Đồng nghĩa của professed

Alternative for professed

professes, professed, professing

Đồng nghĩa: allege, claim, contend, maintain,

Trái nghĩa: suppress,


Displaying outstanding skill, knowledge, or experience in a given field
expert skilled adept masterly proficient accomplished skilful master virtuoso practised consummate experienced masterful great good skillful crack versed ace practiced crackerjack veteran complete educated compleat adroit competent dexterous deft trained able talented dextrous brilliant mean gifted polished capable clever professional excellent well versed fine efficient seasoned first-rate artful stellar tasty wizard superb handy bravura first-class outstanding savvy workmanlike delicate magnificent qualified supreme apt genius wicked smart pro knowledgeable sharp superlative habile nifty practical marvellous formidable old a dab hand at superior impressive ingenious slick exceptional vet marvelous big league out of this world schooled elite versant learned world-class whiz leading dazzling brainy top-notch cool well trained well-versed tuned in on the ball wised up effective wonderful effectual exercised splendid finished familiar hardened long-serving exquisite battle-scarred demon conversant specialist topflight deadly there quick smooth facile au fait with it extraordinarily skilled up to speed very skilled highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled exceptionally good highly trained a hand at highly qualified peerless quintessential certified fluent exemplary ultimate perfect intelligent preeminent transcendent best virtuosic faultless handpicked deluxe choice capital supremely skilled dominant drilled phenom tested tried class leet time-served on the beam champion ready dynamite rounded instructed accustomed sport hep hip sensational fabulous smashing fab very good terrific tremendous fantastic the right stuff knowing one's stuff knowing the score broken in established mature switched-on acquainted well-informed awesome tip-top hotshot magic worldly-wise sussed brill methodic methodical sophisticated worldly wise steady disciplined weathered long-time old-time inured well up star top topnotch distinguished super systematic refined up on from way back knows one's stuff not born yesterday been around wise to ways of the old school in the know fit sure-handed fitted taught well-rounded tutored all-round all-around multiskilled multitalented employable long-term grand neat keen topping cracking divine top-hole fantabulous supercalifragilisticexpialidocious heavenly prime lovely glorious sterling hot peachy swell phat radical dandy groovy corking unsurpassed bully jim-dandy dope sublime boss remarkable quality admirable high-class amazing out-of-sight beaut spiffing bonzer boffo beautiful rad amazeballs primo phenomenal on fleek mega A-OK number one blue-ribbon immense righteous classic prizewinning blue-chip first-string five-star top-shelf top-of-the-line famous frontline par excellence ripping gilt-edged bosting supernal banner matchless noble bang-up gilt-edge bumper numero uno prize delightful select brag gangbusters gangbuster extraordinary peachy keen mind-blowing tiptop gorgeous four-star bonnie bonny notable crucial bodacious A-1 unrivaled incredible hype down brave def gone top-drawer schmick unrivalled dreamy pre-eminent fabby sound spanking beezer goodly incomparable unparalleled belting far out premium sik chillin' A1 premier marvy spectacular of the first water too good to be true pearler lank kif barrie exo finest estimable eminent breathtaking greatest splendiferous applaudable meritorious striking worthy noted nimble-fingered second to none out of sight stupendous unequalled unexcelled nimble of the highest quality stunning unequaled prodigious top-class wondrous sovereign awesomesauce illustrious unmatched bosker of high quality bad of the highest standard optimum tops agile way-out top-tier without equal of the first order beyond compare memorable thrilling attractive commendable standout principal unique choicest first to die for prominent nippy astounding flawless chief noteworthy unreal singular uppermost splendorous suitable creditable rare surpassing inspired unbeatable highest first class out-of-this-world high-grade top-level top-grade top of the line top of the range super-duper top drawer of the highest order inimitable too much enjoyable astonishing distinctive high desirable priceless invaluable praiseworthy bright exciting astute important powerful laudable mighty coruscating precocious honourable strong respectable predominant main celebrated cunning deserving foremost perceptive apex banging paramount primary resourceful unprecedented hunky-dory better honorable endowed head finely judged untouchable far-out prompt effusive extreme winning excessive solid industry leading number-one world class lead renowned inflated exaggerated worthiest worthy of admiration worthy of commendation zero cool high-quality awe-inspiring optimal a cut above the rest unsurpassable best ever in a class all by itself highest quality best possible very best up to it top-of-the-range ka pai top-quality the dog's bollocks prize-winning above and beyond nonpareil class act no slouch of highest order having know-how superfine shining at unexampled piked pleasurable bewitching captivating charming enchanting entrancing radiant unforgettable arresting hypnotic impeccable staggering redoubtable tophole imposing invincible indomitable beauteous frabjous scrumptious delectable splendacious pleasant paragon fly model creative nice effortless businesslike active sup rior puissant imaginative golden cream artistic specialized moving eloquent surprising agitating most unbelievable stirring sunny all very well well and good shrewd legit outrageous special flagship exclusive like wow cat's meow innovational innovative reputable well-known crafty pretty canny high-end A-grade award-winning awing enthralling innovatory specialised well executed sly paradisiacal idyllic blissful paradisiac elevated elegant august lofty clean equal exalted proud inspiring affecting inventive enterprising original mint fantastical virtuous top-flight baller crash hot nang No. 1 having the know-how cut out for having a knack for the very best state-of-the-art the best a standout number 1 tight worthwhile fleet cute precise very able sharp as a tack know stuff no dummy forward clever with one's hands good with one's hands adept physically dream meritable venerable valuable eventful mind-boggling improved ideal enhanced five star top quality of the highest type grade A high quality highest-quality top grade best-quality sufficient key central influential profound momentous consequential hundred-proof one-in-a-million utopian crown vintage dominating Grade A record-breaking big-time undefeated unbeaten sans pareil miraculous colossal copacetic crisp having good hands A-number-1 mostest have the goods ahead of one's peers out of the ordinary have smarts old beyond one's years got it advanced for one's age better than usual of the best quality better than average cat's pajamas hunky dory intense vital rousing crash-hot gee-whizz forcible eye-popping jaw-dropping honest up to the mark reputed palmary nasty decent believeable satisfactory organic well-thought-of know one's business know ins and outs know the score all around know the ropes know one's stuff know the answers of genius cardinal impassioned batting a thousand salt of the earth not too shabby biggest useful suited proper adequate adapted senior larger higher greater bigger major elder having the goods knowing the ropes having the right stuff up to snuff green thumb old-timer like a pistol old hand has what it takes like a one-man band equal to the task up there able to perform well-done arch- hot tamale most excellent most important


Generally approved, believed, or acknowledged
recognized acknowledged accepted customary standard approved general known believed characteristic familiar prevalent renowned sanctioned understood authorised authorized conventional declared documented established identified orthodox perceived popular prevailing recognisable recognizable regular regulation stipulated stock universal accustomed admitted allowed confirmed predictable realised realized remembered traditional true well-known agreed upon commonly accepted generally accepted widely recognized usual common normal ordinary typical official current widespread received set routine ubiquitous expected fixed mainstream authoritative everyday habitual wonted going classic settled time-honoured commonplace frequent rife rampant predominant canonical classical proven time-honored unquestioned undoubted undisputed run-of-the-mill correct plain proper household fashionable legal natural lawful agreed legitimate bog-standard pervasive definitive certified uncontested sound conformist proverbial average dominant prescriptive ruling confessed inveterate long-established in vogue in circulation accredited canonic chronic existing avowed proclaimed by the numbers explicit rooted vested formal express rightful endorsed certain exhaustive prescribed passed overall quotidian acceptable endemic workaday well-established shared prosaic magisterial best well known garden-variety valid traditionalistic old-fashioned majority typic preponderant regnant ceremonious vanilla unremarkable in style native reliable unexceptional ceremonial in fashion cut-and-dry cut-and-dried standard-issue garden variety representative old hat well worn steady tried and true tried and tested bona fide statutory lamestream pervading central extensive broad public dyed-in-the-wool core contemporary present latest extant modern definite determined precise constant entrenched across the board middle-of-the-road primary returned answered appropriate chosen permitted supported legalized ratified backed validated affirmed OK'd ongoing circulating stated tried and trusted defined exact common or garden numerous historic stable strict sworn conceded unchallenged widely held domestic deep-rooted widely used ingrained daily standard operating procedure playing it safe sop in a rut same old wont in the groove according to Hoyle noted legalised superior old old-style officially recognized repeated plastic matter-of-course white-bread so-so grind simple reigning regimented orderly methodical just genuine celebrated secure unshakable permanent mundane in use afoot commonest acquainted systematic predominating commanding sovereign about made official vouched for notable famous notorious unsophisticated in force influential operative main preponderating principal bruited about making the rounds doing the rounds in general use going around in the air talked of inherent symptomatic consistent recurring ceremonialistic formalistic ritualistic ritual comprehensive catholic all-embracing sweeping fundamental worldwide ecumenical imperial executive mandatory bureaucratic departmental supreme administrative anticipated foreseeable indicative foreseen emblematic on everyone's lips homespun humble overt obvious published formulaic distinctive likely unsurprising idiosyncratic distinguishing true to form in keeping to be expected only to be expected individualistic in character par for the course on the cards clichéd cliched … all over true to type publicized ex cathedra ex officio day-to-day publicised revealed patent manifest branded common variety matter-of-fact self-confessed publicly known widely known generally known finest consummate ultimate greatest conservative superlative doctrinal traditionalist down pat touted ultraconservative unprogressive reactionary unheretical button-down unoriginal buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked old-line old-school standpat die-hard brassbound paleoconservative archconservative mother of all unopposed legit okayed preferred well established kosher derivative right straight pious religious punctilious square bien pensant straight arrow in line according to the book arrived at recognised humdrum dull stereotypical generic stereotyped garden a dime a dozen hackneyed banal boring undistinguished pedestrian trite homely modest unpretentious characterless staple stale unimaginative uneventful family uninteresting archetypal mediocre indifferent periodic bland tired corny platitudinous overworked nondescript unmemorable obligatory unexciting archetypical standardized hacky standardised ten a penny no great shakes nothing to write home about lacklustre lackluster monotonous uninspiring tedious adopted persistent overused well-worn favourite favorite dreary uninspired periodical threadbare bromidic congruous colourless casual terrestrial informal shopworn cliche hackney hack timeworn reiterative iterated basic ornery nitty-gritty insignificant home homey OK worn out colorless played out run of the mill plain vanilla two a penny not up to much nothing special tame insipid diurnal discreet inconspicuous comfortable scheduled unspectacular familial practical collective median seasonal OB legendary famed domiciliary inferior fair mean vapid unnoteworthy acquired honored next mutual usual thing dead long-winded ho hum blah big yawn given used habituated unextraordinary unvaried derived trivial musty moth-eaten cobwebby cliché-ridden unexceptionable self-evident axiomatic plain-Jane off-the-shelf honoured vulgar embraced united like truistic cliché anodyne superabundant de rigueur investigated bathetic uncreative imitative ineffective reputed infamous intermutual commutual of choice in the habit of studied cheap and commonplace model blank expressionless deadpan ready-made whitebread down-to-earth drab worn-out indistinctive featureless neutral faceless noncommittal quintessential repetitious practised practiced mechanical automatic long-term addicting iterative disciplined perfunctory cyclic seasoned readily available widely available unaffected unassuming flat paradigmatic personal private known about warmed-over exemplary textbook folksy neither one thing nor the other warmed-up defunct middling amateurish forgettable amateur vintage prototypical dime-a-dozen boilerplate old-hat out of date unrefined unfussy prime imitable ideal copybook signature perfect nowhere jake dinki-di out of the ark past their sell-by date second-rate inelaborate cozy unostentatious cosy prototypal not much cop not so hot nothing to get excited about half-pie bush-league not very good middle of the road home-made home-grown homemade home-produced home-based homegrown recurrent incessant continual perennial continuing many endless countless reiterated manifold several profuse eternal perpetual successive thick intermittent various non-stop millions of loads of a good many a great many very many quite a few lots of heaps of masses of quite a lot of occurring often dozens of hundreds of thousands of most reliable most complete most scholarly most usual most frequent most perfect most significant most common


To have made a claim
said claimed alleged asserted affirmed maintained proclaimed argued attested contended emphasized insisted opined advanced asseverated averred avouched avowed cited emphasised justified made a case predicated pressed protested rumored stressed swore championed held rumoured upheld adduced brought forward offered pleaded pled proposed vouched certified testified declared stated broadcast put across put into words pronounced conveyed communicated announced uttered put over intimated enunciated suggested put forward set forth sayed expressed voiced articulated aired revealed divulged disclosed put vented broadcasted sounded got across made known laid down made public indicated imparted worded told phrased verbalized submitted promulgated raised ventilated denoted expounded heralded mouthed publicized advertized advertised formulated connoted confessed delivered spelt out come out with spelled out publicised verbalised popped off mentioned intoned read couched vocalized published guaranteed tabled propounded annunciated advocated spread framed purported explained blared trumpeted broached presented designated imported blazoned rendered prest detailed signalled signaled admitted muttered got over bespoke circulated reasserted reaffirmed gotten across shouted cried repeated outlined testified to hinted insinuated recounted put forth clad put in words sweared passed gave voice to pointed out lay down clarified clothed put about that modulated talked about vocalised given voice to let it be known exclaimed remarked spoke spake spoken related blurted noted recited enounced gave expression to given expression to piped given utterance to gave utterance to came out with spieled espoused talked advised disseminated mooted holden signified discussed putten released posted blazed flashed placarded debated relayed relaid reported spelled intended given gave looked preached praught addrest mumbled spilt spouted spilled chattered orated addressed gotten over bespake bespoken inflected informed intonated poured out brought out made plain quoted added up to made a public declaration of told of stood for drawled given away implied gave out summarized sounded out yammered showed chirped murmured sworn roared informed of jawed evinced allegated exposed piped up with yakked talked of yelled narrated blabbed specified given out declaimed regurgitated given vent to gave vent to declared publicly gassed translated soliloquized reeled off made out got off retold rehearsed made clear acknowledged publicly postulated brought into the open summarised lipped gave away shouted from the rooftops whispered gabbed perorated upholden given utterance gone into gave testimony gave utterance attested to given testimony borne witness spoke out gave expression bore witness went into given expression spoken out shown spoke about gotten off readen threw out thrown out spoken about alluded observed added answered crowed predicted responded blabbered replied commented set out delineated described posited ventured volunteered particularized catalogued proffered moved exhibited displayed elucidated explicated charged supported dictated hazarded particularised cataloged had one's say gave an account of notified given an account of taken the wraps off took the wraps off spoke up spoken up given an explanation of gave an explanation of


Past tense for to state a fact or belief confidently and forcefully
declared affirmed asserted maintained announced avowed stated averred proclaimed admitted asseverated confirmed owned own protested acknowledged alleged avouched certified claimed confessed contended insisted purported warranted vouched vowed agreed allowed constated crooned deposed predicated recognised recognized sang sung sungen soapboxed spieled spouted stumped came out come out crossed heart made out opened up owned up said so talked big acted as if blew hot air blown hot air got off chest gotten off chest got on soapbox gotten on soapbox swore on bible sworn on bible swore up and down sworn up and down sweared attested argued pronounced guaranteed testified sworn swore held pledged promised put forward laid down upheld advanced supported verified sayed said pleaded pled represented submitted assured witnessed defended put forth adduced holden postulated moved reasoned propounded proved advocated endorsed prest pressed lay down upholden cited suggested implied corroborated validated stressed emphasized ensured opined undertaken undertook emphasised repeated established vouched for stipulated secured covenanted vindicated insisted on given an undertaking gave an undertaking bound oneself pretended crossed one's heart charged challenged reasserted reaffirmed authenticated presented taken an oath took an oath substantiated justified borne witness bore witness guarantied told posited prove proven backed notified sustained reassured set engaged championed cinched contracted solemnly promised set to plighted backed up okayed stated on oath stood behind testified to let someone have it put up argument sworn an oath swore an oath sweared on the Bible pressed for answered for stood up for made a deposition committed oneself stuck up for put on ice hinted insinuated accused indicated intimated imputed offered recited recounted laid given an assurance gave an assurance buttressed voiced expressed insured uttered conveyed reiterated disclosed syllogized ventured volunteered rendered allegated passed informed evinced underwritten underwrote expostulated granted debated reported sponsored delegated enjoined conceded disputed dictated urged crossed blasted mixt mixed prescribed ripped zapped pledged oneself explained questioned wagered committed showed ratified stood by requested enforced encouraged clinched iced bolstered staked brought forward ascertained documented bore out borne out remonstrated promised under oath trusted come at jumped on laid into had at lit into laced into gave testimony given testimony rubber-stamped sweared under oath demonstrated appealed espoused bound assented pledged yourself sweared blind nailed down locked up stuck it to locked horns with mixed it up ganged up on mouthed off insisted upon relied on pushed for obligated crossed your heart had confidence in stated under oath had a lock on acceded shot one's wad made a case gave one's word given your word subscribed renounced given one's word had bone to pick laid down the law gave your word provided evidence of shot off one's mouth prevailed upon made a case for sweared to the fact socked it to one popped off beared witness to dared say crossed one's heart and hope to die lived up to made an affidavit given evidence gave evidence shown spoke out spoken out sworn to swore to taken on came at took on gone at went at bounden gave reasons for given reasons for taken a stand took a stand gave an undertaking to given an undertaking to given proof of gave proof of gave assurances given assurances drew conclusions drawn conclusions flew in face of flown in face of got behind gotten behind given a pledge gave a pledge given grounds for gave grounds for sworn by sworn to God swore by given witness swore to God gave witness


Past tense for to make a false show or pretense of
faked pretended shammed dissembled feigned acted affected assumed bluffed claimed counterfeited simulated alleged purported passed for put on made out let on acted as if put on an act put it on dissimulated put up a front posed postured masqueraded imitated lied kidded fabricated playacted play-acted made like put on airs put on a front made a pretence of put on a false front falsified deceived misled malingered disguised played impersonated cheated aped played possum shucked and jived made a show of forged whitewashed stonewalled copied fronted reproduced invented duped deluded suckered pirated lift passed off faked it played at four-flushed given the appearance of gave the appearance of put up a smoke screen went through the motions of knocked off made out like gone through the motions of put on a false display put on act put up a front of hoaxed masked hid concealed cloaked veiled aspired camouflaged adopted shrouded devised pussyfooted covered hoodwinked fudged beguiled cozened fooled jazzed jived fished mocked replicated showboated messed struck pulled grandstanded attitudinized phonied contrived laid claim claimed falsely faked out dressed up defrauded minted mimicked cloned coined statted dittoed mimeoed did done favoured parrotted cribbed borrowed prevaricated parroted concocted featured fenced created favored lifted exaggerated misrepresented mirrored equivocated suggested resembled postured as seemed to be made as if covered up passed yourself off as played the part of acted out made money pretended to be done a bit disguised yourself glossed over mocked up acted like circulated bad money did like conjured up made show of copped an attitude behaved affectedly laid it on thick went through the motions did a bit gone through the motions done like assumed an attitude showed off swung the lead hidden stricken aspired to stole stolen gone like went like took on taken on did a number done a number took off taken off done a take-off given appearance of gave appearance of stricken an attitude struck an attitude struck a pose taken off as took off as shown off stricken a pose made up trumped up let on like spoofed personated masqueraded as posed as fibbed imagined parodied caricatured represented portrayed obscured suppressed enacted burlesqued travestied manufactured constructed sent up designed played the part put on a pretense passed oneself off as daydreamed fantasized daydreamt dreamt dreamed exhibited depicted supposed bearded satirized displayed formed copped lampooned fancied romanced mused developt developed embodied orchestrated schemed minimized veneered varnished downplayed pretended to have guyed made a show made a pretense excogitated showed become sugarcoated secreted screened extenuated airbrushed professed to have fantasised indulged in fantasy professed to be presented a false front presented a false face staged hatched perjured conned scratched copied fraudulently duplicated transcribed traced minimised laid on vamped up cooked up drummed up vamped thought up misstated monkied monkeyed reflected promoted hoked stretched the truth come to have swept something under the carpet soft-pedalled told a terminological inexactitude followed in footsteps paltered satirised kept dark mimed hushed up de-emphasized repeated told untruth kept a lid on planted created out of thin air doubled as played a part played to the gallery told a lie paralleled not told the truth shoveled told stories kept quiet about pulled someone's leg told a little white lie soft-pedaled told a fib created fiction kept secret built castles in the air parallelled made up a story patterned after shovelled modeled after departed from the truth hammed dreamt up affected the role of modelled after swept something under the rug told a white lie told untruths invented a story built castles in Spain tried to be like pulled the wool over somebody's eyes turned into assumed the role becomed shown becomen became acted as though drawn a veil over drew a veil over assumed the role of lay on spoken with forked tongue spoke with forked tongue forswore yourself forsworn yourself did likewise done an impression of done likewise did an impression did an impression of done an impression came to have taken up took up


Past tense for to confess to be true
admitted confessed acknowledged revealed conceded divulged agreed declared disclosed acceded accepted owned own affirmed allowed exposed recognised recognized assented granted realised realized appreciated avowed confirmed leaked sang sung sungen spilled spilt acquiesced bared communicated concurred confided indicated narrated proclaimed stated talked told uncovered unveiled yielded yold yolden came clean come clean let on opened up made known owned up blurted out fessed up owned up to spilled the beans about told all about brought to light gave away given away let out made a clean breast spilled your guts squealed about got something off one's chest made public blew the lid off blown the lid off brought into the open copped to coughed up blew the gaff on blown the gaff on came out of the closet come out of the closet made a clean breast of went into details gone into details told the truth expressed uttered told all accepted blame pleaded guilty spit out spilled the beans spilt the beans made a clean breast of it let the cat out of the bag let the cat out of the bag about gone along with went along with ceded cognized perceived noted certified concurred with cooperated with acquiesced in bowed to deferred to proved supposed manifested asserted copped discovered coughed evinced averred attested admitted guilt confessed to copped a plea vented posted squealed finked snitched weaselled unbosomed oneself fingered chirped weaseled unloaded related accepted responsibility come out of closet clued in dumped on humbled oneself levelled with sounded off spat out come out ratted on tipped hand acknowledged that subscribed to got something off your chest opened one's heart made clean breast of self-declared self-reported self-divulged self-responded self-disclosed carried the can allowed to be valid made clean breast told the truth about come clean about made a clean breast of things spilled your guts about prove proven seen saw admitted to blew blown known knew approved of was aware of acceded to were aware of agreed to been aware of came out attested to taken an oath took on board took an oath taken on board gotten off chest got off chest came out of closet came clean about gone public with went public with hinted betrayed mouthed sayed said implied suggested

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