Đồng nghĩa của iconoclastic

Alternative for iconoclastic

iconoclastic /ai,kɔnə'klæstik/
  • tính từ
    • (thuộc) sự bài trừ thánh tượng
    • (nghĩa bóng) (thuộc) sự đả phá những tín ngưỡng lâu đời (coi là sai lầm hoặc mê tín dị đoan)

Tính từ

Criticizing or attacking cherished beliefs or institutions
dissentient dissident heretical questioning subversive dissenting irreverent nonconformist rebellious critical innovative maverick sceptical heretic heterodox malcontent mutinous nonorthodox out-there radical renegade unconventional unorthodox denunciatory groundbreaking impious original individualistic nonconforming revolutionary skeptical free thinking rebel schismatic recusant sectarian disagreeing insubordinate defiant insurgent disobedient refractory insurrectionary eccentric ungovernable recalcitrant differing contumacious unruly protesting contrary opposing disaffected unmanageable insurrectionist restive wilful resistant wayward disloyal seditious disorderly revisionist factious anarchistic treasonable apostate irregular offbeat intractable objecting rebelling complaining opposed oddball weird alternative discordant turbulent non-compliant obstreperous unceremonious informal froward incompliant traitorous uncontrollable willful untoward balky beatnik riotous bolshie way-out warring up in arms bellicose opposition conflicting unsound anti- contradicting negative treasonous doubtful civil disobedience gainsaying bohemian obstinate difficult lawless freethinking freak incorrigible hippie rioting idolatrous agnostic threatening pugnacious militant stubborn armed restless treacherous sabotaging quarrelsome alienated fractious attacking unbiddable atheistical unbelieving non-believing pagan separatist heathen non-theistic controversial paynim recreant nullifidian out of control dissentive sacrilegious deviating miscreant profane atheistic infidel misbelieving mutinying unusual unwonted abnormal off-centre avant-garde uncommon novel new idiosyncratic exotic Bohemian fresh divergent off-the-wall anomalous bizarre aberrant extreme outlandish perverse zany cranky improper unsuitable inappropriate illegal heteroclite uncustomary out there far-out flakey kinky crazy anarchic different untraditional flaky out of the ordinary way out off the wall off the beaten path strange odd peculiar unfamiliar quirky queer atypical unique curious freakish singular extraordinary rare funny quaint freaky deviant wacky remarkable left-field exceptional kooky unexpected out-of-the-way unaccustomed rum erratic inventive unprecedented screwy experimental kookie outré wild untypical ingenious bizarro innovatory creative queerish weirdo funky uncanny unnatural pioneering whacky off-kilter innovational individual surprising wacko spaced-out special out of the way imaginative fantastic preternatural mysterious modern advanced far out uncharacteristic aberrated distinctive isolated trailblazing unknown incongruous newfangled state-of-the-art alien ultra-modern neoteric new-fashioned unrepresentative modernistic whimsical disruptive untried futuristic mystifying puzzling inexplicable ground-breaking foreign perplexing absurd devious unheard of deviate aberrational especial artistic phenomenal originative unheard-of outre perverted baffling inspired off-key scarce non-typical cutting-edge contemporary inconceivable unaccountable leading-edge extraordinaire ridiculous fanciful exceeding nonstandard progressive unpredictable infrequent out of the common unconforming incredible surreal eerie boho visionary out in left field outrageous seminal daggy unreal Promethean fringe exclusive in left field esoteric something else characteristic madcap particular distinct irrational forward-looking grotesque sporadic suspicious nutty dubious off the beaten track clever warped disparate mad refreshing supernatural insane twisted resourceful independent avant garde droll incomprehensible ludicrous preposterous monstrous wonderful extravagant fertile jarring artful unco cutting edge out-of-the-box breaking new ground just out non-standard marginal limited hippy trendsetting specialized daft nuts stimulating occasional noteworthy intriguing inimitable batty questionable unparalleled inspiring off-center seldom untested recent unhealthy unthinkable unlike newsworthy fishy latest nonsensical sick specialised unhinged demented unbalanced underground out of this world distorted spooky pervy creepy corrupt productive slang crackpot dreamy romantic fantastical anomalistic sicko one and only vivid blue-sky poetic variant remote unexplored uninvestigated obscure recondite off the air quixotic few and far between out of line off-base off-color thin on the ground little known mould-breaking welcome alternate innovating spearheading brand-new offhand illogical lateral out of the box arty exciting memorable striking out of place inconsistent wigged out schizoid schizo other specific distinguished skittish capricious noncompliant one's own sweet way nonadhering marching to the beat of a different drummer custom customized signature personalized distinguishing outstanding impressive arty-farty depraved comical not tightly wrapped dilly disconsonant inapropos irrelevant incongruent incoherent transformational bent incomparable sparse demiurgic digressive transgressing rogue notable rad deep ultramodern groovy mod cool variational inscrutable one-off brand new up to date conspicuous inorthodox like nothing on earth scattered intermittent left bank carefree laid-back relaxed deviceful quizzical unharmonious fundamental very unconventional dissimilar foolish cockamamie malformed prodigious drastic unhackneyed pretend concocted labored laboured ersatz paranormal made-up make-believe imitation staged one of a kind random weird and wonderful unintelligible unsavoury degenerated sadistic degenerate masochistic unlikely peripheral unofficial nonmainstream not just another aperiodic errant interesting up-to-date this season's new-fangled wandering varying altered imported not prepared ready arcane nondescript startling egregious few enterprising unnormal heteromorphic episodic casual episodical discontinuous avant go-ahead extremist out of keeping diagnostic discriminating identifying diagnostical classic symptomatic licentious deviative immoral expressive off-beat off the rails bugged out rarefied periodical scant periodic up-and-coming game-changing world-shattering beyond your ken personalised customised scanty spasmodic semioccasional fabulous not normal shady liberal ahead of the times head lead hip beat vanguard crinkly twisty unsavory dubitable disputable disquieting debatable shaky doubtable equivocal dodgy suspect insightful unfrequent problematical problematic loony mythical dreamlike fancy flighty touched off Broadway mistakenly trendy new wave bonkers goofy brilliant illusory genius imaginary keen poetical cuckoo amusing loopy barmy clownish silly comic head in the clouds chimeric chimerical out of touch with reality far-fetched phantasmal phantasmic astute pie-in-the-sky high-flown utopian inspirational fictive dotty potty brainsick screwball looney deranged crackers crazed lunatic loco maniac wud maniacal bedlam scatty meshugge mental bughouse crackbrained psychotic dippy fruity haywire cracked bats gaga moonstruck whacko daffy psycho meshuga balmy certifiable gonzo breaking ground brain wave looney tunes loony tunes hare-brained non compos mentis acting crazy far cry unconstrained egoistic unfettered liberated untrammelled typical free-spirited self-indulgent selfish pompous egomaniacal self-serving conceited individualist self-absorbed self-interested egoistical self-centered self-loving vainglorious narcissistic egotistical megalomaniac egotistic egocentric self-reliant stuck-up self-concerned untrammeled self-centred wrapped up in oneself astonishing barbarous awkward eye-popping

Tính từ

Indifferent or hostile to religion, or having no religious beliefs
fanatical heathen heathenish impious irreligious profane atheistic unholy ungodly agnostic unbelieving godless non-believing non-theistic faithless pagan nullifidian sacrilegious irreverent blasphemous sinful sceptical wicked heretical unrighteous infidel iniquitous barbarian barbarous idolatrous immoral bad nonreligious religionless reprobate perverted satanic freethinking skeptical devilish fiendish infernal demonic diabolical nonbelieving adiamorphic undogmatic disrespectful apostate hypocritical wayward undutiful disbelieving unregenerate pietistical hardened diabolic unethical disobedient unsanctified defiling desecrative recusant doubting desecrating contrary deceitful unctuous canting scandalous unfaithful unhallowed sanctimonious not religious evil depraved vice-ridden corrupt debauched degenerate unprincipled erring morally wrong sullied dissolute dissipated decadent fallen intemperate impure peccable undevout tainted unspiritual free-thinking vile wrong nefarious vicious base rotten villainous dark wrongful black unlawful criminal unsavory secular heinous unsavoury foul dishonest monstrous mean sordid dirty warped debased flagitious abominable atrocious despicable hateful reprehensible detestable shocking outrageous unreligious shameful contemptible odious horrible execrable murderous dishonourable unscrupulous irreverential obscene crooked guilty indecent bent low-down shady egregious stinking infamous dishonorable malfeasant beastly dastardly low sceptic paganistic malevolent unconsecrated improper unblessed offensive incredulous skeptic damnable culpable blameful abandoned pernicious injurious harmful maleficent ignoble underhand illicit degraded illegitimate lawless roguish illegal amoral scoundrelly rascally deleterious baneful black-hearted not cricket violating filthy undecorous indecorous indelicate rough unseemly nontheistic humanistic atheistical atheous without religious faith blameworthy censurable aberrant errant demeritorious amiss blamable sinning apostatical polytheistic paganish heathenistic treacherous deconsecrated underhanded disgraceful notorious ignominious disreputable uncharitable wretched unbecoming undignified abject cowardly abhorrent inequitable cheeky contemptuous cruel nasty unworthy unsacred currish shabby lamentable caitiff disgusting snide inelegant menial servile scurvy paltry unchristian non-Christianly unchristlike profligate dangerous worthless wanton demoralized indictable felonious uncivilized savage damaging incorrigible nocuous adverse hurtful noxious mischievous prejudicial baleful heartless ill detrimental defiled unwholesome execrative execratory profanatory swearing insulting imprecatory cursing shameless low-minded barbaric lewd lascivious lecherous perverse loose lustful immodest abased libertine rakish sick jackleg unclean off-color dishonoured rakehell ignorant rude Neandertal primitive uncivil Neanderthal unenlightened natural uncultured uncultivated philistine wild questioning dishonored miscreant boorish demoralised rakehelly not sacred bad news brutish cynical uncivilised nonbeliever unsure non-Christian scoffing unconvinced doubtful quizzical mistrustful rationalist uncertain dubious undecided hesitant discreditable unspeakable malignant malicious repugnant hideous loathsome hellish sinister no good

Tính từ

Comprehensive and far-reaching in nature
radical complete entire sweeping thorough comprehensive exhaustive extreme severe thoroughgoing absolute drastic extensive major total utter rigorous serious desperate draconian pervasive profound stringent violent excessive forceful uncompromising advanced ultra far-reaching wide-ranging root-and-branch top-to-bottom harsh strong dire strict heavy immoderate rigid punishing tough stern momentous substantial sharp swingeing extravagant exorbitant oppressive punitive austere stiff inflexible unyielding fanatical hardline firm egregious downright outrageous flagrant gross preposterous out-and-out sheer cruel brutal intense great life-changing hard Draconian complicated complex grim punitory intricate elaborate sophisticated single-minded definite diehard hardhanded dramatic difficult involved forcible intransigent hard-nosed undeviating revolutionary hard-hitting virulent vicious savage truculent tricky unqualified rank supreme thundering right maximum tremendous utmost ultimate unadulterated acute deep hellacious almighty unalloyed proper pure grievous uber veritable arrant overwhelming unbending inordinate undue exceptional consequential remorseless unrelenting zealous unreasonable unusual exaggerated unmitigated steep unconscionable unconventional unmerciful overkill baroque devilish remarkable unseemly ferocious uncommon intemperate fancy nonsensical overextravagant imprudent overdue insane overweening irrational overmuch intolerable fabulous plethoric improper towering lavish too much over the top O.T.T. out of proportion disproportionate unwarranted extortionate unrestrained uncalled for needless uncalled-for unmeasurable superfluous OTT a bit much high unnecessary prodigal dizzying profuse sky-high unfair profligate enormous unjustifiable unwarrantable unjust wanton surplus extra superabundant overabundant unjustified way out self-indulgent overindulgent uncurbed over-the-top stratospheric redundant overboard monstrous uncontrolled abounding unbridled rough too great pricey unrestricted overpriced in excess fulsome extraordinary immense whopping unbounded dissipated monumental gratuitous huge exacting boundless super limitless dear criminal illogical elevated too-too absonant arbitrary over the odds overflowing wild up to here copious unacceptable too many unneeded costing an arm and a leg diametrical out of all proportion direct ample unlimited exact vast epic ridiculous massive astronomical riotous indulgent ruthless recrementitious supernatural more wasteful giant relentless prodigious intractable fantastic pitiless senseless overblown considerable far-out posh unrightful unlawful wrongful peremptory supererogatory iron-fisted hard-line out of bounds large imposing reckless de trop significant unmerited inexcusable expensive undeserved grandiose dissipative debauched unprovoked excess unbalanced outstanding very great unhampered unchecked exceeding big shocking spare prohibitive abundant rampant gigantic prolific authoritarian uninhibited magnificent appalling liberal over impressive colossal wicked unstinting nasty supernumerary mountainous cast-iron brassbound ludicrous not required plentiful exuberant generous galore diabolical mammoth remaining gushing horrifying humongous dispensable inhuman teeming luxuriant bountiful expendable out of control useless crawling with no end opulent a dime a dozen sumptuous alive with aplenty thick with profusive plenty tyrannical swarming bounteous openhanded callous stupendous effusive above average hardheaded demanding inexorable uncivilised uncivilized ungodly unwanted overgenerous polar gushy imperious unsympathetic heavy-handed nonessential hard-core steadfast leftover merciless unrequired residuary illegitimate dyed-in-the-wool pleonastic superfluent unasked by the book harmful over the limit overripe marked distinct unreasoned wildly excessive costly indiscriminate going too far untempered very too passionate uncontrollable absurd theatrical overdone unpardonable indefensible unforgivable raw dissolute unhindered tempestuous abandoned runaway unsuitable inappropriate voluminous ungovernable incontinent open-handed non-essential unreserved tall greedy sizable sizeable blown up out of all proportion fancy-pants very high unbecoming very expensive lofty a lot far-fetched onerous wrong despotic summary soaring inept untimely ill-advised underhanded unapt unfitting forbidden indecorous sinister inapt ill-timed illegal unseasonable imbalanced unfeeling abrasive grossly excessive substantive ruinous crippling bitter rugged off unused unproductive disposable inflated excessively high extremely high suppressive repressive without justification unkind heartless insensitive inconsiderate decadent murderous trying excruciating burdensome searing left over waste to spare ostentatious ambitious outré heightened escalated handsome increased healthy jacked up diametric surplus to requirements extraneous on your hands unessential headstrong a bit thick out of order striking multistorey sky-scraping rowdy curt immodest audacious bold daylight robbery highway robbery costing a bomb a rip-off robust costing the earth out of sight over one's head paramount titanic Brobdingnagian surpassing superior altitudinous abnormal intensified unthinkable inconceivable sneaky conscienceless knavish reprehensible barbarous unholy lordly commanding showy improvident inessential very severe staunch adamant hard-boiled unwavering indurate ungiving militant infinite immeasurable astronomic transcendent hulking sublime stellar ginormous tight mega mighty unfettered thumping silly monster gargantuan fierce airy imperial preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable towery skyscraping beyond the pale dour grave ballsy fanciful grand adventurous heroic super-duper binding stand pat uncharitable solid disciplinarian resolved dogged obdurate hardened hard-hearted unforgiving obstinate no-nonsense resolute ascetical immovable domineering hardhearted browbeating mulish ossified formidable stiff-necked ascetic unsparing determined unflinching pressing astringent autocratic disciplinary bullheaded set compelling poignant valid powerful acrimonious drawing picky unpermissive ironclad convincing brick-wall confining not giving an inch supererogative lush scandalous atrocious by the numbers hard and fast dead set on terrible horrible disgraceful heinous infamous abominable villainous offensive unspeakable nefarious abhorrent horrendous beastly iniquitous evil odious dreadful horrid hideous loathsome shameful nauseating ghastly foul unbearable vile sickening insupportable unendurable insufferable barbaric infernal fiendish maddening exasperating impossible distressing execrable godawful depraving flagitious debasing contumelious scurrilous malevolent shaming disgracing ignoble despicable contemptible debauching corrupt notorious degenerate sinful opprobrious very bad

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