Đồng nghĩa của witting


Conscious or aware of something, such as facts or feelings
aware conscious cognizant mindful sensible sentient alive apprehensive ware knowing acquainted perceptive conversant informed observing familiar apprised abreast knowledgeable versed percipient apperceptive au courant savvy observant discerning attentive watchful awake acquainted with alive to alert to sensible of sensitive to wise to hip to plugged in cognizant of on to in on in the know wary versant familiar with judicious alert vigilant certain sure knowledgeable about awake to understanding perceiving recognizing noticing au fait with recognising well versed in no stranger to well up on well informed about tuned in aware of with it au courant with in the know about ware of hep to down with recognizant of regardful of able to recognize on the beam genned up on enlightened switched-on feeling live living clued-up grounded sussed sensible to reactive up well-informed up-to-date conversant with up with sensitive responsive noting assured animate sentimental seeing emotional sapient receptive self-aware sensate flesh-and-blood breathing intelligent hep skilled into proficient cool comprehending abreast of practiced hip informed about experienced learned up on up to date remarking keen wide-awake clued in on in the picture up to date with capable of feeling apprised of practised in at home with practised skilled in at home proficient in experienced in seized of responsive to mindful of clued-up on percipient of in the right mind appraised privy cluey clued recognizant kept posted perfect in au fait clued up on up to speed on plugged into up to date on sharp respectful heedful careful regardful thoughtful cagey cautious chary conscientious observative solicitous conscious of be up on know ins and outs on the ball with eyes peeled on the job on one's toes careful of chary of watchful of know all the answers wary of heedful of wise astute insightful shrewd penetrating perspicacious smart quick acute sagacious clever canny quick-witted sage bright intuitive sharp-witted brainy discriminating subtle piercing prudent brilliant deep politic erudite penetrative intellectual clear-sighted incisive profound ingenious scholarly fine delicate clear-eyed farsighted cultivated sophisticated discreet cultured adroit educated dexterous skilful urbane argute gnostic insighted skillful deft dextrous cunning well informed with great knowledge whip-smart razor-sharp ear to the ground knows what's what searching probing critical sharp-sighted keen-witted far-seeing refined tasteful inquisitive intent selective suss open-eyed thinking heads-up downy visionary imaginative appreciative cute prescient heady long-headed functioning philosophical showing great knowledge in touch lettered academic full of insight contemplative reflective foresighted sound bookish down enlightened about diplomatic clued in plugged in to at ease with current up to speed used to genned up about advised versed in clued up about switched on to up-to-the-minute cognizant in familiarised accustomed familiarized au parfum cerebral informed of polite considerate literate scientific schooled precocious analytical genius cagy ready clear in the loop partaking of privileged switched-on to party to advised of sharing in sussed of complex exacting analytic intriguing ratiocinative detailed widely read well read tutored well educated rational sophic sleepless supraliminal seemly cordial courteous decorous polished fly well-read well-taught insomniac gentle civil poised mannerly sympathetic suave kind tactical existent razor-like rapier-like compos mentis in one's right mind wide awake organic existing extant biological tactful lively treating with kid gloves among the living having life in the land of the living worldly unprovincial calculating qualified expert seasoned competent wily worldly-wise with-it tuned-in having been around

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