Đồng nghĩa của rusty

Alternative for rusty

rustier, rustiest

Đồng nghĩa: old, unpracticed, worn,

Tính từ

Having passed its time of usefulness or relevance
dated antiquated outmoded archaic demoded fossilised fossilized kaput kaputt mediaeval medieval moribund mossy moth-eaten neolithic Noachian obsolete outdated out-of-date outworn prehistoric prehistorical superannuated ancient antique old-fashioned passé Stone Age out of date old antediluvian anachronistic old hat unfashionable behind the times obsolescent out of the ark bygone defunct dead superseded primitive old-fangled out of fashion mouldy aged moldy disused unhip stale tired oldfangled old-time quaint démodé clunky out musty past extinct has-been olden creaky out of style horse and buggy former timeworn hackneyed hoary worn-out vieux jeu vintage past it old as the hills horse-and-buggy olde worlde overused historic exhausted relic demode square discarded discontinued retro early dusty immemorial feudal fusty traditional of yore venerable age-old time-worn backward old-hat dinosaur out-of-style passe old-school fallen into disuse decrepit not with it very old past its sell-by date as old as the hills belated yesterday worn out cobwebby last year's inflexible threadbare elderly broken-down archaistic abandoned unpopular hacky crusty past its prime unstylish bent unusable historical antwacky having seen better days clapped out passé stuck in time old fashioned out of commission out of use retrograde nostalgic no longer used gothic barbaric retrogressive period geriatric old-world behindhand out-of-fashion gone obscure no longer in use deprecated fossil old-timey old-fogeyish sometime remote primeval primordial decayed old as Methuselah quondam unoriginal late once aboriginal erstwhile of old pristine onetime done original cast-off crumbling backward-looking crusted had it done for rinky-dink classical ageless enduring ancestral anachronous parachronistic square-toed dead and gone lasting established primaeval first ritual oldie backwards tried and true tried and tested long-lived of long ago earliest time-honoured long-standing long-established hoar ritualistic back number on its last legs commonplace dull banal trite flat stereotyped boring prosaic uninteresting vapid uninspired tedious colourless unimaginative insipid tame lifeless unexciting colorless shopworn bland drab run-of-the-mill uninspiring monotonous jejune hack dreary well-worn wearisome dry humdrum pedestrian clichéd tiresome lacklustre characterless common lackluster spiritless ho-hum hackney cliche mundane obligatory stock feeble bromidic sterile leaden nothing overworked platitudinous corny arid weak anaemic wishy-washy stereotypical slow routine ponderous pallid vacuous limp ordinary numbing stodgy stuffy worn jading monochromatic stupid anemic mind-numbing blah bloodless warmed-over tiring wearying heavy drudging zestless lame derivative cliché stereotypic platitudinal lustreless torpid unanimated weary repetitious plain uneventful barren cliched set draggy unremarkable nowhere muted bathetic cornball drained mildewed hokey chain ho hum dull as dishwater used-up ready-made vanilla unvaried soporific familiar tune watery prosy mediocre fatiguing antiseptic milk-and-water unentertaining unenjoyable nondescript middle-of-the-road flavourless drivelling driveling inane flavorless played out big yawn dim listless cliché-ridden sombre apathetic faded frayed somber non-stimulating tasteless plodding unvarying undistinguished subdued samey bleak inoffensive unstimulating weariful dowdy dismal depressing featureless pabulum prolix innocuous vacant dry as dust zero dreich dragging dullsville lacking variety flat tire as dry as dust unmemorable tarnished lined soulless stiff passionless ragged weathered rundown mindless least Milquetoast unpalatable yawnsome unspirited irksome dog-eared shabby wrinkled monochrome laborious unexceptional lacking variation deadly lacking excitement deadening lacking interest tattered battered used undistinctive annoying irritating overlong unchanging desolate waterish nerdy wimpy unappealing sapless mechanical no great shakes ornery not up to much repetitive enervating interminable mortal exhausting poky snooze workaday boresome banausic quotidian everyday vexatious usual endless day-to-day the worse for wear deadly dull long-drawn-out pointless poor half-hearted inadequate namby-pamby lusterless soft mild nebbish beige fatuous tenuous slight pale dark common or garden ashen gloomy ashy gray dingy grey bleached pastel mat toned-down sooty unlustrous dun matte washed out illustrous black mousy grimy washy light muddy subfusc washed-out sober cold toned down conventional fuddy-duddy cut and dried

Tính từ

Having a croaky, husky or raspy sound or voice
croaking croaky hoarse coarse grating gravel gravelly gruff husky rasping raspy scratchy throaty cracked creaking rough harsh guttural raucous thick discordant dry dissonant jarring strident deep growling screeching sharp cacophonous squawky stridulous uneven growly creaky low squeaky stridulant unmelodious noisy piercing jangling unmusical earsplitting clashing rugged squawking tuneless caterwauling astringent unlevel disagreeing acrid glaring sour bitter incompatible bleak disturbing unrelenting flat hard rigid jagged asperous craggy severe grim off-key out-of-tune out-of-key rough-sounding not smooth tickly uncomfortable ear-piercing shrill brassy blaring loud abrasive snarling gular jugular unoiled squeaking indistinct ragged scratching blatant croupy whispering stertorous breathy inharmonious unharmonious unvocal tumultuous unmelodic jangly absonant boisterous grinding clamorous ear-splitting horrisonant disharmonious inharmonic furious disagreeable tinny forceful turbulent blustering stridulent buffeting screechy choppy braying penetrating uncongenial riotous unpleasant atonal metallic disharmonic stentorian brittle maddening harsh-sounding stridulatory stentorious plinky jingling jingly vexatious irritating annoying inarticulate glottal sepulchral deafening booming thunderous persuasive vocal vociferant baying vociferous obstreperous cacophonic rabid fierce ferocious roily inclement dirty stormy violent raging tempestuous heavy blustery squally ugly agitated wild explosive convulsive immusical ill-sounding clinking jaggy rocky out of tune scraggy stony roughened paroxysmal volcanic forcible lacking harmony at variance at odds harsh sounding bristly roiled acute hairy glary strong blinding intense dazzling unaesthetic bad grotesque displeasing unlovely unwelcome unpleasing nasty

Tính từ

Weak or lacking in strength
enervated weakened weak debilitated feeble sapped enfeebled languid prostrate prostrated soft spent asthenic delicate down-and-out drained effete exhausted faint fatigued frail infirm low rundown slight softened tender tired undermined unsubstantial wasted wimpish wimpy limp unnerved devitalized incapacitated deteriorated done in paralysed paralyzed run-down vitiated worn out gone to seed on the ropes out of condition out of gas out of shape washed out sickly ailing unwell decrepit shaky ill fragile spineless unhealthy nerveless poorly weakly weary indisposed weak-kneed sick helpless strengthless drooping weakling doddering wet invertebrate anemic anaemic limp-wristed characterless flabby unsteady milk-and-water namby-pamby lame wishy-washy powerless in poor health sluggish impotent ineffective failing languorous depleted spindly puny weedy emasculated yielding tottering doddery crippled pathetic trembly unsound faltering below par sapless out of sorts under the weather flagging declining faded ineffectual loose slack lax listless sagging worn-out rickety peaky cowardly bedridden dizzy wobbly sensitive broken-down woozy burned out droopy dainty irresolute pendulous floppy unfirm half-hearted meager meagre indecisive tenuous saggy flaccid run down dopey laid low toneless wavering vacillating flimsy irresilient out of tone hindered encumbered hampered small scrawny light diminished rendered feeble breakable washed-out slender played out debile afraid nervous timid stricken lacklustre poor lackluster valetudinarian vapid unstable hanging withered atrophied deteriorating wilted haggard degenerative ravaged dying sinking reduced nesh susceptible easily damaged baggy sloppy disorganized boneless wasteful shattery thin fishy wispy shatterable brittle fracturable yellow-bellied petrified fearful insecure spiritless bad rotten lousy bland sensile halting anile down beat pooped etiolated without energy flexuous in declining health wussy jejune insipid shilpit tottery off-color low-energy laid-up trembling flavourless mediocre watered-down flavorless dull gentle insufficient flat aged sick as a dog tuckered out a wreck out of commission out-of-action tired out meek giddy disorganised lackadaisical crook passionless vertiginous peaked tepid off unenthusiastic unexcited ropy unfit crummy uninterested seedy unwilling wabbit woolly reeling queer unable peakish lightheaded muzzy blasé handcuffed hamstrung hog-tied impuissant incapable incompetent apathetic lethargic wooly knackered off-balance woolly-headed light-headed all of a quiver weak at the knees untrained in bad shape not up to snuff not oneself not feeling up to snuff off colour unproductive forceless inept infecund gutless dud paper tiger high and dry past it lank wilting quaggy inelastic insubstantial precarious ramshackle rocky airy jerry-built unsafe diaphanous vulnerable wonky teetery ethereal inadequate makeshift fine gimcrack shoddy elderly old senile lightweight badly built gossamer defenceless paltry defenseless thrown together long in the tooth gauzy dilapidated unbalanced sheer exposed transparent gossamery filmy cheap floaty feathery perilous hazardous dodgy unreliable see-through disintegrating frangible unconvincing translucent decaying crumbling broken rattletrap disabled fluctuant gossamer-thin rumpty papery dangerous damaged wafer-thin in poor condition superficial uneven teetering waiflike dotard invalid superannuated unguarded unprotected defective nebulous wisplike on its last legs wavy wiggling unsure lifeless derelict ancient senescent paperlike gauzelike anodyne lusterless not solid not safe not robust papyraceous silky cobwebby chartaceous imperfect unsatisfactory tumbledown inconsequential implausible insignificant ruinous ultra-fine gossamer-like timorous unsecured imaginary subject tied dependent chiffony silken useless disenfranchised unarmed rachitic shallow tumble-down trivial shacky shambly trifling geriatric paper over the hill no spring chicken visionary illusory immaterial supine blank disfranchised chicken without power resistless wimp inert passive injured loosened slackened relaxed mild tame moderate transpicuous translucid not able paper-thin ultra-thin fanciful vaporous weightless lily-livered low-key faint-hearted hurt cobweb fibrous tiffany endangered immature rootless wounded with no say over a barrel falling to pieces sore stiff bruised intangible rare rarefied volatile frivolous incorporeal finespun at risk handicapped maimed battered deformed game physically challenged

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