Đồng nghĩa của protective

Alternative for protective

Đồng nghĩa: caring, protective(p),


Having or showing a strong wish to protect someone or something
caring careful fatherly maternal motherly warm mindful paternal solicitous vigilant watchful defensive gallant possessive wary chivalrous clinging jealous overprotective territorial suspicious proprietary heedful loving affectionate tender fond nurturing gentle kind maternalistic devoted comforting mother attentive kindly compassionate sympathetic guarded assertive guiding parental zealous proprietorial sheltering cautious alert understanding protecting caretaking supporting chary circumspect aware apprehensive observant measured gingerly considerate cagey conservative prudent awake safe unhurried perceptive leery deliberate on your toes on guard playing safe on the lookout on the watch discreet on the qui vive wide-awake restrained regardful tentie tenty on one's toes on the alert Argus-eyed open-eyed hesitant on the ball mistrustful distrustful sceptical dubious calculating on the job ready doubtful skeptical all ears thoughtful sharp canny tentative wide awake with eyes peeled questioning on your guard not missing a trick prepared alive keen reluctant beady-eyed unsure doubting timid anxious wise suspecting reserved reticent tactful uneasy frugal concentrating quick eagle-eyed acute shy keen-eyed thrifty sharp-eyed judicious paying attention sparing hawk-eyed on tiptoe disbelieving provident scrupulous cynical observative unbelieving incredulous uncertain interested wakeful wired unsleeping respectful conscious active non-committal intelligent bright fastidious unexciting moderate boring unenterprising gimlet-eyed keeping a weather eye on things heads up fast on the draw with eyes like a hawk parsimonious noncommittal diplomatic economical unadventurous concerned conscientious observing insomniac sensible nervous politic sleepless worried iffy uptight sensitive intentive advertent lacking confidence lacking trust saving belt-and-braces discerning lacking faith with reservations focused hip unconvinced discriminating undecided thinking twice watching out unsettled spirited clever agog negativistic trustless insomnious walking on eggs watching one's step hinky focussed handling with kid gloves keeping on one's toes waking astir keeping a weather eye on psyched up good hands keeping your eyes peeled looking for bright-eyed and bushy-tailed switched on waiting on with it with weather eye open looking to on alert on toes delicate squeamish dainty temperate secretive mistrusting calm gradual dutiful taking notice evasive elusive tight-lipped precautionary untrusting skittish patient glued hooked equivocal deferential deferent sly unwasteful vague unrevealing controlled with one's eyes open keeping one's eyes skinned softly-softly with one's eyes skinned keeping a weather eye open keeping one's eyes open keeping one's eyes peeled forethoughtful shrewd precautious quick-witted overcautious overcareful duteous arrect restless show-me distrusting intent agile astute responsive restive jaundiced quizzical wondering ambivalent fearful without faith not born yesterday without belief having reservations in doubt all there whip-smart dead repetitious mind-numbing ho-hum tiresome stale unvaried tiring insipid uninteresting dull old routine monotonous tedious flat wearisome humdrum percipient studious heeding noticing walking on egg shells taking it slow hedging one's bets with one's eyes peeled listening been hit before rapt committed earnest deep rigorous diligent surveying clear-sighted deducing correct eager searching considering comprehending penetrating discovering detecting contemplating perky disturbed with your wits about you on top of on the stick lively clued-in clued up vital quick off the mark quick on the uptake assiduous reckful without sleep tossing and turning unable to sleep timorous traditional conventional unimaginative fully awake wide-eyed listening carefully jazzed straight stay-at-home uncreative strait-laced narrow-minded square stuffy limited have reservations have misgivings loath stick-in-the-mud expectant averse afraid disinclined mean stingy cognizant inhibited constrained miserly particular alive to upon one's guard sentient witting ware conscious of aware of knowledgeable knowing conversant sensible of awake to careful of chary of wary of cognizant of acquainted with watchful of wise to alert to heedful of au courant on to plugged in tuned in regardful of recognizant of hip to in the know be up on know ins and outs know all the answers


Characteristic of fathers, paternal
fatherly kind paternal affectionate kindly supportive tender benevolent benign indulgent patriarchal avuncular caring fatherlike forbearing compassionate encouraging vigilant warm sympathetic understanding concerned loving parental comforting reassuring helpful uplifting cheering inspiriting soothing maternal gratifying solicitous fulfilling gentle nurturing inspiring heartening sensitive empathetic calming gladdening heartwarming boosting stimulating responsive parent paternalistic fond motherly devoted watchful sheltering matriarchal friendly familial affirmative enthusiastic cheerful feeling appreciative positive approving welcome pleasing beneficent giving thoughtful attentive empathic philanthropical gracious philanthropic considerate generous charitable altruistic consoling consolatory commiserative relieving assuaging condoling rewarding easing satisfying heart-warming mitigating analeptic upholding revitalizing curing warming solacing abating bolstering envigorating remedying softening revitalising invigorating lightening succouring alleviating revivifying health-giving restoring sustaining allaying succoring freeing refreshing unselfish tenderhearted warm-hearted good-natured warmhearted obliging kind-hearted cordial pleasant good accommodating applauding admiring well-disposed sympathizing complimentary amiable affable patient humane favorable soft tender-hearted agreeable genial pitying respectful neighbourly softhearted sympathising magnanimous neighborly kindhearted favourable cooperative selfless commiserating soft-hearted tolerant nice commendatory laudatory mindful all heart praiseful benignant receptive aware decent adoring lenient good-hearted perceptive big-hearted complaisant tactful approbatory hospitable humanitarian doting amicable mellow sweet great-hearted bighearted merciful well disposed recommendatory clement good-tempered conscious satisfied accepting chivalrous cognizant polite dear acclamatory public-spirited regardful bountiful compliant eager to please eager to help approbative sociable companionable acquiescent open-hearted open-handed bounteous munificent brotherly welcoming easy comprehending unstinting noble easygoing mild human goodhearted having heart in right place bleeding-heart well meaning large-hearted good-humoured well-intentioned good-humored lovesome condolatory congratulatory plauditory praising civil woke socially concerned socially aware forgiving laudative social culturally sensitive soft-centred flattering adulatory convivial harmonious piteous ruthful careful intuitive free-handed sparing diplomatic discerning open-minded bleeding heart do-good loving and giving old softie maternalistic sisterly ungrudging inclined commending assenting predisposed in favor of okay panegyrical worshiping worshipful encomiastic worshipping eulogistic idolizing sensitized reactive impressionable approachable perceiving impressible sensitised insightful knowing emotionable wholesome eleemosynary angelic lovable soft touch benefic calm liberal congenial greathearted propitious likeable unoffensive likable dutiful lavish princely delightful big well intentioned sweet-tempered gallant heart in right place openhanded openhearted courteous engaging freehanded well-mannered deferential condign finely tuned supersensitive easy to get along with easy to get on with socially conscious tuned in touchy feely pleased very kind generous to a fault interested turned on to idolising knowledgeable moderate happy breezy ardent appreciating vicarious marshmallow softie enlightened alive keen willing easy-going willing to please even-tempered favourably disposed passionate amatory loyal sentimental fervent close reverent earnest faithful reverential demonstrative biddable pliable amenable tractable persuadable pliant adaptable onside persuasible suasible game in the know close-knit bound up accessible useful forthcoming expressing adoration glad to be of assistance


Paternalistic or authoritarian


Protectionist or isolationist


Characterised or marked by sheltering


Honourable, especially to women
chivalrous gallant gentlemanly honorable honourable respectful attentive considerate courteous courtly gracious polite thoughtful urbane gentle mannerly well mannered civil refined polished genteel cultivated well-bred decorous obliging well-mannered civilized suave ladylike civilised affable cultured well bred elegant decent accommodating cordial dignified sophisticated kind debonair formal well-behaved genial charming complaisant proper noble respectable pleasant stylish friendly diplomatic well behaved stately graceful hospitable benevolent amiable charitable unctuous sociable tactful tender amicable deferential couth aristocratic bland correct smooth classy solicitous seemly discreet fine beneficent indulgent benign well brought up pleasing kindly easy good-hearted congenial approachable big-hearted loving forthcoming bonhomous dutiful cool mild good-natured self-possessed svelte regardful understanding reverential distinguished snobbish prim becoming good-mannered sympathetic politic punctilious befitting nice condescending well spoken well-spoken de rigueur well brought-up courageous heroic valiant brave fearless bold intrepid dauntless stout-hearted noble-minded valorous haughty wellmannered compassionate merciful lenient benignant knightly conscientious proud caring soft-spoken devoted impeccable developed helpful privileged well-born aloof ceremonious responsible responsive gentlemanlike persuasive glib slick majestic tasteful handsome conciliatory amenable neighborly obsequious poised concerned neighbourly reputable smarmy ingratiating together highbred august flattering preux adulatory complimentary lofty high-bred imposing studied conventional facile collected composed humble reverent unruffled silky possessed accomplished affected coolheaded equable oily sedate royal subservient dashing posh distingué self-composed confident self-assured submissive obedient deferent admiring fashionable patronising pompous ostentatious pretentious confined la-di-da artificial intolerant hollow prudish patronizing snooty priggish straitlaced precious prissy stuffy smooth-tongued silver-tongued venerating duteous obeisant trim dapper smart spruce media-savvy appreciative spiffy swanky fly attractive swish snappy sharp trig well groomed well dressed self-effacing warm-hearted kind-hearted well-groomed well turned out cheerful jaunty happy casual nonchalant detached buoyant sprightly on fleek magnanimous giving grand solemn plush regal exquisite ceremonial starchy opulent sumptuous magnificent discerning chic staid impressive snazzy official superior luxurious imperial beautiful precise fancy lordly traditional kingly ritzy fitting fit modish stilted portly stiff aesthetic restrained comely esthetic stiff-necked ritual ritualistic princely modest orthodox worldly worldly-wise exalted discriminating suitable artistic ornate fastidious sensitive dainty appropriate reserved grandiose upright imperious lovely expensive venerable rich delicate highbrow right schmick splendiferous moral stylized select swank conforming done just so in good taste uptown high-class comme il faut a la mode elaborate lavish educated appealing flashy smooth-talking finished agreeable quality flash cavalier splendid well-brought-up womanly cosmopolitan soft fulsome showy with good taste harmonious standard portentous resplendent gorgeous costly superb glorious approved accepted public momentous important highborn blue-blooded patrician customary apt usual high fashion upmarket upscale plushy exclusive liturgical state kosher OK demure pretty balanced metropolitan in tony trendy dicty mod taught trained upper-crust acceptable careful okay servile set prescribed eloquent quiet unobtrusive pure chaste unaffected gratifying classical subdued meet good seasonable sacramental celebratory right stuff fit for a king aesthetically pleasing in vogue high-toned elevated au fait serious eminent mannered articulate classic sombre magisterial respected highfalutin' great somber grave nifty towering evolved airy close progressive advanced improved forward high rigorous accurate pinpoint spot-on late higher mathematical regarding respecting standing choice self-respecting sublime rare ornamented overdone recherche high-flown high-brow high-minded experienced exact well-designed well-dressed rigid deliberate measured scrupulous slow-moving


Excessively protective, wanting to give too much protection (especially to children)


A measure taken in advance to prevent something dangerous, unpleasant, or inconvenient from happening
preventive protection safeguard deterrent hindrance block preventative caution defence fail-safe impediment obstruction palladium precaution prevention remedy security shield check curb neutralizer obstacle precautionary measure prophylactic restraint defense disincentive preventive measure protective measure anticipatory measure armour screen cover buffer shelter bulwark insurance provision armor buckler wall safety measure protector barrier hedge cushion bastion barricade refuge forethought prudence care anticipation backstop circumspection foresight wariness providence canniness discretion discreetness regard preventative measure guard belt and braces aegis surety ward ammunition egis indemnity escort armament convoy safety device safety net safety support immunity fortification safeguarding guarding preservation assurance stronghold safekeeping shielding guarantee bumper guardianship resistance sanctuary custody conservation indemnification salvation pad buttress rampart supporter defender warranty keeping fence coverage shock absorber mainstay prop trust weapon haven fender deterrence safeness charge maintenance protecting asylum upkeep upholding custodianship backing reassurance fastness keep supervision mail saving warrant tutelage safe keeping resilience insurance policy cocoon cushioning invulnerability shade strength surveillance certainty protective device safety guard insurance cover absorber stability allowance endorsement self-defense good hands warfare weaponry munitions something to fall back on defenses defences apron mask financial protection hiding concealment housing fallback citadel arms harbour retreat harbor life assurance life insurance preventative medicine preventive medicine preserving conserving sustentation harborage perpetuation safe harbor preserval evaporation care and feeding storage tanning refrigeration hiding place safety plug protective umbrella sheet anchor safety valve reinforcement plate breastplate panoply possession armor plate suit of armor protective clothing bulletproof vest chain mail flak jacket coat of mail suit of armour body armor body armour breastwork embankment bank castellation battlements pledge protectorship patronage trusteeship battlement bartizan earthwork collateral partition protective wall parapet buffet pawn bond underwriting gage hostage earnest guaranty bail covenant gauge contract

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