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Alternative for inferable

inferable /in'fə:rəbl/ (inferrable) /in'fə:rəbl/
  • tính từ
    • có thể suy ra, có thể luận ra

Tính từ

Of a statement or hypothesis that can be proven
provable demonstrable verifiable checkable confirmable empiric empirical supportable sustainable testable attestable certain conclusive deductible evincible incontestable unarguable undoubtable watertight evident obvious unmistakable positive undeniable self-evident irrefutable incontrovertible palpable clear patent perceptible proven confirmed indubitable plain verified noticeable apparent clear-cut axiomatic prominent distinct transparent striking conspicuous manifest observable ascertainable comprehensible discernible sure definite deducible perceivable tangible established detectable certified visible actual valid real factual unquestionable indisputable appreciable tested unambiguous distinguishable reliable tried objective dependable proved sensible trustworthy well-grounded certifiable pronounced marked recognizable decided salient authentic open undoubted blinding blatant inescapable overt undisguised unconcealed glaring barefaced flagrant pellucid ringing unambivalent perspicuous luminous lucid nonambiguous luculent straightforward broad unequivocal bald measurable open-and-shut bright-line plain to see bald-faced beyond doubt beyond question writ large existential experiential as plain as a pikestaff as clear as day standing out a mile sticking out like a sore thumb sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb crystal clear recognisable discernable observational apprehensible reputable foolproof safe failsafe tried and true tried and tested fail-safe well-engineered well-built time-tested high-quality well-tried well-founded well engineered tested and proved showable correct notable guaranteed questionless assured safe to say stark gross credible plausible ostensible staring one in the face seeming remarkable written all over someone believable colorable arresting existing circumstantial practical solid quantitative active applied substantial concrete observed direct genuine fact-based experimental hard legitimate veritable material veridical legit firm honest absolute categorical substantive true demonstrated hands-on in the field non-theoretical first-hand firsthand field proper intelligible recognized attested checked quantifiable upheld supported establishable accepted sustained well documented bona fide well defined honest-to-goodness bold recognised tried-and-true frank self-explanatory explicit unsubtle understandable exposed precise public clear as a bell right under your nose staring someone in the face as plain as the nose on your face cut-and-dried written all over one

Tính từ

Having a greater-than-even chance of occurring
likely probable expected anticipated foreseeable liable odds-on predicted presumable disposed fated predictable presumptive prospective sure destined inclined predisposed promising natural ostensible prone seeming supposable verisimilar true distinctly possible on to be expected within the bounds of possibility given to in the air in the cards in the offing in the wind a pound to a penny on the cards ten to one having a tendency to on the verge of in the habit of presumed apparent supposed plausible alleged purported hypothetical assumed suppositious conjectural possible suppositive presupposed asserted supposititious suppositional awaited credible inferential reputed foreseen hypothetic putative evident ostensive professed prima facie specious illusory reasonable conceivable calculable outward superficial inevitable forecast slated unsurprising due believable perceived claimed prepared for semblant declared creditable par for the course believed understood imaginable projected scheduled certain normal obvious assumptive theoretical logical understandable avowed rational pretended surface so-called illusive estimated envisioned coming only to be expected feigned knowable speculative academic theoretic exterior not unexpected academical approximated taken for granted rumoured inferred accepted what one would expect guessed at estimative anticipatable convincing presumptuous circumstantial soi-disant exhibited manifest thought held invented rumored made-up fictional said imaginary colorable notable demonstrative quasi scheduled for feasible justified expected to arrive acceptable accountable potential legitimate explicable justifiable excusable explainable tenable allowable pardonable admissible defensible forgivable thinkable wanted earthly quite possible mortal promised reasonable to think reliable a good bet a reasonable bet a fair bet prophesied foretold hoped-for hoped for looked for contemplated looked-for proposed long-awaited counted on planned for counted upon formulaic formularized sure-fire external prepared expectable nonrandom most likely

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