Đồng nghĩa của hassled

Alternative for hassled

hassles, hassled, hassling

Đồng nghĩa: beset, bother, chevvy, chevy, chivvy, chivy, dogfight, fuss, harass, harry, molest, plague, provoke, rough-and-tumble, scuffle, trouble, tussle,

Tính từ

Feeling or looking strained as a result of having too many demands made on one
harassed hounded beleaguered bothered stressed agitated beset browbeaten flustered harried plagued pressured troubled distressed pressurised pressurized tormented worried frayed hurried rushed stressy uptight hunted stressed out hag-ridden hard-pressed under pressure under stress in a state hot and bothered up against it under the cosh at the end of one's tether at the end of one's rope with one's back up against the wall anxious distraught tense strained vexed jittery careworn upset nervous overwrought edgy put upon frazzled unnerved persecuted disturbed fretting overburdened distracted haggard fraught perturbed disquieted desperate wired frightened shaken uneasy disconcerted pinched discomposed drawn ruffled unsettled frantic antsy unquiet apprehensive insecure irked alarmed worked up rattled queasy queazy nervy dithery aflutter jumpy ill at ease atwitter strung out beside oneself unglued muddled goosey hinky in a flap on tenterhooks hung up in a tizzy having kittens shook up in a cold sweat het up under duress on the spot tensed harrowed at wit's end aggravated badgered besieged downtrodden terror-stricken stricken stressed-out pestered shell-shocked on the rack panicky panic-struck panic-stricken worn out dismayed hurt emotive strung-up adrenalized confused grieved gutted choked sad discountenanced emotionally charged wound up with one's back to the wall saddened inconvenienced unhappy irritated oppressed burdened angered annoyed offended disappointed fretted tearing one's hair out in a flat spin low thrown shocked verklempt blue unzipped wounded come apart broken up put out cut up at sixes and sevens in disorder psyched out all torn up amazed bummed out grim weighed down heavy-laden afraid concerned fearful worried sick on edge fretful trembling quaking scared twitchy restless anguished spooked riled toey discombobulated flurried fidgety angstful uncomfortable tortured bugged squirrelly overstrung solicitous spooky windy angsty clutched keyed up in a twitter a wreck strung up in a sweat a bundle of nerves in a dither worried stiff in a tizz in a stew in a twit bricking oneself all of a dither in a state of agitation with one's stomach in knots like a cat on a hot tin roof with butterflies in one's stomach all of a lather shaking in one's shoes on pins and needles with one's heart in one's mouth taut shaky excited excitable wrought up in a state of nerves highly strung hysterical high-strung neurotic hyper febrile all of a doodah rigid stretched skittish irritable fatigued sensitive in suspense trepidatious hectic like a cat on hot bricks tired frenzied restive touchy tight overactive heated shaking struggling timid flighty stiff overtaxed timorous drained waiting with bated breath exhausted terrified overexcited unrelaxed in a panic emotional wrought-up testy tetchy weak querulous careful hot under the collar hesitant fluttery crotchety peevish temperamental irascible brittle crabbed captious fevered short-tempered bad-tempered wreck shivery ill-tempered critical under a strain waiting for the axe to fall snug tightened moved feverish hyperactive shot to pieces in a spin not slack not loose tightly drawn tightly stretched infuriated exasperated taxed shy skittery long-suffering spasmodic sapped overstretched easily upset mousy highly-strung unsettling unnerving easily frightened easily agitated fazed white-knuckled watchful disturbing disquieting aghast dreading overextended pushed busy inflamed charged hairy unstable moving shot overanxious exciting creepy prickly a basket case sweating bullets distressful hot-tempered snappy chippy quick-tempered stirred up flapping having butterflies in the stomach like a fish out of water nervous wreck white knuckled agitating all of a flutter in a lather aroused anxiously waiting nervously awaiting fearfully anticipating apprehensively expecting oversensitive moody impatient up the wall bundle of nerves rundown overloaded worrisome cross complaining stressful raddled suspicious doubtful foreboding mistrustful distressing stress-ridden contracted fractious petulant under attack flushed startled intense uncertain concerning frozen aquiver daunted quivering miserable nerve-racking nail-biting nerve-wracking unreluctant irrational withered gaunt unwell lily-livered running scared having stage fright biting nails having butterflies having cold feet having a funny feeling angst-ridden flexed hyped-up afire atingle hyperexcited hard tooshie swivel-eyed overworked grumpy ill-natured freaked-out steamed up overwhelmed flipped out wound-up throwing a wobbly crazy high keyed-up affected fired-up hot-and-bothered hot under collar beside yourself stirred weary strung-out at the end of your tether worn all shook up worked-up unstrung out of your mind spent hollow-eyed hollow-cheeked solid firm unyielding provoked cranky splenetic out of sorts whining crabby grumbling ratty zipped up hot juiced up snappish perverse contrary ornery caviling faultfinding carping huffy mean worn-out close inflexible extended burned out cavilling fussy

Động từ

Past tense for to harass or pester someone
harassed bothered annoyed pestered irritated plagued troubled worried bugged aggravated harried tormented badgered disturbed nagged hounded persecuted rode rid ridden bedeviled bedevilled agitated chivvied beleaguered deviled devilled mithered stressed discommoded dunned kept after kept on at got on your nerves gotten on your nerves went on at gone on at gave a hard time given a hard time got in your hair harped on at upset vexed vext irked put out needled provoked exasperated galled beset riled teased angered narked nettled piqued peeved got to ruffled goaded hacked off miffed infuriated distressed perturbed baited chafed wound up fretted rankled displeased got rubbed up the wrong way maddened enraged bullied antagonized afflicted rasped grated tortured got at graveled gravelled heckled antagonised ticked off molested incensed oppressed taunted offended gotten to got across picked on discomposed exacerbated spited griped frosted dogged humped hectored hurt hacked you off disquieted driven up the wall drove up the wall pained tried agonized teed off made someone see red fussed importuned racked itched pressurized inflamed bummed out gotten gat anguished agonised besieged made angry roiled burdened harrowed ate eaten niggled outraged flustered frustrated rattled gnawed gotten at prodded burned up burnt up perplexed leaned on affronted put your back up pressurised strained insulted chivied pursued made cross hazed curst cursed disgusted put pressure on fazed unsettled gotten across inconvenienced sweat browbeat worked on driven round the bend drove round the bend given someone grief gave someone grief concerned drove crazy driven crazy grope gripen nudged intimidated incommoded excruciated rubbed the wrong way put someone's back up disconcerted given someone the hump gave someone the hump ailed tantalized drove mad driven mad tantalised bent someone's ear got on your wick henpecked terrorized interrupted disrupted ragged grieved victimized got in someone's hair disobliged dismayed aggrieved haunted alarmed embarrassed flurried pressed prest stewed distracted beat abraded chagrined burned burnt victimised breathed down someone's neck terrorised distempered imposed on scolded discombobulated driven round the twist drove round the twist pricked gnew gnawn rankled with made waves pressured driven to distraction drove to distraction picked at put the screws on put the squeeze on gnawed at made someone's blood boil hit where one lives ruffled someone's feathers made someone's hackles rise made things hot for someone got under someone's skin roused ribbed ridiculed dissatisfied chaffed upbraided given someone the pip gave someone the pip dragooned criticized unnerved gibed pecked at excited intruded upon assailed feared depressed discomforted frazzled sweated pushed around unhinged derailed criticised weighed down hagrid alarumed strong-armed browbeaten squeezed egged on exercised sent into a rage turned off made anxious weirded out freaked out found fault with stirred up rattled someone's cage berated reminded mocked bored abused stressed out mistreated gotten your back up got your back up bulldozed guyed wrung reviled jeered disgruntled gotten on one's nerves got on one's nerves maltreated startled scared repelled curdled gotten someone's back up got someone's back up reproached disaffected embittered ill-treated attacked crossed affected urged discriminated against bullyragged quizzed saddened discomfited scorned carped at bit pushed put off grated on frightened complained teared punished unfairly put down cowed appalled discountenanced whined grumbled stung grilled dominated railroaded injured carped made uneasy had it in for grumbled at moaned at tried the patience of gotten under your skin got under your skin upset oneself messed with sticked in one's craw put someone to trouble got your goat got up your nose brought pressure to bear on kept complaining to put someone off their stroke nagged at had a down on gave a bad time given a bad time setted one's teeth on edge got your dander up cheesed off rattled one's cage blustered put someone out drove bananas driven bananas got on someone's nerves gotten on someone's nerves caused suffering to put into a flap got across someone tried someone's patience gotten someone's dander up got someone's dander up made it hot for someone put in a spot upset yourself put in traction cut up gotten on someone's wick set one off got up someone's nose got on someone's wick put through wringer set on gotten up someone's nose put screws to put on trial lied heavy on put on the spot put to trouble put someone's nose out of joint put the bite on cut to the quick kept at threw thrown hagridden hagrode broke broken brake undone undid worn on wore on smothered gotten under one's skin got under one's skin prompted harped on disapproved of brainwashed disparaged wearied suffocated spurred beared a grudge towards pushed about felt ill will towards domineered petitioned solicited bore mortified estranged tyrannized gripped confused wringed wrang derided scandalized barracked booed belaboured hindered impeded tensed overstretched overtaxed questioned examined tweaked tyrannised enslaved sickened nauseated discontented shouted down yawped inveighed growled murmured grizzled grumped squealed maundered grouched whinged bleated kicked kvetched caterwauled yowled hollered beefed screamed groused yammered crabbed muttered croaked whimpered squawked wailed moaned bellyached keened yauped repined insisted taxed blighted razzed macerated forayed despoiled noodged disadvantaged stretched traumatized straught insisted on stirred infested yapped at scratched around ragged on overwhelmed hissed exiled expelled wronged brooded hunted crucified capped zinged disappointed sounded cooled mispleased winged revolted scoffed at jeered at sneered plied barraged entangled hampered searched high heaven caviled cavilled bitten chid chided bounced despaired aggressed threatened incited petted tiffed huffed bristled madded enflamed ired beaten torn tore egged alienated hustled worked up sledged twitted sneered at gibed at panicked dissed imposed upon caused inconvenience to made nervous wound wounded interfered with scandalised crunched overextended traumatised empurpled run up the wrong way started immolated demonized used menaced jerked around spooked puzzled moped made your blood boil tired tested crowded fast-talked moaned on at made fun of jabbed punished twittered slammed rallied slapped boned poked fun at louted flouted disdained dug scouted acerbated steamed up aroused preyed on buttonholed crazed boiled got on the nerves of singled out caused someone difficulty interfered mangled meddled discommodated soured demonised belabored unquieted jibed at shouted at bombarded worn wore psyched grinded ground got one's goat gotten one's goat intruded on played dirty barged in on bogarted blackjacked coerced mau-maued jumped on one's case fired up heated up het up stumped fuddled frilled flummoxed furbelowed floored created difficulties for sighed pined sorrowed found fault got in the hair of started in on mixed up thrown off balance threw off balance messed confounded got the knife into sticked the knife into caused anxiety to took the piss out of taken the piss out of asked for it raised hell steamrollered made fretful made restless butted in made game of gotten in one's hair got in one's hair concerned oneself felt uneasy felt unhappy obsessed horned in on dumped on made sport of strapped martyred desolated indisposed hung up caused discomfort to caused concern to caused someone to lose their composure eaten at ate at made sore lost one's temper worked into lather tried one's patience rubbed salt in wound made uncomfortable tensed up aroused hostility in pushed someon's buttons pushed to the limit shouted catcalls at made a fuss made tense weighed on rubbed you up the wrong way leaded someone a merry dance sweated out made miserable tried your patience aroused anxiety in sweated it out made it tough for made someone fed up had your knife into got someone's hackles up brought pressure to bear made wretched weighed heavily on felt peeved used strong-arm tactics on wound somebody up made blood boil flipped out made it tough carried a heavy load caused to feel mental strain pushed buttons raised your hackles lost sleep over distressed yourself butted in on bled caused anguish to lost sleep distressed oneself made someone go out of his way caused to feel emotional strain swaggered drove you up the wall tyrannized over fumed lost the affection of driven you up the wall played cat and mouse stacked the deck showed antagonism to shown antagonism to shown ill will towards showed ill will towards overrode overridden ran up the wrong way taken the mickey out of took the mickey out of given someone hell gave someone hell gave the business given the business shook up shaken up smitten smote smit smited got someone gotten someone overdone overdid driven insane drove insane given one the business gave one the business blew up blown up swung at swang at shaken nit-picked shook fell upon fallen upon fallen on fell on taken it out on took it out on given someone bother gave someone bother gave trouble given trouble given the needle gave the needle done a number on did a number on took a rise out of got a rise out of taken a rise out of gotten a rise out of rode roughshod over ridden roughshod over got someone's goat gotten someone's goat thrown into a tizz threw into a tizz gotten under skin got your hackles up eaten away at got on nerves gotten your hackles up gotten on somebody's nerves got on somebody's nerves ate away at gotten on nerves got under skin worn out wore out thrown into tizzy threw into tizzy eaten one's heart out got into a dither gotten into a dither took on taken on ate one's heart out gotten on someone got on someone

Động từ

Past tense for to argue or quarrel with someone
quarrelled quarreled argued squabbled wrangled bickered fought foughten rowed disputed scrapped altercated brawled argufied spatted spat quibbled controverted tiffed brabbled jarred fell out fallen out disagreed locked horns sparred clashed had words set to crossed swords had a row chopped logic differed fought like cat and dog feuded battled had a fight bandied words put up a fight had at it put up an argument failed to agree mixed it up threaped contended went at it hammer and tongs gone at it hammer and tongs had a disagreement cavilled caviled had a misunderstanding bumped heads talked back split hairs flip-flopped chicaned avoided evaded shifted fenced waffled pretended debated struggled carped caterwauled contested tangled paralogized hypercriticized had a tiff come to blows butted heads hemmed and hawed caught at straws made a big thing about pettifogged wrestled grappled argy-bargied criticized prevaricated niggled equivocated nitpicked warred dissented had an altercation had a spat picked a bone hashed over put up a struggle had an argument picked to pieces nit-picked came to blows took on taken on criticised argued over blew hot and cold blown hot and cold scuffled got into conflict tilted discussed fratched scolded reamed jawed berated rassled scrimmaged had a difference of opinion got into a dispute scraped dug embroiled charged bumped disapproved varied collided divided complained strived encountered vied discepted bandied agitated kicked up a row rehashed sassed canvased canvassed mooted raised Cain exchanged views verbally fought jumped on each other laid into lit into had a punch-up conflicted thrashed out nastily argued had it out boxed picked an argument tongue-lashed stuck it to tussled found fault bawled out kicked around talked over tossed around had shouting match had a set-to picked at caused a scene hashed out had at each other jumped on one's case objected to hammered away had a barney had a dust-up socked it to faced down exchanged blows traded zingers called on the carpet romped knocked around batted around strove striven went up against gone up against gone one on one gotten in one's face got in one's face went one on one broke with got tough with taken exception gotten tough with took exception broken with combatted combated skirmished engaged attacked waged war dueled duelled confronted come into conflict done battle did battle clashed with opposed assaulted engaged in hostilities made war engaged in combat jousted gone to war went to war engaged in conflict discorded exchanged blows with skirmished with hit each other disaccorded objected let have it challenged came into conflict slugged mounted an attack took up arms taken up arms competed grappled with protected scrimmaged with messed with entered the lists scrapped with brushed with engaged with closed with fought a duel swedged paltered ripped into each other warred against beared arms come to blows with faced tussled with nonconcurred took the field traversed attacked each other sparred with jumped on stoushed campaigned shot punched each other struggled with roughhoused squared up taken the field marched against tugged raced against taken issue assaulted each other raced with haggled demurred conducted a war joined battle messed protested against fought like Kilkenny cats flared up come up against bombarded had a dispute took issue contradicted become involved campaigned against contradicted each other differed in opinion had a different opinion tasted battle locked antlers raced tourneyed vied with plied weapons carried on war carried on hostilities zapped went at it gone at it banged heads took the field against taken the field against shotten became involved came up against battled with came to blows with done battle with did battle with gone out went out went for the jugular took issue with gainsaid taken issue with gone for the jugular taken up the gauntlet taken all comers went the knuckle took all comers took up the gauntlet bandied with gone the knuckle broke broken broken a lance brake broke a lance

Động từ

Past tense for to insult or put down, especially in a spiteful way
needled rode rid ridden teased baited taunted heckled hazed put on put down ribbed kidded mocked chaffed ridiculed derided joshed ragged joked jived razzed rallied satirized roasted bantered twitted tormented gibed annoyed funned guyed goaded harassed quizzed plagued worried bothered pestered chiacked harried provoked badgered slanged irritated aggravated bedevilled bedeviled shucked smoked rotted hectored sledged importuned vexed vext devilled gnawed deviled beleaguered nudged disturbed tantalized spoofed slammed snapt dogged sounded snapped tantalised satirised laughed at scoffed at jeered at made fun of jibed at poked fun at wound up sent up goofed on made jokes about ragged on poked mullock at made sport of slung off at picked on made a monkey of had on flouted at led on messed around led somebody on pulled someone's leg poked borak at flirted with pulled somebody's leg slang gnawn gnew taken the mickey out of took the mickey out of took the piss out of swung at gave a hard time swang at given a hard time taken the piss out of japed fooled quipped yukked gagged yucked wisecracked jollied jested hoaxed jeered set up scoffed sneered parodied criticized travestied pilloried lampooned burlesqued flouted girt fooled about fooled around girded hoodwinked duped deluded beguiled deceived tricked played a prank censured caricatured gulled bamboozled cozened conned played a practical joke humiliated cartooned squibbed panned mimicked dissed pasquinaded made a monkey out of pulled one's leg yanked somebody's chain held up to ridicule misled made a fool of criticised flimflammed took off taken off took in taken in

Động từ

Past tense for to bother or cause distress in (someone)
flurried disturbed upset worried perturbed bothered unsettled agitated discomposed distressed disquieted alarmed concerned dismayed discomforted distracted disconcerted flustered fussed unnerved rattled unhinged distempered ailed frazzled ruffled alarumed fazed undid undone exercised hagrode hagrid hagridden confused derailed perplexed discombobulated bewildered provoked frustrated excited hurried bustled fluttered hustled quickened freaked out weirded out annoyed confounded harassed embarrassed irritated fretted displeased discomfited vexed vext troubled pestered irked plagued discountenanced hurt put on edge psyched spooked flipped crazed hit a sour note put into a flap stirred up got to made waves hurt somebody's feelings nettled harried nonplussed het heated abashed panicked mortified made nervous grieved shaken shook inconvenienced angered offended frightened fuddled mystified puzzled muddled addled tormented bugged peeved disappointed miffed afflicted narked indisposed wound wounded worked up pothered discorded debilitated disaccorded hacked off thrown off balance turned turned on cramped got at fired up disharmonized rocked the boat bummed out made a scene incapacitated threw off balance keyed up got across wound up jangled picked on ticked off gotten to sickened egged on flipped out sent into a spin layed up saddened laid up floored threw thrown thrown into a tizz threw into a tizz gotten across gave a hard time got on someone's wick got someone gotten someone gotten at given a hard time gotten on someone's wick given someone grief gave someone grief made anxious gnawed at incited inflamed stimulated roused galled tried aroused fermented examined moved ventilated lied heavy on weighed down caused anxiety disordered caused anxiety to made fretful disarranged made uneasy bugged up made flip pushed buttons worked someone up needled burnt up burned up shaken up shook up

Động từ

Past tense for to demand earnestly or pressingly
pushed pressed prest pressured pressurised pressurized urged encouraged influenced persuaded advised compelled implored admonished drove drave driven druv hustled obliged promoted begged bothered hounded incited spurred advocated constrained expedited harassed badgered browbeat browbeaten bullied forced pestered beseeched besought induced inspanned prodded solicited intimidated motivated nagged recommended harried inspired made obligated prompted railroaded adjured coerced dragooned goaded nudged propelled entreated exhorted impelled insisted steamrolled keyed up speeded up sped up tried to persuade pushed around put the screws to strong-armed press-ganged put up to railroaded into dragooned into poured it on prevailed on insisted on pushed for steamrollered into bulldozed into turned on appealed to fired up sold on egged on exerted influence on used pressure on went to town on gone to town on put the heat on bore down on borne down on browbeat into browbeaten into put pressure on put the screws on used strong-arm tactics on provoked stirred instigated whipped put the squeeze on triggered rowelled sounded roweled sicced bulldozed squeezed impressed brainwashed bludgeoned sandbagged muscled blackjacked politicked sold leaned on fast-talked come at turned on the heat worked over fomented twisted someone's arm twisted arm brought pressure to bear on breathed down someone's neck came at put under an obligation threatened tyrannized cowed worked on tyrannised domineered ramrodded hectored bounced beset terrorized menaced steamrollered terrorised put the frighteners on put the arm on acted on compressed constricted condensed squashed bullyragged bogarted hindered repressed suppressed shotgunned concussed restricted blustered buffaloed despotized frightened enforced twisted one's arm high pressured made an offer they can't refuse tightened the screws on twisted somebody's arm turned the screws on forced somebody's hand leaned cajoled walked heavy leant mau-maued overborne overbore rode roughshod ridden roughshod

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