Đồng nghĩa của freakish

Alternative for freakish

freakish /'fri:kiʃ/
  • tính từ
    • đồng bóng, hay thay đổi
    • quái đản, kỳ cục

Tính từ

Given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood, thinking or behavior
impulsive whimsical capricious variable fickle volatile unpredictable erratic temperamental changeable mercurial inconstant inconsistent unstable mutable unsteady fluctuating vacillating fluid wayward quicksilver excitable kaleidoscopic protean ever-changing wavering labile quirky fitful arbitrary irregular changeful flighty uncertain unsettled skittish faddish ungovernable wild flakey haphazard random chance vagarious flickery crotchety unreliable flaky bipolar up and down blowing hot and cold undependable varying shifting changing uneven mobile moody desultory movable spasmodic up in the air fluctuant hit-or-miss aimless up-and-down giddy indiscriminate irrepressible yo-yo irrational active elastic unmethodical casual intermittent sporadic chameleonic unfixed unsystematic oscillating turbulent unequal frivolous chameleon-like irresponsible irresolute untrustworthy offhand scattered faithless helter-skelter waffling full of ups and downs patchy floating episodic scattershot discretionary unreasonable fluky disconnected discontinuous subjective stray swaying directionless episodical optional personal variational occasional flexible peaky unfocused everchanging fanciful chaotic approximate injudicious superficial unaccountable supercilious unscientific dynamic heedless wanton unthinking orderless blind lost reckless careless ever-shifting without purpose unjustifiable unsupported unjustified uninformed groundless unreasoned alterable untrue disreputable unexpected purposeless choppy aperiodic incidental nonuniform illogical spotty jerky chancy spastic catch-as-catch-can slapdash disorganized roving vagrant adaptable catchy shifty unforeseeable tempestuous rambling restless undirected moving wandering iffy flickering unguided not conscientious alternating deviating disorganised thoughtless without goal without direction off and on willful judgemental continuously changing unbalanced judgmental always changing ephemeral transitory highly strung inexact broken momentary transient impermanent fleeting baseless unwarranted unfounded not constant unequable disturbed slippery contradictory constantly changing disrupted shot-in-the-dark ambiguous dubious unsound suspect weaving doubtful adjustable indefinite without a goal altering short-lived paradoxical explosive knife-edge developing growing interrupted incompatible contrary conflicting self-contradictory versatile not fixed subject to change likely to change undulating discordant incongruous irreconcilable incoherent loose sketchy vicissitudinous discrepant periodic warring lubricious dissonant incongruent undreamed-of surprise unanticipated transitional variant revocable commutative transformable agitated reversible indecisive on-again-off-again herky-jerky on and off at odds fiery impassioned in conflict two-faced at variance emotional intense passionate out of step fortuitous coincidental accidental unknowable from left field incalculable serendipitous inadvertent ad hoc goalless pointless drifting lucky motiveless unmotivated hot-tempered unforeseen adventitious out of the blue wilful discretional driftless objectless quick-tempered spot contingent shaky infrequent eccentric designless fragmentary unpunctual unconsidered on-and-off off-and-on non-periodic

Tính từ

Very unusual, strange, or unexpected
odd strange abnormal outlandish aberrant bizarre freaky queer curious funny peculiar unnatural unusual anomalous atypical eccentric offbeat off-centre untypical deviant eerie extraordinary fantastic irregular monstrous perverse surreal weird whimsical arbitrary creepy erratic fanciful fishy grotesque humorous oddball outré screwy surprising unco unconventional unexpected unpredictable wacky wayward bizarro capricious changeable fitful malformed preternatural rum spooky teratoid vagarious wacko crazy far-out out of the ordinary outre way out wild out of the way quirky uncommon singular quaint unorthodox idiosyncratic remarkable off the wall kooky unique kinky freak way-out rare off-the-wall out-of-the-way unfamiliar exceptional uncustomary different kookie weirdo funky whacky cranky queerish off-kilter spaced-out zany uncanny unwonted far out phenomenal puzzling mystifying mysterious left-field out there unaccustomed original baffling incongruous droll exotic unaccountable aberrated absurd perplexing divergent novel nonconformist especial unheard of exceeding flaky uncharacteristic flakey unrepresentative extraordinaire out in left field ridiculous preposterous daggy unparalleled unreal foreign unprecedented isolated individual inexplicable astonishing suspicious off-center avant-garde dubious nutty distorted perverted devious deviate aberrational alternative inconceivable amazing unthinkable alien special ludicrous unheard-of quizzical fresh incredible non-typical questionable outrageous characteristic unknown jarring nonstandard in left field out of the common warped twisted laughable deformed madcap misshapen something else fantastical extravagant insane deviating incomprehensible dotty wonderful marvellous scarce distinctive cockeyed incomparable prodigious bent nonconforming marvelous heteroclite individualistic silly unimaginable distinct bohemian imaginative nonsensical radical esoteric supernatural unbelievable extreme bewildering foolish rogue particular contrary innovative mad Bohemian groundbreaking hideous comical new ugly infrequent creative unforeseen unconforming anomalistic dilly unexampled unanticipated revolutionary beat eye-popping off-base off the beaten track off-color unsightly miraculous out of line off-key exclusive risible farcical distinguishing unhandsome unbeautiful ill-favored homely unpretty unappealing unattractive unlovely unpleasing vile uncomely loony mutant goofy daft inconsistent chance derisory nuts astounding balmy specialized dreamlike fluky ill-favoured romantic shocking amusing batty progressive hippy inscrutable quixotic hare-brained heterodox digressive unmatched unequalled unrivalled rummy unlike disparate newsworthy boho arcane fabulous transgressing suspect outstanding cockamamie flighty chimerical crackpot unrivaled irrational old-fashioned staggering wandering befuddling slang specific matchless unexcelled striking unequaled experimental sensational seldom unhinged demented mental unbalanced psycho far-fetched obscure record peerless conspicuous momentous pioneering specialised flustering overwhelming dumfounding portentous signal newfangled startling noteworthy stupefying awful stunning confounding unordinary mind-blowing eye-opening off the air first-time without equal ground-breaking without parallel mind-boggling unannounced jolting few and far between in a league of its own beyond compare thin on the ground sui generis one of a kind intriguing wigged out schizoid schizo mischievous playful out-there advanced waggish distinguished not tightly wrapped rambling straying crooked eccentrical custom customized signature personalized typical maverick informal pathetic cockamamy derisive excentrical defective unrecognized notable essential private representative untraditional derisible pretend concocted labored laboured ersatz paranormal made-up make-believe imitation staged doubtful sporadic out of keeping nondescript egregious few non-standard unexplainable shady unrecognised unceremonious personal sick kookish dubitable disputable disquieting debatable shaky doubtable equivocal dodgy unhealthy avant garde problematical problematic ornate elaborate intricate like nothing on earth crotchety touched inimitable corrupt off-beat off the rails bugged out out of the box anarchistic errant other interesting discordant unharmonious limited unfathomable sicko pervy rad deep hippie ultramodern contemporary groovy mod modern modernistic cool occasional unnormal heteromorphic rococo baroque Kafkaesque impenetrable insoluble unsolvable varying heretical variant dicey random chancy uncertain witty untried funny peculiar misproportioned glamourous glamorous diagnostic discriminating identifying one and only diagnostical classic symptomatic horrible personalised customised not normal mangled mutilated gnarled inexplainable enigmatic abstruse beyond comprehension beyond understanding all your own wondrous gruesome wildering awesome stupendous providential sublime magical horrendous dreadful mystic unknowable unintelligible altered modified transformed transmuted changed fortuitous unforeseeable surprise unlikely disconcerting out of this world superhuman ghastly fugly huckery expressive spectacular heavy supermundane the utmost superior wonderworking numinous supranatural flabbergasting blindsiding bonkers mercurial senseless impracticable inane repellent revolting horrific disgusting grisly terrible repulsive horrifying obscene horrid nightmarish confusing cuckoo loopy barmy clownish comic wackadoodle infantile imbecilic unreasonable crazy-ass implausible pointless idiotic illogical wackadoo cock-eyed devastating dumbfounding flamboyant antic grody surrealistic gross potty unworkable harebrained imprudent fatuous puerile foolhardy hellish fearsome terrifying frightful frightening miscreated shapeless unsettling unnerving dramatic brainsick screwball looney deranged crackers crazed lunatic loco maniac wud maniacal unsound bedlam scatty meshugge bughouse crackbrained psychotic dippy fruity haywire cracked bats gaga moonstruck whacko daffy meshuga certifiable dreamy muddling discomfiting nonplussing shattering nonplusing dismaying upsetting gonzo fiendish inspired artistic mythical inventive poetic fancy originative hard to swallow awe-inspiring beyond belief jaw-dropping irresponsible looney tunes loony tunes artful brilliant fertile ingenious illusory genius imaginary keen non compos mentis short-sighted ill-conceived beyond all reason bird-brained half-baked out of all reason inappropriate innovational chimeric visionary vivid phantasmal phantasmic astute barbarous acting crazy awkward head in the clouds out of touch with reality blue-sky Promethean all-time innovatory impressive trailblazing disruptive state-of-the-art ultra-modern neoteric new-fashioned arresting unearthly marked futuristic eye-catching noticeable breathtaking ghostly prominent occult significant scattered sparse pronounced refreshing memorable tremendous transcendental scanty cutting-edge leading-edge seldom seen metaphysical seminal intermittent unexplored improbable unfrequent obvious scant catchy breaking new ground kenspeckle emphatic stimulating spasmodic secret dark superlative magnificent seldom found clever semioccasional fascinating asinine resourceful terrific colourful attractive considerable stupid in short supply deficient substantial imposing showy dazzling colorful noisy splashy bold bodacious grabby commanding psychic out-of-the-box little known cutting edge unpredicted appreciable hidden featherheaded extramundane phantom just out single casual spectral other-worldly fairy invisible celestial unrevealed mythological from left field legendary forward-looking superordinary uncomprehensible concealed episodic deviative exciting aperiodic transcendent atypic mystical supernormal eminent discontinuous episodical periodic otherworldly surpassing rarefied out of place stellar only stray inspiring unusually good meager engaging recent recherche magic meagre untested latest witless amazeballs unforgettable brainless productive sometime serious sudden off the beaten path too good to be true unwise weird and wonderful manifest characterful remote recondite salient visible great uninvestigated beyond your ken simpleminded impossible attention-grabbing perceptible consequential lunkheaded fundamental bubbleheaded jerky gee-whizz tomfool electrifying hard to find inept observable strong sappy fool thin half-witted weak-minded short too much without warning extrasensory important out of character out of the question superphysical forceful worthy of attention out of the blue heavenly supersensible fringe mould-breaking exquisite offhand depraved welcome alternate dissimilar periodical trendsetting spearheading innovating brand-new custom-built custom-made special-order wanting marginal unsavoury sadistic degenerated degenerate masochistic loner skittish thrilling disconsonant irrelevant inapropos incongruent incoherent immoral licentious gothic Gothic transformational imported ready moving touching cherished perfect crinkly twisty unsavory alone variational unworldly non-rational hypernormal up to date brand new disorderly deviceful sole solitary shock not prepared differentiating proper lone pointed dissident heretic dissenting nonorthodox iconoclastic dissentient enterprising discrete diacritic very unconventional excessive foreign-looking improper unsuitable illegal drastic unhackneyed difficult to believe ghostlike up-to-date this season's new-fangled exorbitant not typical one not just another beatnik sectarian schismatic anarchic supercalifragilisticexpialidocious desultory evident unrealistic eldritch unacceptable offensive undiscovered huge one-off incidental thick taking the cake external outside enticing extrinsic extraneous alluring peregrine grandiose eery spookish haunting insightful unsteady spastic spotty choppy unmistakable unrelated seldom met with unsung disgraceful unremarked unregarded up-and-coming game-changing world-shattering extra special flash gnarly forby ominous fearful abrupt not in the cards without notice tidy sizeable reasonable fair clear-cut graphic from abroad far cry unrepeated uncouth supernal not habitual off and on drop-dead clear poetical never to be forgotten measurable detectable nameless little-known undreamed of undreamed-of unrenowned lively forcible off beaten path subtile flimsy subtle preeminent towering tenuous attenuate light attenuated standout unconvincing incredulous unconceivable uncompelling inspirational fictive pie-in-the-sky high-flown utopian telling charming powerful jazzy lofty dynamite compelling cogent arrestive highly unlikely not on insupportable incogitable beyond the bounds of possibility beyond possibility rich picturesque full of life gay full of character unfrequented unvisited breaking ground brain wave goodly demiurgic never before encountered animated scintillating of consequence of importance dishonest untrustworthy gorgeous captivating beautiful detailed evocative phony murky unreliable farfetched shonky criminal cult trendy phoney negligible like gold dust of doubtful honesty open to question rings untrue won't wash open to doubt not kosher not quite right under suspicion once in a blue moon not well-known insufficient as scarce as hens' teeth can't miss it incompatible lacking inconsiderable highly coloured middling less paltry skimpy exiguous stingy imperceptible minute low in numbers in the minority inconsequential straggling widely spaced hard to come by piddling trifling lean at a premium major big unholy critical sizable much headline preponderant severe cardinal impactful high-priority decisive mighty pivotal capital intense keynote generous burning milestone conclusive glaring fateful high-level pressing glorious crucial principal earthshaking eventful weighty heavy-duty earnest meaningful earth-shattering landmark resonant large-scale historic material large urgent all-important carrying a lot of weight quantum front-page extensive monumental hefty vital ponderable potent climacteric grave far-reaching made in hell

Tính từ

Capricious, unpredictable

Tính từ

Of or like a ghost in appearance or sound
ghostly unearthly weird eerie phantom spectral spooky supernatural uncanny ghostlike other-worldly phantasmal phantasmic unnatural unreal wraithlike abnormal eldritch magical mysterious mystic strange blood-curdling chilling creepy frightening hair-raising illusory insubstantial petrifying scaring scary shadowy sinister spine-chilling terrifying apparitional cadaverous corpselike deathlike divine eidolic ethereal freaky ghastly haunted holy indistinct otherworldly pale rum spiritual vampiric wan wraithy preternatural queer curious odd bizarre spookish haunting fantastic fearful awesome uneasy unnerving superstitious crawly paranormal disconcerting peculiar supernormal superhuman transcendental phenomenal miraculous eery transcendent bizarro unheard-of devilish mystifying inspired ghoulish singular inexplainable secret prodigious supranormal very strange horrifying shocking dreadful macabre gruesome frightful horrible horrific grisly grim nightmarish appalling horrendous monstrous alarming hideous terrible horrid dire awful fearsome grotesque lurid direful disturbing morbid forbidding bloodcurdling dark ominous grewsome harrowing intimidating loathsome formidable menacing redoubtable atrocious funereal distressing threatening dread spine-tingling unspeakable sickening bleak terrific nightmare black sepulchral mystical gross gloomy disgusting occult hairy abominable revolting sick cruel extraterrestrial demoniac gory magic alien disquieting psychic demonic baleful startling offensive repulsive abhorrent numinous unsettling sombre somber hellish thrilling daunting evil sullen morose unusual heavenly diabolical twisted deathly wretched metaphysical fiendish nasty sublime cold worrying traumatic shady supranatural chimerical shuddersome repugnant nauseating dreamlike heinous nerve-racking execrable detestable odious hellacious out of this world extraordinary arcane inhuman from hell incorporeal disembodied melodramatic possessed shadowlike bone-chilling cursed jinxed taboo foul Kafkaesque poignant diabolic sadistic perverted off-putting non-mortal animal subhuman non-human necromantic nightmarey phantasmagorical Gothic exciting breathtaking unthinkable unmentionable grievous sickly vile phantomlike transmundane hateful perturbing unpleasant unwholesome demonlike demonish hair-curling cliff-hanging suspenseful wondrous upsetting lamentable terribly bad very bad dangerous dismaying terrorizing causing excitement lousy disagreeable demonly skeletal too good for this world bad overwhelming abysmal astounding tremendous bloodthirsty savage brutal repellent orphic oracular not of this world beastly unkind callous terrorising rotten despicable lou mean causing fear corpse-like bloody grody sanguine disgustful loathly inappropriate hyperphysical far-out unworldly yucky inscrutable visionary gut-churning sick-making blood-stained flakey uncouth flaky oddball whacko supernal pulse-pounding barbarous barbaric shivery shuddery awe-inspiring hidden inexplicable extramundane non-rational unaccountable hypernormal unbelievable out of the ordinary gothic unfathomable fairy impenetrable mythical rare legendary invisible supermundane celestial unrevealed obscure unknowable superior mythological superordinary unknown uncomprehensible unintelligible concealed miserable dreary melancholic glum melancholy dispirited dismal depressive desolate solemn depressing cheerless disheartening tenebrous sad pitiless murky drab mirthless lugubrious drear gray mournful dingy grey grave portentous inauspicious unhealthy minatory unpropitious God-awful death-obsessed doomy malign evil-looking bodeful ill-omened ill-boding foreboding malignant ill sinistrous minacious malevolent injurious minatorial baneful suggestive of evil woeful doomful hurtful dishonest perverse deleterious unlucky obnoxious harmful pernicious blackhearted unfortunate disastrous adverse poisonous mischievous lowering malefic unfavorable apocalyptic unfavourable

Tính từ

Limping, lame, with crippled legs

Tính từ

Acting or done without forethought, or having the tendency to do so
impulsive spontaneous precipitate hasty headlong impetuous rash unpremeditated capricious extemporaneous hurried impromptu instinctive snap incautious intuitive involuntary uninhibited unplanned whimsical adventurous daredevil emotional foolhardy injudicious reckless sudden thoughtless unconsidered unprompted unrepressed unthinking abandoned abrupt daring imprudent irresponsible madcap offhand quick unguarded unpredictable unwary automatic brash careless hectic passionate perfunctory speedy superficial swift unexpected unmeditated wild hot-headed spur-of-the-moment ill-considered ad-lib devil-may-care ill-thought-out jumping the gun winging it heedless overhasty ill-advised temerarious precipitous harum-scarum foolish hare-brained indiscreet unwise hotheaded negligent inconsiderate improvident rushed irrational knee-jerk harebrained unconscious audacious premature mindless ill-judged inadvertent helter-skelter precipitant unprepared extempore off-the-cuff reflex unintentional casual silly ad hoc hell-for-leather misguided kamikaze cursory gadarene flying improvised improvisational slapdash unrehearsed drive-by pell-mell extemporary offhanded senseless unthought-out unwitting unintended venturesome venturous overbold unheeding stupid mechanical headstrong unstudied bold unforeseen carefree flighty reflexive ill-conceived short-sighted scatterbrained overconfident unanticipated furious uncontrolled down and dirty improvisatory impolitic over-adventurous indelicate death-or-glory giddy breakneck immature instinctual jumping to conclusions tearaway regardless rushing on-the-spot unconditioned crackbrained unrestrained half-baked frivolous from the hip without warning witless natural brainless out of the blue previous immediate haphazard illogical tactless habitual insouciant unarranged reactive fiery frenzied insuppressible determined unscripted undiplomatic inattentive inadvisable unreasoned unsafe over-venturesome unreasoning inexpedient instantaneous graceless undesigned unforced ad lib uncareful futile birdbrained ad libitum unlooked-for unmindful off the cuff not bargained for remiss without notice playing with fire crazy unintelligent idiotic impractical crackpot neglectful nonsensical imbecilic unbridled scatty erratic violent cavalier clueless moronic rapid robotic mechanic ill-timed instant untimely inept gut unwilled unbidden wanton desperate flippant damfool intemperate subitaneous dippy blind immoderate unpracticed dotty free adventuresome unannounced easy-going unscheduled random featherbrained makeshift light-minded bull-in-a-china-shop fast and loose unreasonable lamebrained unsound idiotical simpleminded meaningless pointless not thought through lamebrain nonrational not planned fruitless out of control dim-witted half-witted free and easy not in the cards not rehearsed off the top of one's head spur of the moment feather-brained uncircumspect subconscious unlearned subliminal untaught default surprising heady suicidal unthoughtful risky whirlwind dangerous fearless intrepid courageous off your own bat uncoordinated willing voluntary accidental snatched shortsighted misjudged brave dauntless undaunted autogenetic routine mad naive startling responsive unduly quick eager fierce ardent rough tempestuous unadvisable inconstant divvy extemporized meteoric absent-minded impassioned vehement unsystematic unempirical wrong-headed wrong unsuitable inappropriate wide open badly thought out nonchalant unconcerned happy-go-lucky death-defying romping disorderly uncontrived self-destructive unreflecting adventitious aleatory off deep end out on limb leaving self wide open off the deep end undesirable dumb autoschediastic improv extemporal fervid restive risk-taking airy insensitive improviso informal catch-as-catch-can swaggering untroubled breezy unworried indifferent oblivious fly-by-night extemporised radge unsubtle infelicitous garrulous nosy too soon inopportune chaotic wacky lively daft overventuresome lackadaisical careless of one's duty half-cocked ditzy dizzy skittish by ear made-up on impulse disregardful uncaring irreflective careless of blithe unsmart cobbled together thrown together going off deep end sloppy vacant unmeant blunt untactful feckless brutish outrageous napping seat-of-the-pants uncontrollable easygoing easy unselfconscious unaffected relaxed excitable without regard unwatchful unobservant off-guard blindsiding unheralded unbewised unchosen conditioned uncalculated unalert uncautious wary unvigilant extravagant frothy batty dopey goofy ditsy puerile yeasty unhoped for unlooked for nutty dappy lavish asleep at the switch out to lunch genuine open excited bemused gaga bubbleheaded unscientific fast-and-loose unreserved caught napping asleep at the wheel leading with one's chin off guard pay no mind sticking one's neck out not careful any old way asleep on the job foot-in-mouth unworkable frantic prodigal unfettered profuse abundant volatile excessive empty-headed light-headed ridiculous unformed sophomoric undeveloped unrealistic underdeveloped footloose and fancy-free sharp lightning accelerated fast fleet expeditious spasmodic acute quickened poorly planned explosive unusual speeded not fully developed cock-eyed without delay unrestricted depraved raw dissipated unchecked unruly rampant corrupt runaway unhampered dissolute unconstrained unhindered wicked incorrigible reprobate profligate unprincipled sinful unbounded debauched licentious immoral incontinent shameless forgetful lax slipshod slack undiscerning trivial throwaway indiscriminate credulous passing ignorant shallow uncritical lightweight myopic near-sighted derelict parenthetical lazy inane short-term imperceptive ludicrous delinquent unjustifiable incoherent groundless laughable neglecting demented insane kooky loony oscitant behindhand unperceptive off-the-wall dozy unreflective asleep at switch mistaken cool gratuitous prejudiced wholesale unquestioning short-range no-nonsense resolute restricted unsagacious direct astigmatic limited abstracted implicit undiscriminating unseemly unsympathetic barbarous barbaric deaf apathetic listless asinine detached incidental unadvised badly planned confused uncreative unimaginative dispassionate without preparation off the hip off the top of head uncalled for absurd unheedful incurious slovenly off one's guard lacking foresight laid-back failing to take proper care preposterous crude gauche gruff peremptory uncivil unpolitic unpolished harsh heedless of illegitimate invalid inconsequent inconsequential implausible baseless untenable fallacious unfounded weak arbitrary inattentive to disregardful of flakey specious unstable freaky cockamamie barmy distraught raving aberrant reasonless disconnected sophistic delirious disjointed bungling vulgar clumsy crass blundering awkward maladroit paying no heed to neglectful of blind to unheeding of regardless of taking no notice of unconscious of deaf to not paying attention oblivious to flaky flawed incorrect faulty contradictory glib simplistic trifling barratrous dilatory indolent schematic insubstantial simple blameworthy culpable slothful tardy defaultant inconsistent daydreaming reprehensible slow woolgathering uninterested fainéant facile flimsy empty surface sketchy oversimplified hollow off beam way out off the wall vain skin-deep petty wishy-washy piddling unscholarly farcical one-dimensional paltry not well thought out without foundation without basis not making sense at fault asleep on job any which way

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