gnawed at hacked off displeased concerned perplexed bullied grieved dogged got importuned fazed disconcerted fussed miffed flustered depressed heckled ailed caused suffering to weighed down niggled grated unsettled rattled rasped aggrieved wound up taunted lied heavy on crucified rankled infuriated appalled wound wounded discommoded maddened gotten to mortified spited griped alarmed ticked off dismayed pressurized pressed prest distracted taxed rubbed up the wrong way saddened offended frosted kept on at assailed enraged discomfited outraged flurried unnerved pressurised frazzled browbeat unhinged distempered derailed wrung hagrid got at dunned discombobulated burned up burnt up intimidated gotten gat chivied frustrated itched interrupted hacked you off nudged freaked out bummed out ate eaten weirded out inconvenienced got across weighed heavily on frightened put your back up blighted dragooned embarrassed nagged at incensed preyed on tantalized discomforted tantalised exercised victimized graveled gravelled alarumed bent someone's ear worked on made anxious exacerbated made uneasy terrorized mistreated scared obsessed bulldozed weighed on hung over victimised caused agony to martyred terrorised tyrannized harped on at railroaded put the squeeze on cut up breathed down someone's neck rankled with coerced made angry devastated tyrannised grope gripen caused anxiety to cast down spooked stirred up humped put pressure on put the screws on punished made someone see red made waves pressured preyed on your mind hurt somebody's feelings disgusted maltreated hit where one lives cut to the quick abused teared prodded overwhelmed leaned on antagonized injured confused went on at gone on at bullyragged affronted discountenanced intruded upon hazed pricked wronged abraded strong-armed browbeaten inflamed wringed wrang incommoded steamrollered made cross grated on hagridden hagrode gotten at egged on crushed forced blackjacked bewildered got on your wick confounded made uncomfortable turned off antagonised roiled gotten across teed off used strong-arm tactics on ribbed rended rent faced chaffed undone undid confronted possessed ragged tested attacked gave a bad time given a bad time smitten smote smit smited insulted threatened stabbed driven round the twist drove round the twist hunted smothered given someone the hump gave someone the hump urged cowed terrified disrupted sweat ill-treated menaced festered grizzled ridiculed criticized scourged grinded ground caused pain to cut chagrined gibed beat overcome dejected pothered despaired subdued put through wringer henpecked horrified psyched threw thrown carped at burned burnt compelled pushed bogarted caused concern to pressed down on sickened puzzled obliged mau-maued caused discomfort to insisted on made somebody's hackles rise indisposed criticised drove crazy driven crazy blustered caused trouble to inflicted anguish on niggled at flipped out disheartened picked at dominated constrained caused anguish gotten under your skin got under your skin fired up enforced caused anguish to gotten your back up got your back up got your goat made your blood boil put a strain on made it hot for someone made things hot for someone put a damper on put into a funk pushed around found fault with made miserable made wretched got down put in a spot put out of countenance let down set off rubbed the wrong way twisted someone's arm set on put down put screws to raised your hackles put in a hole put on the spot put off put the heat on put upon put someone's nose out of joint torn tore stung shaken shook broke broken brake petitioned solicited ruined destroyed ravaged consumed eaten at ate at drove mad driven mad driven to distraction drove to distraction scorned bedogged excoriated brainwashed given someone the pip gave someone the pip affected suffocated guyed recurred pierced mocked seared convulsed entangled hampered aggressed rousted gutted preoccupied buttonholed touched suffered rocked titillated enticed stressed out boned sapped stretched drained wearied exhausted straught bored crossed hindered impeded swamped mused labored laboured belaboured engulfed obtruded encroached intruded jeered accosted come back to macerated forayed despoiled noodged moved reminded insisted disgruntled shocked jumped on one's case tired scolded stewed sweated feared startled shamed started in on barracked booed squirmed dissatisfied subjugated suppressed imposed on abashed humiliated stayed with bit razzed allured tempted beguiled led on intrigued excited lured fascinated upbraided berated bounced exiled expelled shouted down jerked around overcame nonplussed gave the business given the business domineered devoured daunted caviled cavilled wheedled cajoled impelled made hustled slighted repelled repulsed nauseated disobliged jarred lied heavily on discriminated against drove bananas driven bananas rattled one's cage hissed panicked baffled thwarted charmed brought pressure to bear on argued obligated crowded fast-talked rubbed salt in wound leaded someone a merry dance played cat and mouse yawped inveighed growled murmured grumped complained squealed maundered grouched whinged bleated kicked whined kvetched caterwauled yowled hollered beefed pecked at screamed groused yammered crabbed muttered croaked whimpered squawked wailed grumbled moaned bellyached carped keened yauped repined swaggered disappointed interfered with repressed enslaved caused anxiety demeaned spurred lambasted mourned caused sorrow caused offense bled caused suffering dispirited got on the nerves of singled out dissed incited plied belabored unquieted barraged ate up bombarded eaten up sweated out intruded on barged in on hegemonized overpowered mastered muscled impressed talked swayed sandbagged messed with brought down strapped desolated dashed tired out grilled madded enflamed ired embittered swallowed up debilitated cramped crazed turned incapacitated flipped floored flirted with weighed inflicted pain on inflicted suffering on got in the hair of overawed egged awed buffaloed grumbled at started moaned at mixed up subjected taken over took over exploited horned in on discredited dishonoured gotten on one's nerves got on one's nerves got the knife into sticked the knife into jibed at shouted at pushed the buttons of made unhappy made fretful made restless dampened spirits caused annoyance to caused resentment to overcharged caused disquiet to affrighted made severe demands on made demands on treated harshly kept down moaned on at got your dander up cheesed off heated up kept complaining to het up showed up made awkward made self-conscious owned made ashamed butted in on keyed up layed up turned on laid up discouraged made blue dragged down scared off worked into lather steamed up encumbered pushed about psyched out rode roughshod over shouted catcalls at rattled someone's cage saddled brought someone to their knees trampled underfoot overloaded prevailed on dished it out trampled on butted in tried your patience aroused anxiety in brought under the yoke scared the bejesus out of took control of busted someone's balls kept someone hanging on sent into a rage made it tough for chastened despotized run up the wrong way beat down busted chops asked for it brought to heel held down dished out ground down bludgeoned chid made your mouth water ruled with an iron hand caused someone distress held sway over taken control of made a monkey of pushed buttons handicapped rocked the boat made a scene trampled made game of questioned had someone do something chided hung up dishonored stuck it to examined caught one short ruled with a rod of iron come at stunned ruled got across someone tweaked ruffled one's feathers dumbfounded kept hanging thumbed nose at thrown off balance tyrannized over found fault walked all over ruled over quizzed threw off balance ridden roughshod over caused pain weighed heavy upon came back to bore beaten fell upon fallen upon fallen on fell on worn wore given someone hell gave someone hell given the needle gave the needle bitten driven drove drave druv broke in broken in taken the mickey took the mickey nit-picked took the piss out of taken the piss out of worn out wore out gave offence to given offence to broke one's heart broken one's heart drove you up the wall driven you up the wall got someone gotten someone own broken the heart of broke the heart of ran up the wrong way got up someone's nose gotten up someone's nose taken it out on took it out on thrown off threw off eaten away at ate away at beaten down overthrown overthrew done a number on did a number on given it to gave it to took a rise out of got a rise out of taken a rise out of gotten a rise out of threw into a tizzy thrown into a tizzy came at gotten on someone got on someone

Động từ

Past tense for to taint or afflict with something undesirable

Động từ

Past tense for to persuade someone to do something
coaxed persuaded cajoled inveigled wheedled enticed influenced tempted lured induced beguiled seduced urged allured charmed blarneyed blandished flattered wooed encouraged got gat gotten decoyed maneuvered manoeuvred palavered pressed prest conned hooked wangled wormed bartered importuned jawboned pestered soothed teased sweet-talked prevailed on soft-soaped won over talked into prevailed upon argued into got round buttered up worked on arm-twisted came on come on talked someone into something roped in twisted one's arm honeyed swayed convinced spread it on brought round smooth-talked incited instigated snowed bantered oiled soaped moved tantalized made stroked sweetened up provoked tantalised put someone up to something talked flanneled flannelled fawned courted ingratiated solicited prodded argued pressured coerced pressurized reasoned caressed toadied whetted invited brownnosed duped bootlicked deluded misled softened jollied deceived entrapped massaged crowded pushed snew snown pressurised finagled kowtowed drawn drew pandered to softened up captivated brought pressure to bear on laid it on worked over built up gotten around got around wiled prompted made up to handed a line sucked up to played up to inspired actuated motivated impelled attracted brought converted laid it on thick rubbed the right way licked someone's boots triggered stimulated steamrolled squeezed bulldozed activated flattered into coaxed into prodded into sucked in brought around sold one on exerted influence on cajoled into wheedled into egged on got next to gotten next to drawn in drew in

Tính từ

Suffering from an affliction, or suffering from pain, distress or disability
afflicted aggrieved depressed hurt stricken tormented cursed distressed grieved impaired suffering doleful miserable distraught troubled upset sad anxious dejected unhappy wretched despondent disconsolate shaken ruffled disconcerted heavyhearted traumatized devastated broken heartbroken tortured dolorous melancholy desolate morose disquieted unnerved vexed sorrowful perturbed bitter agitated discomposed inconsolable bothered cheerless bereaved discombobulated harassed anguished flustered mournful grieving despairing weeping irked concerned heartsick uptight down rueful aflutter wrecked overwhelmed hurting saddened discountenanced agonized mourning haunted pained gutted woeful bugged shook crushed harrowed dolesome wounded spooked antsy jumpy unglued sorrowing bewailing persecuted traumatised bemoaning aching wailing agonised strung out broken-hearted bummed out shook up grief-stricken cut up brokenhearted all torn up woebegone in pain angst-ridden heavy with grief racked with pain in a tizzy in a stew racked with suffering overcome with sorrow sorry regretful funeral lugubrious plangent lamentable deploring plaintive worried remorseful mortified dismal disturbed forlorn downcast tearful glum fearful racked sullen melancholic downhearted blue crestfallen low joyless gloomy droopy sombre hangdog somber heartsore cast down down in the dumps low-spirited down in the mouth lamenting pining overcome displeased painful disheartened distracted wracked discouraged heavy-hearted disappointed down-hearted emotional dispirited demoralized demoralised tristful awkward uncomfortable guilty careworn weepy burned wistful sore teary contused in doldrums in grief in the dumps in tears anxiety-ridden ground down worn out hag-ridden worn down depressive bad solemn luckless strained discontented dull destroyed ailing ruthful guilt-ridden out of sorts bowed down on a downer fed up

Tính từ

Having thoughts occupied with unpleasant things or events that have happened or that may happen
worried anxious troubled upset nervous afraid concerned tense uneasy bothered disquieted distressed disturbed frightened perturbed apprehensive distracted distraught fearful fretting unquiet wired antsy fretful on edge overwrought stressed worried sick ill at ease quaking scared tormented trembling discomposed flustered hassled insecure restless strung out twitchy under stress uptight worked up anguished disconcerted edgy jittery jumpy nervy queasy queazy rattled spooked stressy unsettled vexed aflutter agitated alarmed beset discombobulated dithery fidgety flurried irked riled ruffled shaken toey angstful bugged goosey tortured uncomfortable angsty atwitter clutched hinky muddled overstrung solicitous spooky squirrelly unglued windy a wreck hung up in a flap in a sweat in a tizzy in a twitter keyed up on tenterhooks strung up a bundle of nerves beside oneself hot and bothered in a dither in a stew in a tizz in a twit shook up worried stiff all of a dither bricking oneself in a cold sweat in a state in a state of agitation having kittens het up on pins and needles all of a lather like a cat on a hot tin roof with one's stomach in knots shaking in one's shoes with your heart in your mouth having butterflies in the stomach dismayed harassed afflicted asea pestered miffed confused mortified inconvenienced harried exacerbated aggravated puzzled harrowed provoked displeased pained annoyed chagrined perplexed terrified irritated put out in suspense strained in a state of nerves hesitant shaky wrought up waiting with bated breath all of a doodah hysterical aghast panicky excited waiting for the axe to fall trepidatious lily-livered running scared careful exercised shaking shivery watchful hyper taut dreading in a spin sweating bullets a basket case in a flat spin shot to pieces like a fish out of water like a cat on hot bricks frantic anxiously waiting fearfully anticipating nervously awaiting apprehensively expecting biting one's nails tied up in knots foreboding mistrustful suspicious doubtful neurotic uncertain weak stiff frozen beside yourself angst-ridden having a funny feeling having stage fright biting nails having cold feet timid petrified shrinking intimidated affrighted horrified horror-struck terrorized scary hysteric diffident shocked faint-hearted timorous pusillanimous afeared frit scared stiff rabbity phobic chickenhearted quivery spineless unmanly scared to death weak-kneed sheepish goose-bumpy terrorised nerveless in a funk in a blue funk have cold feet

Tính từ

smitten afflicted besotted with infatuated with love-struck by obsessed with beguiled by beset bewitched by captivated by charmed by devoted to enamored of enamoured of enchanted by enthralled by in love with into struck affected besotted crazy about enamoured enamored gone on hooked hopelessly in love with infatuated lovesick mad about potty about stricken struck on taken very attracted to very taken with wild about bowled over by ensorcelled by laid low sweet on twitterpated by very keen on head over heels in love with in love head over heels in love captivated spellbound fascinated obsessed bewitched beguiled absorbed engrossed passionate mesmerized keen hypnotized charmed mesmerised fanatical hypnotised devoted nuts about enthralled enchanted hooked on enraptured smitten with seduced rapt riveted intoxicated passionate about gripped entranced mad enthusiastic about hung up on stuck on crazy enthusiastic focused intent focussed under a spell attracted preoccupied enticed excited single-minded love-struck fixated immersed intrigued monomaniacal interested wrapped up in fond of intense preoccupied with single-minded about hell-bent preoccupied by obsessive about possessed by involved really into engrossed in caught up in dedicated to immersed in fond ardent addicted to wild wild on interested in dotty about turned on intent on hung up zealous eager inflamed possessed transfixed very enthusiastic delighted dazzled gripped by nuts tantalized titillated silly potty thrilled consumed gaga occupied keen on happy engaged taken with lost distracted tantalised buried concerned addicted deep busy fascinated by queer caught up partial to sunk in carrying a torch for taken over consumed with desire for swept off your feet wrapped up absorbed in up to one's ears up to here hypnotized by heavily into up to here in taken up head over heels focused on locked in eat sleep and breathe tied up involved in greatly enamoured of dialed in wound up deep in thought having a one-track mind giddy fervid fervent nutty very keen overwrought dizzy avid hysterical attached carried away beside oneself enraptured by hopelessly in love swept off one's feet by turned on by far gone on under the spell of taken up with hot for prepossessed carried away with gaga over wackadoodle wackadoo fanatical about paranoid neurotic doting lovestruck in the grip of injured hit crazed using transported drawn agog caught predisposed bowled over doting on under someone's spell curious troubled wounded overpowered aroused moved inquisitive sold impressed roused attentive very interested inspired touched sold on lured stimulated wasted abusing jonesing for extremely curious dependent on shooting up under the influence very inquisitive dependent strung out jonesing on prone highly interested habituated extremely interested very curious with a … habit inspirited fixated by riveted by attached to deeply affected harmed mesmerized by attracted to hungry for eager for struck down intrigued by

Tính từ

(idiomatic, figuratively) Burdened or weighed down, especially by a mass of something unpleasant
bogged down burdened encumbered mired overloaded beset laden loaded saddled beleaguered besieged flooded inundated lumbered overcome overinvolved overwhelmed swamped caught up weighed down snowed under knee deep full weighted down jammed stuffed crowded filled jam-packed chock-full crammed packed teeming overflowing swarming brimming chock-a-block brimful congested overfull overcrowded thronged bursting bursting at the seams cram-full replete overfilled packed like sardines filled to capacity full to bursting full to the gunwales abounding chockful chockablock fat crammed full full to overflowing like Piccadilly Circus choked bulging at the seams seething charged overpopulated clogged heaving weighted hoatching flush plentiful overburdened running over spilling over like the Black Hole of Calcutta up to the rafters overrun overpeopled stacked solid rife thick fraught awash mobbed stocked profuse alive bountiful abundant supplied glutted superabundant saturated wall-to-wall complete plenteous gorged filled up full to capacity full to the brim up to the hilt full to the gills filled to the brim full to the top overladen taxed bounteous lousy well-provided well-stocked thronging overbuilt well supplied chocker well stocked well provided cramped lined copious hampered permeated suffused padded plethoric covered occupied overfed luxurious lavish full up jammed full topped up loaded down torrential exuberant inundatory scaturient cornucopian inundant blocked plugged obstructed gridlocked impeded blocked-up piled high fully charged thick on the ground stuffed-up packed out massed mucous stopped closed stoppered blocked up jam-full stuffy occluded stopped up snarled up consigned bundled chock compressed wrapped tumid arranged rammed to the roof freighted

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