Đồng nghĩa của hard wearing


Able to withstand a significant amount of usage without deterioration
durable strong tough resilient rugged stout heavy-duty lasting long-lasting solid wear-resistant indestructible infrangible weatherproof well-made well made made to last strongly made sturdy robust hardy substantial sound hard hardened toughened inured cast-iron well built hard-bitten imperishable resistant vigorous stable firm reliable well-built built to last impervious tenacious strapping dependable lusty stalwart brawny heavy unbreakable seasoned invincible mighty cohesive hard as nails bulletproof serviceable well constructed staunch stark error-tolerant infallible resolute foolproof muscular athletic forceful husky beefy hulking hearty iron thick thickset able-bodied indomitable perduring diuturnal long-continued perdurable secure steady safe impregnable invulnerable unassailable enduring reinforced impenetrable established tried-and-true well-founded immovable flourishing inviolable everlasting armoured rock-solid storm-resistant unattackable well fortified fast stormproof well defended unyielding bombproof well-armed strengthened well-protected fixed concrete steely impassible airtight knockabout armored fortified well protected rigid stiff inflexible leathery fit tight dense steeled moulded healthy molded conditioned withstanding tough as nails hale burly powerful hefty well buff energetic well-conditioned sinewy potent hale and hearty in good health in fine fettle whole in good shape Herculean fit as a fiddle shredded fighting fit powerfully built active in the pink jacked bouncing wholesome capable ripped solidly built bursting with health right as rain lively virile fresh blooming big trim unshakable vital able manful physically fit fine in good condition powerhouse thewy hunky in good trim in tip-top condition in rude health up to snuff alive and kicking unconquerable influential aerobicized muscly important cynical thriving unbeatable red-blooded case-hardened set full of life peppy dynamic flush hard-boiled unsentimental significant gingery acclimatized indurate adamantine unimpaired chunky acclimatised callous indurated well-constructed puissant hard-edged stocky indefatigable normal strenuous unflagging manly safe and sound meaty stouthearted as fit as a fiddle sane fit as a flea as fit as a flea fearsome young ferocious healthful A1 inexpugnable bursting with good health muscle-bound forcible spunky intact formidable bulky decisive strong-arm enthusiastic holy sacred hallowed untouchable sacrosanct mesomorphic broad-shouldered steel right in excellent shape full of vim in peak condition undamaged great adamant sound in body and limb well-defended rude insuperable unstoppable insurmountable galvanized galvanised tempered overpowering in fine feather big and strong broad herculean gigantic roaring redoubtable rough wide-ranging undecayed rigorous flawless vibrant perfect unhurt unblemished in trim rock hard compelling irrepressible obdurate full-blooded heavyweight accustomed habituated effective spirited gritty hanging together holding together as strong as a horse as strong as a ox leading dominant doughty cogent plucky intrepid headstrong valiant indubitable predominant authoritative prestigious controlling feisty desensitized experienced deadened wieldy omnipotent steamroller strengthy boss almighty rolling with punches quick to recover difficult to keep down quick to bounce back coarsened used strong as ox well-defined well-established well founded restored chipper rosy-cheeked secured OK unfeeling uncaring benumbed inaccessible coldhearted cruel uncompassionate heartless contemptuous unsubmissive irreverent hardhearted hard-as-nails unrepenting impious unemotional desensitised prepared disdainful unashamed obtuse rooted bright-eyed in good kilter in top form all right bushy-tailed in good physical condition the picture of health in good physical shape hard-nosed anchored taut in shape hard-headed embedded braced stationary riveted motionless cemented practical shrewd realistic down-to-earth matter-of-fact unshakeable world-weary as strong as an ox compacted packed uncompromising concentrated consolidated compressed hard-handed stony stubborn compact rocky nailed fastened wedged unmoving snug moored welded unfluctuating lacking sentiment mounted bolted screwed jammed frozen tightened lodged soldered stuck irremovable immobile toughened by experience as tough as old boots as hard as nails


Fulfilling its function adequately
serviceable functional usable useful operative practical workable working efficient helpful practicable profitable useable actionable applicable applicative applied available beneficial convenient durable employable exploitable fit functioning operable operational ultrapractical viable advantageous dependable utilitarian aiding assistive effective handy invaluable in working order stout sturdy utile valuable of use good suitable appropriate fruitful running productive constructive adequate worthwhile feasible going utilizable operating valid active utilisable effectual instrumental up and running proper expedient sensible in force consumable of assistance gainful efficacious ready alive worthy rewarding capable accessible in operation potent of service sound live fitting of help apt favorable powerful successful living doable in action on favourable in use prepared relevant in effect current open neat wieldy adaptable unused right meet at hand nifty expendable pragmatic seemly user friendly user-friendly acceptable in order significant important becoming remunerative lucrative decent qualified vital propitious opportune benefic benignant auspicious beneficent adapted suited meritorious accomplishable of value conformable worth it exhaustible subservient healthy purposeful at disposal commodious realistic positive well-designed user-oriented easy-to-use versatile influential paying pragmatical moving wholesome able indispensable salutary competent in working condition crucial possible reasonable correct apposite fitted befitting ready for use needed economic realizable dynamic advisable priceless critical essential pivotal toward strong virtuous kindly friendly central behooveful timely money-making in business deserving pertinent due key estimable of benefit apropos decorous rightful in process realisable good enough win-win telling requisite conducive correspondent hot forcible in gear worth its weight in gold just equal equitable decisive determinative conclusive comme il faut no-nonsense sufficient disposable made well comfortable exploitative exploitatory exploitive available for use enforceable at your disposal in running order fit for use manageable forceful enough illuminating enriching natty multipurpose high-functioning well-functioning ideal perfect informative satisfying respectable desirable on line in commission wearable workaday in service fit to be eaten comestible brave fit for human consumption safe to eat approving common edible effecting accomplishing achieving fulfilling easy to use ready for action well spent meaningful justifiable able to function in full swing on track on the job on fire ordinary everyday purposive practiced easy breeze cinch snap healthful congruous commendatory salubrious tolerable hygienic all right favoring commending unobjectionable protean ample paramount imperative utility exercised empirical utilized used acquirable related correlated experiential tested empiric in demand strategic appreciated fundamental necessary respected admired exigent favouring offered attainable gettable on hand obtainable opened moneymaking commercial energetic puissant practised utilised no sweat duck soup loved esteemed best held dear of the essence prosperous excellent substantial money-spinning procurable open to securable achievable getatable reachable to hand around derivable from on tap untaken on deck easy as pie piece of cake simple as ABC enforced agreeable benevolent supportive cost-effective worthful hot property scarce exemplary worth the effort brought to bear hands-on non-theoretical precious acting existing vacant derivable forthcoming in hand encouraging gratifying promising nice profit-making inestimable sane orderly systematic integral consequential irreplaceable solvent fat juicy equipped solid plain unromantic factual unidealistic uplifting inspiring benign turning rolling stirring pushing movable simmering progressive traveling engaged flowing exertive travelling astir involved probable graspable winnable spendable rare choice preferable down-to-earth level-headed matter-of-fact real-world bankable extremely helpful all-important beyond price extremely useful -worthy vitally important of great consequence in one's interests of the utmost importance treasured in one's best interests vigorous alert spirited alive and kicking lively animated spry on the go occupational vibrant diligent industrious sprightly nimble in play at work non-inert non-passive within the bounds of possibility within the realms of possibility nuts and bolts both feet on the ground step-by-step well-paying paid off sweet financially rewarding self-sustaining sustaining assisting in the black paying well commercially successful contributive saving vivacious quick well-oiled bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans standing indicative at play

Trái nghĩa của hard wearing

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