Đồng nghĩa của large

Alternative for large

larger, largest

Đồng nghĩa: big, colossal, enormous, giant, gigantic, grand, great, huge, immense, mammoth, massive, sizable, vast,

Trái nghĩa: little, small,

Tính từ

Of great size
big colossal enormous giant gigantic huge great massive monumental humongous sizable grand immense super astronomical cosmic elephantine gargantuan ginormous grandiose inordinate lofty mammoth mighty monster monstrous overgrown oversized prodigious sizeable tall titanic towering tremendous vast astronomic beefy brawny broad brobdingnagian Bunyanesque burly cavernous chunky commodious cosmical cyclopean extreme fleshy formidable galactic heavy heavyset heavyweight Herculean hulking hulky humungous husky leviathan mastodonic meaty monolithic mountainous muscly muscular pharaonic powerful staggering stellar stout strapping strong stupendous sturdy thick thickset vasty walloping weighty wide capacious liberal roomy spacious thumping well-built appreciable biggish boxcar Falstaffian flabby fubsy hunky jumbo largish oversize paunchy solid buxom greater larger outsized whopping zaftig blimp dirty great giant-size giant-sized goodly gross king-size king-sized man-size man-sized of considerable size thumping great whacking great whopping great barn door big and strong broad in the beam broad-shouldered bulky corn-fed muscle-bound not inconsiderable powerfully built roly-poly solidly built well fed well upholstered king size substantial hefty considerable ample extensive voluminous handsome tidy generous whacking mega outsize bumper herculean fat Brobdingnagian heroic epic abundant significant expansive gigantesque heroical supersized supersize full Himalayan oceanic planetary super-duper portly overweight immeasurable plump corpulent cumbersome major chubby boundless tubby rotund imposing obese ponderous podgy substantive pudgy healthy blubbery excessive very large very big good respectable plentiful porky extraordinary profuse copious limitless lardy round lavish high poddy magnificent impressive well padded pursy serious infinite large-scale unwieldy beer-bellied replete plenteous decent comfortable cumbrous abdominous awkward almighty marked palatial reasonable bountiful comprehensive pot-bellied spacey extravagant long terrific endless exorbitant not to be sneezed at striking fantastic noticeable extended princely sweeping majestic superabundant porcine profitable splendid burdensome of ample proportions unlimited august dumpy stocky rich morbidly obese open well covered overwhelming phenomenal adipose magnific Homeric glorious rambling complete well rounded mondo lucrative noble very great stately widespread regal deep bloated fattish imperial well-padded fair notable unbounded baronial bonny remarkable rounded measureless luxurious overheavy illimitable superb good-sized pronounced bounteous extremely large unfathomable ungainly interminable loose-fitting expanded awesome behemoth clumsy disproportionate extra-large awe-inspiring airy statuesque well built behemothic maxi incalculable unusual thundering ambitious unhandy unmanageable leaden lordly prosperous decent-sized prolific resplendent astounding inflated potbellied advantageous sufficient proud eminent royal gallant entire super-colossal full-size elevated eternal whole kingly fine marvellous illustrious baggy severe overfed billowing overstuffed overnourished terrible spectacular filling outstanding clinically obese opulent never-ending pythonic sublime much bull awful unreal spread out remunerative marvelous loose paying stiff lumbering great big a whale of a whopper rolling mesomorphic clunky hearty super colossal lumpish immoderate worthwhile gaping gainful of ample build amazing global wonderful steep thewy dense uncrowded elaborate square l ostentatious laden gravid built expectant loaded enceinte incommodious whalelike unreasonable lead-footed material bottomless numerous fabulous stunning astonishing intense chasmal cavelike abnormal swollen jumbo-sized yawning nuggety miraculous weighing a ton titan breathtaking extremely big imperious measurable mind-boggling roaring decisive conclusive emphatic well-upholstered sensational wondrous mind-blowing pyknic squabby extra large bulging sensible inexhaustible Cyclopean fairly large superior plumpish noteworthy resounding unmistakable memorable unqualified fathomless excellent wide open dignified mahoosive exalted haughty avoirdupois good-size megalithic out-and-out thorough far-reaching indefinite immensurable horizonless dreadful something else detailed fearful socking great pompous rip-roaring lard-arsed massy whale of a smashing fab dynamite no end to max adequate rewarding prominent cushy slouchy high-cost extortionate oafish competitive Moby buff robust ripped shredded loutish heavily built clodhopping OS jacked stalwart economic money-spinning moneymaking unco stark moving renowned irresistible dynamic convenient unsparing heightened intemperate increased escalated jacked up cracking macro protracted high-ceilinged spanking stubby stumpy squat steady consequential dilatable distensible expandable heavy-laden laborious prolonged lank overblown embonpoint lusty upholstered daunting full-figured well-covered sarcous above average intensified Brobdignagian appalling sundry simple multitudinous various legion several convoluted many multifarious swelling covering whaling lengthy decided startling exceptional Gargantuan mundo juicy well furnished meaningful legit frightful over the odds tolerable life-size wide-open on the plump side splayed pretty unmanoeuvrable baby elephant girthy thrashing full-fleshed unbelievable flabbergasting dramatic incredible elephantic fair-sized family-sized fair-size fierce harsh horrific outspread outstretched fantabulous sonsy wide-ranging ballooning easy-fitting elegant stretched-out far-flung spread-out family-size bulbous distended lard jelly-belly bovine butterball latitudinous beamy thunderous queenly all-inclusive economy-size swelled economy-sized wholesale plush classy ceremonious surprising having a spare tire having a bay window inconvenient mortal ominous brilliant flash flashy swanky balloon-like flowing puffy first-rate sumptuous pretentious first-class admirable very good audacious bold immodest worth taking into account wide-reaching exhaustive mass gorgeous larger-than-life portentous eye-opening splashy purple egotistic high-falutin' complex impenetrable theatrical fustian bombastic high-flying far reaching amazeballs jaw-dropping exaggerated showy commanding universal nationwide splendiferous wide physically surpassing belief radical too much titantic utmost out of this world soaring cranky impractical bunglesome generously cut bigger leading packed chock-full stuffed intercontinental worldwide important brimming crowded heavy-duty across-the-board international awash all-encompassing detectable perceptible hollow outrageous lumbersome everlasting perpetual sepulchral galumphing tiresome clunker embarrassing oppressive wearisome clunking unending fanciful insane ballsy adventurous zealous wild inestimable dark discernible distinguishable visible sky-high ascending rising sky-scraping raised skyscraping high-rise numberless unfathomed without limit enduring million all-embracing without end without number sempiternal incessant uncounted supertemporal perdurable amaranthine gloomy echoing concave resonant reverberant sunken dismal altitudinous multistorey high-reaching innumerable indeterminable alveolate socketed chambered deep-set towery obvious palpable definite clear-cut apprehensible perceivable evident ascertainable recognizable discernable untold taller grander longer wider high rise upraised alpine uplifted unnumberable myriad innumerous uncountable unreckonable unmeasurable countless jillion umpteen zillion apparent manifest tangible observable estimable plain curved inward alive with crawling with no end of beyond measure recognisable supreme unceasing immortal constant ceaseless undying incomputable transcendent erratic fluctuant uncertain unforeseen unpredictable capricious whimsical chancy iffy unfixed unrestricted unsurpassable indeterminate uninterrupted self-perpetuating unbroken continuous monotonous overlong undivided deathless continual no strings surpassing uncalculable paramount unnumbered total absolute unfailing incomprehensible unflagging undue unconfined unrestrained unconscionable overmuch superhuman unbridled plethoric uncontrolled permanent overdue overweening intolerable overextravagant devilish exceeding unchecked prodigal supernatural mastodontic no holds barred distinct top maximum lasting classic uttermost very many unforgettable historic booming deafening ear-splitting ear-piercing invaluable priceless crashing acute rare pleasing wicked catholic cosmogonic interstellar intergalactic interplanetary cosmopolitan empyrean cosmogonal space ecumenical unsummed abounding very loud real distinguished epoch-making shattering unforeseeable haphazard hit-or-miss abysmal precious unconstrained desperate loud abiding without limits not to be reckoned unconditional devastating unfading unbottomed crucial vital valuable featureless immovable intractable faceless characterless through the ceiling undefined utter momentous prime crushing paralysing no catch far down very deep full-out full-blown all-out totalitarian full-scale consistent beyond price critical urgent fundamental luxuriant no strings attached paralyzing overcoming baroque fancy unmerciful teeming on tap ad nauseam central pressing essential with no holds barred aplenty plenty galore cornucopian exuberant exciting proliferous transcendental godlike uncanny preternatural unearthly supernormal magical preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable ultimate ultra earthshaking earth-shattering undetermined unsounded ethereal stink with a dime a dozen omnipotent bionic unwarranted superfluous gratuitous needless surplus profligate wanton improvident indulgent overabundant imprudent dizzying redundant wasteful dissipated uncurbed beyond number beyond human unhampered ridiculous overkill overgenerous extra unnecessary silly more preposterous recrementitious stratospheric overindulgent ludicrous overboard unfettered uninhibited self-indulgent too many O.T.T. OTT over the top out of all proportion way out uncalled for a bit much more than human

Tính từ

A hefty amount or abundant
abundant hefty considerable extensive significant substantial comprehensive immeasurable populous ample boundless bountiful bumper deep full galore global good handsome lavish numerous opulent overflowing plenteous plentiful profuse substantive sufficient superabundant sweeping teeming unlimited wholesale booming copious excessive generous measureless voluminous exhaustive exorbitant extravagant Himalayan immoderate tidy unwieldy Brobdingnagian cumbersome epic high major mega outsize whacking far-reaching large-scale wide-ranging wide-reaching generously proportioned rich bounteous liberal prolific aplenty cornucopian infinite great huge inexhaustible flush abounding heavy plenty lank comfortable luxuriant no end a gogo sizeable a dime a dozen thick on the ground productive rife commodious unstinting munificent wealthy affluent stinking with no end in sight flowing well-provided fertile countless broad fruitful innumerable replete myriad plenitudinous in abundance well-stocked big rank well-supplied in plenty no end of mucho crammed dripping stuffed packed overabundant whopping over the top thumping spacious capacious roomy unrestricted expansive decent enough and to spare complete competent swarming swimming exuberant superfluous appreciable fulsome prodigal lush chock-full enough improvident lousy with riotous thick flourishing rampant crawling with alive with thick with dense thriving awash filled fecund verdant overgrown vigorous gushing green fraught jungly thronging manifold multitudinous fat many multiple lousy multifarious extreme sumptuous profusive openhanded surplus in excess extra diffuse effusive jungle-like inordinate open-handed gushy unrestrained wordy prolix verbose prosperous weedy leafy grown fructuous flushed swamped overrun rolling saturated brimming endless a mess of deluged multifold limitless various coming out of ears knee-deep stinking crawling diverse vast varied assorted legion prevalent several incalculable numberless multiplied sundry uncounted miscellaneous disparate uncountable unremitting incomputable motley unnumbered frequent mixed unbounded monied loaded moneyed well-fixed deep-pocketed fat-cat silk-stocking well-off well-heeled well-endowed well-to-do more than enough

Tính từ

Characterized by widespread appeal or likeability
appealing likable likeable du jour faddish faddy fashionable favourite favorite happening hot in modish pop popular popularised popularized red-hot vogue voguish celebrated desirable liked notable preferred prominent renowned wanted crowd-pleasing acceptable big trendy now current in vogue all the rage stylish up-to-the-minute chic latest contemporary in style with it hip cool prevalent modern trendsetting favored up-to-date favoured mod state-of-the-art in fashion au courant new swanky upscale customary chichi fly swank newfangled a la mode all the go a go-go well-liked up to date passing leading edge culty rage in favor in favour widespread in the mainstream well-known in demand commercially successful legendary successful sought-after the new def hep swish exclusive downtown snappy groovy swell smart with-it supercool sharp turned-on fresh schmick swinging prevailing cutting-edge genteel trig natty posh usual dashing rakish de rigueur in thing in-thing bang up to date à la mode latest thing up to the minute last word tony snazzy kicky spiffy sassy classy elegant kicking designer funky on fleek nifty ultra-modern sophisticated dapper newest avant-garde flash swagger dressy new-fashioned high-class debonair modernistic attractive high-toned ritzy tasteful le dernier cri progressive neat advanced glamorous massive ultramodern innovative spruce fancy innovatory trim down novel cutting edge brand-new present-day space-age new age plugged-in sexy excellent recent desired styleworthy approved cosmopolitan leading high-tech gnarly stylin' neoteric high-fashion understated flattering plush upmarket pioneering inspired fine informed well dressed familiar knowledgeable versed aware well turned out well liked uptown dap futuristic trailblazing plugged in tuned in in the know as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox well turned-out undercool wicked last-word party young finest Sunday youthful smartest nice formal nicest impressive on trend exciting hottest sumptuous grand deluxe swishy must-see fab dope big thing besuited timely good crisp fashionably dressed well-dressed well-groomed clean craze fad chi-chi super glorious well loved distinctive first-class well groomed flippant revolutionary bang up-to-date dernier cri latest fashion latest wrinkle latest fad new look smartly dressed well put together in good taste with style in with it flashy polished avant forefront bling courtly majestic plushy handsome superior stately refined graceful fancy-pants on the cutting edge in the latest style thrilled select dicty expensive urbane sleek ostentatious pretentious beautiful jazzy steezy slick showy awake perceptive observant alive conscious savvy knowing apprehensive highly developed SOTA forward-looking admired accepted welcome switched on hep to on to turned on up on in on wise to hip to leading-edge commercial go-ahead dressed to the teeth dressed to kill marketable saleable hi-tech excited touched moved electrified animated stirred aroused elated atingle modern-day modernized modernised newly discovered contemporaneous latter-day groundbreaking recently developed never-before-seen ground-breaking updated nouvelle sought lovable beloved notorious fave famous trending well received worked up fired up unique creative original innovational artistic unprecedented imaginative inventive strange unheard-of unconventional far out modernist different unaccustomed way out unfamiliar clever unexplored visionary out-of-the-box ingenious unhackneyed experimental unknown unexampled pathbreaking nontraditional conversant posted up abreast acquainted instructed apprized versant sussed switched-on well-read well-versed filled in in the picture well-informed clued-up in the loop well versed up to speed well informed clued up genned up well briefed au fait having your finger on the pulse in touch most recent

Tính từ

Having a large scope or range
wide comprehensive ample broad extensive vast immense expansive sweeping encyclopaedic encyclopedic exhaustive general deep extended rangy universal widespread catholic compendious inclusive interdisciplinary multidisciplinary all-embracing all-inclusive cross-disciplinary far-flung far-ranging far-reaching large-scale wide-ranging thorough great big sizable scopious scopic expanding stretching inflatable dilating swelling elastic voluminous spacious enlargeable distending extendable stretchy global roomy dilatant capacious unsuppressed sprawling expansile spread-out unrepressed overall complete wholesale boundless huge profound pervasive all-encompassing long expanded lengthy all-round broad-spectrum all-around humongous major protracted massive blanket prevalent unrestricted comprising hefty indiscriminate across the board unexclusive wall to wall full across-the-board eclectic varied panoramic umbrella total generic in-depth significant overarching unlimited common worldwide absolute cyclopedic broad-brush embracive cover-all all-in omnibus broad-gauge broad-gauged broad-ranging broad-based radical thoroughgoing nationwide countrywide diverse coast-to-coast diversified liberal in depth panoptic heterogeneous miscellaneous motley diffuse mixed whole assorted all-purpose promiscuous wall-to-wall patchwork ragtag wide-reaching multifarious entire outright all-out piebald full-scale mass raggle-taggle kitchen-sink out-and-out international mingled unconditional unmitigated company-wide straight-out balanced broadly-based bird's-eye panned important collective well-rounded momentous jumbled one-size-fits-all copious commanding scenic variegated everything all encompassing life-changing ambitious non-specific without exception influential weighty consequential non-selective utter detailed drastic broad in content including all members including all categories of moment of significance standard nonspecific basic nonexclusive desperate severe serious forceful stringent rigorous many-sided clean violent draconian grand of great import of consequence revolutionary encircling containing infinite integral plenary compleat intact discursive perfect synoptic multifaceted magpie manifold non-exclusive selective broad-minded tolerant unsectarian unbigoted ecumenical extreme the works dilettantish flexible undogmatic the whole shebang the big picture of great scope without end widely distributed multiform lock stock and barrel general-purpose multiculti open-minded world-wide unprejudiced unqualified unspecialized wide-stretching wide-extending cosmic planetary indeterminate charitable cosmopolitan receptive far-stretched far-spread far-going far-extending all-encompassing all-embracing

Tính từ

Denoting a high degree of seriousness
important serious consequential critical remarkable urgent worthwhile dire especial far-reaching high-priority momentous monumental overriding uppermost acute considerable conspicuous earnest exceptional extensive grave heavy heavy-duty historic large-scale life-and-death material of great consequence page-one ponderous portentous prodigious sensational special substantial telling tremendous unforgettable unmissable weighty burning capital cardinal decisive determining front-page impressive newsworthy of great import of great moment of import of moment forceful significant major prominent influential foremost big-league major-league fundamental big crucial meaningful vital sizable notable noteworthy appreciable pivotal pressing principal pronounced severe imposing striking eventful leading intense impactful mighty all-important high-level big-time blue-chip landmark hefty extraordinary extreme milestone memorable noticeable great signal marked carrying a lot of weight ponderable potent conclusive climacteric glaring much fateful strong distinctive glorious headline outstanding preponderant obvious rare earth-shattering unusual keynote resonant particular worthy of attention unordinary deep emphatic quantum uncommon generous earthshaking key core pertinent intrinsic focal paramount primary sweeping integral main profound central prime essential exigent pointed instrumental top-priority powerful immediate heavyweight almighty salient high-profile of note top-level overshadowing of concern life and death life-changing dangerous grievous of consequence big league grand imperative compelling necessary indispensable requisite required needed solemn pre-eminent of the essence mandatory of the utmost importance necessitous somber sombre sober must-have of significance desperate sedate staid vitally important no joke no laughing matter humourless humorless needful prerequisite of great importance no-nonsense big deal drastic called for compulsory obligatory underlined uncomic parlous crying tough terrible chief egregious basic substantive all important perilous hazardous precarious deciding difficult determinative quintessential clamant importunate radical imperious emergent major league hard demanded tectonic epoch-making sore much needed very important world-shaking bottom-line life-threatening very great life-or-death dominant overruling preeminent primal premier predominant super climactic supreme top ruling master basal eminent awful mission-critical business-critical super colossal valuable mammoth instant glum dynamic germane invaluable dreadful apocalyptic stern alarming epochal gloomy dour grim austere bad strategic sudden downbeat quiet sad afflictive earth-shaking cold sober of importance world-shattering incumbent matter of life and death testing involuntary forced nonelective peremptory trying searching settling appropriate compulsatory inherent rudimentary innate psychological expedient wanted desired preferred proper de rigueur binding incumbent on name of game specified elementary recommended nitty-gritty meat-and-potatoes constitutive name-of-the-game coal-and-ice clamorous insistent showdown touchy climatic now or never touch and go hanging by thread on thin ice risky emergency impelling driving called-for uncertain very bad chancy dicey hairy iffy dodgy peracute in the balance touch-and-go most important

Tính từ

Pertaining to a larger-than-average dress, blouse, skirt, pant or stocking size for women

Tính từ

Famous or widely praised
celebrated famous renowned pre-eminent acclaimed distinguished eminent esteemed exalted famed honored honoured illustrious lauded lionised lionized notable noted prominent revered vaunted well-known acknowledged prestigious admired august big-name considerable estimable glorious great highly rated notorious outstanding popular star venerable visible big feted high-powered immortal important laureate much touted preeminent storied well received of note of repute well thought of number one numero uno of high standing up there well known familiar known leading influential common infamous recognized legendary elevated established everyday memorable reputable conspicuous name applauded recognised public widely known on the map in the limelight much-publicized talked about big name in the public eye respected powerful noble dominant noteworthy top grand seminal foremost puissant highly regarded high-level major superior honourable honorable major-league high-ranking big-time mighty big-league significant predominant supreme chief high-profile imposing valued high profile major league senior principal key central premier commanding prime dignified world-class pivotal integral iconic formidable essential resonant trusted potent signal prized heavy-duty big league high-up primary respectable reputed consequential extraordinary fabled prevailing fundamental core peerless authoritative alpha all-important worthy distinctive historical heavy well-connected arch stately good vital serious top-ranking incomparable highest VIP big-shot of influence well-thought-of far-reaching big time cardinal venerated material focal prodigious exceptional strong superstar redoubted celeb capital main substantial of distinction instrumental weighty worthy of mention worthy of note stand-out well-regarded paramount sublime lofty magnanimous regal dynamic superlative learned heroic triumphal idealistic heavyweight energetic of mark big-gun big-wheel of great consequence critical crucial sovereign hot-dog historic dominating regnant winning trendsetting governing having made a name for oneself gifted matchless high-minded unexcelled arch- unsurpassed requisite intrinsic overbearing unparalleled unequaled unequalled redoubtable prior first rate primal first of the first rank greatest necessary monumental needed indispensable earnest high-priority skookum top-drawer top-notch excellent valuable admirable meritorious meritable sterling deserving in limelight meretorious appreciable palmary praisable decent eventful top-level controlling head upper eloquent marvelous towering cogent first-class four-star successful rich magnific phenomenal oratorical magnificent majestic royal deciding aristocratic upper-class marvellous

Tính từ

Indefinitely large numerically
numerous many countless multiple ample copious innumerable multitudinous myriad several umpteen untold abundant incalculable innumerous plentiful profuse extensive great immeasurable infinite legion limitless numberless plenteous uncountable inexhaustible populous rife thick unlimited voluminous a lot of beaucoup lots of piles of plenty of a great deal of a great number of a multitude of an abundance of heaps of loads of masses of oodles of quantities of quite a few stacks of tons of a bunch of a great many all kinds of a multiplicity of a profusion of a quantity of a slew of a swag of bags of scads of scores of very many a shedload of dozens of no end of bazillions of billions of gazillions of hundreds of infinite numbers of millions of thousands of zillions of thick on the ground lousy with unnumbered manifold multifarious uncounted various unnumberable divers endless lank sundry multifold considerable teeming zillion too many to be counted beyond number measureless multiplex diverse abounding generous bounteous lavish vast superabundant jillion liberal bountiful rich without number multitudinal prolific boundless inestimable heaps endless numbers of incalculable numbers of immense bumper galore overflowing luxuriant exuberant frequent a thousand and one unsummed aplenty plenty alive with incomputable replete no end to crawling with an incalculable number of an infinite number of unmeasured indeterminable millions umteen many different interminable ever so many respective countless numbers of large number of thousand-and-one a raft of multiplicity of stack mucho mint loads oodles wad scads slew pile raft gobs immeasurable numbers of peck mess heap varied assorted prevalent some prodigal handsome multiplied a whole bunch of whopping princely comfortable cornucopian tidy miscellaneous disparate well-provided large-scale rampant unremitting well-supplied motley mixed unbounded tidy sum whole slew passel of proliferous a dime a dozen stink with a few a couple of marked certain unthinkable unimaginable indescribable unspeakable unutterable inexpressible upwards of monstrous unexpressed prodigious ineffable huge private hidden titanic mighty unknown staggering indefinable mammoth gigantic substantial full fulsome undreamed of beyond measure riotous gushing enormous in abundance wordy heavy prolix verbose lush a gogo unreckonable unforeseen uncertain iffy erratic unpredictable unfixed capricious whimsical fluctuant chancy no end thick with a mess of coming out of ears bottomless never-ending fathomless illimitable unfathomable cosmic uncalculable horizonless indefinite immensurable sizeable without end broad opulent commodious flush wide priceless invaluable stupendous precious valuable tremendous rank sufficient haphazard unforeseeable hit-or-miss beyond price not to be reckoned unending everlasting undefined unflagging unceasing without limit perpetual incomprehensible wide-open constant massive colossal unmeasurable no strings no holds barred spacious roomy unrestricted expansive capacious munificent decent enough and to spare more than one can count more … than one can shake a stick at more than enough

Tính từ

Not objectionable
unobjectionable acceptable adequate admissible agreeable A-OK average big common cool copacetic decent delightful fair harmless hep hip hunky-dory innocuous inoffensive kosher okay passable pleasant pleasing respectable standard sufficient swell tolerable trendy unexceptional welcome all right peachy keen right on cooking with gas in the swim on the ball on the beam up to code up to snuff moderate fairish goodish satisfactory unexceptionable fine reasonable OK tame good unoffending innocent in order serviceable so-so up to scratch mild unremarkable middling gentle appropriate commensurate safe proper alright not bad competent anodyne jake innoxious good enough peaceable run-of-the-mill suitable palatable correct fitting fit peaceful sufficing comfortable fairly good neutral fair-to-middling up to standard up to par up to the mark bland benign commonplace white hurtless sound valid solid copasetic presentable plenty minimal vanilla satisfying pretty good quite good tickety-boo middle-of-the-road plain vanilla bog-standard insipid faultless beyond reproach irreproachable mediocre on the money on the mark spot on ordinary undistinguished medium indifferent non-provocative non-controversial flourishing fine and dandy as it should be able cromulent enough half-pie nothing to shout about nothing to write home about no great shakes providential fortunate prosperous useful lucky well happy bright convenient ample commensurable wholesome unprovocative uncontroversial assuaging assuasive appeasing abundant snug risk-free riskless unoffensive sufficiently good requisite proportionate completely understandable totally fine unmalicious uninjurious inobnoxious offenseless unhurtful congruous playful plentiful suited plenteous apposite apropos bounteous quiet retiring well-suited necessary fitted enow as much as is necessary aplenty copious as much as you need bountiful unintended well-intentioned unintentional humble unobtrusive non-injurious nonprovocative well-meant ducky non-aggressive non-combative non-violent calm friendly clean dull okey-dokey fair to middling

Tính từ

Causing emotion, excitement, and enthusiasm
thrilling exciting stirring rip-roaring rousing stimulating hair-raising electrifying gripping inspiring riveting action-packed animated dramatic fascinating lively spirited breathtaking charged electric emotional emotion-charged emotive exhilarating exhilarative galvanic galvanising galvanizing heady heart-stopping impassioned inspirational intoxicating kicky mind-bending mind-blowing mind-boggling moving passionate sensational shaking trembling anthemic inspiriting quaking shivering shuddering soul-stirring stem-winding vibrating awe-inspiring awesome blood-tingling boss delightful enchanting exquisite fab fabulous frantic mad magnificent miraculous overwhelming spine-tingling swinging wild wondrous zero cool enthralling interesting captivating astonishing invigorating amazing provocative arousing intriguing envigorating compelling impressive absorbing appealing wonderful entrancing engrossing spectacular staggering stunning spellbinding incredible animating astounding energizing remarkable striking startling compulsive marvellous affecting engaging titillating bewitching enlivening thought-provoking arresting marvelous unputdownable energising eye-popping dynamic mesmerizing suspenseful powerful challenging intense energetic entertaining stupendous mesmerising hypnotic eye-opening brilliant refreshing extraordinary touching mesmeric magical unbelievable involving stimulative transfixing bracing vitalizing seductive dazzling shocking poignant magnetic consuming charming immersing quickening vivid piquant enticing provoking adrenalizing hectic jaw-dropping sexy outstanding irresistible fantastic out of this world very interesting alluring tantalizing lurid diverting cliffhanging amusing vigorous prodigious vivifying tantalising beguiling uplifting tense shock-horror phenomenal difficult imposing theatrical inconceivable motivating preoccupying surprising exceptional heartbreaking mind-altering buzzworthy momentous heart-rending heart-warming excellent attention-grabbing tear-jerking bold memorable superb scandalous fantastical impactful tremendous effective unique fast-moving tonic influential affective glorious portentous exhilarant suggestive explosive first-class first-rate vital inflammatory knife-edge salacious exalting restorative cheering strong notable colourful sentimental important tempting conspicuous complex complicated baffling confusing puzzling very exciting heartrending significant noteworthy addictive graphic noticeable awakening racy melodramatic newsworthy stupefying monopolizing hallucinatory marked hot encouraging climactic splendid seducing blinding enthusiastic hearty unimaginable psychedelic monopolising attractive sublime great pleasing cool terrific stellar sudden emphatic tragic pleasurable hypnotizing colorful profound impelling curious super charismatic gee-whizz forcible awe-striking heart-stirring fine sensorial amazeballs far out hypnotising meaningful special vibrant theatric divine majestic empyreal out of the ordinary expressive galvanical reviving cordial rejuvenating Hitchcockian shareable viral potent agitational ensational readable elating hallucinogenic nerve-racking fashionable trendy brisk sparkling adrenaline-charged edge-of-the-seat beautiful magic spicy better than expected laden pervaded permeated filled imbued suffused fraught loaded full saturated exalté boisterous rollicking ripping riotous uproarious revitalizing gladdening bright histrionic risqué totally absorbing giving one food for thought superior motivational warm radiant heartening revitalising elevating giddy animative exhilaratory teasing erotic sensual pornographic dramaturgical royal telling tender adrenaline-fueled unusual persuasive meaty inviting eventful worthy of note fresh trenchant topical unboring newsy splashy relatable prepossessing showy fast-paced high glaring gleaming pronounced definite unprecedented breathless sententious upsetting juicy insane instigative instigating unparalleled sharp biting saucy sexually arousing lewd sexually exciting sexually stimulating dramaturgic far-out resplendent like a dream come true unheard-of blissful fabled splendorous heavenly ethereal enlightening fairy-tale fairytale-like dream-filled inciting triggering piquing jolting superlative uncommon singular enjoyable crazy unreal rare surpassing buzzy volatile adrenalized sensitive controversial enrapturing funny ridiculous unusually good power-driven AC DC juiced motor-driven electrical electronic plug-in rechargeable up-tempo some histrionical thespian farcical comic cherished perfect pleasant horrifying fetching elfin bad massive luring delectable ravishing glamourous glamorous good accomplished humorous witty battery operated contentious delicate daring deep primo grand like wow swell hunky-dory groovy dandy monumental delicious lavish stately luxurious too good to be true unheard of winning high-octane agreeable fun skilled skilful consummate skillful formidable admirable masterly congenial recreative droll nice bodacious noisy commanding studied crack ace world-class expert consequential touchy hilarious chucklesome harrowing haunting breath-taking eye-catching appalling sensationalistic revealing comical cracking crash-hot nifty saccharine lachrymose sugary cloying syrupy pathetic mawkish over-sentimental relaxing scream clever riot be a ball cheerful fun-filled gas gay side-splitting priceless distracting sensationalist screaming gee-whiz catchpenny problematic awkward hot-button soppy mushy cornball weepy gooey schmaltzy cutesy drippy sappy wizard mean hokey yellow historic crackerjack well-done heartwarming affectional lovey-dovey signal extravagant tabloid sultry vulgar coloured pointed prominent rough pungent excessive livid coarse X-rated salient colored three-hanky

Tính từ

Superseding others in importance or status
grand great leading master lead prime august chief dignified distinguished elevated exalted illustrious key major noble predominant preeminent primary aristocratic eminent esteemed greatest highest honored honoured main patrician premier premium refined respectable supreme venerable apex celebrated central dominant famous foremost notable principal prominent regal renowned respected revered top transcendent arch big capital cardinal elite first focal genteel head paramount biggest big-time core largest posh primal sovereign gentle grave highborn highbred huge lofty overbearing overmastering overriding sovran upmarket wellborn number-one pre-eminent highly regarded number one numero uno well-known blue-blooded top-drawer upper-class of distinction upper-crust well born well thought of widely praised high-born major league silk-stocking important superior prior outstanding high commanding ruling influential essential vital high-ranking fundamental presiding supereminent ultimate prestigious noteworthy pivotal crucial noted uppermost prevailing powerful controlling significant senior famed high-level best topmost basic glorious acclaimed titled honourable prevalent honorable top-ranking imposing governing top-tier unsurpassed lordly incomparable critical salient utmost top-notch star peerless matchless unequaled unequalled consummate heavy mighty high-powered intrinsic preponderant high-profile superlative champion consequential top-level authoritative integral ascendant predominate regnant major-league seminal unparalleled reputable arch- weighty notorious potent puissant big-league highest-ranking magnificent astral admired of gentle birth indispensable stellar unrivaled unrivalled royal directing kingly signal first-class overruling ranking of note serious dominating well known all-important well-born big league top drawer high-class worthy underlying necessary elemental decisive rudimentary VIP absolute lionized alpha legendary maximum higher staple imperial majestic urgent surpassing luminous unsurpassable recognized towering select big-name gentlemanly top-priority high-up first-rate redoubtable determining material must-have reigning iconic exemplary upper formidable inimitable queenly lionised resonant storied radical recognised heavy-duty of greatest importance huntin', shootin', fishin' No. 1 stately high profile noble-born second to none heavyweight far-reaching silver-spoon upper crust well-bred of noble birth of great consequence of the first rank inflated intellectual finest immodest exaggerated excessive landowning landed remarkable four-star county successful bright extraordinary high-minded crack unprecedented conspicuous winning total superstar celeb fabled unconditional quintessential meaningful pressing sublime world-class prized valued trusted of high standing big-gun compelling eventful substantial deciding perfect well-connected industry leading headmost especial high-grade momentous effective unbeatable nonpareil distinctive historical of prime importance of supreme importance first and foremost telling almighty popular acute of influence high-priority unexcelled a cut above the rest topflight best possible top-class burning historic instrumental feted life-and-death accomplished expert finished excellent unmatchable number ideal unlimited characteristic inherent favoured favored chosen brilliant front-page special splendid particular strongest simple beginning opening crowning axial infinite unrestricted boundless unrestrained unbounded root strong constitutional prodigious operative keynote strategic elementary resplendent final skookum full utter oustanding public basal constitutive second-to-none purebred eloquent rich memorable oratorical marvelous cogent magnific phenomenal maximal optimal peak super intervening superseding of greatest significance of mark in the public eye energetic dynamic richest monarchical monarchal venerated of repute pedigreed privileged bluestocking thoroughbred immortal trendsetting big-wheel big-shot hot-dog record loftiest chad fine ace better world class crown self-important pompous overblown uplifting superb proud good marvellous top-rank apical zenithal tiptop complete unassailable optimum reverenced hallowed front guiding monarchial elegant omnipotent official imperious supervisory all-powerful overpowering efficacious arbitrary utopian domineering unexampled initial larger greater bigger elder magnanimous undefeated unbeaten inaugural A-number-1 A-1 exclusive pertinent considerable classy worshipped furthermost grandiloquent primo hotshot hotdog holding the reins heroic triumphal idealistic learned profound sweeping ponderous appreciable imperative cultured upper-level snobby top of the line top of the range top-of-the-range without equal par excellence beyond compare record-breaking first class prize-winning number 1 sans pareil uptown requisite severe large-scale sizable dire intense pronounced exceptional exigent at the cutting edge at the leading edge heavy stuff hot stuff cultivated courteous determinative climactic sacred decent reverend sage high up definitive prerequisite mandatory needed required impactful immediate striking worthwhile pointed monumental polished in charge higher-ranking of higher rank first-string higher-level superordinate loftier unmatched higher up wise much needed earth-shattering vitally important very important life-or-death of the utmost importance of the essence gifted first rate highly rated untouchable overshadowing life-changing dangerous grievous of consequence of concern life and death civil gentlemanlike blue ladylike Brahmin ennobled polite aristocratical princely born with a silver spoon in one's mouth knightly sedate matriarchal experienced patriarchal philosophical admirable worshipful estimable worshiped top-people's highest ranking mother of all leonine lionlike celebrious page-oner name redoubted innate foundational natural ingrained substantive needful necessitous native deep-seated inborn inbred rudimental bottom-line structural deep-rooted relevant meat-and-potatoes connate compulsory introductory called for immanent obligatory engrained indigenous hardwired built-in all important congenital organic germane primitive original appropriate hereditary ingrain intimate indwelling deep-down hard-wired valuable applicable nitty-gritty in one's blood bread-and-butter apposite apropos true marked real instinctive abecedarian majority inseparable genuine indelible permanent ineradicable ineffaceable useful expedient connatural inner fabulous choice instinctual inbuilt internal extensive moving inmost impressive extravagant upscale deluxe fab quality precious invaluable costly sterling dear pricey cracking frontline priceless luxurious expensive responsible spendy fantabulous ultraexpensive slick sensational selected pricy supernal in demand earnest in-built blue-chip big-ticket highest quality high-end top-quality out-of-sight everyday five-star high-quality top-end emphatic high-ticket defining mainstream comprehensive noticeable arresting executive foundation mainline initiative nucleus standard all-embracing all-encompassing most general causal tough obvious widespread demanded underlined lion's share bulkiest embedded entrenched fitting high priority constituent vulgar overall received current common actual business-critical mission-critical gut rooted incumbent name-of-the-game world-shaking decision-making component connected big time primordial intrusive projecting protruding obtrusive arrestive jutting intuitive apt involuntary nonelective peremptory forced coal-and-ice relative base compulsatory at the heart of indicative appurtenant applicative wanted desired recommended preferred proper binding specified transcendental categorical overarching natural-born bred in the bone dyed-in-the-wool inherited rife rampant immense tremendous de rigueur inexpungible implicit pointful associated sustaining axiomatic supporting substratal underived groundlaying deep axiological substrative grass-roots theoretical bottom subjective genetic fixed latent integrated unalienable inward resident individual empyrean empyreal incumbent on enormous sizeable name of game testing climacteric searching settling trying exceeding ultra titanic astronomic ample earthshaking vast astronomical ad rem to the point to the purpose psychological in your blood part and parcel goodly biggish epoch-making desperate clamorous showdown climatic touchy insistent helpful touch and go on thin ice hanging by thread now or never persuasive inspiring inspirational convincing motivating effectual constructive favorable advantageous beneficial practical favourable stirring touching rousing competent provocative contributory motivational robust stimulating animating fateful swayful formative masterful efficient forcible affecting vigorous swaying capable enticing forceful encouraging able inducing impelling purposeful hard-hitting alluring seductive profitable handy propitious conducive gainful productive timely rewarding serviceable behooveful commodious auspicious beneficent appreciated fruitful meritorious opportune of help of use of service loved worth its weight in gold of benefit held dear hot worthful hot property of value of assistance worth it scarce most important most prominent most influential most illustrious most powerful most obvious most noticeable most skilled most excellent most outstanding most significant

Danh từ

The biggest serving of something

Phó từ

In a manner of affluence
affluently luxuriously comfortably wealthily extravagantly lavishly opulently expensively fine fatly grandiosely grandly immoderately imposingly impressively indulgently intemperately magnificently ostentatiously palatially plushly pompously pretentiously prodigally richly splendidly sumptuously wantonly wastefully big-time high largely well wonderfully princely regally majestically foolishly plentifully greatly exquisitely elegantly gorgeously resplendently elaborately swankily poshly ritzily stylishly fancily glitzily swishly classily abundantly handsomely plushily luxuriantly lushly silkenly recklessly ornately exclusively profligately chicly thriftlessly lusciously finely excessively statelily preciously improvidently valuably dearly showily profusely pricelessly unthriftily wildly imprudently sybaritically smartly choicely unrestrainedly exorbitantly hedonistically glamorously extortionately heedlessly sensually voluptuously flashily snazzily fashionably rashly trendily splashily overindulgently superbly irresponsibly beautifully highly carelessly uneconomically decadently outrageously pricily splendiferously exuberantly sensuously easily glitteringly prosperously steeply shiftlessly thoughtlessly aristocratically refinedly negligently invaluably impetuously inconsiderately cavalierly delicately dazzlingly inestimably brilliantly modishly unreservedly dissolutely rarely spectacularly daintily shortsightedly sharply snappily hedonically brightly unreasonably unfetteredly pleasurably supererogatorily genteelly tastefully gaudily riotously formally breathtakingly superiorly spaciously specially bountifully prolifically amply flamboyantly prestigiously illustriously short-sightedly colorfully comfily superly pottily snobbishly snootily snobbily snottily persnicketily classically in comfort impulsively capriciously gracefully nobly monumentally heavenlily plummily colourfully abandonedly cozily stiffly myopically incautiously fecklessly debauchedly spiffily stuffily dignifiedly irreplaceably licentiously sophisticatedly audaciously hastily pleasantly inordinately executively dissipatedly in ease in luxury flourishingly freely volatilely frivolously exaggeratedly greedily parsimoniously effetely copiously without hardship cosily in the lap of luxury gratuitously effusively openhandedly needlessly ruinously fussily fickly fitfully floridly baroquely busily incontinently liberally overgenerously inefficiently destructively uselessly dissipatively fancifully detailedly complexly complicatedly flowerily overelaborately decoratively metaphorically wordily sparklingly superficially flauntingly meretriciously tawdrily ornamentally glossily verbosely

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large Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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