Đồng nghĩa của too soon

Phó từ

Prior to the expected time
early prematurely beforehand betimes soon hastily inopportunely precipitately precipitously precociously unseasonably preterm untimely in advance too early ahead of schedule ahead of time before one's time in good time on short notice before the appointed time before the usual time with time to spare timely earlier than required before in readiness earlier than expected already sooner before your time rashly overhastily half-cocked at half-cock rash too hastily earlier previously ahead afore antecedently precedently preliminarily earlier on anteriorly formerly then until then in anticipation in the past in days gone by before then hitherto before now way back when heretofore fore once at one time back when a while ago in days of yore punctually promptly on time prompt punctual advanced ante precocious previous in old days so far up to then by the time by then by the time mentioned by that time time was some time ago a while back in years gone by long ago up till now aforetime prior to now erstwhile time was when prior to the present time in bygone days forward in times past in the old days before present in those days in times gone by before the present in the olden days one time previously ages ago from way back at one stage on a former occasion at an earlier time until now last time prior to this one time before back then once upon a time on one occasion since God knows when prior to this time before this in the good old days years ago back in the day in times bygone in earlier times anciently in former times at one point in times of yore

Trái nghĩa của too soon

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