Đồng nghĩa của already

Alternative for already

Trái nghĩa: yet,

Phó từ

Before the time in question
before previously beforehand earlier formerly heretofore early hitherto precedently preliminarily sooner then afore ahead antecedently anteriorly once by that time earlier on before then by then by the time until then up to then ahead of time in the past so far in advance by the time mentioned at one time a while ago back when in days gone by in days of yore way back when in old days aforetime in readiness fore long ago before now of old until now ago back advanced ante previous erstwhile since anciently in anticipation in times past once upon a time in former times in bygone days before the present ages ago from way back time was in years gone by time was when in times gone by at an earlier time before this back in the day in earlier times some time ago a while back before present in the olden days beforetime timely former up to now ere lately onetime in time gone by as was too soon earlier than required earlier than expected in good time erewhile radically prematurely inopportunely precociously unseasonably olden days away back eons ago of yore precocious water under the bridge used to be down memory lane with time to spare onwards in front at the head precedent preceding advancing progressing foremost to the fore at the fore at the head of the queue at an advantage in the vanguard in the lead in the foreground in the van forward back then up till now prior to now prior to the present time in the old days in those days one time previously at one stage on a former occasion last time prior to this one time before on one occasion since God knows when prior to this time in the good old days years ago in times bygone at one point in times of yore priorly oldly precedingly otherly lastly historically agone gone recently syne sometime preveniently earlily firstly erst theretofore yet whilom thus far latterly preparatorily forwardly introductorily in olden times in antiquity in yesteryear in auld lang syne in days of old at some point bygone latestly until that time quondam at that instant retiringly inactively initially no longer up to this time one time further back in my day in one case from year one but once above as yet to date outgoingly till now up until now till then up until then inevitably inescapably predictably unavoidably fatedly certainly pioneeringly headly leadingly prefatorily

Phó từ

(US) An intensifier used to emphasize impatience or express exasperation

Tính từ

Existing or happening right now
present existent immediate current existing extant instant ongoing prompt breathing commenced living started coeval topical at this moment even now for the time being going on in duration in process under consideration up-to-date contemporary modern newfangled recent new latest mod latter-day latter new-fashioned present-time twenty-first-century state-of-the-art ultramodern newest trendsetting space-age fashionable hot up-to-the-minute now voguish modernistic red-hot designer modish trendy cool begun nowadays new age being contemporaneous today present-day up to date up to the minute just now ad hoc alive remaining around in existence live actual surviving prevailing abiding active happening continuing prevalent reigning incumbent operative operating enduring functioning undestroyed persisting running working developing subsisting going operational functional in power in office in operation in use in progress in motion taking place pressing standing lasting in the news first next cutting-edge leading-edge burning on the map in force on the agenda on-going on happening now occurring now still existing real de nos jours about in circulation to the fore ruling regnant on front burner in the mainstream at present time on hand nowaday common knowledge not lost in current use available stirring astir about in effect on the move ticking awake strong dynamic vigorous alert proceeding growing progressing outstanding evolving advancing pending unfolding unfinished occurring regular continued continual underway systematic afoot progressive moving rolling incomplete marching fresh under way up and running to be done on the go being done open-ended in full swing being worked on well under way well-advanced being performed not-yet finalized

Trái nghĩa của already

already Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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