Đồng nghĩa của heartless

Alternative for heartless

heartless /'hɑ:tlis/
  • tính từ
    • vô tình, không có tình
    • nhẫn tâm; ác

Tính từ

Displaying a complete lack of feeling or consideration
callous hard cold-blooded brutal cruel harsh uncaring unfeeling unkind cold inhuman merciless pitiless unsympathetic cold-hearted hard-hearted insensitive affectless ruthless unloving inconsiderate stony-hearted unconcerned unmoved case-hardened compassionless desensitised desensitized hard-boiled hardhearted indurate inhumane insensate ironhearted mean-spirited obdurate pachydermatous remorseless slash-and-burn soulless stern stoney stony stonyhearted take-no-prisoners thick-skinned uncharitable unmerciful unsparing lacking compassion hard as nails uncompassionate unemotional without sentiment cold fish with a heart of stone severe savage barbarous unforgiving indifferent unpitying sadistic tough barbaric relentless inflexible hardened implacable unbending vicious unrelenting mean apathetic unresponsive fierce grim coldhearted frigid unfriendly intolerant strict cool uncompromising aloof inexorable brutish steely fiendish ferocious unyielding monstrous hard-nosed austere thoughtless truculent impassive icy nasty dispassionate wicked vindictive bloodthirsty emotionless rigorous passionless murderous beastly rough hard-bitten bestial wanton marble-hearted violent brute undemonstrative disinterested detached butcherly rigid unpleasant unremitting atrocious stolid imperturbable malevolent impassible fell cutthroat malicious insensible matter-of-fact unsentimental unsusceptible cut-throat expressionless sanguinary spiteful firm bloodless unfair phlegmatic indurated hurtful evil deadpan flinty exacting unaffected tactless calm stoical hostile malignant reserved ungenerous adamant stoic diabolical numb heinous poker-faced obtuse dog-eat-dog inured unkindly unappeasable inclement feral wolfish selfish draconian untouched illiberal impervious ironfisted spiritless blank toughened hellish controlled dead hateful restrained remote unimpressionable authoritarian feelingless as hard as nails repellent lukewarm halfhearted aversive repugnant glacial distant stony-eyed gruff heavy-handed impersonal tyrannical revengeful self-controlled chill flat stone-hearted surly rancorous cool, calm and collected dastardly unempathetic loveless flagitious egregious disagreeable adamantine vile wild careless sharp unamiable shabby aggressive really hard abominable stiff bloody ungracious ramrod unmindful deadened heedless abusive forceful tyrannous punishing hard-headed stringent inattentive snide listless serene tigerish malign ill-natured furious unchristian rabid uncivil inexpressive unexpressive composed threatening impenetrable fiery crass nonchalant forbidding cynical catty unruly dour unexcitable unruffled bad unrestrained imperceptive bullying horrible collected incurious oppressive base uncalled-for seasoned rugged impetuous delirious bland vacant toneless wooden hollow unstirred antipathetic uncongenial mad unrepenting headstrong not nice nowhere unimpassioned immovable nonemotional frantic reticent hard-edged benumbed hard-as-nails insusceptible unhappy devilish exploitative stonehearted killer mortal depraved uncommiserating satanic hatchetjob coldblooded without pity appalling unnatural premeditated torpid insentient impenitent stubborn killer instinct demanding self-centred wounding upsetting lifeless negligent ice-cold stone-faced solid red in tooth and claw bitter inhospitable constant vengeful punitive stingy abrasive heavy unjust excessive mechanical crotchety cantankerous anesthetized churlish sensationless anaesthetized uncordial intense censorious blind to deaf to crude coarse sour avaricious unregenerate greedy indefatigable uncontrite ill faceless utilitarian gray subhuman grey bleak armour-plated invulnerable world-weary infernal bearish uninvolved unaroused uninterested blasé self-centered unsympathizing unsensitive oblivious cat-and-mouse tormenting maleficent torturous unflinching rowdy curt extreme lupine voracious ravenous no-nonsense browbeating self-contained inured to lacking sentiment hard-line hard-shelled obstinate despotic dictatorial very hard petty iron-fisted mean machine inscrutable unfazed having a killer instinct cannibalistic suppressive onerous toughened by experience frosty with a hide like an elephant blind chilly as tough as old boots unwelcoming critical fixed indifferent to unimpressible pokerfaced Rhadamanthine hardhanded cold-faced straight-faced laid back accustomed habituated unrevealing sedate placid dry taciturn inexcitable unflappable insensitive of insensible to insensitive to heedless of insensible of foul cowardly timid servile weak not caring hard-shell despicable contemptible obnoxious disregardful of dangerous odious loathsome menacing strong cast-iron vigorous hardy experienced sturdy stout untamed intimidating fearsome ungentle terrible clinical acclimatized coarsened used raging louring frightful convulsive frightening baleful rude low level-headed businesslike cool-headed incessive raving stark lowering uncontrollable enraged undomesticated fearful horrid angry infuriated crazed rapacious rational unagitated sober rotten inaccessible acclimatised steeled contemptuous unsubmissive irreverent resistant impious prepared disdainful unashamed low-down animalistic primitive venomous biffo aggers unthinking berserk equable tranquil indelicate frenzied intemperate gross dishonourable maniacal terrorizing pugnacious impolite discourteous quiet marble blah objective laid-back despiteful virulent execrable deplorable scummy ignominious currish dirty dishonorable detestable low-minded thuggish destructive unthoughtful disrespectful homicidal unhandsome unmannered impertinent undiplomatic indiscreet unmannerly explosive maddened hotheaded frenetic assertive boorish brash reckless ignorant incautious unceremonious short hasty impassioned demoniac fuming crazy terrorising radge agitated hysterical feverish potent forcible along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts full-blooded hot-tempered knock-down hammer and tongs out of control hot-headed drag-out bang-bang ill-mannered ill-bred grievous dogged hardheaded intransigent trying excruciating searing ossified burdensome resolute mulish serious bullheaded wilful grave stiff-necked perverse pertinacious drastic opinionated willful pigheaded inconvincible pat self-willed self-opinionated solemn unsmiling intractable sombre somber determined domineering repressive unwavering unshakeable gloomy frozen wintry autocratic astringent weighty mean-looking imperious wintery unapproachable single-minded unrefined swingeing irreconcilable dreary arch biting exorbitant brusque deadly depressing desperate bony overweening raw inelegant off-putting unswerving uninviting stormy staid robust sullen overbearing resilient humourless humorless comfortless sworn earnest morose hardline tempestuous high-handed dire sobersided uncomic filthy gelid powerful coercive bound unmovable squally gritty dismal blustery clammy cold-eyed haughty antiseptic hard-eyed brittle arctic coldish formidable turbulent two-fisted crabbed glum windy set discouraging incompliant sulky po-faced boisterous locked in dead set on bound and determined set in stone wretched abhorrent casehardened formal radical Draconian petrified summary stuffy punitory arbitrary uncomfortable discomforting antagonistic fossilized rigidified brassbound unbendable hard-hitting uncompliant immoderate undue inordinate crippling fossilised out-and-out unbreakable frowning uncommunicative unconscionable towering intolerable steep very severe unfaltering at each other's throats overextravagant extravagant insane plethoric baroque overmuch overdue rough-hewn refractory immutable steadfast to the death hard to please inept bungling disapproving ungraceful great deaf to reason OTT overstrict disciplinarian resolved hard-core ascetical by the book absolute pressing disciplinary dyed-in-the-wool ascetic dogmatic unflexible crisp doctrinaire unswayable joyless cheerless drear miserable melancholic hard-faced dejected saturnine ugly undemocratic assiduous unflagging unstoppable tireless sedulous stalwart cutting crushing overwhelming rainy freezing do or die hold one's ground dug in hold the fort standing pat sticking to one's guns standing one's ground hold the line desolate caustic snowy wet drizzly damp anti-democratic fit feisty grumpy sinister cross grasping pounding tenacious unabated insistent brick-wall over the top peremptory scowling uncouth grating doughty craggy water-resistant waterproof godforsaken dispiriting ironhanded worrying stressful backbreaking depressive distressing exigent confining headache disheartening troublesome hefty troubling superincumbent taxing loutish uncultured vitriolic splenetic glowering crusty grouchy usurious bloodsucking hanging tough unplacatable iron-handed unmollifiable inescapable unpacifiable tough as old boots self-assertive red-blooded high-powered self-confident adverse earthy annoying irritating acerbic bad-tempered shrewd practical realistic vulgar blunt rough going galling unenthusiastic standoffish predatory ineluctable ill-tempered down-to-earth acerb protected immune to unaffected by repellent of impervious to immune unsusceptible to invulnerable to unchangeable immobile necessary ironclad compulsory boot-faced ribald oafish lewd unpolished obscene uncultivated indecent profane offensive indecorous bluff spiky argumentative osseous skeletal anatomical compacted packed hard-handed compact rocky iron concentrated consolidated compressed grabby blood-sucking money-grubbing roughcast vulgarian bawdy tumultuous cold as ice mean business bad-mannered untutored cyclonic acute gusty no going back hell bent on tasteless lowbrow lowbred improper foul-mouthed artless common loud hard to take extortionate corrupt torrid volatile blistering bumpy thundery thunderous howling hellacious roughneck incult unladylike ungentlemanly raffish imperviable to proof against rubbing the wrong way like death and taxes typhonic blustering almighty intensive devastating swirling dreadful choppy restless roaring exquisite ghastly stormful storming chaotic heavy-duty volcanic

Tính từ

Having a tendency to inflict suffering and pain on others
vicious cruel savage brutal barbarous inhuman barbaric fiendish sadistic atrocious inhumane wanton truculent brute butcherly merciless ruthless murderous wicked brutish ferocious monstrous diabolical pitiless bloodthirsty heinous fierce bestial villainous nefarious vile beastly base remorseless evil callous nasty black-hearted violent malicious malevolent infernal hellish horrible cold-blooded homicidal dark bad sanguinary devilish ghastly harsh black low-down immoral depraved mean bloody hateful dastardly maleficent low abominable spiteful corrupt perverse sinful unfeeling odious perverted infamous ungodly degenerate unprincipled cut-throat flagitious reprobate debased contemptible despicable scandalous pernicious malignant unspeakable hideous crude dangerous coarse fell grim vulgar slaughterous unrelenting foul abhorrent demoniac awful dreadful terrible worthless demonic impious outrageous wolfish impure reprehensible grisly gruesome hard-hearted abandoned profligate indecent unkind shocking licentious execrable egregious iniquitous wrong unscrupulous unrighteous wrathful virulent dishonourable amoral unlawful criminal shameless dishonest wayward dissolute unethical unfair shameful lawless felonious dishonorable crooked incorrigible scoundrelly dirty shady unsavory bent unsavoury morally wrong warlike ravening uncouth bellicose crazed bloody-minded sanguine murdering sanguineous satanic destructive aggressive gloating gory ignorant implacable unrefined uncultured unlettered accursed Mephistophelian wretched red in tooth and claw wilful needless deliberate unjustified senseless arbitrary unprovoked debauched sinister gratuitous groundless motiveless deceitful devious horrifying nightmarish flagrant unjustifiable offensive disgusting squalid underhanded scornful rancorous shifty self-indulgent objectionable vitiated dodgy decadent disparaging defiled despiteful delinquent forbidding errant exploitative libertine slippery mean-spirited unconscientious unconscionable crafty scrofulous sly unpleasant scheming evil-minded inexorable questionable improper self-seeking vengeful vindictive contemptuous corrupted conscienceless disdainful tyrannical ignoble two-faced disreputable degraded harrowing repellent revolting loathsome horrid repugnant willed unmotivated intolerable nauseating sickening gross unforgivable lewd miscreant untamed contaminated putrid faulty insubordinate demoralized demoralised libidinous wild aimless horrendous grewsome horrific disgustful lurid macabre appalling sick-making sick loathly terrific scurvy nightmare frightful cacodemonic facinorous grievous insolent undisciplined unruly double-crossing contrary unjust inconsiderate ornery desperate godawful hairy grody beyond the pale fearful irreligious profane wrongful sacrilegious unholy rotten irreverent erring fallen blasphemous sullied tainted detestable godless illicit guilty diabolic illegitimate indictable roguish sordid illegal injurious deleterious damaging underhand warped stinking baneful nocuous adverse hurtful noxious mischievous prejudicial baleful rascally malfeasant harmful peccable ill detrimental bad news not cricket unmerciful unsparing uncaring unsympathetic uncharitable stony-hearted cold-hearted bloodless unemotional severe stern inclement flinty draconian uncompassionate roughshod dissipated ignominious disgraceful intemperate obscene vice-ridden unclean atheistic deplorable shabby discreditable loose abject rakish currish snide paltry low-minded unbelieving heathen idolatrous faithless unworthy blameworthy treacherous damnable pagan infidel unchaste notorious lustful degrading unbecoming unwholesome distasteful promiscuous shoddy immodest dishonoured servile jackleg louche rakehell sleazy venal rakehelly mercenary dishonored untrustworthy disrespectful ugly unregenerate culpable censurable aberrant demeritorious blameful amiss blamable sinning inglorious undesirable repulsive sceptical agnostic retrograde disbelieving disagreeable obnoxious off-putting inexcusable shy unrespectable opprobrious knavish indefensible perfidious scurrilous non-believing heretical non-theistic sorry undignified irreverential retrogressive cowardly inequitable barbarian bribable drunken carnal ribald miserable yucky humiliating gut-churning icky God-awful heathenish lamentable caitiff inelegant menial vomitous lousy bogging noisome beyond contempt yucko filthy lascivious lecherous abased religionless iconoclastic nonreligious fraudulent boorish off-color nullifidian freethinking undevout vomit-inducing cheap unvirtuous pornographic tawdry skeptical free-thinking unspiritual cutthroat bawdy whorish Machiavellian saturnalian fast graceless X-rated seedy seamy avaricious sleazoid skanky poor calculated covetous shamed of easy virtue ruined disgraced collapsed lost flat decayed sunken ruinous shaken on the ground

Tính từ

Harshly sarcastic or satirical in nature
keen scathing cutting incisive searing pointed stinging trenchant acid sardonic satirical contemptuous ferocious nasty sharp unblunted virulent caustic corrosive merciless piercing savage biting brutal fierce malicious penetrating satiric callous critical mocking sarcastic scornful tart venomous acerbic bitter harsh pungent salty snarky violent acidic cruel devastating edged hurtful mordacious unrelenting acute derisive pitiless truculent vicious vitriolic acrid acrimonious grim sadistic scorching unsparing withering astringent belittling mordant ruthless scalding wanton cold-blooded extremely critical barbed severe spiteful acidulous acerb wounding unkind mean catty poisonous hateful snide abrasive sarky crisp smart-alecky squint-eyed smart-aleck smart-mouthed cold waspish blistering hostile razor-edged rancorous vindictive unfriendly maleficent malignant malign malefic malevolent polemic slashing rude cynical rapier-like evil-intentioned ill-natured unpleasant hard pernicious brusque abusive stern splenetic poignant aggressive peppery rough stringent offensive telling disparaging baleful burning snappy dry antagonistic despiteful bad churlish wicked shrewish evil polemical vituperative strong distressing piquant derogatory forceful vengeful curt insulting sneering bilious argumentative emphatic pithy inconsiderate racy rigorous angry destructive defamatory resentful taunting vitriolous disapproving insensitive envenomed jeering insinuating dirty ornery cussed accidentally on purpose drilling terse clear-cut laconic controversial contentious vehement ironic derisory corroding backbiting slighting disputatious irreverent impertinent austere prejudicial ironical overwhelming overpowering sound bad-tempered ill-tempered slanderous snarling coruscating harmful grievous snappish snippy testy acetose short strict exacting disrespectful zesty smart mischievous provocative salt exciting witty stimulating rigid sharp-worded thoughtless double-edged ungracious sulphurous sulfurous irascible sour zingy pert tangy savoury savory painful upsetting injurious damaging crabbed stabbing deprecating denigratory deprecatory tough highly effective menacing grudging hate-filled acetic tonic ill-disposed scoffing ridiculing spicy vigorous dripping with malice grating spleenful horrid unfeeling irritating annoying forthright driving clear galling viperous viperish toxicant explicit powerful distinct effective blunt tactless inappropriate unsympathetic comfortless potent unequivocal edgy spiky gruff dripping venom full of spleen full of gall crushing accurate venomed pertinent hard to take meaty meaningful insightful right-on short-and-sweet legit pregnant razor-sharp rubbing the wrong way boiled down in a nutshell on the nose right to it on the button laid on the line calling a spade a spade

Tính từ

Direct and without attempting to disguise unpleasantness
brutal blunt frank barefaced blatant candid direct forthright open unembellished unsparing unstinting unvarnished bald brazen clear explicit flagrant guileless honest naked outright outspoken plain stark straight straightforward transparent unadorned uninhibited unreserved upfront upright complete downright forthcoming natural palpable patent plainspoken real severe total unambiguous unconcealed unequivocal unfeigned unguarded plain-spoken flat-out matter-of-fact bare-faced free-spoken out-and-out up-front no-nonsense harsh realistic bare truthful warts and all straight from the shoulder undisguised unqualified true to life simple unexaggerated unveiled raw to the point brusque curt short abrupt unceremonious bluff sharp indelicate sincere terse gruff literal caustic snappy rude tactless crisp snippy pulling no punches not beating about the bush not mincing one's words straight-talking calling a spade a spade straight-shooting speaking one's mind gritty basic genuine pure grim exact fundamental decisive brisk vigorous obvious sheer manifest evident snappish businesslike hard abrasive rough cavalier offhand for real open and shut tart cold dusty round artless free austere freehearted out-front unrestricted openhearted foursquare ingenuous easy apparent unfiltered familiar naive scrupulous heart-to-heart aboveboard plain vanilla unornamented undecorated on the level not afraid to call a spade a spade lay it on the line up front call a spade a spade saying what one thinks on the up and up from the hip like it is worn patchy threadbare undiplomatic point-blank hard-hitting trenchant impolite brusk short-spoken crusty uncivil unpolished discourteous uncompromising brief true unpretentious unaffected innocent unpretending square trustworthy categorical unrestrained bold man-to-man speaking as one finds righteous dinkum without airs fair plain-speaking kosher talking turkey unstudied reliable overt vocal unevasive straight-out unsophisticated unreticent undissembling down-to-earth just undissembled legit straight-from-the-shoulder point blank straight to the point legitimate lawful above board veracious legal laying it on the line calling spade a spade spontaneous undesigning positive hearty unpretended specific distinct childlike unbiased unprejudiced unconstrained express insensitive naïve unmistakable unmannered proper impolitic honourable homely pukka good clear-cut meaning what one says honorable frontal principled honest-to-goodness virtuous not beating around the bush folksy down homey straight-arrow down home personal intimate forward indiscreet authentic brutally honest visible demonstrative vociferous unartful unartificial free-speaking accountable off-the-record communicative strident opinionated avowed heartfelt earnest valid known actual unquestionable unimpeachable well-established unmodified unhypocritical open-hearted ungracious woman-to-woman parrhesiastic intolerant flat certain open-and-shut at close range unashamed not pulling any punches right up front no beating around the bush speaking straight from the shoulder no lie well defined crystal clear clipped no fooling telling it like it is licit level pretenseless definite no holds barred absolute good-natured genial approachable two-fisted right on correct straight from shoulder regular faithful right-on plain-dealing on the square friendly relaxed by the book fair and square unselfconscious square-shooting laid on the line snippety blustering breviloquent laconic cheery bearish loud true-blue believable veritable truth-telling precise trusting inexperienced ignorant callow green unworldly modest ethical credulous unsuspicious unwary trustful gullible impartial unassuming trusty dependable objective equitable reputable upstanding even-handed unrefined robust unforced dispassionate moral decent uncontrived silly inconsiderate open-minded fair-minded equal unstilted humble disrespectful hardheaded pragmatic practical pragmatical jejune easily taken in clean unfeeling impertinent neutral anti-discrimination reasonable nondiscriminatory non-partisan non-discriminatory unimposing unobtrusive unspoiled unostentatious evenhanded detached nonpartisan indifferent uncaring unkind hurtful thoughtless unsympathetic inelaborate easy-going unpresumptuous uncomplex unbeautified discreet prosaic unambitious free-spirited laid-back self-effacing uncharitable cruel unconsiderate unladylike uncivilized ungentlemanly easygoing mundane earthy hard-boiled dull lusty funky lowbred gross outdoorsy unidealistic wet behind the ears uncorrupted uncolored civil rational blameless on up-and-up according to the rules uncivilised home folk uncalled for aggressive confrontational confronting face-to-face head-on

Tính từ

Showing no concern or interest
indifferent dispassionate aloof detached distant cold cool callous impartial unmoved disinterested equitable objective unbiased unconcerned unconcerned about unresponsive unsympathetic apathetic about apathetic towards careless casual about heedless of impassive insouciant nonchalant about nonpartisan offhand about passionless regardless uncaring about unemotional unfeeling unimpressed uninterested in uninvolved in uninvolved with unprejudiced apathetic bored by candid careless of cavalier about dismissive of emotionless equal evenhanded fair frivolous about impervious just mindless of neutral oblivious to reckless about regardless of square uncaring unimpressed by uninterested blasé heedless inattentive lukewarm about nonaligned phlegmatic about pococurante unenthusiastic about uninvolved unmoved by unresponsive to weary of diffident haughty highbrow listless phlegmatic scornful silent stoical supercilious superior unaroused uncommunicative unsocial not giving a monkey's nonchalant fair-minded even-handed non-partisan uncolored impersonal nondiscriminatory balanced open-minded non-discriminatory insensible uncurious casual independent straight incurious unbigoted on the fence honest uncommitted clinical perfunctory complacent upright without fear or favour relaxed reasonable undecided unaffected oblivious calm insensitive on the level honourable anti-discrimination honorable scrupulous bored middle-of-the-road inactive rational carefree on-the-fence collected disengaged easy bystanding unaligned free from discrimination poker-faced with no axe to grind on the up and up unruffled decent on sidelines ethical good hard-hearted proper uninfluenced deaf laid-back inert unmindful of unenthusiastic removed impervious to indifferent to lukewarm weary unslanted above board nonbelligerent noncombatant immune without favor untroubled untouched neuter unperturbed nonparticipating middle-of-road pacifistic negligent unworried unimpressible unaware stony unmindful right unflappable without favouritism righteous even moderate legitimate equable trustworthy autonomous unselfish nonplussed egalitarian unallied moral unaffiliated stubborn conscientious lackadaisical virtuous principled lawful unconnected outside judicial unaware of unconscious of upfront non-aligned proof against untouched by unaffected by deaf to kosher uncoloured aboveboard true nondiscriminating disconnected sincere sensible blameless fair and square sitting on the fence cavalier selfish hardhearted not interested immovable unincluded trivializing unrelated glutted jaded dismissive trivialising offhand world-weary unswayed cloyed laid back unexcited insusceptible selfless passive not caring unprepossessed genuine clean without distinction strictly business straightforward legal legit withdrawn remote negative without prejudice free from self-interest level-headed logical composed nonpassionate dinkum pukka blithe undesirous uncorrupted frank civil serene on-the-level right and proper on the square fair-and-square blasé unimplicated on up-and-up according to the rules upstanding devil-may-care happy-go-lucky right-minded unhearing unanxious unconvinced uninspired insert pure unstirred lighthearted slaphappy gay lightsome debonair just watching the clock not giving a damn conscionable noble respectable incorruptible truthful unconcerned with self-willed unwilling intractable pigheaded perverse obstinate headstrong strong-willed mulish dispassionate about pertinacious bullheaded dry-eyed undismayed floating supine reserved unbothered not bothered at ease hardened forgetful self-centered feckless undisturbed blind undaunted self-centred reliable dependable stony-hearted stolid stand-up full of integrity cool, calm and collected mild midway inexpensive conservative controlled compromising cautious noncommittal disciplined modest unconscious incurious about distant from insensible to without a care in the world not giving a toss could care less turned off detached from undeclared free undesiring to listen blind going through motions aloof from bored stiff stoic resolute impassible innocent unknowing nescient incognizant ignorant unacquainted uninformed clueless unwitting rightful unattached vacillating uncertain free-floating non-discriminating due broad-minded non-participating immune to insensate unyielding imperceptive not involved middle ground middle of the road fence-sitting cut loose restrained free-spirited don't care obdurate impercipient unperceiving proportionate not taking sides ignorant of justifiable level stable even-steven cricket fair-to-middling not excessive blind to without knowledge of unsusceptible fair shake square deal negligent of insensitive of in the dark about based free from care about what others think not caring what others think indifferent to what others think untroubled about what others think unworried about what others think

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