Đồng nghĩa của empiric

Alternative for empiric

empiric /em'pirik/
  • tính từ
    • theo lối kinh nghiệm
    • danh từ
      • người theo chủ nghĩa kinh nghiệm
      • lang băm


    Displaying logic and common sense
    good logical practical rational sensible analytic analytical cerebral certain circumspect collected commonsense credible deductive discerning enlightened faultless infallible intellectual intelligent justifiable objective perspicacious philosophic plausible ratiocinative realistic reasonable reasoned reasoning reflective sagacious sound synthetic thinking thoughtful trustable unquestionable veracious veridical cogent coherent colorable commonsensible commonsensical confirmed corroborated errorless hard impeccable inerrant informed knowing levelheaded meticulous proven rigorous secure shrewd sincere substantiated sure truthful validated verified accurate calculable careful certified cognitive defendable defensible definite empirical exact explicit judicious maintainable open precise prudent sharp stringent supportable sustainable tenable well-advised well-reasoned well-grounded clear-cut letter-perfect spot-on well-thought-out dead-on on-target valid solid well-founded justified sober just firm wise consequent well reasoned sage astute lucid reliable together well thought out insightful clear perceptive clever systematic politic sapient consistent methodical pragmatic organized well-informed grounded organised well organized level-headed matter-of-fact well advised cool well grounded learned knowledgeable educated dependable acceptable feasible canny savvy articulate viable orderly percipient balanced profound responsible plain understandable down-to-earth advisable sane joined-up no-nonsense farsighted full of common sense all there hard-headed factual congruent comprehensible intelligible well informed relevant supported dispassionate meaningful unemotional straightforward prosaic trustworthy showing great knowledge with great knowledge identified cold unimpassioned deliberated fair regulated equitable unidealistic honest intuitive straight deliberate ordered thorough well-organized mathematical straight-thinking scientific decent erudite well considered strategic tactful smart experienced impartial believable legitimate clear-sighted clear-eyed common-sense with both one's feet on the ground cogitative contemplative desirable trusty moderate restrained conservative controlled temperate unprejudiced argute scholarly foresighted tactical convincing unexcessive right admissible making sense unbiased standing to reason legit unextreme well-expressed considered well-presented thought-out fair-minded open to reason evenhanded in one's right mind based on good sense weighty authoritative well presented well expressed well-structured well judged telling satisfactory satisfying full of insight recognized flawless watertight correct recognised established orthodox accepted true unassailable thought through right-thinking right-minded holding water holding up standing up holding up in wash got it together discriminating discreet serious-minded mature attentive conversant au courant steady-going having all one's marbles in right mind


    Someone who attempts to deceive by using an assumed name or identity
    impostor fake charlatan fraud cheater swindler cheat fraudster hoaxer humbug phoney pretender quack trickster conman hoodwinker mountebank phony rogue sham deceiver faker masquerader impersonator shyster flimflammer bluffer defrauder fakir hypocrite imitator knave pettifogger quacksalver ringer sharper actor beguiler deluder duper exploiter mimic mocker plant pseudo scorner con artist confidence man confidence woman flimflam man four-flusher hustler racketeer scoundrel dissembler con huckster shark grifter villain imposter shicer magsman illywhacker sharp tregetour counterfeit defalcator schlenter twister rorter chiseller medicaster double-crosser con man con-artist double-dealer con woman rogue trader confidence trickster rip-off artist bunco artist gold brick crook cozener dodger scammer chiseler bilk bilker conniver decoy sharpy sharpie skinner finagler tricker scamster inveigler rascal jockey bluff enticer dissimulator confidence operator playactor poser rook smoothie attitudinizer liar wolf in sheep's clothing victimizer pseud whited sepulchre pharisee backslider casuist sophist two-face lip server joker Tartuffe shammer hoax plaster saint prankster mechanic forger hoser counterfeiter slicker practical joker hook two-timer bigot informer malingerer aggressor bully feigner betrayer forgery tartuffe fabricator sneak spoofer goldbrick hypocritical person simulator fleecer bamboozler play actor horse trader slippery customer embezzler hoaxster thief clip absconder operator gouger falsifier snake in the grass bunco scam artist confidence artist clip artist poseur exhibitionist show-off posturer self-publicist poseuse canter mannerist attention-seeker pietist hot dog Pecksniff bluenose Pharisee flip-flopper sanctimonious person Holy Willie creeping Jesus whited sepulcher

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