Đồng nghĩa của preyed on your mind

Động từ

Past tense for to bother with persistent thoughts or memories
nagged troubled worried bothered plagued tormented annoyed haunted irritated niggled bugged irked burdened vexed vext aggravated gnawed at mithered hung over weighed down lied heavy on lied heavily on rankled with weighed heavily on caused anxiety to upset distressed oppressed disturbed concerned perturbed afflicted beset harried fretted grieved cast down harassed agitated pestered exercised perplexed alarmed hurt sweat pained tried fussed discomposed disquieted ailed puzzled made anxious made uneasy tortured festered depressed rankled gnawed bedevilled teased bedeviled obsessed preyed on pressed down on preoccupied weighed agonized hassled saddened caused anxiety feared disconcerted sweated fazed stewed stressed occupied strained spooked discomforted unsettled galled got down psyched grinded ground agonised unhinged dismayed provoked chafed interrupted distempered pothered caused concern to weirded out made uncomfortable occupied thoughts freaked out frazzled caused discomfort to stirred up flurried got to made waves made someone scratch their head flipped out hacked you off worn wore gnawn gnew eaten at ate at taken over took over took control of taken control of burnt up gave a hard time drove up the wall burned up gave a bad time given a bad time given a hard time driven up the wall given someone grief gotten to gave someone grief cut to the quick harrowed wound wounded mortified cut made miserable weighed on moved beleaguered affronted racked made wretched caused anguish to nagged at offended riled touched affected stung anguished exasperated besieged outraged dissed displeased nettled possessed hounded maddened seared narked put into a funk put down hurt one's feelings hacked off caused suffering to put a damper on hurt the feelings of appalled niggled at discomfited angered infuriated slighted insulted dejected shocked traumatized injured damaged harmed scarred aggrieved struck excruciated curst persecuted cursed badgered dispirited disheartened piqued peeved roiled inflamed miffed incensed madded enraged embittered enflamed ired excited stirred slapped disrespected stabbed got someone down brought down importuned recurred caused resentment to caused annoyance to ticked off thrilled roused crucified discommoded crushed brought one down dampened spirits dumped on buttonholed got your goat got needled caused anguish steamed up caused someone distress pricked bent someone's ear made blue discouraged bummed out chastened infested traumatised caused pain come back to pierced grated on dragged down stayed with stricken came back to broke one's heart broken one's heart broke the heart of broken the heart of got one's goat gotten one's goat ate up got on your nerves gotten on your nerves eaten away at eaten up ate away at gotten shaken up gave offence to given offence to gat did in torn to pieces done in shook up tore to pieces

Trái nghĩa của preyed on your mind

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