Đồng nghĩa của clued up


Paying close attention, usually for the purpose of anticipating approaching danger or opportunity
on the ball quick-witted acute agile Argus-eyed astute keen open-eyed responsive tentie tenty wide awake wide-awake all there whip-smart active alert alive all ears apprehensive attentive awake aware bright bright-eyed and bushy-tailed cagey careful clever clued-in good hands heads up intelligent lively observant on guard perceptive quick quick off the mark quick on the uptake ready sensible sharp spirited vigilant vital watchful wise with it on one's toes on the job on the lookout on the stick on top of on your toes with your wits about you on the alert heedful on the qui vive wary smart prepared sharp-eyed eagle-eyed hawk-eyed beady-eyed not missing a trick on your guard sharp-witted on tiptoe keen-eyed regardful nimble mindful gimlet-eyed sharp-sighted circumspect brilliant shrewd brainy discerning perspicacious fast penetrating exceptional supersmart ultrasmart hyperintelligent concentrating chary clear-sighted cautious leery on the watch with eyes like a hawk guarded quick-thinking able nimble-witted gifted genius wired lynx-eyed keeping a weather eye on things paying attention with eyes peeled canny savvy knowing sensitive focused wakeful with weather eye open looking to agog keen-sighted with one's eyes open on alert keeping your eyes peeled prudent sharp as a tack looking for anxious focussed fast on the draw quick on the draw on toes with one's eyes skinned brisk waiting on interested sprightly keeping one's eyes skinned penetrative witty defensive expectant upon one's guard psyched up switched on hip jazzed swift PDQ prompt having eyes in the back of your head with one's eyes opened suspicious hooked glued unsleeping rapier-like piercing finely honed X-ray eye not missing much percipient diligent rapt committed assiduous earnest deep studious reckful listening carefully scrupulous heeding rigorous listening noticing intent fully awake wide-eyed perky surveying understanding advertent discovering deducing correct eager detecting discriminating searching contemplating considering questioning comprehending intentive observative receptive apt delicate deft fine competent dexterous effectual capable slick adept effective skilful adroit curt skillful dextrous vigorous smart as a whip mercurial quick on the trigger whiz considerate gingerly safe conservative sleepless insomniac discreet calculating restless sparing frugal thrifty politic provident astir thoughtful hesitant tossing and turning judicious distrustful economical close waking mean sceptical dubious insomnolent restive mistrustful doubtful saving conscious parsimonious unwasteful stingy disturbed insomnious miserly restrained reserved doubting skeptical unsettled protective zealous punctilious scrimping excited aroused shy reluctant awakened deliberate spare skimping penny-pinching roused cost-effective efficient measured reticent up money-saving time-saving work-saving troubled diplomatic tactful sagacious avaricious penurious on the rims practical meager curmudgeonly tight prudential penny-wise methodical closefisted unsure uncertain iffy softly-softly without sleep suspecting meagre watching out thinking twice up and about precautious walking on eggs watching one's step moderate controlled noncommittal handling with kid gloves keeping on one's toes playing safe keeping a weather eye on on edge with reservations solicitous concerned jealous unhurried mistrusting conscientious sage taking notice economizing worried non-committal untrusting skittish broken fitful thorough industrious meticulous painstaking unable to sleep vague unrevealing forehanded abstemious uncomfortable out of bed up and around careful with money economising playing one's cards close to one's chest overcareful overcautious sedulous nice not sleeping keeping one's eyes peeled keeping a weather eye open keeping one's eyes open stirring lucid cognizant uneasy tentative forethoughtful loath strategic close-lipped sly afraid nervous averse disinclined belt-and-braces hedging one's bets walking on egg shells with one's eyes peeled taking it slow judgmatic close-mouthed judgmatical jumpy fidgeting antsy fidgety edgy kid-glove inhibited constrained particular fastidious having foresight like a clam civil reasonable temperate on lookout worldly-wise not rash unconvinced cynical disbelieving unbelieving undecided strung out hopeful anticipatory trustless jaundiced negativistic incredulous having reservations without faith hinky quizzical in doubt not born yesterday wondering without belief breathless waiting expecting awaiting anticipant anticipating agape on tenterhooks Scotch raring hoping anticipative in suspense keyed up with bated breath on pins and needles waiting with bated breath


(of a person) Having or showing knowledge of a subject or situation
informed knowledgeable enlightened primed acquainted familiar versed abreast aware conversant educated expert illuminated learned literate cognizant schooled sophisticated au courant briefed cultured erudite instructed posted up-to-date well informed well-informed well-read au fait switched-on versant well educated well versed well-versed apprized plugged-in well briefed abreast of the facts clued-up down filled in genned up in the know in the picture sussed up to date up to speed in the loop plugged in tuned in with it savvy knowing on the ball alert in touch switched on qualified understanding conscious up apprised intelligent experienced competent at home sentient sensible perceptive seasoned judicious observant no stranger to up on tuned-in with-it in tune connected involved well-educated well-grounded trained well-briefed in having your finger on the pulse clued in in place set geared up in position at the ready fit prepared ready skilled proficient prescient able prepped across practised omniscient privy appreciative practiced leet shrewd astute canny sharp acute with a knowledge of well-rounded with an understanding of worldly witting alive ware apprehensive mindful cunning clever percipient urbane unprovincial sage calculating insightful bright smart discerning brilliant wily awake grounded familiar with sensitive to sensible to sensible of alive to acquainted with alert to perspicacious sagacious sharp-witted clear-sighted clear-eyed worldly-wise quick having been around brainy quick-witted knowledgeable about conversant with au fait with up with wise to hip to well versed in on to au courant with in the know about well up on in on ware of hep to well informed about down with clued in on on the beam genned up on up to date with intuitive accomplished adept masterful masterly wise consummate ace good great virtuoso master keen skillful veteran rational crack crackerjack professed complete thoughtful compleat skilful wised up practical incisive delicate visionary sensitive tasty penetrating dexterous dextrous gifted polished responsive imaginative ingenious capable genius deft talented adroit penetrative handy apt wizard habile pro nifty whiz mean introduced profound deep cognizant of versed in professional artful workmanlike bravura efficient wicked clear topflight kept posted a dab hand at old far-sighted at home with well up in there ear to the ground knows what's what cool a hand at vet smooth sapient certified prudent cute argute whip-smart razor-sharp used to at ease with discriminating piercing subtle fine gnostic discreet insighted sophic open-minded cultivated liberal refined broad-minded reasonable careful well up watchful wary attentive respectful intellectual heedful chary regardful developed tutored advanced civilized free-thinking tolerant progressive conscious of conscientious cautious solicitous observing aware of cagey vigilant observative civilised awake to chary of wary of careful of watchful of heedful of on the job on one's toes regardful of recognizant of be up on know ins and outs with eyes peeled know all the answers knowing what's what


Very knowledgeable or skillful
hot knowledgeable expert skilled acquainted brainy bright brilliant clever competent conscious educated experienced familiar intelligent proficient savvy sharp smart great slick stellar dynamite keen au courant au fait well informed well versed genned up top-notch top-shelf skilful masterly adept skillful talented capable accomplished masterful gifted ace crack able adroit virtuoso dexterous deft polished dextrous good practiced consummate elite practised master mean top-hole trained efficient apt versed wizard hotshot handy crackerjack peerless first-rate top-drawer qualified effectual exceptional genius phenomenal extraordinary artful up to speed ingenious outstanding fine remarkable nifty schooled class tasty unrivaled marvellous veteran A1 marvelous unrivalled on the ball world-class shining at first-class class act learned perceptive quick forward mature precocious agile strong balanced effortless serviceable decent got it advanced for one's age out of the ordinary have smarts old beyond one's years ahead of one's peers have the goods with it up to snuff kosher up to it well-versed fit sure-handed all-round refined workmanlike all-around demon fitted taught first class well-rounded a hand at superb tutored seasoned best effective multiskilled practical multitalented happy pitch-perfect splendid excellent formidable impressive fab smashing complete magic habile deadly compleat brill whiz smooth clean there a dab hand at nimble-fingered very good on the beam very able no dummy no slouch tip-top sharp as a tack know stuff specialist facile magnificent artistic professional endowed wicked cut out for having a knack for extraordinarily skilled highly trained well versed very skilled highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled big league highly qualified out of this world professed bravura delicate supreme superlative pro old superior vet leading dazzling versant wonderful cool terrific tremendous well trained awesome tuned in wised up exercised finished hardened long-serving topflight exquisite battle-scarred conversant suitable exceptionally good knowing the score methodic methodical systematic employable long-term champion quintessential sensational fabulous fantastic exemplary ultimate perfect mighty powerful certified redoubtable fluent virtuosic faultless invincible indomitable ready handpicked deluxe choice capital preeminent transcendent hep hip switched-on well-informed drilled phenom dominant star top topnotch distinguished super supremely skilled tested tried sussed puissant amazing time-served equal admirable astounding well up rounded instructed accustomed sport sufficient up on crisp the right stuff knowing one's stuff broken in in the know established know the ropes know one's stuff know the answers know one's business know ins and outs know the score all around leet worldly-wise suited useful proper adequate adapted sophisticated worldly wise steady disciplined weathered long-time old-time inured like a pistol having the goods knowing the ropes old hand has what it takes like a one-man band equal to the task having the right stuff having know-how up there green thumb able to perform old-timer from way back knows one's stuff not born yesterday been around wise to ways of the old school


Past tense for to impart information or knowledge
informed told advised briefed enlightened apprised notified acquainted instructed edified updated cleared familiarised familiarized hipped primed related versed clued filled in posted tipped touted announced to cautioned clued in educated forewarned leaked tattled taught warned caught up communicated to imparted to kept posted kept someone posted leaked to levelled with wised up brought up-to-date communicated knowledge filled someone in grassed up let know put in the picture reported to sent word snuck on tipped off gave a pointer given a pointer gave a tip given a tip gave someone to understand given someone to understand gave the low-down to given the low-down to gave two cents given two cents let in on made conversant with sent word to showed the ropes shown the ropes blew the whistle on blown the whistle on put wise counseled ground grounded counselled related to coached prepared prepped made knowledgeable made conversant groomed trained alerted drilled genned up made aware tipped the wink supplied with facts broke the news to broken the news to gave information to given information to given the lowdown gave the low-down given the low-down gave the lowdown gave somebody the lowdown given somebody the lowdown made known to put in the picture about put wise about put on the line divulged imparted said to waked expressed to stated to alerted to disclosed to revealed to clued up about made familiar with uttered to laid it out proclaimed to pointed out clued in on kept up to speed with updated about genned up on mentioned something to declared to kept up to date with offered information confessed to filled in on flagged up made known enlightened as to mentioned to acquainted with woke woken spoken about to got off your chest spoke about to gotten off your chest gave information about gave intelligence gave the word given notice gave the gen given the rundown given the word given information about given the gen gave the rundown gave notice given intelligence

Trái nghĩa của clued up

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