Đồng nghĩa của singular

Alternative for singular

Trái nghĩa: plural,

Tính từ

Strange or eccentric in some respect
strange curious extraordinary odd unusual peculiar queer eccentric funny weird atypical puzzling bizarre offbeat outlandish out-of-the-way aberrant abnormal off-centre unconventional unexpected unfamiliar anomalous baffling incongruous mysterious mystifying oddball perplexing rare unaccountable unaccustomed uncommon uncustomary unique unnatural untypical daggy outré wacko avant-garde cool loner original prodigious unimaginable unordinary unthinkable out of the ordinary out there off the wall breaking new ground quirky freakish different unorthodox irregular remarkable idiosyncratic exceptional quaint kinky freak rum freaky wacky off-the-wall erratic bizarro far-out screwy crazy kooky special deviant funky unwonted way-out wild weirdo cranky whacky queerish kookie off-kilter spaced-out especial out of the way novel left-field individual surprising phenomenal distinctive preternatural whimsical fantastic characteristic zany aberrated droll unprecedented extraordinaire exceeding way out uncanny far out nonconformist individualistic unco uncharacteristic particular flaky divergent flakey fresh exotic inconceivable devious deviate aberrational unheard of distinguishing typical exclusive capricious incredible new nonstandard noteworthy distinct discriminating isolated foreign suspicious alien questionable dubious alternative innovative imaginative creative out in left field scarce groundbreaking pioneering untried infrequent something else outre specific quizzical grotesque identifying diagnostical fanciful inventive innovatory differentiating astonishing deviating signature unparalleled unrepresentative off-center innovational eerie proper fishy outstanding non-typical symptomatic refreshing ingenious nonconforming unknown diagnostic spooky creepy personal trailblazing unheard-of revolutionary heteroclite newfangled disruptive bent out of the common memorable in left field ground-breaking conspicuous wonderful bohemian heterodox classic ludicrous sporadic twisted perverted ridiculous advanced modern madcap warped off-key marked radical surreal experimental nutty futuristic off the beaten track originative neoteric cockeyed contemporary state-of-the-art new-fashioned few and far between beat off-base off-color ultra-modern out of line just out informal extravagant maverick symbolic unceremonious wayward indicative outrageous awesome atypic distinguished prominent amazing significant eminent perverse private preposterous inimitable dotty awe-inspiring comical inexplicable representative emblematic digressive rogue suspect hippy seminal fantastical transgressing visionary discriminative boho Bohemian distorted wandering dilly untested essential individualising inspired absurd old-fashioned anomalistic clever inspiring artistic one and only modernistic few variant individualizing insane rummy seldom thin on the ground occasional cutting-edge avant garde Promethean leading-edge cutting edge out-of-the-box exciting striking determining inconsistent impressive unconforming seldom seen out-there esoteric notable eccentrical out of keeping arcane nondescript startling extreme egregious mischievous playful excentrical rambling straying jarring non-standard out of this world one of a kind waggish unpredictable incomparable defective sick doubtful fertile altered imported ready laughable shady inscrutable dubitable disputable disquieting debatable shaky doubtable equivocal dodgy sicko pervy artful mental psycho kookish foolish cockamamie nonsensical unreal slang like nothing on earth all your own problematical problematic one-off productive demiurgic resourceful varying heretical not prepared transformational unhinged touched demented mad unbalanced irrational progressive fundamental drastic unhackneyed monstrous malformed unhealthy variational unmistakable latest discrete diacritic deviceful corrupt disorderly crotchety chimerical unnormal heteromorphic off-beat up-and-coming forward-looking game-changing world-shattering off the rails bugged out dicey amusing humorous random chancy uncertain witty arbitrary flighty fixed funny peculiar innate not normal inborn local inherent inbred peculiar to particular to exclusive to appropriate typical of native found only in ingrained characteristic of independent unconstrained egoistic unfettered liberated untrammelled free-spirited freethinking self-indulgent selfish pompous egomaniacal self-serving conceited individualist self-absorbed self-interested egoistical self-centered self-loving vainglorious narcissistic egotistical megalomaniac egotistic egocentric self-reliant stuck-up self-concerned recent untrammeled self-centred scanty unlikely subtile flimsy subtle sparse preeminent magnificent scattered standout rarefied towering tenuous thin attenuate short light attenuated deficient recherche unfrequent semioccasional limited far cry wrapped up in oneself barbarous awkward eye-popping

Tính từ

Exceptionally good or great
extraordinary exceptional unique rare remarkable eminent especial notable outstanding conspicuous noteworthy particular phenomenal signal striking uncommon unparalleled distinctive impressive superior superlative unprecedented aberrant aberrated abnormal amazing anomalous astonishing astounding atypical awesome exceeding extraordinaire fabulous fantastic freak odd peculiar preternatural sensational spectacular tremendous uncustomary unusual unwonted prodigious stupendous terrific unreal incredible miraculous bizarre special unimaginable out of the ordinary strange unbelievable marked unheard-of inconceivable unheard of unthinkable wonderful marvellous stunning significant wondrous arresting marvelous queer freakish weird memorable mind-blowing brilliant unexampled uncanny unlikely surprising untypical mind-boggling prominent incomparable important staggering momentous great implausible unfamiliar unforgettable unaccustomed irregular improbable preposterous fantastical distinguished unexpected outlandish out of this world considerable noticeable novel new breathtaking eye-catching unknown famous absurd magical original curious fresh doubtful ridiculous catchy eccentric peerless super obvious salient unordinary clear never to be forgotten unconvincing incredulous out-of-the-way ground-breaking outré unconceivable uncompelling supernatural unaccountable unearthly perfect magnificent mysterious unrepresentative deviant wild erratic extra special fanciful unnatural extravagant surpassing irrational transcendental transcendent stellar distinct other-worldly nonsensical superhuman supernormal unmatched unequalled unrivalled illustrious unusually good insane ghostly ludicrous dubious unrealistic amazeballs dramatic far-fetched crazy whimsical unco preeminent unrivaled impossible freaky serious commanding emphatic matchless unexcelled unequaled mad grandiose splashy bold showy foolish comical oddball eye-popping heavy record groundbreaking revolutionary evident flamboyant pronounced wacky zany pioneering haunting manifest arrestive cockamamie out of the way cherished observable outre idiosyncratic newfangled exotic hare-brained too good to be true meaningful extreme different something else off-the-wall off the wall make-believe undreamed-of without equal without parallel undreamed of first-time incogitable beyond compare in a league of its own beyond belief sui generis one of a kind distorted inimitable inconsistent inexplicable thrilling paranormal infrequent moving touching single divergent seldom scarce otherworldly metaphysical unworldly mystical supercalifragilisticexpialidocious raving indelible substantial huge way out complete total utter only alone deviative supermundane occult illogical out of the common pre-eminent imaginary persistent eerie illusory very great unreasonable isolated misleading romantic capricious ambitious visionary artificial not on out of the question insupportable beyond the bounds of possibility beyond possibility highly unlikely weighty fluky creepy spooky illusive out of sight cock-and-bull barmy suppositious potty daft hallucinatory cock-eyed unpredictable shocking unacceptable offensive obscure outrageous undiscovered chance rogue solid enduring eventful lasting historic rememberable monumental remembered treasured downright thorough absolute sheer unforeseen fortuitous unforeseeable unanticipated surprise unmistakable smashing primo wicked strong clear-cut visible eldritch unsung unremarked disgraceful unregarded kenspeckle bodacious noisy grabby drop-dead dazzling world class spookish eery interesting perceptible jaw-dropping gee-whizz appreciable forcible ineffable not to be forgotten fixed in the mind little-known unrenowned nameless rum bizarro dynamite telling compelling forceful charming powerful startling jazzy cogent lofty fascinating electrifying confounding gilt-edged unspeakable untold unimagined unutterable inspired scary inexplainable mystifying very strange supranormal ghoulish secret devilish zero cool little known never before encountered indescribable esteemed celebrated inapprehensible overwhelming incomprehensible unthought of unknowable noted renowned acclaimed mentionable citable namable nameable famed worthy of note of particular interest all-time honoured respected prestigious elevated worthy of mention hot utmost murder splash underlined stand-out patent red-letter major-league high-profile boss cool beyond the realm of reason not understandable full of it beyond wildest dreams beyond your wildest dreams influential legendary noble foremost reputable luminous venerable offbeat funny august star redoubtable bright glorious honored shining astral worth mentioning worth taking a look at of note the end flash gnarly forby nonpareil name aristocratic well known well-known off beaten path major league big name highly regarded big-time talked of

Tính từ

Beyond compare, far surpassing any other, unparalleled, without rival
unrivalled unrivaled unparalleled peerless matchless incomparable supreme unsurpassed inimitable unequalled unequaled unmatched nonpareil unique unexampled unsurpassable perfect greatest superior only best outstanding super excellent extraordinary unbeatable champion faultless tops unchallenged without equal beyond compare second to none out of sight rare superlative consummate without parallel paramount top par excellence in a class of its own special exceptional ideal ultimate transcendent unexcelled one-off without peer record one of a kind sui generis without match beyond comparison one and only best ever one individual alone unbeaten surpassing towering unmatchable sovereign one-in-a-million preeminent hors concours in a class of one's own exclusive quintessential model classic unprecedented novel essential exemplary prototypical typical standout irreplaceable unparagoned extraordinaire signal far-out unimaginable archetypal in a class by itself phenomenal notable unrepeatable noteworthy something else utmost remarkable incredible unrepeated unheard-of unconventional purpose-built separate once-in-a-lifetime newfangled amazing new exquisite without precedent unordinary primo one-of-a-kind fresh highest leading premier foremost pre-eminent principal chief prime dominant primary main head predominant capital prominent finest key central lead apex grand first premium cardinal biggest maximum most unassailable prevailing select major world class industry leading first-class number-one number one best possible top-tier top-class a cut above the rest topflight top drawer top-drawer commanding big presiding supereminent overriding arch primal master overbearing sovran overmastering complete largest choice topmost max uttermost optimal peak dominating optimum first-rate illustrious distinguished greater utopian star ace undefeated number 1 uppermost furthermost crack better stellar larger top of the line top of the range record-breaking first class prize-winning high-class top-of-the-range top-notch sans pareil numero uno unattainable prior great high untouchable eminent unapproached aces all-time solid-gold gilt-edge lion's share senior higher bigger elder terrific hugest upmost maximal exalted famous well-known renowned elite noted arch- absolute culminating final crown choicest boss A-1 Grade A of the highest quality out-of-sight big-time blue-ribbon vintage estimable superfine in a league of its own without an equal stand alone all-time best unequalable extreme significant maxi original the most distinctive reigning authoritative ascendant regnant predominate ruling core controlling prevalent domineering governing most excellent most important most influential most outstanding most prominent

Tính từ

Excellent or splendid
marvelous marvellous excellent wonderful great amazing magnificent smashing superb fantastic glorious mean splendid bad brilliant crucial fabulous sensational terrific phenomenal awesome mega super topping beautiful cracking delightful divine lovely sublime wicked brill def heavenly tremendous amazeballs dreamy extraordinary fab fabby fantabulous gorgeous grand remarkable supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ace astonishing bodacious boffo cool magic mind-blowing spectacular dope jim-dandy marvy phat sound sovereign astounding boss bosting breathtaking bully colossal miraculous neat peachy rad radical too good to be true beaut bonzer capital dandy far out groovy prodigious spanking stupendous to die for wondrous beezer champion chillin' corking eye-popping jaw-dropping ripping spiffing swell top-hole wizard exo goodly keen kif lank on fleek out of this world sik fine exceptional incredible admirable outstanding standout unique rare awful stunning eye-opening surprising portentous staggering ideal stellar perfect unequalled supreme premium top unparalleled superlative sterling exquisite premier topnotch special majestic quality topflight unexcelled tiptop nice choice unsurpassed nifty supernal consummate righteous optimum classic matchless immense surpassing preeminent superior illustrious dynamite prime hot unmatched crackerjack unrivaled prizewinning class eminent unrivalled noble best leading flawless incomparable worthy select faultless schmick unbeatable peerless gilt-edged notable noticeable attractive unordinary golden one and only noteworthy uncommon interesting buzzworthy gangbusters star uppermost accomplished formidable hype quintessential slick cream famous untouchable tops dazzling bumper gangbuster banner transcendent awe-inspiring difficult to believe implausible improbable unlikely unimaginable bewildering unusual inconceivable striking incomprehensible confounding supernatural unbelievable impressive crack frontline highest prize belting brag down extreme bonny primo winning effusive brave bonnie excessive elite lead applaudable awesomesauce greatest pearler unequaled gone exaggerated barrie worthiest inflated bosker renowned flagship first-class tip-top first-rate high-class A-OK very good top-class pre-eminent top-level out-of-sight top-grade top-tier gilt-edge bang-up prize-winning first-string blue-chip four-star blue-ribbon five-star without equal award-winning number one A-1 beyond compare world-class highest quality very best top-drawer top-notch par excellence top-shelf top-of-the-line numero uno of highest order peachy keen of the highest order of the first order of the highest quality of the first water too much of high quality of the highest standard in a class all by itself above and beyond mind-boggling skilful skillful imposing overwhelming masterly dramatic virtuoso good thrilling stirring moving inspiring gee-whizz out of sight masterful splendiferous arresting memorable picturesque coruscating unforgettable splendorous eye-catching unreal A1 distinguished celebrated important inspired exciting intense rousing humbling exhilarating intoxicating way-out out-of-this-world mind-bending spine-tingling pleasurable enjoyable hypnotic beauteous frabjous splendent splendacious awing optimal elevated elegant august lofty ka pai solid exalted proud stupefying startling utmost large considerable fat titantic affecting best ever magical bewitching captivating charming enchanting entrancing radiant surpassing belief never to be forgotten monumental like wow the dog's bollocks cat's meow state-of-the-art skilled the very best a million dollars the best a standout influential profound expert momentous consequential like a million dollars something else scrumptious delectable vital crash-hot forcible impassioned effective eloquent agitating most well-done noted zero cool well-known unthinkable unspeakable electrifying prominent meritorious ineffable legendary extravagant untold impossible outrageous unutterable exemplary unthought of unheard of exhilarative dominant estimable principal eventful charged heart-stopping galvanic galvanizing predominant beyond the realm of reason top drawer undreamed of beyond one's wildest dreams stimulating electric far-out chief hundred-proof A-number-1 mostest rip-roaring kicky galvanising hair-raising heart-stirring

Tính từ

Of outstanding quality
thoroughbred top-quality choice exclusive first-class first-rate high-grade high-quality rare select distinguished excellent exceptional fine prime prize superb unique upmarket best choicest finest marvelous marvellous matchless outstanding peerless special superlative unequaled unequalled flawless perfect of the first order of the first water par excellence top of the line top of the range wonderful great fantastic magnificent glorious grand splendid awesome stellar sensational terrific fabulous supreme prodigious top standout fantabulous remarkable brilliant divine cracking topping cool unparalleled premier heavenly sterling radical extraordinary fab beautiful neat quality dandy swell topflight unsurpassed wicked lovely unexcelled nifty peachy supernal consummate groovy righteous optimum classic immense surpassing superior dynamite unrivalled hot unmatched crackerjack unrivaled prizewinning noble corking mean faultless incomparable keen unbeatable gilt-edged dope phat slick boss gangbusters famous untouchable wizard ace capital tops accomplished formidable dazzling bumper gangbuster banner transcendent hype crack brave bonnie frontline highest excessive brag bully down extreme bonny primo boffo greatest winning effusive beyond compare top-shelf blue-ribbon on fleek five-star inflated out-of-sight jim-dandy without equal gilt-edge top-notch peachy keen of the highest order world-class number one first-string top-of-the-line above and beyond A-1 gone exaggerated blue-chip bang-up four-star numero uno supercalifragilisticexpialidocious worthiest tip-top high-class of highest order A-OK pre-eminent premium top-drawer elite topnotch grade A luxury nice exquisite dainty elegant vintage schmick top-tier first-line top quality inspired incredible state-of-the-art super delicate posh tiptop eclectic prize-winning A-list award-winning top-class tremendous smashing five star the dog's bollocks high quality second to none highest-quality of the highest type top grade top-hole best-quality out of this world of a high standard leading cardinal paramount tough heavy world dominant first main chief hand-picked elect bad crucial optimal 10 popular preferred favored preferential rad handpicked favorite precious plum def cherry-picked favoured solid gold carefully chosen 24-karat unusual valuable favourite uncommon

Tính từ

secluded sheltered cloistered hidden isolated private remote sequestered unfrequented concealed covert lonely out-of-the-way quiet retired secret solitary tucked away undisturbed abandoned alone aloof beleaguered blockaded close closet confidential deserted hermetic incommunicado insular isolate lonesome personal quarantined reclusive removed reserved screened secluse seclusive segregated shy unapproachable uninhabited unsociable withdrawn cut off shut off off the beaten track off the grid out of the way faraway cut-off inaccessible outlying distant godforsaken far-flung obscure far-off in the back of beyond far hard to find in the middle of nowhere unreachable unget-at-able deep off the map in the sticks away jerkwater backwoods lone Barcoo in the hinterlands in the booay in the tall timbers in the backblocks in the backwoods in the backveld beyond the black stump in the platteland off the beaten path undiscovered god-knows-where middle of nowhere in a backwater off-lying beyond far off far removed separate desolate hidden away far-removed far-out boondocks foreign unknown apart in the depths of … disconnected far flung unsettled off beaten track back frontier wild unvisited inconspicuous alien outlandish in the boondocks shrouded set apart difficult to get to beyond reach out of reach impassable long afar ways good ways miles away stone's throw end of rainbow miles unpopulated barren lost well away quite a ways desert unpeopled beyond the horizon detached closed insulated self-sufficient self-contained in the distance in the boonies abroad

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