Đồng nghĩa của one to one

Tính từ

Being married to one person at a time

Tính từ

Using all resources
full-scale thorough comprehensive exhaustive extensive thoroughgoing wide-ranging complete major sweeping all-encompassing all-out in-depth all-embracing all-inclusive clean out-and-out proper total far-reaching full-dress profound full full-blown full-out life-size one-to-one unlimited unrestrained detailed encyclopedic universal encyclopaedic inclusive broad compendious wide meticulous painstaking careful catholic umbrella global wholesale embracive cyclopedic panoramic omnibus broad-gauge cover-all broad-gauged absolute all-in wall-to-wall radical entire systematic scrupulous methodical whole-hog intensive from A to Z no stone unturned definitive the word minute forceful desperate revolutionary drastic severe violent utter stringent serious draconian rigorous deep overarching blanket eclectic widespread coast-to-coast interdisciplinary nationwide countrywide cross-disciplinary broad-ranging expansive multidisciplinary general across the board grand whole encircling containing comprising intact infinite integral discursive across-the-board plenary perfect ample overall synoptic compleat in depth the works of great scope the whole shebang the big picture lock stock and barrel pervasive conscientious assiduous efficient blow-by-blow elaborate searching sedulous rife prevalent rampant indiscriminate common pervading worldwide thorough-going extended epidemic overwhelming rangy far-flung popular pandemic all-around circumstantial soup to nuts clocklike particularized itemized tough exact all the way slam-bang royal particular plenty important life-changing extreme vast leaving no stone unturned particularised large-scale mass itemised thoroughpaced uncompromising excessive broad-based advanced ultra iconoclastic generalized unselective generalised exaggerated overstated bird's-eye overdrawn encyclopaedical encyclopedical aggregate integrated wholistic replete maximal rounded full-on holistic big picture studious root-and-branch top-to-bottom broad-brush generic one-size-fits-all panoptic everything all encompassing authoritative without exception ubiquitous prevailing permeating predominant omnipresent inescapable boundless international outspread preponderate diffuse unrestricted on a large scale well researched scholarly all-round all over the place broad in content including all members including all categories well informed well argued well reasoned intense fierce acute terrible heavy ferocious dreadful keen vehement almighty vicious excruciating blistering hard furious frightful explosive hellacious ghastly exquisite fearsome concentrated fearful strenuous vigorous determined concerted resolute close demanding persistent accelerated fast insistent heavy-duty all-absorbing high-pressure speeded-up

Tính từ

Belonging or relating separately to each of two or more people or things
respective individual particular personal specific separate special different own singular corresponding relevant appropriate each one-to-one distinct distinctive unique peculiar characteristic exclusive disparate idiosyncratic individualized independent individualised single discrete distinguished personalized private especial patented personalised express solitary distinguishing proper signature individualistic subjective select particularized privy particularised sole autonomous innate isolated lone categorical only typical representative intrinsic identifying essential inherent definite identifiable emblematic original idiomatic precise distinguishable usual regular resident endemic one classic discriminating disconnected very own claimed one-off alone detached apart divorced unrelated unconnected free unrepeatable certain solo divided disjointed diverse dispersed sui generis selfstanding diacritic unitary patent inimitable exceptional notable inborn recognizable recognisable unmistakable inbred symptomatic intimate restricted diagnostical diagnostic differentiating one-on-one customized marked customised reserved set concrete uncommon extraordinary symbolic local indicative discriminative individualising individualizing peculiar to particular to found only in impressionistic internal monogrammed tailor-made determining noteworthy privately owned privately-owned natural selflike conspicuous remarkable fixed quintessential archetypal prototypical discretionary bizarre odd eccentric strange unofficial weird unconventional queer ingrained typical of native exclusive to characteristic of outlandish discretional quirky informal abnormal freakish anomalous irregular arbitrary non-official aberrant off-centre all your own non-public face-to-face direct head-to-head

Danh từ

A candid and intimate conversation
heart-to-heart one-to-one tête-à-tête chat one-on-one talk chinwag conversation head-to-head natter word chit-chat confab convo discussion private word private conversation cosy chat private chat exchange dialogue confabulation dialog chitchat colloquy discourse powwow tete-a-tete consultation gossip debate chatter blather rap blether banter jaw schmooze gabfest chitter-chatter conference gas brief conversation gabber crack rabbit patter chin-wag converse jangle gab cackle adda backchat palaver causerie exchange of views craic korero chin music jabber babble prattle bull session table talk yak visit small talk rap session hot air tattle parley buzz scuttlebutt nattering jawing meeting dish raillery badinage cry persiflage idle talk waffle gabbling drivel gibberish talking yackety-yak jabbering babbling gossiping prating chattering chatting deliberation argument yabbering yatter wittering blah-blah blab flannel twaddle blah rambling repartee interchange counsel interlocution expression communion communication argumentation comment clack tittle-tattle loquacity tongue-wagging chuntering twattle discussions intercourse review wheeling and dealing jive skull session conciliation verbal exchange straight talk questioning ventilation dissertation hearing consult flap gassing mediation pillow talk observation give-and-take wrangling speech altercation question and answer session yarn interview channel of communication negotiation arbitration talkfest gabbing council disputation remark summit argy-bargy canvass information flow parlance back-and-forth encounter quarrel remarks exchange of ideas blethering yakking yammering prattling blathering yattering rabbiting on yapping chinwagging claver gibbering waffling

Danh từ

A meeting with an expert, such as a medical doctor, in order to seek advice
consultation discussion conference talk interview meeting appointment colloquy confab hearing parley session audience confabulation council deliberation dialogue argument argumentation argy-bargy back-and-forth chat consult counsel debate dialog forum give-and-take heart-to-heart one-to-one palaver powwow reception engagement examination asking clambake groupthink huddle soundings buzz session second opinion conversation seminar congress talks symposium convention exchange negotiations convocation summit get-together assembly negotiation conclave hui discussions gathering colloquium exchange of views round table discourse panel gabfest roundtable synod round-robin ventilation panel discussion rap session mediation arbitration bargaining chitchat interlocution intercession conciliation call deliberations haggling awayday diet chinwag korero word interchange conferring caucus think-in banter diplomacy consideration round robin wheeling and dealing tete-a-tete tête-à-tête audition analysis speech converse brainstorming disputation case brainstorming session line of reasoning meet rendezvous webinar rally congregation plenary communication date transaction parleying consultations runanga conventicle dickering press conference period sederunt hearership statesmanship eyeball-to-eyeball earful parlance encounter visit one-on-one agreement cooperation intervention open discussion group discussion evening class discussion group statecraft board meeting business meeting sitting straight talk question and answer session brief conversation head-to-head jaw gossip foreign policy international politics international negotiation rap natter gab chatter international relations foreign affairs patter chit-chat tattle buzz trial blather crack convo chin-wag scuttlebutt backchat cackle causerie dish craic blether yak raillery jangle badinage schmooze table talk chin music cry persiflage small talk investigation idle talk enquiry tribunal inquest review inquiry inquisition audit presentation test court case notice legal proceedings industrial tribunal tryout chance admittance performance attention attendance

Trái nghĩa của one to one

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