Đồng nghĩa của bedogged

Động từ

Past tense for to follow or track, especially closely or stealthily
tailed followed tracked shadowed trailed chased dogged hounded stalked coursed hunted traced pursued tagged ran run eyed bird-dogged ran after run after gave chase to given chase to kept an eye on kept under surveillance spoored heeled hunted down tagged along followed on strung along hung back run down lingered behind come after tracked down poked along kept a tab on kept in sight kept tabs on run with followed a scent run to earth run to ground nosed out ran down taken out after ran to ground ran to earth took out after went after gone after came after ran with trod on the heels of trodden on the heels of watched found put a tail on sought surveilled chased after located chivied haunted observed dug up ferreted out kept watch on followed secretly smelt out kept track of lurked behind lurked close by lurked nearby searched for followed the trail of watched over given chase gave chase investigated sought out scented scouted harried chevied accompanied shagged rushed after crept up on striddled lurked ambushed menaced paced prowled approached harassed attended badgered plagued probed observed furtively spied followed on the heels of kept pace with kept up the pace with monitored surveyed taken off after took off after quested elicited gone in pursuit of went in pursuit of moved behind prowled after gunned for spied on kept under observation pried played catch up dogged the footsteps of flushed out wormed out searched out staked out scouted out looked for kept a watch on got at smoked out dug out chased down worked undercover sniffed out lurked in the shadows camped on the doorstep of rooted out secretly followed walked up to driven drove rode ridden gotten at

Động từ

Past tense for to be (constantly) subjected to something unpleasant

Trái nghĩa của bedogged

bedogged Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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