Đồng nghĩa của inelegant

Alternative for inelegant

inelegant /in'eligənt/
  • tính từ
    • thiếu trang nhã, không thanh nhã
    • thiếu chải chuốt (văn)

Tính từ

Clumsy or awkward in nature
awkward clumsy ungainly coarse crude gawky graceless rough blundering clunky crass gangling inept lumbering maladroit gauche indelicate inexpert stiff stilted ungraceful unskilful with two left feet like a bull in a china shop bumbling bungling unhandy uncoordinated heavy-handed ham-handed butterfingered cack-handed ham-fisted all thumbs rough-hewn wooden rustic unco incompetent uncomfortable gawkish uneasy uncouth ponderous rustical klutzy lubberly all fingers and thumbs stumbling clodhopping oafish unpolished clownish cloddish heavy unnatural unskillful handless unwieldy unsophisticated lumpish inexperienced cumbersome unadept tactless left-handed laboured loutish boorish unrefined botched uncultured labored bovine blunderous undexterous spastic injudicious untactful forced contrived artificial strained elephantine thoughtless unsubtle undiplomatic unskilled rude amateurish uncultivated fumbling fumbled laborious impolitic ill-judged untoward untalented weedy unable hulking artless shambling bashful heavy-footed floundering bulky splay flat-footed ill-bred not agile all thumbs ugly accident-prone slouching raw inefficient useless insensitive unsteady unfortunate helpless ill-shaped mutton-fisted uncourtly rusty vulgar brutish two left feet inconsiderate lifeless unmannerly constrained gross rigid passionless leaden flat dry stodgy nervous unworldly bearish Neanderthal lumpen blockish churlish yobbish dorky stolid unimpassioned spiritless soulless shy nervy gangly dozy swinish unrelaxed weighty inflexible deadpan inexpressive obstinate unyielding unbending lacking vitality socially unsure socially awkward fumbly affected studied simple unfit butterfingers green coltish mincing primitive overdone ape-like badly behaved rudimentary plain skill-less self-conscious over-elaborate over-embellished overworked mannered overwrought long-winded out of your depth having two left feet having two left hands lumpy rough and ready jerry-rigged jerry-built jury-rigged rough-and-tumble rough-and-ready unconvincing complex turgid convoluted nubby nubbly ornate elaborate intricate prolix curdy not spontaneous chunky unwieldly clumpy amateur unprofessional untrained nonprofessional dilettante dilettantish jackleg incapable careless substandard unfitted ineffectual gruff unqualified cowboy slipshod inapt shoddy inadequate unpractised indiscreet harsh rash slapdash sloppy poor hasty foolish muddled botching doltish inferior stupid imprudent uncivil bodged unworkmanlike unpolitic insufficient brash bush-league incapacitated hopeless unsuitable no good not up to scratch not equal to not cut out for shuffling lurching backwards ambilevous lethargic obtuse unaccomplished lay hack disaster-prone ill-fated unlucky doomed ill-starred insipid puddingy dull unfacile unproductive unsuccessful surly sullen clunking unwise sharp inadvisable blunt unthinking unperceptive second-rate unartful menial unpracticed tasteless inoperative inefficacious callous ignorant immoral unfitting dishonourable dishonorable nonexpert slack wrong ill-advised straightforward precipitate bad inproficient suboptimal subpar negligent can't hack it can't cut it not up to deficient ineffective lacking wanting lacking ability pathetic unproficient disqualified unapt unequipped ineligible uninitiated unadapted not good enough unreliable undependable a dead loss less capable not much cop unable to do something for toffee out to lunch not up to snuff not up to it not have it leaving much to be desired

Tính từ

Having or showing a lack of physical grace, elegance, or refinement
unrefined coarse crude gauche uncouth uncultured unpolished unsophisticated uncoordinated uncultivated unmannerly vulgar impolite rude rustic rustical wooden gross oafish raw uncomfortable uneasy ill-bred rough-hewn rough tasteless crass boorish indelicate common loutish incult low roughneck rugged lowbred raffish lowbrow ill-mannered improper insensible indecorous graceless offensive uncivil illiberal uncivilized tactless churlish foul uncivilised obscene foul-mouthed dirty brutish filthy barbaric lewd discourteous impure raunchy ungraceful uneducated barbarian philistine awkward bawdy stiff indecent smutty profane gruff ribald ungracious earthy cheap inconsiderate brusque immodest blue stilted barbarous off-color blunt shameless loud nasty ungentlemanly unladylike bad-mannered base provincial mean bearish unmannered clumsy tacky unworldly thoughtless salacious unseemly outlandish naughty cloddish sordid unsavoury unsavory suggestive ignorant X-rated socially awkward lacking in social graces socially inept vulgarian hard insensitive parochial curt austere scatological heavy primitive homespun tawdry inappropriate saucy racy trashy harsh risqué artless corrupt licentious scatologic gutter unprintable vile slobbish rough and ready low-down-and-dirty yobbish scurrilous savage explicit clodhopping lascivious wanton colourful fruity spicy adult in bad taste unclean gamy colorful off colour pornographic blasphemous unchaste near the knuckle abusive Neanderthal socially unsure loud-mouthed unpolite lowdown and dirty Philistine craggy rank unscrupulous gritty agrestic inurbane trailer-park plebeian sketchy hooligan mannerless lumpish obnoxious obtuse immature backward ungenteel ungainly impertinent ungallant disrespectful clownish disgracious unfeeling callous thuggish backwoods classless gawky hick hillbilly low-bred stag sleazy steamy undiscriminating imperceptive bad degrading colloquial vituperative unsettling derisive shocking affronting sickening insulting unutterable vilifying brash unwholesome porn porny porno uncalled-for heavy-handed Rabelaisian close to the bone locker-room grody ocker plebby loudmouthed tough swinish sheepish dour severe brutal bluff forbidding fierce roughcast grim stern callow shy geeky maladroit blundering embarrassed nerdy cruel steely stark untutored intimidating inhuman louring grievous flinty onerous unceremonious bitter hardhanded oppressive ungentle socially lacking self-conscious ill at ease lacking in social grace socially anxious socially incompetent murderous lowering gaudy plain flashy garish simple flash ostentatious showy indiscreet meretricious tatty naff kitsch stupid ornate unclassy trivial useless hideous pretentious artificial foolish unlovely unsightly makeshift low-down wild homely basic cheap and nasty disgusting homey unaffected peasant unpretentious in poor taste debased immoral troglodytic honest taboo hard-core lecherous distasteful profligate repulsive questionable ignoble malicious rakish scandalous libidinous randy odious mucky grimy grubby unvirtuous nudge-nudge

Tính từ

Lacking in style or good taste
cheesy dowdy tacky tasteless unfashionable unstylish styleless trashy ticky-tack ticky-tacky outmoded dated outdated antiquated archaic passé bygone unhip old-fashioned out-of-date out of style old hat obsolete out prehistoric square antediluvian defunct frumpy superseded unpopular crusty passe yesterday's out of date out of fashion not fashionable old-fangled behind the times olde worlde out of the ark drab dull moldy antwacky vintage mouldy old ancient antique superannuated old-time outworn obsolescent past old-world medieval quaint anachronistic mediaeval musty moth-eaten oldfangled mossy former dead demoded olden old-school fossilized rusty retro not with it extinct fossilised fusty prehistorical neolithic backward-looking retrograde old-timey creaky clunky démodé vieux jeu Stone Age primitive moribund kaputt Noachian kaput old-fogeyish traditional crusted feudal horse-and-buggy out-of-style aged rinky-dink old-hat square-toed frumpish behindhand has-been timeworn old-style not current conservative of the old school tired stale corny odd historical dinosaur historic primeval primordial worn-out immemorial horse and buggy neglected rococo disapproved past its sell-by date of yore primaeval of old not modern grown old of olden days out of it disused dusty antiquarian discarded discontinued ancestral past it nostalgic venerable folk period classical dateless early deprecated fossil retrogressive very old past your sell-by date had it done for dead and gone done to death faded overused last year's worn out back-number remote elderly evocative geriatric anachronous parachronistic as old as the hills picturesque passé primal of yesteryear out-of-fashion gone obscure no longer in use fallen into disuse backwards backward foregone atavistic of long ago earliest relic in period style old world back number gentlemanly courteous past its prime old fashioned having seen better days chivalrous ceremonious courtly gallant craft hoary time-honoured heritage hoar veteran old style long-standing cobwebby well-established age-old old as the hills old as Adam established traditionalistic orthodox prior hackneyed exhausted abandoned familial family button-down from the past buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked ultraconservative old-line unprogressive long-established standpat reactionary lineal die-hard oral brassbound unwritten paleoconservative archconservative handed-down bent unusable out of commission out of use

Tính từ

Lacking in or damaging to dignity
undignified unsuitable ungentlemanly unladylike cheapening debasing demeaning unbecoming unbefitting unfitting unrefined unseemly unworthy belittling discreditable dishonorable dishonourable ignoble ignominious infra dig lowering mortifying shaming abject degrading disgraceful humiliating improper inappropriate indecent indecorous inglorious low scandalous shameful sorry unceremonious untoward base beneath you lacking dignity wretched beneath one's dignity indelicate disreputable indiscreet out of place impolite incongruous coarse ill-advised inapt inept infelicitous unhappy perverse tasteless unapt amiss malapropos inapposite incorrect graceless wrong unfit malodorous rowdy poor crass rude raffish out of keeping in poor taste tawdry rough ruffian crude uncouth vulgar ungodly cheap in bad taste out of the way inopportune unsuited untimely inexpedient unacceptable unseasonable ill-suited ill-timed unfortunate awkward undue inadvisable tactless injudicious incompatible regrettable undesirable ill-considered ill-judged inapplicable unfavorable misplaced inconvenient immodest unwarranted unfavourable disadvantageous inauspicious unpropitious discordant troublesome adverse out of order irregular imprudent ineligible inharmonious uncalled-for lacking in propriety offensive objectionable unprofessional misguided unlucky bad form irrelevant detrimental uncomely shameless unfitted erroneous discrepant bad inaccurate inadmissible odd ill-fitted immoral discommodious at odds calamitous ill-chosen impolitic ominous clumsy gauche destructive negative unpromising threatening false inconsistent disproportionate damaging abnormal preposterous ludicrous forward bold beyond the pale out of character inadequate opposed ill brazen out-of-place out-of-season off-base ill-adapted unsuitable for inappropriate to shocking fresh cheeky disagreeable outrageous not good enough prejudicial unmannerly wrong-headed naughty inconducive contradictory counter harmful maladroit premature unqualified harsh illogical early incautious faulty hasty rotten confused unfair extraneous flawed disparaging absurd out of line astray unworthy of erring gloomy insensitive inapropos dissonant jarring clashing awry adrift mistimed unhelpful foul contrary crooked unsatisfactory very bad intrusive haywire bothersome not proper not suitable not designed ineligible for inadequate for unfitted for difficult not designed for ill-adapted to not up to scratch unequipped for unprepared for unsuited to ill-suited to uncomplimentary impudent unblushing improprietous unequipped uncalled for saucy out-of-the-way unconventional suggestive loose unvirtuous wanton ill-bred unhandsome tacky salacious unlovely risqué smutty unwholesome distasteful disappointing unwelcome funny off-balance boorish churlish ill-mannered discourteous untactful impertinent immaterial not done uncivil off-colour hostile illegitimate dishonest corrupt unethical irrelative unprepared stupid incompetent dull slow inimical unscrupulous deplorable dreadful inexpert unmatched dissident interfering senseless disparate unreasonable irrational unhandy jejune undexterous insipid banal inexperienced unfacile flat inadept unmeet unproficient not up to snuff not qualified not cricket against the rules incommodious not pertinent not germane defective ridiculous meaningless pointless misjudged unprofitable discommoding unorthodox unfriendly tardy unadvantageous late antagonistic trying testing tough disastrous challenging prohibitive inconsonant off badly timed mistaken mismatched imperfect disobliging disobedient delinquent ornery unhealthy rebellious miscreant thrawn wayward aberrant uncontrollable obstructive fractious mean fallacious inefficient uncool useless ineffective off beam up not as it should be not right left-field ill-matched foot-in-mouth way off sick unlawful not equal to no good not good enough for contemptible out of its element glitched up undeserving beneath reprehensible inexcusable despicable conflicting precocious unforgivable unfitting to recreant valueless nothing blamable improper to unmerited no-good good-for-nothing pitiful vile no-account worthless disconsonant strange irreconcilable bizarre advance too early early on anachronistic out-of-date too late soon a bit previous before time overearly too soon early bird bright and early previous oversoon abortive off-key incoherent unbecoming to paradoxical ironic unrelated shifting unpredictable distorted jumbled rambling unconnected fantastic not in harmony divergent uncoordinated unbalanced lopsided unavailing uneven in opposition alien foreign incongruitous unintelligible twisted incongruent fitful unwise rash foolish not deserving not worth out of place with out of character with not fit sticking out a mile standing out a mile like a fish out of water short-sighted reckless thoughtless foolhardy overhasty ill-conceived ill-thought-out hare-brained unthinking undiplomatic crazy brash silly asinine crackpot careless badly planned irresponsible hotheaded risky daft crackbrained madcap inconsiderate half-baked cock-eyed off the top of your head

Tính từ

Of, relating to, or using tautology
tautological pleonastic redundant repetitious repetitive iterative prolix reiterating reiterative superfluous uncalled-for unnecessary unneeded verbose wordy long-winded windy rambling diffuse circuitous periphrastic garrulous circumlocutory loquacious bombastic discursive palaverous lengthy tortuous logorrheic voluble tedious ambagious gabby meandering protracted turgid talkative chatty inflated indirect wandering convoluted long-drawn-out rhetorical talky flatulent roundabout circumlocutionary prolonged alliterative overlong digressive expansive pompous logorrhoeic sesquipedalian empty oblique circumlocutional circumlocuitous circumlocutious maundering waffly oratorical boastful full of verbiage tiresome long wearisome boring padded interminable orotund prattling blathering prating gushing jabbering babbling mouthy gobby yakking gassy multiloquent wittering big-mouthed multiloquous effusive magniloquent fustian yacking repeating flowery involved pretentious grandiloquent tautologous full of air having kissed the Blarney stone with the gift of the gab gossipy conversational communicative chattering forthcoming glib motormouthed blabby vocal loose-lipped drawn-out gossiping chattery fluent expressive extended articulate open outgoing eloquent profuse verbal able to talk the hind legs off a donkey dragging dragged out informative spun out unreserved diffusive marathon slick smooth lingering sustained time-consuming gibbering slow full of hot air loose uninhibited having kissed the blarney stone conversable ponderous lengthened demonstrative prosy gaseous desultory loudmouthed elongate elongated silver-tongued spun-out endless leaping digressionary digressional rattling unending copious outspoken enduring devious roaming roving longish excursive free motormouth dragged-out lasting informal great seemingly endless delayed having kissed the Blarney Stone intimate running laborious over-talkative disquisitional vague waffling errant frank very long noisy drivellous plainspoken king-size oversized king-sized episodic communicable enlightening unrestrained excessively communicative cooperative helpful obliging candid bigmouthed vociferous newsy tonguey loose-tongued blabbermouth yakkity wind-bag yakky king size free-spoken random lavish exuberant dull spontaneous personal multieloquent relaxed running on flap jaw rhapsodic lyrical familiar everyday ordinary spoken windbag running on at the mouth blessed with the gift of the gab long-lived far long-lasting long-term perissological overextended tardy late boundless dilatory limitless spreading musing erratic broad deviating never-ending for ages forever and a day without end big mouthed all jaw drawn out stretched out remote stretching far-off stretched extensive towering tall deep stretch expanded lanky outstretched gangling enlarged strung out rangy distant lofty faraway stringy continued high far-reaching cogent complicated spread out coherent effortless persuasive illuminating vivid well-versed natural well-spoken facile smooth-spoken complex mellifluous cursive prompt confident mellifluent smooth-tongued quick disputatious self-assured declamatory assured ambiguous misleading unstraightforward confusing tricky deceptive mazy cunning byzantine involute perverse intricate difficult difficult to follow

Tính từ

(especially of a garment) Lacking a distinctive or attractive shape

Tính từ

(of a style of speech or writing) Not flowing smoothly

Tính từ

Rather rude, curt or abrupt in speech or manner
unceremonious abrupt bluff blunt brusque curt short brusk crusty downright short-spoken snippy brief callous rushed terse unconstrained gruff rude snappy impolite discourteous sharp uncivil rough offhand tart ungracious snappish churlish harsh no-nonsense brisk direct caustic crisp surly plain-spoken tactless to the point crude frank matter-of-fact outspoken abrasive undiplomatic impetuous unmannerly cavalier impatient snippety indelicate laconic dusty upfront bad-tempered straight from the shoulder ill-tempered straightforward forthright short-tempered monosyllabic clipped candid breviloquent unequivocal bearish bald brutal peremptory tetchy off honest pulling no punches not afraid to call a spade a spade not beating about the bush calling a spade a spade not mincing one's words speaking one's mind testy pointed decisive concise succinct vigorous pithy imperious irascible businesslike unfriendly petulant thoughtless graceless sharp-tongued impertinent bad-mannered ill-mannered grumpy open hearty good-natured genial approachable crabbed out of sorts friendly sullen cheery barefaced sincere loud blustering ill-natured crotchety crabby grouchy taciturn speaking as one finds sour cross point-blank explicit simple bare stark unadorned undisguised hard-hitting trenchant unvarnished unqualified unembellished offish ill-humoured unpolished uncompromising angry ill-humored boorish nasty morose saturnine boisterous truculent straight-talking straight-shooting compressed thumbnail epigrammatic compendious aphoristic compact condensed incisive abridged limited sparing abbreviated sententious apothegmatic small capsule summary compendiary potted telegraphic fast boiled down little short and sweet

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