Đồng nghĩa của used

Alternative for used

Trái nghĩa: unused,

uses, used, using

Đồng nghĩa: employ, exercise, exploit, handle, manage, practice, take advantage of, utilize,

Trái nghĩa: disuse,


Very experienced in a particular job or activity and therefore not easily upset by its more unpleasant aspects
hardened inured accustomed habituated toughened cast-iron deadened desensitised desensitized experienced hard hard-bitten hardy rugged seasoned stout strong sturdy tough vigorous acclimatised acclimatized coarsened indurate benumbed callous case-hardened coldhearted contemptuous cruel cynical disdainful hard-as-nails hard-boiled hard-edged hardhearted heartless impenetrable impious inaccessible indurated irreverent obtuse prepared resistant steeled unashamed uncaring uncompassionate unemotional unfeeling unrepenting unsentimental unsubmissive robust solid durable familiarized strengthened firm hard-wearing familiarised trained adapted resilient substantial sound stable indestructible well built long-lasting strongly made tempered well-built heavy-duty conditioned annealed iron hard-nosed unbreakable stalwart imperishable uncompromising stubborn built to last hard as nails disciplined adjusted rigid stiff inflexible used to impervious strapping reinforced mighty lusty staunch fortified brawny familiar well made secure safe given wont heavy acquainted reliable broken in invincible cohesive dependable addicted bombproof made to last settled in in the habit well-made schooled serviceable bulletproof learned modified resolute made ready perdurable inexpugnable galvanized galvanised muscular athletic accustomed to hulking forceful husky beefy hearty liable practised practiced inclined hooked prone well constructed able-bodied thick thickset tenacious indomitable leathery fit stark dense healthy molded tight moulded withstanding steady hard-headed shrewd practical realistic tough as nails impregnable invulnerable unassailable down-to-earth matter-of-fact inviolable everlasting enduring rock-solid storm-resistant fast stormproof well defended tried-and-true well-protected fixed lasting steely impassible knockabout well protected flourishing armoured established unattackable well fortified unyielding well-founded well-armed concrete immovable airtight armored world-weary consolidated adamantine set compressed compacted hard-handed packed stony compact concentrated rocky lacking sentiment toughened by experience as hard as nails as tough as old boots exercised familiar with grooved acquainted with at home with experienced in versed in no stranger to conversant with habituated in in the habit of given to


wonted accustomed customary familiar usual common conventional habitual normal regular frequent traditional daily given habituated routine chosen preferred typical in the habit of of choice everyday commonplace standard ordinary quotidian general stock natural established garden-variety average prevailing ubiquitous workaday household run-of-the-mill prevalent popular prosaic day-to-day settled expected unexceptional unremarkable cut-and-dried cut-and-dry common or garden universal rife plain standard-issue accepted mainstream rampant set fixed mundane constant widespread garden variety pervasive recognized current orthodox public going vanilla typic recognised bog-standard endemic garden persistent repeated predictable domestic recurring chronic extensive methodical monotonous middle-of-the-road diurnal acknowledged periodic scheduled formulaic undistinguished discreet indifferent inconspicuous mediocre humdrum seasonal orderly ongoing numerous recurrent characteristic in use staple representative basic perpetual archetypal archetypical true regulation dull known casual unimaginative terrestrial banal family informal boilerplate canonical par for the course profuse incessant reiterated continual one-size-fits-all whitebread acquainted well-known dime-a-dozen nitty-gritty a dime a dozen unsophisticated recognizable proverbial homespun humble native recognisable well known time-honored common variety matter-of-fact old hat majority overall mass wide white-bread plastic simple matter-of-course so-so grind adopted broad shared predominant global national collective joint communal ruling overarching outright blanket stereotypical received comprehensive nationwide societal sweeping wholesale epidemic total vulgar stereotyped generic widely held all-round broad-spectrum all-around across-the-board in force in vogue broad-brush in circulation across the board congruous well established


Damaged and shabby as a result of much use
worn shabby frayed ragged tattered threadbare faded holey moth-eaten patched broken-down crumbling decrepit dilapidated in ribbons in tatters scruffy seedy shoddy sorry tatty tumbledown well worn worn out deteriorated grotty in holes in rags raggedy ratty time-worn worn to shreds falling to pieces old overused overworked raggedy-ass rent run down warby busted clapped out damaged destroyed dinged lined ruined totaled wizened falling apart at the seams worse for wear having seen better days on its last legs the worse for wear dog-eared well-worn worn-down pegged out wrung out worn-out battered tacky tired run-down shopworn bedraggled timeworn hackneyed beat-up stale trite passé rundown impaired antiquated effete mangy down-at-heel scrubby miserable tatterdemalion unkempt down-at-the-heels neglected dumpy sleazy grungy mean bombed-out ancient banal injured frowzy dingy used-up down-at-the-heel in shreds hack cobwebby cliché-ridden stereotyped hackney aged cliche stock obligatory musty commonplace dated distressed weathered beat up out at elbows down at heel outworn wrinkled clichéd hoary passe sere depleted etiolated useless shot unoriginal corny out of date rickety ramshackle old hat decaying derelict creaky creaking decayed superannuated falling apart deteriorating rumpty in ruins in disrepair weather-beaten gone to rack and ruin quavering shaking in a state of disrepair tumble-down ill-maintained crippled unsound flimsy insubstantial fragile anile haggard ruinous disintegrating shaky gone to seed shacky shambly uncared-for squalid poor tottering crummy unmaintained precarious rotten unsteady weak unsafe unstable wobbly insecure slummy frail untidy untended broken rocky infirm insalubrious collapsing wretched dangerous crumbly on your last legs torn depressed pitiful desolate scuzzy slipshod in poor condition degenerated messy broken down unhealthy breaking up in bad condition badly maintained poorly maintained seen better days in a bad way jerry-built tottery hazardous perilous wavering rotting decomposing withering unreliable grubby dirty wonky teetery bad disfigured bare meager marred wrecked meagre eroding abandoned dodgy ripped out of condition poverty-stricken scraggy frazzled shaggy ragtag caving in falling in all the worse for wear used up coming apart at the seams poorly made badly dressed badly worn full of holes beaten-up clapped-out treacherous dishevelled disheveled uncouth unkept unusable sordid dowdy underprivileged deprived old-fashioned peaked shattered downgone contaminated infected septic unwholesome blighted defective split uncared dismal decrepit. in ruins knocked around subsiding moldering putrefying peeling unfit flabby under par below par manky scungy slovenly in bad repair desultory unpressed unfinished crude contemptible shredded raunchy unimproved beat delicate mouldering droopy overgrown wilted sickly wilting drooping ailing sagging flagging falling down filthy condemned down at the heel loose coming undone not solid not safe not robust imperfect feeble mediocre yucky skanky scabby rugged substandard ordinary tawdry base lousy paltry in poor shape debilitated out of shape uncared for beaten up middling low-grade menial second-rate two-bit sad fallen-in rinky-dink fallen in rank mucky indigent sick unpleasant impoverished sticky gunky gungy low-rent blasted munted rachitic unbalanced rattletrap geriatric dying declining torn to pieces unsecured hurt robbed plundered pillaged spoiled defaced botched spoilt mutilated uninhabited harried harmed waning degenerating unsubstantial failing perishing loosened slack slackened lax spindly relaxed languishing forsaken corroded oxidizing in decline rusting oxidising fluctuant defenseless vacillating endangered immature defenceless rootless disintegrated breaking crumbled on the decline on the way out wearing away breaking down on the rocks at risk disreputable cure pot


Having no power or energy left
spent exhausted drained wearied weary bushed debilitated dog-tired tired all in limp fatigued knackered whacked worn out beat bone-tired enervated wiped out bone-weary pooped prostrate shattered weakened frazzled tired out aweary beaten bleary burned-out burnt-out bushwhacked dead done fried jaded jiggered loggy logy stonkered tuckered out wabbit washed-out whipped worn worn-out burnt out done in fagged out fordone knocked out played out ready to drop rooted toilworn zonked zonked out blown clapped out dead beat done-in effete fagged far-gone shot tapped out wasted worn to a frazzle had it shagged out sapped dead tired weak done for depleted run-down kaput prostrated sleepy rundown out on one's feet panting burned out consumed gasping puffing breathless puffed drowsy jet-lagged used up worn-down outta gas crippled finished out of breath puffed out gasping for breath puffing and blowing fit to drop disabled haggard washed out overtired careworn weariful listless flat flagging asleep on one's feet languid done up whacked out running on empty drawn gaunt drooping on your last legs tuckered droopy creamcrackered empty enfeebled wan strained dead on one's feet without energy pinched gone lethargic low out of gas on one's last legs asleep hollow-cheeked run down collapsing sluggish overworked languorous bare expended emptied destitute pale peaky ashen blanched hollow-eyed unproductive winded impoverished vacant pasty-faced out wheezing torpid dog-weary short-winded wheezy lacklustre lackluster dragging hacked somnolent extremely tired lackadaisical heavy out on your feet inactive huffing and puffing inert dead-tired old dead-beat short of breath out of puff out of whack wiped-out wiped etiolated bored sick all-in taxed faint peaked languishing unwell groggy narcoleptic overtaxed overused done with bedraggled through low-energy raddled sallow like death warmed up dog tired broken-down worn down petered out infirm feeble dropping lassitudinous blasé run ragged wrinkled grim fretted on last leg very tired bleary-eyed dead on your feet choking gulping over-tired tired-out stressed out in poor health apathetic dissipated lacking in energy squandered exasperated dry lumbering devoid bankrupt void played-out asthmatic stertorous emphysematous gulping for breath indolent wooden barren unfertile all gone poor infertile stark bony hardscrabble reduced desolate waste boney diminished unenergetic slow slow-moving slothful lymphatic slumberous slow-going slow-paced lazy sedentary somnific dilatory snoozy spiritless lifeless passive dull at an end breathing heavily denuded uncultivatable arid sterile sucked dry comatose passed out down for the count out for the count


(tried and true/tested) Tested, hence, proven to be firm or reliable
tried reliable dependable sure true trustworthy certain trusted unfailing attested calculable established good proved proven responsible safe secure solid sound steady tested trustable trusty approved certified classic consistent constant demonstrated failsafe faithful recognised recognized reputable staunch steadfast fail-safe tried and tested tried and true tried-and-true time-honoured tried out true-blue put to the test safe as houses loyal honourable unwavering honorable firm honest unswerving upright resolute devoted confirmed stable ardent conscientious devout stanch pious dyed-in-the-wool fast fixed strong foolproof dutiful committed straight truthful settled incorruptible allegiant dedicated unfaltering enduring verified sensible demonstrable never-failing well-built down-the-line credible sincere scrupulous hard-core behind one on the level well-founded patriotic genuine sturdy stalwart determined definite guaranteed sure-fire competent mature conclusive true-hearted virtuous ethical righteous attached obedient level-headed hopeful liege tried and trusted always there confiding unchanging well-engineered well-grounded loving affectionate time-tested high-quality string along with circumspect well-tried up front well engineered tested and proved well built seasoned experienced creditworthy straightforward right-hand favorite main important honored principal predictable card-carrying orthodox veracious close intimate sterling uncompromising deep-dyed go-to in good faith die-hard rocklike copper-bottomed rational sane assured unimpeachable principled reasonable immovable to be counted on carrying the load good as one's word true to life correct believable saintly fly right to be trusted straight-up worthy of trust above suspicion true blue boy scout down home full of integrity rock solid as good as one's word discreet honoured favourite confident checked authentic adult capable infallible easy unanxious nailed down locked on absolute undoubtful sanguine in the bag carefree able shoo-in undoubted upheld supported verifiable valid establishable accepted durable immutable unchangeable sustained rigid capable of being trusted stout lasting unshakeable flawless watertight perfect unerring efficacious effective unassailable balanced permanent equable pure unbreakable idiot-proof faultless goofproof airtight never failing perdurable bulletproof right just moral nice decent enthusiastic fervent passionate long-lived long-standing long-lasting supportive right-minded well balanced well-balanced worthy truehearted veridical undistorted estimable high-principled creditable square wholehearted all right deep-rooted decided strong-minded persistent single-minded set on resolved gritty set strong-willed dogged earnest bent on hardboiled tenacious driven untiring indomitable stubborn unflinching unhesitating obstinate buckled down bent purposeful persevering no lie on the up and up gung ho avid fervid impassioned sworn serious inveterate intent upstanding noble respectable high-minded fair proper law-abiding zealous blameless unshakable stand-up fanatical equitable laudable exemplary conscionable obdurate keen admirable deep unyielding inexorable irreproachable immaculate unrelenting undeviating inflexible kosher anti-corruption intense strict vehement vigorous impartial hardened unbending sinless guiltless adamant moralistic intransigent praiseworthy meritorious complete angelic commendable unflagging bound thorough brave entrenched squeaky clean clean courageous unqualified indefatigable elevated bold innocent thoroughgoing chivalrous abiding spirited respected bona fide insistent aboveboard relentless emphatic stiff implacable profound morally correct deep-seated right-thinking squeaky-clean out-and-out rock-ribbed through and through unfeigned bred-in-the-bone undaunted knightly heartfelt rooted adherent pertinacious unquestioning lofty even venerable valiant hard-working unstained impeccable bulldog plucky chaste lawful courteous mettlesome strenuous diehard assiduous diligent fair-minded uncorrupted fitting habitual invariable ingrained incorrigible tough red-hot unshaken incurable long-established noble-minded stout-hearted same equal traditional conservative above board spunky incorrupt mad keen clean-living unadulterated pure as the driven snow through-and-through dead set on meaning business well-established reverent unalloyed natural undiluted unlimited torrid intrenched redoubtable great intrepid warm untarnished unvarying revering fiery daring utter bosom venerating regular unflappable gallant magnanimous positive supreme boon steely forthright chronic legit objective continuous unprejudiced unbiased unbribable indelible pledged direct big purposive unfluctuating inculpable ineradicable whole-hearted humane godly saintlike deliberate punctilious uniform deserving unapologetic unashamed unmovable eager decisive homogeneous wholesome of principle benevolent explicit dinkum perseverant holy spiritual of good repute manful all-consuming compulsive indifferent evenhanded nonpartisan disinterested on the up-and-up orderly well-mannered candid indurate gutsy dispassionate hard-line distinguished persisting unbendable unalterable instilled adoring goody-goody self-righteous infixed whiter than white four-square well established hell-bent on fair and square bent upon out and out deeply ingrained deep-down do-or-die deep-set full-fledged salt of the earth hell-bent upon unswervable humble uncontrived unpretentious fundamentalist attentive concerned religious impervious prayerful admiring consecrated immobile changeless inseparable powerful abject burning acute God-fearing patient quality upfront active definitive unmistakable Christian heightened severe extraordinary extreme exceptional consuming seemly full of determination grim godlike philanthropic matchless peerless charitable philanthropical perfervid morally right morally acceptable full-bore unrepentant tireless rightful as thick as thieves arrant right-down sedulous decorous worshipping worshiping heart-and-soul pietistic stirring excessive inflamed rousing grave on one's side endless boundless heroic valorous chivalric cohesive importunate stiff-necked to the core keen as mustard congenital impersonal doting rabid fond exuberant embedded audacious steamroller nervy powerhouse forceful unafraid resilient inexhaustible coherent deeply felt refined purified greathearted gentlemanly high lordly sublime on-the-level right and proper on the square fair-and-square goody two-shoes fortified irremovable excellent valuable worthwhile possessive mulish unforgetful pristine veritable ceaseless fine dapper alright unmarred unobjectionable clean-cut esteemed lily-white highly regarded inoffensive precious applaudable model thinking twice fastidious critical extremely careful heedful punctual exact precise neutral even-handed non-partisan open-minded legitimate surefire can't-miss unfading undying continual justifiable justified invaluable hanging tough bound and determined courtly dug in set firm of good report A-1 first-class anti-discrimination non-discriminatory studious intemerate conformist bottomless gentlemanlike manly great-hearted quixotic unmixed real unstinting full unambiguous total unreserved categorical observant delivering there eternal come-through continuing virginal uncolored nondiscriminatory maidenly well grounded from the horse's mouth well founded unmitigated unrestricted unequivocal unconditional undivided hearty assertive sheer hard single-hearted old faithful virgin modest determinate dominant in earnest unmalleable expected raw out unsullied prevailing inexpugnable domineering true to the end going counted on undefiled outright doctrinal true to type as keen as mustard given over to stainless spotless unblemished entire fullhearted hard-and-fast guileless unspoilt unaffected tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on intent upon intent on determined to committed to the idea of hell bent on hang tough stand pat quickest shortest linear perennial lifelong 24-carat celibate continent vestal white unprofaned inviolate unspotted unblighted kind obliging impenitent irredeemable unreformable obsessive longtime similar static helpful neighbourly of the true faith of the faith accommodating accustomed inured habituated staid lily white wide-eyed identical unvaried matching equivalent invariant generous thoughtful gracious friendly amiable considerate hospitable hundred percent whole-souled sicker above reproach agreeable indulgent kindly unselfish amicable civil comradely altruistic benign sympathetic monotonous pure as driven snow babe in woods G-rated wet behind ears sociable polite pleasant without reservations ordered fated irreversible unmodifiable fateful well-proportioned ossified plumb symmetrical unbroken systematic consonant level undiversified of a piece normal compatible methodical smooth monolithic genial regardful peaceable companionable mannerly well-disposed neighborly well mannered well-brought-up beeline straight line straight ahead bee-line not crooked horizontal hard-shell firmly established irreprehensible without reproach in the clear of excellent character


To have consumed, especially an illicit substance


(dated) To have behaved toward in a stated way

Trái nghĩa của used

used Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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