Đồng nghĩa của senior

Alternative for senior


Đồng nghĩa: elder, older,

Trái nghĩa: junior,

Tính từ

Being of advanced years in age
major aged ageing aging ancient elderly geriatric long-lived old older over-the-hill senescent unyoung Elder First I above eldest first-born higher high-grade leading oldest over primary the elder next higher long in the tooth decrepit past it mature grey doddery gray venerable doddering over the hill no spring chicken not as young as one was not long for this world grey-haired as old as the hills hoary grizzled senile getting on not as young as one used to be advanced in years grey-bearded superannuated matured of advanced years septuagenarian octogenarian nonagenarian centenarian longevous olden past your prime of a certain age up in years past one's prime been around on last leg middle-aged patriarchal anile old-fashioned archaic outmoded outdated out-of-date tired declining retired antique age-old past your sell-by date enfeebled feeble full of years antiquated hoar immemorial antediluvian dateless long in tooth lot of mileage cobwebby passé moth-eaten worn timeworn rusty creaky ripened oldie shot on its last legs senior citizen worse for wear in second childhood in your dotage ripe abiding long-lasting along in years of age gray-haired on in years not young in one's dotage obsolete primitive dated old hat outworn out of date anachronistic bygone prehistoric mossy old-time behind the times obsolescent old-fangled moldy mouldy fossilized medieval old as the hills worn-out very old past mediaeval traditional primeval fossilised demoded primaeval weakly clunky historic frail oldfangled primordial vintage time-worn of yore horse and buggy out of the ark long-standing musty quaint unfashionable moribund faltering neolithic Noachian prehistorical kaputt kaput passe of old hackneyed Stone Age early stale former corny relic past its sell-by date remote unoriginal dead extinct fusty ancestral time-honoured broken-down long-established defunct antwacky vieux jeu out of fashion advanced antiquarian odd white-haired silvery-haired silver-haired grizzly dotard backward done to death faded antediluvial disused sometime decayed old as Methuselah quondam late once aboriginal erstwhile pristine onetime done demode original cast-off crumbling well-established of an advanced age fixed rooted of olden days out of it old-hat unstylish out-of-style not with it neglected démodé rococo out dowdy not modern not current out of style grown old disapproved of the old school dry as dust timeless atavistic forever time-honored fallen into disuse no longer used clapped out discarded discontinued weak centuries old olde worlde wasted debilitated infirm rooted in the past past its prime old as Adam conditioned seasoned old-world retrograde old-school retro old-timey incapacitated having seen better days old fashioned weakened tottering crippled fragile past one's sell-by date pensioned emeritus ex- out of shape threadbare well-worn trite in bad shape banal hackney shopworn cliche obligatory lined hack cliché-ridden stereotyped stock commonplace mellow ragged weathered rundown dog-eared shabby wrinkled clichéd pensioned off resigned in retirement emerita classical ageless overworked battered tattered frayed used enduring lasting established first ritual earliest ritualistic the worse for wear tried and true tried and tested of long ago more advanced

Tính từ

The most important in terms of rank or status

Tính từ

Having influence or power
important influential eminent powerful prominent extraordinary great outstanding worthy celebrated commanding controlling dominant eventful formidable head highest highly regarded notorious predominant pre-eminent premier prestigious prevailing prime prized renowned respected supreme top-level valued well-connected all-important alpha aristocratic authoritative big chief cogent deciding dignified distinctive distinguished elevated eloquent esteemed exalted fabled famed famous first-class foremost four-star glorious grand high-level high-powered high profile high-ranking high-up historical honorable honoured honored honourable illustrious imposing incomparable integral leading magnific magnificent majestic marvellous marvelous memorable mighty noble notable noted of influence of note oratorical phenomenal potent preeminent puissant recognised recognized reputable rich royal seminal signal successful superior top-ranking towering trusted upper upper-class VIP well-known good iconic resonant major noteworthy revered acclaimed admired top significant storied high-profile stately feted big-league major-league big-time substantial august primary capital main principal weighty lofty magnanimous paramount sublime regal immortal popular superlative number one heroic triumphal legendary idealistic learned world-class conspicuous big-shot big-gun big-wheel big-name sovereign dominating hot-dog historic regnant trendsetting heavy heavy-duty vital winning governing major league central overbearing arch- unparalleled unequaled unequalled gifted matchless arch first high-minded well known redoubtable prior of the first rank first rate unsurpassed primal peerless big league greatest highly rated unexcelled key pivotal essential venerable instrumental energetic dynamic heavyweight well thought of respectable reputed estimable acknowledged name of high standing star lionized lionised of distinction well-regarded of repute much touted core brilliant venerated remarkable lauded superstar well received top-drawer much-publicized big name consequential impressive fundamental splendid considerable monumental cardinal serious focal exceptional luminous bright far-reaching astral appreciated resplendent recognizable celeb top-notch in the public eye recognisable much vaunted in the limelight big time well-thought-of highly esteemed high-flying highly thought of material prodigious public critical crucial decorated celebrity praised high-status of good standing requisite intrinsic vaunted of mark marked famous name singular of great consequence necessary needed indispensable applauded especial special striking unforgettable shining infamous laureate visible beloved reliable well respected meritorious with a good reputation of good repute redoubted nonpareil arresting salient earnest high-priority widely known worthy of mention worthy of note stand-out master having made a name for oneself up there lead talked of skookum patrician refined premium apex transcendent genteel elite posh biggest largest highbred gentle widely praised well born highborn huge upmarket upper-crust sovran silk-stocking large number-one high-born overriding blue-blooded numero uno overmastering grave wellborn kingly familiar excellent imperial hallowed accomplished superb proud solemn lordly awe-inspiring heroical portly epic massive grandiose gallant baronial staid Homeric extolled established pompous highfalutin'

Danh từ

A person of superior rank or status
boss chief director higher-up high-up leader manager superior elder head ruler better supervisor controller administrator superintendent principal chieftain brass master CEO head honcho overseer bossman heavyweight skipper honcho gaffer executive VIP exec key player commander foreman ringleader captain headman overling line manager governor baas sovereign monarch lord sherang kingpin suzerain employer sachem bigwig conductor forewoman guvnor boss man big cheese top dog commandant king numero uno prince overlord chairman chairwoman straw boss seigneur chair chairperson baron emperor tsar president high muckamuck head person steward inspector liege guru manageress super lord and master taskmaster jefe helmsman liege lord padrone czar Mister Big number one big gun managing director don archon administrant proprietor officer organizer foreperson zookeeper organiser big wheel commanding officer head of department big kahuna commander in chief top brass big white chief chief officer production manager sales manager feudal lord chief executive guv ganger caretaker curator custodian ariki supremo President chief executive officer general dictator chargehand fat cat top cat brass hat slave driver grieve handler official head man team leader overman potentate lion magnate mogul Napoleon tycoon pit boss pannikin boss mastermind royalty nobility parliamentarian drighten bishop dad marquis count CO co C.O. skip kingfish figurehead old man man upstairs commander-in-chief convener moderator Mr Big MD high priestess higher up C in C top banana high priest C.-in-C. lead-off person point person mistress premier queen princess patriarch mentor authority counsellor torchbearer big shot guv'nor counselor mover and shaker big hitter big name big noise

Danh từ

Senpai or mentor

Danh từ

The period in school that comes after eleventh grade

Trái nghĩa của senior

senior Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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