Đồng nghĩa của hounded

Alternative for hounded

hounds, hounded, hounding

Đồng nghĩa: chase, dog, follow, hunt, insist, press, search, seek, urge,

Động từ

To have caused someone to do something, usually against their inclinations
made forced pressured coerced compelled required drove induced obliged pressed pressurized browbeat caused commanded constrained impelled impressed demanded intimidated obligated ordered pressurised railroaded strong-armed willed badgered blackmailed bludgeoned bullied dragooned effected had harassed hectored imposed on prevailed on put up to sandbagged bulldozed menaced muscled prevailed upon steamrollered goaded put the screws on prest pushed put pressure on prodded urged pestered nagged incited put the squeeze on spurred harried drave driven druv hustled provoked blackjacked stirred put the heat on influenced instigated hassled whipped used pressure on fast-talked press-ganged egged on prompted persuaded browbeaten beset brainwashed nudged leaned on bounced used strong-arm tactics on put under an obligation bothered excited inflamed fomented worked up squeezed pricked inspired triggered twisted someone's arm insisted on sicced turned on the heat fired up brought pressure to bear on worked on enforced agitated roused set on set encouraged moved stimulated besieged motivated propelled stirred up steamrolled plagued threatened insisted keyed up put the screws to pushed around come at breathed down someone's neck rowelled sounded roweled whipped up had someone do something drummed up kindled aroused advised implored promoted admonished begged belaboured advocated expedited started galvanized electrified disturbed whomped up abetted raised besought beseeched inspanned solicited assailed wheedled importuned cajoled recommended inspirited tyrannized exacted cowed domineered challenged argued adjured worried bullyragged necessitated compressed commandeered extorted entreated exhorted needled bogarted oppressed talked swayed speeded up tried to persuade sped up constricted squashed dictated condensed imposed ramrodded blustered terrorized buffaloed got someone going rousted dragooned into expected exerted invoked poured it on turned on forced upon pushed for tyrannised dogged exerted influence on turned the screw on politicked came at acted on vexed worked over frightened walked heavy cracked down sold fired the imagination of browbeat into railroaded into twisted one's arm tightened the screws on bulldozed into turned the screws on belabored lashed sold one on bombarded tormented galvanised titillated lit a fire under despotized terrorised spurred on made compulsory fired the enthusiasm of tightened the screw on troubled vext kicked steamrollered into mau-maued wrested stung gotten going got going ridden roughshod rode roughshod overborne overbore bore down on went to town on appealed to borne down on gone to town on browbeaten into bound bid put the arm on charged enjoined shotgunned concussed bounden instructed directed restricted restrained put screws to put the chill on put squeeze on instilled put the bite on told bade committed prayed overcome astricted indebted bossed around requested claimed asked beared supplicated coerced into pressurized into hindered repressed suppressed actuated bludgeoned into bullied into occasioned foisted contracted insisted upon used duress on brought home to intimidated into left in no doubt instilled in pinned down left someone no option but to brought pressure to bear upon dinned something into urged by force brought home exerted force on fixed requisitioned applied fixt made an offer they can't refuse made necessary made indebted conscripted obtruded emphasized to terrorized into established left someone no option stressed knocked into choked postulated ingrained in stressed to inculcated in inculcated drummed into craved burdened used force on called upon high pressured overcame bore borne thrown your weight around threw your weight around applied pressure bore down borne down beared hard on asserted oneself drove into driven into drove home gotten into head got into head driven home

Động từ

Past tense for to harass, bother or persecute, especially relentlessly
harassed bothered pestered tormented annoyed hassled badgered harried troubled nagged bugged persecuted bedeviled bedevilled needled rode rid ridden bullied provoked chivvied baited deviled devilled dogged hectored heckled goaded pursued henpecked chivied browbeat browbeaten ragged prodded curdled kept after kept on at gave a hard time given a hard time went on at gone on at pecked at ragged on scratched around yapped at searched high heaven plagued beset worried vexed vext upset teased irritated disturbed picked on afflicted tortured beleaguered irked molested aggravated mithered oppressed importuned agitated distressed put out racked victimized besieged harrowed agonized galled agonised nettled curst cursed anguished pained exasperated intimidated hurt fretted victimised taunted terrorized narked ruffled peeved haunted stressed chafed excruciated harped on at got in your hair perturbed pressed prest terrorised got at tried riled scolded abused piqued leaned on got maltreated driven up the wall drove up the wall bent someone's ear got to displeased grated griped ill-treated gnawed dunned angered perplexed nudged tyrannized fussed pressurized beat outraged worked on picked at ate eaten breathed down someone's neck disquieted tyrannised hacked off put the squeeze on mistreated attacked made things hot for someone rasped spited frosted berated itched given someone grief gave someone grief injured hazed discriminated against pressurised offended miffed maddened disgusted embarrassed tantalized preyed on discomposed strained wound up assailed tantalised aggrieved rubbed up the wrong way got on your nerves gotten on your nerves exploited ticked off gotten at niggled dragooned smothered ribbed grizzled reminded gotten gat hunted infuriated grieved gotten to carped chaffed domineered incensed criticized urged grope gripen pushed around gnawn gnew upbraided ridiculed interrupted enraged discommoded martyred put the screws on punished rankled gibed plied barraged punished unfairly inflamed wronged overwhelmed had it in for gravelled graveled carped at enslaved criticised pushed depressed intruded upon flustered rattled disconcerted burned up burnt up had a down on fazed frustrated hacked you off dominated driven round the bend drove round the bend found fault infested grated on put pressure on chagrined got on your wick dissatisfied discomfited made somebody's hackles rise bit caused suffering to gnawed at nagged at made it hot for someone bummed out got across made someone see red weighed heavily on put down put screws to weighed on put your back up lied heavy on appalled cut up tyrannized over put through wringer put upon rankled with blighted pressured hoodwinked kept at cheated fleeced swindled tricked bulldozed bedogged disapproved of brainwashed suffocated gave a bad time given a bad time petitioned solicited beared a grudge towards pushed about felt ill will towards blackmailed prompted harped on bled conned guyed driven bananas drove bananas mocked railroaded disparaged stressed out inconvenienced obsessed bounced disrupted jeered bullyragged forayed macerated burnt despoiled noodged burned insulted reviled reproached hustled affected scorned razzed chid chided booed barracked scared subjugated suppressed saddened yawped inveighed growled yammered murmured grumped crabbed muttered complained squealed maundered grouched whinged bleated kicked croaked whimpered squawked whined kvetched caterwauled wailed grumbled moaned yowled bellyached hollered keened beefed yauped repined screamed groused strong-armed fast-talked crowded gripped insisted on entangled hampered crushed bored dismayed crossed impeded hindered expelled exiled crucified shouted down jerked around aggressed caviled cavilled egged on subdued wound wounded weighed down grumbled at egged moaned at burdened rattled one's cage beaten hissed insisted unnerved got on the nerves of moaned on at found fault with kept complaining to imposed on repressed grinded ground unhinged frazzled distempered discombobulated discomforted ailed concerned alarumed derailed discountenanced flurried alarmed unsettled distracted wrung boned jumped on one's case given the business gave the business buttonholed possessed singled out driven round the twist drove round the twist dissed immolated demonized used got in the hair of hegemonized overpowered overcome mastered hagrid confounded broke broken brake started in on abraded inflicted pain on inflicted suffering on demonised scourged subjected strapped exercised indisposed pricked desolated got the knife into sticked the knife into recurred brought pressure to bear on jibed at shouted at bitten messed with treated harshly kept down caused anguish to gotten across given someone the hump gave someone the hump rubbed salt in wound weirded out made wretched ground down freaked out ruled with an iron hand held sway over encumbered shouted catcalls at preoccupied pushed buttons handicapped saddled brought someone to their knees trampled underfoot overloaded trampled gotten your back up leaded someone a merry dance come back to made miserable made game of stayed with trampled on butted in tried your patience aroused anxiety in brought under the yoke got your dander up ruled with a rod of iron forced turned off ruled busted someone's balls made your blood boil got your back up ruffled one's feathers got under your skin taxed made it tough for mixed up walked all over ruled over had your knife into despotized played cat and mouse coerced beat down weighed heavy upon busted chops stacked the deck brought to heel gotten under your skin held down showed antagonism to shown antagonism to shown ill will towards showed ill will towards taken advantage of took advantage of overrode overridden given someone hell gave someone hell took the mickey taken the mickey bore taken the piss out of took the piss out of overcame smote smit wringed smited smitten wrang thrown hagridden threw hagrode fell upon fallen on fell on fallen upon took it out on taken it out on drove crazy driven crazy shaken undone nit-picked undid shook came back to given the needle gave the needle got your hackles up gotten up someone's nose got up someone's nose gotten your hackles up rode roughshod over beaten down overthrown overthrew ridden roughshod over gotten on one's nerves got on one's nerves drove you up the wall driven you up the wall eaten at ate at done a number on thrown off balance threw off balance did a number on

Động từ

Past tense for to follow or pursue, typically in order to keep track of, or to apprehend, someone
followed pursued tracked shadowed trailed chased tailed dogged hunted coursed stalked tagged traced ran run scouted bird-dogged hunted down gave chase given chase gave chase to given chase to followed on the heels of tracked down run after run down ran after went after gone after ran down kept an eye on put a tail on bedogged spoored watched chased after kept in sight found chivied heeled haunted sought surveilled eyed observed run with kept tabs on kept a tab on followed secretly put to flight lurked behind lurked close by followed the trail of searched for kept track of run to ground watched over lurked nearby piggybacked tailgated drave driven druv drove harried investigated founden fand vamped flirted with accompanied scented harassed attended badgered plagued chevied sought out crept up on striddled lurked ambushed menaced paced prowled approached shagged located moved behind prowled after made up to made eyes at tagged along played catch up strung along followed on kept under surveillance rushed after monitored surveyed ran with took out after taken out after hung back flushed out lingered behind gone in pursuit of taken off after went in pursuit of took off after gunned for kept watch on poked along spied on come after dug up looked for made romantic advances to kept pace with dogged the footsteps of kept up the pace with followed a scent run to earth ferreted out lurked in the shadows ran to ground camped on the doorstep of smelt out come on to nosed out walked up to rid rode ridden ran to earth came after trod on the heels of trodden on the heels of gave the come-on to given the come-on to came on to probed observed furtively spied quested elicited kept under observation pried wormed out searched out staked out scouted out kept a watch on got at smoked out dug out chased down worked undercover sniffed out rooted out secretly followed gotten at

Động từ

Past tense for to deter or cause to feel fear, especially by threats of violence

Động từ

Chiacked or jeered

Tính từ

Feeling or looking strained as a result of having too many demands made on one
hassled harassed beleaguered bothered stressed agitated beset browbeaten flustered harried plagued pressured troubled distressed pressurised pressurized tormented worried frayed hurried rushed stressy uptight hunted stressed out hag-ridden hard-pressed under pressure under stress in a state hot and bothered up against it under the cosh at the end of your tether at the end of one's rope with one's back up against the wall distraught anxious vexed put upon at wit's end persecuted desperate careworn downtrodden besieged haggard stricken terror-stricken under attack closely pursued hotly pursued tense strained jittery upset nervous overwrought edgy frazzled unnerved disturbed fretting overburdened distracted fraught perturbed disquieted wired frightened shaken uneasy disconcerted pinched discomposed drawn ruffled unsettled frantic antsy unquiet apprehensive insecure irked alarmed worked up rattled queasy queazy nervy dithery aflutter jumpy ill at ease atwitter strung out beside oneself unglued muddled goosey hinky in a flap on tenterhooks hung up in a tizzy having kittens shook up in a cold sweat het up tensed harrowed aggravated badgered stressed-out pestered shell-shocked on the rack under duress on the spot panicky panic-struck panic-stricken worn out dismayed hurt emotive strung-up adrenalized confused grieved gutted choked sad discountenanced emotionally charged wound up with your back to the wall saddened inconvenienced unhappy irritated oppressed burdened angered annoyed offended disappointed fretted tearing one's hair out in a flat spin low thrown shocked verklempt blue unzipped wounded come apart broken up put out cut up at sixes and sevens in disorder psyched out all torn up amazed bummed out grim weighed down heavy-laden afraid concerned fearful worried sick on edge fretful trembling quaking scared twitchy restless anguished spooked riled toey discombobulated flurried fidgety angstful uncomfortable tortured bugged squirrelly overstrung solicitous spooky windy angsty clutched keyed up in a twitter a wreck strung up in a sweat a bundle of nerves in a dither worried stiff in a tizz in a stew in a twit bricking oneself all of a dither in a state of agitation with one's stomach in knots like a cat on a hot tin roof having butterflies in the stomach all of a lather shaking in one's shoes with your heart in your mouth on pins and needles

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