Đồng nghĩa của obvious

Alternative for obvious

Đồng nghĩa: apparent, clear, distinct, evident, explicit, manifest, plain, understandable,

Trái nghĩa: obscure,

Tính từ

Clearly perceptible or self-explanatory
clear plain evident apparent manifest patent conspicuous pronounced transparent palpable prominent marked decided salient striking distinct bold noticeable perceptible perceivable visible discernible detectable observable tangible recognisable recognizable unmistakable indisputable self-evident incontrovertible incontestable axiomatic demonstrable undeniable blinding inescapable overt open undisguised unconcealed frank glaring blatant flagrant explicit self-explanatory unquestionable unsubtle bald barefaced broad lucid luculent luminous nonambiguous pellucid perspicuous ringing straightforward unambiguous unambivalent unequivocal conclusive distinguishable exposed precise public understandable as clear as day as plain as a pikestaff as plain as the nose on one's face bald-faced beyond doubt beyond question bright-line clear as a bell clear-cut crystal clear cut-and-dried open-and-shut plain to see right under one's nose standing out a mile standing out like a sore thumb staring someone in the face sticking out a mile sticking out like a sore thumb writ large written all over one definite certain positive indubitable sure categorical absolute irrefutable undoubted emphatic sensible appreciable comprehensible gross definitive outstanding rank brazen intelligible proven egregious stark apprehensible direct arresting assured remarkable naked out-and-out outright significant unarguable express inarguable downright obtrusive open and shut shameless unqualified irrefragable accepted unanswerable arrant unchallengeable compelling true real notable sheer signal dramatic revealed unassailable sharp simple accomplished showy unhidden accurate convincing coherent firm undisputed recognized pointed utter decisive genuine complete bodacious watertight confirmed final measurable acknowledged apodictic not in doubt sound recognised outrageous eye-catching known easily seen pure beyond dispute specific well-defined undebatable necessary graspable audible verifiable well defined identifiable discernable strong fathomable nailed-on limpid audacious discoverable univocal staring one in the face seeable unquestioned written all over someone set flamboyant brilliant grabby commanding unmitigated splashy catchy as plain as the nose on your face kenspeckle noisy notorious dreadful beyond a shadow of a doubt unchallenged knowable as plain as day crystalline concrete blunt in the bag accessible guaranteed unblurred confirmable inevitable hard avowed fair under one's nose out in the open cogent black-and-white visual undisputable thoroughgoing flat authoritative flashy lucent sure thing provable seen material transpicuous authentic noted vivid as clear as crystal extreme macroscopic user friendly user-friendly viewable considerable capital compulsory exact in sight in view settled big as life pertinent relevant plausible forceful clear cut shocking predestined logical ostentatious valid infallible particular well-marked telling substantial easily understood cognizable scandalous atrocious noteworthy heinous ineluctable clearly expressed wholehearted ostensible seeming distinctive unavoidable uncontested ascertainable crying loud comprehendible clearly visible gaudy garish ocular terrible actual monstrous crisp brass-necked full unpreventable shameful ultimate clinching established graphic digestible uncontroversial unconditional airtight veritable not hidden deducible perfect not in question unadulterated to be seen mandatory legitimate much in evidence unimpeachable comprehensive legit impressive prima facie ascertained unerring legible automatic for sure fixed beyond a doubt regular reliable safe destined well-grounded determined supreme establishable unrestrained intelligent crystal major no mistake on ice easy to understand flat-out black and white crystal-clear cut and dried having down pat predominant unmissable no ifs ands or buts flaunting unfeigned articulate important unexaggerated dominant unashamed protruding awful protrusive enormous intrusive glaringly obvious ineludible translucent verified reasonable honest inordinate infamous famous doubtless excessive arrestive thorough inexorable published bright deliberate disgraceful reprehensible without doubt assumed obligatory total wicked understood demonstrative convinced diaphanous thick villainous iniquitous spectacular fated lurid on show solid bare standing out in plain sight well-known consummate publicized fundamental bare-faced plain as day straight plainly seen on display on view see-through certified great weighty veridical predetermined unescapable preordained surefire factual flawless clean-cut undoubtable scrutable candid penetrable minute exhaustive defined required uncontestable determinate double-checked cold publicised stated unique in evidence unalloyed categoric profound on the nose forcible plumb sure-fire confident well-founded proverbial trustworthy all-out out and out dead incisive clear as day plain as the nose on your face crashing deadly cotton-picking clean blank very stone straight-out blooming whole hard and fast bound to happen sure to happen deep-dyed widely known down pat for certain bona fide as plain as daylight well founded salted away in the cards as sure as eggs is eggs trenchant perspicacious rich fresh manifestly traceable dinkum ill-disguised moderate easily noticed evinced disclosed divulged above board exclusive controlled evidenced aboveboard believable colorable credible wholesale preposterous sensational patently true unveiled unshakable enunciated attestable evincible ineliminable binding extravagant immodest resolved satisfied stunning noncontroversial runaway telltale forestanding joined-up easily grasped unequivocable exhibitionistic colourful lively glittery thrusting protuberant unfailing glassy flagitious well focused tidy goodly sizeable inimitable imminent doomed imaginable glanceable readable unrestricted unmodified crystalling flagitous liquid cinched unalterable determinable irresistible impregnable invincible easily distinguishable staring you in the face faultless dependable holding water rational perceptive subtle wise justifiable discriminating judicious germane commonsensical kosher consistent extensional juridicious analytic well-organized analytical congruent discerning consequent inferential holding together unreserved in full view can't miss it foolproof irrevocable nailed down sharply defined supposed reputed putative ostensive presumed grody flaming spelled out well grounded checkable supportable sustainable empirical empiric good-sized large sizable healthy estimable matter-of-fact well constructed artless anywhere to be seen special divergent discrete ponderable individual well marked colorful truthful resolute sign-posted well-worn well-proven pat superior sure-enough thin filmy out of place sticking out inexpugnable stable frozen sealed hard-and-fast unimaginative to the fore describable entire all right under your nose unproblematic gauzy no ifs and or buts secure make no bones beyond the shadow of a doubt certifiable in focus harsh brutal realistic in the foreground odds-on irrebuttable overwhelming ironclad apodeictic inferable no catch routine no two ways about it severe forthright undubitable silhouetted substantive objective stick out like sore thumb inerrant questionless failsafe detailed hanging out readily comprehensible chief primary principal explicable celebrated no holds barred no strings attached no fine print straight from the shoulder point-blank straight out proper upfront literal unvarnished quantifiable beyond a shadow of doubt lacking nuance effective energetic vigorous clearly defined not vague repeated robot-like usual fail-safe can't-miss unabashed given vehement can bet on it nof ifs ands or buts shared broadcast there are no two ways about it all sewn up renowned definable impudent unblushing persuasive powerful satisfying intuitive insightful efficacious influential effectual urgent coercive formidable ingenious well-established assertive earnest insistent in circulation lacking subtlety declared popular familiar admitted confessed brash unembarrassed insolent over-literal granted honest-to-goodness well documented serious true to life freely available clearly explained without explanation unrepentant grievous pivotal basic critical crucial prime essential staple main key vital in the open snazzy without shame meretricious screaming overbold glitzy brassy ardent exorbitant warts and all proclaimed identified common unfabled indemonstrable presupposed easy to follow immoderate aggressive violent full-blooded strenuous resounding muscular dynamic in the public domain public knowledge easily understandable ratiocinative branded received goes without saying aphoristic axiomatical apothegmatic leading moving paramount projecting central jutting focal one hundred per cent dogmatic stressed solemn for a face sober accented potent well known self-confessed generally known publicly known that's a fact outside inveterate undiminished external outer no ifs ands or buts about it uncompromising exterior right surface true-blue in every respect undiluted through-and-through full-bore through and through dyed-in-the-wool surpassing right-down full-scale superficial outermost extrinsic impending inevasible prescribed locked up outward over out on the surface to the eye toward the edge from within most likely

Tính từ

Striking in extent, seriousness, or importance
signal notable outstanding noteworthy distinguished eminent prominent remarkable illustrious extraordinary conspicuous exceptional striking superior famous significant prestigious preeminent marked renowned memorable noticeable noble pronounced arresting star momentous impressive special bright salient unforgettable rare distinctive redoubtable luminous unusual uncommon particular astral glaring arrestive peculiar eye-catching dramatic appreciable surprising important clear manifest singular kenspeckle emphatic out of the ordinary considerable substantial visible consequential perceptible evident astonishing showy amazing staggering astounding stunning imposing commanding bodacious splashy flamboyant bold brilliant incredible catchy noisy grabby dazzling serious sensational observable phenomenal headline strong eventful worthy of attention startling heavy forceful complete utter total breathtaking spectacular awe-inspiring awesome attractive downright thorough absolute perfect sheer sizeable reasonable fair tidy engaging detectable measurable beautiful attention-grabbing gorgeous captivating citable can't miss it mentionable namable nameable distingué goodly notorious red-letter unexpected of importance of consequence big major fundamental sizable critical meaningful landmark conclusive much fateful weighty front-page high-level preponderant extensive heavy-duty severe earnest earth-shattering monumental extreme resonant hefty cardinal especial impactful unordinary large-scale vital deep historic high-priority material ponderable potent decisive large climacteric newsworthy mighty portentous pressing glorious urgent great pivotal all-important capital intense keynote carrying a lot of weight crucial quantum principal generous earthshaking grave burning milestone far-reaching distinct unmistakable wonderful clear-cut drop-dead eye-popping jaw-dropping gee-whizz forcible dynamite telling jazzy cogent compelling lofty charming fascinating powerful electrifying confounding bizarre wondrous terrific amazeballs super pointed interesting miraculous prodigious marvellous unbelievable pre-eminent unique different tremendous stupendous fantastic worthy of note of particular interest uncanny solid unreal worth mentioning worth taking a look at worthy of mention hot mind-blowing something else utmost murder major-league splash high-profile boss of note cool underlined stand-out patent the end marvelous smashing primo wicked world class unco never to be forgotten out of this world gilt-edged zero cool

Tính từ

Needing very little effort
easy effortless simple straightforward painless unchallenging uncomplicated unproblematic breezy elementary quick rudimental attainable facile mindless smooth uninvolved untroublesome basic cheap fluid perspicuous undemanding downhill evident light palpable piece of cake unambiguous unmistakable weightless workable a bludge a breeze accessible a cinch a doddle a piece of cake a piece of old tackle a pushover as easy as ABC as easy as falling off a log a snap a snip cinch clear clear-cut distinct duck soup easy as pie easy-breezy easy-peasy idiot-proof kids' stuff money for jam money for old rope not difficult ready slight snap transparent trivial trouble-free unequivocal user friendly user-friendly apparent bed of roses hands-down idiotproof no muss no fuss open-and-shut patent child's play easily done inconsiderable little manageable manifest mere no bother no problem no sweat not burdensome nothing to it no trouble paltry picnic plain plain sailing pushover royal simple as ABC wieldy yielding unexacting as easy as pie direct unsophisticated nothing easygoing unfussy down-to-earth soft leisurely a five-finger exercise stress-free a cakewalk a picnic a gift a walk in the park modest rudimentary primitive unpretentious unrefined routine basal minimal ordinary unadorned unornamented unostentatious unembellished a doss natural a snack homespun understated fundamental underlying uncomplex undecorated austere unelaborate homely undeveloped cut down graceful pure simplistic straight parsimonious not hard fluent uncluttered rough and ready short without frills comfortable simplified clean humble inelaborate bland self-explanatory easily learnable economical efficient untroubled artless fast easy to learn uncivilized flowing easy going smooth sailing easy progress straight sailing easy ride easy-care easy to care for feasible well-ordered inherent intrinsic spontaneous instinctive intuitive cursive unforced running offhand uneventful easily accomplished crude shortened sheer well ordered easy as ABC uncivilised unadvanced precise specific rough-hewn make-do unspecialized interpreted abridged reduced lowest untaxing rude trim starting moderate low-maintenance minimalistic elegant undermost bottom ground non-complex cobbled together classic unpresumptuous made plain restrained streamlined symmetrical bearable tolerable endurable low impact everyday lowest level essential exquisite tasteful cushy superficial elemental introductory wholesome honest workaday acceptable homey practical without airs fresh no-nonsense unassuming penny plain hearty conventional shapely definite regular primary benign mellow soothing middle-of-the-road tender nonabrasive balmy beginning clean-cut well defined indistinctive featureless neutral nondescript beige faceless noncommittal characterless foundational abecedarian initial spartan adequate preliminary original ABCs primo prefatory substratal simplest simplex meagre folksy boring vanilla rustic pure and simple your basic normophilic unexciting insipid dull meat-and-potatoes meat and potatoes bare-bones meager stripped down

Tính từ

Impudent, brazen
boldfaced assuming brazen forward presuming smart audacious blatant bold boldface brash cheeky heavy insolent malapert nervy overconfident pert presumptuous pushy rude sassy saucy shameless brassy unabashed barefaced unblushing flip impertinent cocky wise fresh contumelious bumptious procacious immodest cool smart-alecky overbold assumptive arrant impudent flippant familiar off-base disrespectful cocksure snippety cute smart-aleck smarty-pants facetious brazenfaced irreverent lippy insubordinate discourteous unmannerly arch insulting impolite mouthy brassbound bold-faced bold as brass brass-necked bad-mannered ill-mannered brazen-faced ill-bred arrogant overweening lofty supercilious haughty imperious bullish pompous peremptory affected cavalier conceited lordly patronizing smug snobbish disdainful overbearing self-important chesty dictatorial domineering huffish masterful uppity boastful huffy officious blustering opinionated important pretentious highfalutin hifalutin superior toplofty toploftical sniffy remote egotistic elitist snippy snobby snooty swanky hubristic snotty condescending ostentatious tony pushful persnickety aloof toffee-nosed uppish self-assertive self-asserting hoity-toity throwing one's weight about high-and-mighty patronising high-handed high-hat stuck-up stiff-necked high-flown putting on airs high and mighty overfamiliar swaggering confident free daring rash foolhardy proud egotistical adventurous reckless daredevil fearless brave gutsy inconsiderate self-assured dashing temerarious spunky vain enterprising vainglorious loud grandiose intrepid magisterial prideful venturesome self-satisfied adventuresome venturous unashamed heedless hardy free-swinging nerved emboldened plucky unshrinking full of yourself courageous obtrusive gritty swollen-headed self-opinionated strutting bossy sententious autocratic tyrannical scornful contemptuous despotic authoritarian bigheaded madcap puffed up showy self-confident defiant valiant improper inappropriate dauntless over-free spirited full of oneself have-a-go unafraid valorous undaunted heroic unembarrassed peppy aggressive flashy forceful coming on strong dareful arbitrary oppressive highhanded crass crude assertive undemocratic heavy-handed refined indelicate willful rigid wilful inflexible anti-democratic repressive pontificating vaunting indecorous doughty riding for a fall overoptimistic careless indulgent overindulgent relaxed honourable gracious honorable pontifical stiff intrusive indiscreet feisty ironhanded dominant swellheaded biggity egoistic complacent self-conceited consequential egoistical biggety assured unreserved in-your-face impetuous uncivil previous premature overhasty hasty precipitate obnoxious coarse stalwart sturdy resourceful stout dangerous risky presumptive know-it-all puffed-up hazardous forthright uninhibited tolerant free-and-easy not backwards in coming forwards overassertive direct headstrong overfree overfriendly thrusting heading for a fall exciting restless exploratory on the go carefree risk-taking thrill-seeking seeking offensively self-assertive bare-faced over-assertive bantam scurril invective vitriolic vituperative abusive vituperatory truculent scurrile scurrilous opprobrious stuck up full of hot air unduly familiar making advances towards chatting up making passes at strident harsh noisy blaring too big for your boots smart-arsed pleased with yourself grating jarring raucous piercing undisguised flagrant chirpy out of line dapper smart-assed bright breezy keen thundering cacophonous deafening booming jangling dissonant shrill derisive humiliating discordant gaudy ear-splitting vulgar tawdry meretricious hotshot indecent bald-faced as bold as brass jazzy tinny loud-mouthed garish hard high-pitched metallic loudmouthed flirtatious impulsive game ballsy salty fire eating as game as Ned Kelly go for broke gallant gutty out on a limb hot shot crusty

Tính từ

Dull or unoriginal
commonplace ordinary run-of-the-mill everyday unexceptional pedestrian prosaic unremarkable average mainstream middle-of-the-road mundane undistinguished banal humdrum mediocre trite uninspired uninteresting dull forgettable hackneyed indifferent lackluster lacklustre so-so unexciting unmemorable vanilla bland common quotidian stale tired unoriginal overdone overused overworked predictable time-worn corny derivative widespread bog-standard bush-league customary cut-and-dried cut-and-dry garden variety garden-variety hacky normal ornery routine standard standard-issue usual workaday worn out clichéd cornball dime-a-dozen dime-store half-pie plain vanilla characterless colourless colorless garden lowly matter-of-course middling natural no great shakes not so hot old hat played out plebeian prevalent starch uneventful unnoteworthy worn-out not much cop not up to much ten a penny a dime a dozen boiler plate familiar tune nothing to get excited about nothing to write home about boring conventional stock typical regular monotonous uninspiring tedious plain dreary flat insipid unimaginative drab dry tame common or garden lifeless habitual general vapid familiar wearisome tiresome traditional accustomed ho-hum established frequent nondescript jejune fair prevailing simple ubiquitous popular stodgy arid spiritless old OK passable wonted unvaried stereotyped medium day-to-day second-rate orthodox slow expected ponderous leaden stuffy household stupid sterile tolerable mind-numbing tiring blah drudging heavy numbing modest jading characteristic monochromatic weary platitudinous archetypal wearying anaemic nothing dusty set representative archetypical typic moderate barren adequate bromidic formulaic classic anemic repetitious generic inferior fair-to-middling run-of-the-mine run-of-mine accepted insignificant unpretentious plodding homespun ho hum standardized second-class featureless vacuous settled classical mean matter-of-fact emblematic quintessential public prosy indicative nowhere standardised model exemplary fixed nothing special ideal daily unvarying amateurish amateur repetitive torpid wishy-washy current recognized prototypical unstimulating universal illustrative dull as dishwater symbolic paradigmatic stereotypical decent bloodless basic lame essential in character in keeping suggestive archetypic prototypal recognised inconspicuous fairish unexceptionable samey unadventurous suburban inoffensive patterned draggy overall prototypic terrestrial zero dim dead unanimated well-worn nitty-gritty homely pervasive banausic limp humble well worn zestless feeble staple intermediate pabulum white-bread innocuous neutral going run of the mill antiseptic bog standard weariful domestic dry as dust uncreative dreich mimetic lacking variety weak fair to middling anodyne empty derived mimic unimpressive predominant par for the course lustreless irksome unobjectionable unsophisticated pointless apish poor imitative okay plastic slavish majority shared acknowledged epigonous epigonic inane rampant proverbial inconsequential ruling not very good canned deadly soporific chronic regulation emulative fatiguing rife lacking variation dullsville unentertaining unenjoyable received conservative middle-class gray grey big yawn threadbare straightforward as dry as dust provincial uninventive useless acceptable small-town listless muted family parochial nothing out of the ordinary passionless unspectacular periodic overlong pallid yawn practical mild apathetic casual informal endemic interminable satisfactory formal square parish-pump broad bourgeois worthless clear monochrome canonical long-drawn-out recurring truistic non-stimulating deadpan unchanging monotone not bad soulless unimportant collective boilerplate limited milk-and-water ready-made hack copied serviceable stiff median immaterial native midway middle good shopworn paltry across the board yawnsome methodical desolate inconsiderable timeworn middle of the road midsized midsize dragging prolix numerous all right mechanical vulgar plagiarized lacking excitement lacking interest of no consequence depressing dismal plagiarised time-honoured widely held counterfeit obsolete antiquated long favoured unspecial discreet bummer moth-eaten bomb drag cloying drear prosing anonymous unimpressed unmoved heavy-handed workday trivial extensive no-frills static constant formalistic in-between businesslike toneless treadmill quiet mindless worn peaceful gentle unoffending harmless annoying irritating scheduled fashionable familial meh indecisive unfateful noneventful inconclusive phoned in two a penny sombre somber unartistic sluggish confirmed dull as ditchwater blending into the background laborious lusterless actual practicable clean diddly prose unaspiring unambitious O.K. pervading long-winded wordy unspirited unsentimental unpoetic literal factual unadorned unvarnished unembellished unemotional wooden seasonal true vexatious boresome unrelieved domiciliary jake ongoing old-fashioned orderly inert repeated known deadening bleak dowdy grind admitted unromantic of poor quality soul-destroying favourite favorite enervating mortal exhausting poky snooze namby-pamby half-hearted inadequate watery irrelevant crude meagre simplistic meager homey home pathetic expressionless blank acquired honored matter-of- fact well-known acquainted piddling one-size-fits-all sufficient plain-Jane unextraordinary great favored off-the-shelf whitebread endless out of the ark whatever meaningless driveling beige fatuous tenuous soft drivelling nebbish slight subdued deadly dull in use raw dispiriting wintry wintery oppressive downcast sorrowful damp windy indistinctive faceless noncommittal recognizable recurrent periodical of little importance of no importance of little consequence not worth mentioning of no great concern of no account undistinctive unnoticeable honoured reasonable property-owning conformist recognisable definitive waterish flavorless wimpy unappealing sapless flavourless nerdy medial mid goodish futile perpetual lacking personality lacking charisma halfway intermediary well established minimal well known time-honored neither one thing nor the other musty stereotype profitless vain inward-looking blinkered insular competent respectable central midmost mediate textbook readily available widely available intermittent par commensurate fine presentable run-of-the mill not amounting to much unrewarding materialistic shopkeeping propertied medium-sized middle-sized inherent symptomatic consistent mass wide common variety no big deal plenty sufficing able cromulent imitable foreseeable anticipated foreseen reliable prescriptive unproductive fruitless good enough pretty good fairly good Pooterish hidebound rural country steady distinguishing distinctive likely unsurprising idiosyncratic proper up to scratch overarching national blanket communal global joint outright valueless unprofitable purposeless aimless individualistic cliched turgid occurring often nothing to shout about outclassed déclassé old-line illiberal staid philistine Victorian comprehensive ineffectual unavailing hollow bootless otiose unsuccessful inefficacious ineffective abortive automatic methodic rigid systematic prescribed to be expected only to be expected … all over true to type true to form on the cards in circulation sweeping broad-brush societal wholesale broad-spectrum across-the-board total in force epidemic in vogue all-round nationwide all-around mimicking unfruitful vacant unfilled unprolific imperfect sorry poorer low-grade low-quality shabby worse lousy sad bad substandard junk wretched lemon tawdry low-rent good-for-nothing base two-bit similar parrot-like copycat put-on copying mock second-hand simulated pseudo like echoic onomatopoeic artful reflective reflecting secondhand deceptive simulant parrot forged emulous following most common

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