Đồng nghĩa của contemporary

Alternative for contemporary


Đồng nghĩa: coeval, contemporaneous, modern-day, present-day(a),

Tính từ

Belonging to, or occurring in, the present
current modern latest newfangled recent present extant trendy advanced immediate modernised modernized new progressive fresh modernistic updated voguish fashionable hip hot modish ongoing topical ultramodern designer happening mod nouvelle modern-day present-day up-to-date brand-new hi-tech in vogue present-time up-to-the-minute avant-garde cutting edge cutting-edge forward-looking high-tech in fashion latter-day leading edge new age new-fashioned up to date up to the minute a la mode au courant just out leading-edge state-of-the-art twenty-first-century with it hot off press space-age ultra-modern red-hot bang up to date à la mode neoteric novel innovative now innovatory futuristic revolutionary groundbreaking newest contemporaneous today pioneering stylish radical popular trailblazing innovational creative late trendsetting ground-breaking original unique inventive different ingenious unfamiliar unconventional imaginative unprecedented contempo in cool instant unusual existent unorthodox uncommon experimental strange unknown out-of-the-box left-field latter leading all the rage the latest with-it existing singular untried originative prevailing brand new disruptive off-centre unaccustomed hot off the press out of the ordinary unheard-of concurrent coincident in style relevant flash snazzy chic nifty newborn in the news timely coeval 21st-century avant up abreast complex alternative breakthrough de nos jours sophisticated forward future nontraditional faddish rare recently developed never-before-seen untested surprising exotic newly discovered in-thing of late clever offbeat atypical visionary hot off the fire highly developed unhackneyed inspired just released artistic breaking new ground today's supermodern gimmicky period young hippest quite recent surrealistic synchronous coexistent concomitant prevalent simultaneous coexisting coincidental evolved developed higher high-end automated coetaneous live alive burning landmark smart just issued coterminous bleeding edge improved artful last word newsworthy coextensive high-style transformational in the mainstream on front burner ultra modern technologically advanced zeitgeisty deviceful variational Promethean nowadays started prompt being begun commenced already swinging common knowledge twenty- first century synchronic refined ahead of its time neat groovy unexplored far out modernist unexampled pathbreaking way out inspiring special refreshing forefront twenty-first century natty distinctive funky peculiar far cry seminal odd occurring recently just now even now in duration going on in process under consideration ad hoc go-ahead fundamental vital pressing important kicking kicky drastic tony appearing recently at this moment fly spiffy high sassy mystic occult balanced holistic planetary astrological supernaturalist spiritual buzzworthy game-changing world-shattering up-and-coming stylin' for the time being later plugged-in recognized set usual common nominal thematic subjective interesting immediately prior just completed just done immediately prior to just finished SOTA rampant ordinary pervasive established widespread accepted ubiquitous general far along well ahead far ahead well along universal Age of Aquarius crystal healing avant garde recognised reigning unwonted in force out of the common this season's new-fangled more recent most recent

Tính từ

Dating from the same time
concurrent contemporaneous coeval coexisting synchronous coetaneous coexistent synchronic simultaneous coextensive coincident coincidental coterminous synchronal accompanying associated attendant concomitant connected linked related of the time of the day coinciding attending concurring in sync parallel at the same time synchronized collateral conterminous agreeing synchronised coordinate satellite ancillary incident side by side at the same time as cotemporal same time concerted correlated corresponding identical of the same age correspondent in synch in step in phase real-time immediate instantaneous accessory dead heat complementary resultant consequent happening at the same time with the beat done at the same time associative resulting auxiliary associated with joint incidental belonging coupled with adjuvant in tempo isochronal synergistic coefficient conjoined with affiliated synergetic adjoining contributing isochronous corollary in time fellow concordant conjoined secondary subsidiary subordinate contingent consequential indirect interconnected interrelated supplementary following subsequent additional dependent extra allied derivative derived coupled added supporting contributory ensuing supplemental successive sequential proximate analogous mutual appurtenant subservient due to joined combined helping assisting adscititious adminicular similar associate supervenient attached kindred alike sub roundabout add-on appended with second-hand adjunctive cognate comparative affinitive relative non-primary secondhand unintended tributary accidental affiliate eventual borrowed derivational derivate developed vicarious understandable consistent intelligent inferable flow-on trickle-down relational intertwined pertinent interdependent relevant enmeshed interwoven reciprocal germane knit together tied up in touch with

Tính từ

Fashionable and in style
a la mode fashionable stylish trendy chic modish smart voguish cool in hip happening modern now sharp fresh latest snappy current popular hot trendsetting exclusive swish fly swell snazzy spiffy supercool swank newfangled classy groovy swanky chichi faddy posh sassy cosmopolitan favoured favored funky gnarly kicking kicky swinging in vogue up-to-the-minute au courant all the rage in style in fashion up to the minute in-thing well-liked with-it a go-go in thing on fleek with it natty up-to-date new designer dashing mod upscale big tony latest thing up to date du jour rakish faddish prevailing usual genteel popularized customary trig last word elegant popularised schmick vogue favorite red-hot dapper culty all the go favourite dressy sophisticated nifty large pop swagger crowd-pleasing bang up to date debonair tasteful ultra-modern prevalent def hep downtown turned-on sexy styleworthy attractive trim flattering high-fashion understated fancy high-class flash de rigueur well turned-out à la mode in the mainstream state-of-the-art leading edge dap showy well-heeled expensive couturial newest youthful party young smartest nice finest formal Sunday nicest recent progressive new-fashioned high-toned glamorous the new massive cutting-edge down good jaunty shiny well-groomed well put together well-dressed clean undercool wicked crisp spruce lively well groomed well dressed celebrated le dernier cri avant-garde well turned out smartly dressed last-word active spirited wanted preferred in favour commercially successful legendary successful sought-after desirable in favor liked widespread well-known in demand as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox vivacious flashy fine polished bling beautiful urbane sleek jazzy ostentatious pretentious steezy dressed to the teeth slick modernistic ritzy dressed to kill uptown fancy-pants desired approved well liked marketable welcome coveted appealing requested to die for well received passing on trend impressive rage exciting plugged-in bang up-to-date neat must-see fab dope big thing admired accepted glorious well loved super fad chi-chi craze commercial latest fad dernier cri new look latest fashion latest wrinkle saleable agreeable enviable covetable valuable pleasant pleasing in with it excellent eligible wantable looked-for sought after longed-for leading lovable prominent beloved likable notorious sought on the cutting edge in the latest style trending fave famous required merchantable vendible salable merchandisable likeable like gold dust at a premium in great demand awake savvy knowledgeable perceptive familiar versed observant knowing alive informed apprehensive conscious aware on to plugged in turned on tuned in up on in on switched on hep to wise to hip to in the know

Tính từ

Of urgent interest or importance
burning critical urgent pressing imperative crucial important vital acute essential dire exigent compelling significant clamant importunate emergent major pivotal imperious necessitous crying pertinent prevalent relevant active controversial clamorous current topical instant climacteric lively live of interest running widespread popular dominant prevailing circulating common earnest alive debatable unsettled effective of current interest key necessary paramount life-and-death serious high-priority grave consequential all-important fundamental indispensable required requisite integral needed of great consequence desperate of the essence pre-eminent central of the utmost importance mandatory cardinal must-have needful drastic vitally important primary extreme principal heavy capital prerequisite overriding great called for compulsory obligatory decisive weighty momentous severe intense prime immediate big chief forceful meaningful far-reaching demanding terrible parlous sore profound insistent core main intrinsic focal foremost large leading basic substantial considerable material monumental especial substantive heavy-duty large-scale exceptional determining historic all important earth-shattering persistent dogged tenacious dangerous obstinate unrelenting exacting persevering pertinacious peremptory unyielding predominant pushy worthwhile top emphatic premier ponderous supreme preeminent quintessential remarkable appreciable influential very great telling notable pronounced sizable noteworthy imposing salient radical eventful impactful striking mighty top-priority constitutive grand sensational extensive special portentous unforgettable conspicuous high-level life and death much needed very important front-page outstanding meat-and-potatoes newsworthy life-or-death impressive binding coercive unavoidable immoderate overruling primal deciding climactic determinative ruling master mission-critical business-critical demanding attention emergency impelling underlined driving nitty-gritty world-shaking bottom-line name-of-the-game coal-and-ice demanded characteristic inherent structural uppermost perilous rudimental staple natural underlying rudimentary elementary called-for foundational constitutional elemental constituent hazardous awful connected component innate prodigious unmissable page-one tremendous precarious at the heart of determined greatest constraining dreadful conclusive glaring much fateful strong distinctive headline noticeable preponderant obvious rare landmark signal unusual resonant hefty unordinary deep ponderable potent memorable glorious marked keynote particular worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight quantum uncommon generous earthshaking extraordinary milestone adamant of great import of moment of import of great moment unremitting intransigent stubborn indefatigable tireless alarming highest inescapable egregious firm unfaltering assertive bad first sudden afflictive aggressive obdurate nagging entreating clamouring hurry-up persuasive claiming clamoring distressing forcing requiring obliging heat-on irresistible decided unwavering inexorable resolute patient life-threatening commanding arch basal resolved pushful sweeping suppliant avid overeager disturbing solicitous high-pressure harassing annoying troublesome resounding monotonous reiterative continuous relentless perseverant high priority now or never pointed prominent heavyweight instrumental powerful almighty top-level overshadowing big-time of concern life-changing major-league high-profile of note grievous of consequence big-league big league overly solicitous most important

Tính từ


Danh từ

A student who is in the same class at school

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