Đồng nghĩa của diplomatic

Alternative for diplomatic

Đồng nghĩa: diplomatical,

Tính từ

Having or showing an ability to deal with people in a sensitive and tactful way
tactful politic sensitive delicate discreet polite prudent subtle clever judicious discerning skilful skillful adept careful considerate thoughtful understanding arch artful astute bland brainy cagey calculating capable cautious conciliatory conniving contriving courteous crafty cunning deft dextrous dexterous gracious guileful intriguing opportunistic savvy scheming sharp shrewd sly smooth strategic suave wily treating with kid gloves wary tactical wise circumspect sensible perceptive gentle guarded chary sagacious heedful vigilant softly-softly expedient respectful reserved sympathetic intelligent discriminating insightful judgmatic judgmatical civil observant seemly reasonable restrained kid-glove perspicacious canny gingerly moderate conservative controlled safe alert noncommittal worldly-wise attentive watchful well judged foresighted cordial decorous polished tentative calm gradual mannerly urbane skilled poised kind aware adroit in one's best interests belt-and-braces mindful patient dignified restorative reticent close-lipped close-mouthed leery reluctant non-committal treating something with kid gloves vague unrevealing suspicious awake precautious temperate hesitant overcareful overcautious having foresight on lookout not rash with reservations with eyes peeled on the lookout like a clam face-saving considered sound informed rational enlightened commonsensical percipient advisable acute sober logical sapient sage desirable smart sane pawky practical argute efficacious accurate judicial sophisticated thorough profound keen seasonable just common-sense well advised well-judged far-sighted clear-sighted well-advised quick-witted well thought out heads-up long-headed knowing learned erudite scholarly intuitive deliberate intellectual contemplative provident knowledgeable scrupulous educated experienced punctilious reasoned cogitative philosophical levelheaded penetrating pragmatic deep full of insight reflective hardheaded clear-eyed heady slippery slick foxy balanced measured cluey deliberated showing great knowledge with great knowledge prescient pragmatical forearmed designing manipulative devious Machiavellian playing one's cards close to one's chest solid justified good visionary clairvoyant cool-headed far-seeing well-balanced well-informed well-reasoned well-founded well reasoned disingenuous unscrupulous premeditating slim meticulous philosophic studious fastidious sharp-witted finicky methodical meditative introspective earnest reflecting musing pondering analytical cerebral pensive thinking museful ruminative solemn grave studied whip-smart suss sussed hard-boiled steady mature ingenious nimble-witted hep streetwise able frugal quick even well thought-out well-grounded with it street smart on the ball street-smart tolerant modest regular as sharp as a tack having fancy footwork deep-thinking mild easy lenient disciplined peaceable abstinent compromising untroubled not given to excesses not excessive

Tính từ

Courteous, kind, and pleasant, especially towards someone of lower social status
gracious civil courteous polite accommodating cordial kind chivalrous obliging affable amiable friendly hospitable kindly tactful benevolent civilised civilized considerate decorous gentlemanly ladylike beneficent benign charitable indulgent kind-hearted thoughtful warm-hearted genial genteel magnanimous mannerly pleasant pleasing sociable well-bred well mannered courtly couth decent well-mannered amicable approachable big-hearted bland bonhomous complaisant congenial easy forthcoming gallant giving good-hearted loving stately suave tender unctuous understanding urbane cultivated polished refined debonair well bred respectful cultured politic smooth sophisticated solicitous attentive charming poised formal elegant discreet deferential sympathetic worldly worldly-wise unselfish concerned neighbourly gentle self-possessed dignified cool mindful neighborly glib svelte well-behaved well behaved proper slick heedful well-spoken well spoken cooperative well brought up soft-spoken wellmannered caring compassionate helpful cosmopolitan regardful selfless media-savvy kindhearted observant respectable accomplished thoughty social seemly finished balanced metropolitan stylish cavalier conciliatory punctilious mild amenable good-natured obsequious condescending good-mannered well brought-up smooth-tongued sensitive circumspect smooth-talking like a sport forbearing agreeable silver-tongued soft impeccable ingratiating fulsome oily distingué generous humane altruistic warm warmhearted tolerant tenderhearted philanthropic softhearted merciful affectionate supportive benignant liberal good soft-hearted responsive tender-hearted bighearted patient humanitarian lenient munificent empathetic nice all heart noble big unstinting honourable comforting goodhearted honorable large-hearted bountiful free bounteous empathic great-hearted greathearted unsparing lavish philanthropical feeling maternal well-disposed freehanded fatherly moderate motherly open-handed openhanded sweet pitying clement doting devoted fond freehearted forgiving honest ungrudging public-spirited just bleeding-heart well meaning high-minded condoling sympathizing open companionable commiserative lofty fatherlike fair mellow reasonable self-sacrificing sympathising good-humored good-humoured well disposed encouraging nurturing excellent loose soft-touch righteous open-hearted free-handed cheerful easy-going easygoing commiserating sentimental good-tempered protective human conscientious profuse reassuring interested prodigal willing equitable ethical upright reverential virtuous dutiful moral likeable comradely lovable dear principled upstanding acceptable adoring accepting consoling eleemosynary broad-minded favourable delightful engaging touchy-feely angelic benefic even-tempered likable calm sweet-tempered openhearted having heart in right place well intentioned mushy princely favorable open-minded comprehending loving and giving bleeding heart consolatory almsgiving condolatory disinterested receptive gentlemanlike socially concerned socially aware woke convivial harmonious self-denying uplifting appreciative correct reputable abundant ample lovesome careful worried anxious self-forgetting personable moralistic culturally sensitive unprejudiced lovely inspiring inspiriting accessible ready nonmalignant denying incorruptible self-effacing extroverted eager to help eager to please emotional generous to a fault perceptive nonthreatening appreciating vicarious heroic unpresumptuous prepossessing winsome unassuming plentiful full wholesome stimulating boosting gratifying paternal responsible acquiescent breezy compliant happy hearty appealing mild-mannered sweet-natured aware softie marshmallow non-malignant easy to get along with easy to get on with plenteous willingly given handsome unstinted taking captivating winning enchanting elevated high lordly valiant goodish great matey palsy chummy palsy-walsy hail-fellow-well-met collegial hail-fellow buddy-buddy cheering soothing fulfilling soft touch propitious brotherly as nice as pie simpatico harmless willing to please favourably disposed unoffensive heart in right place ardent socially conscious long-suffering barley-sugar passionate amatory stoic stoical uncomplaining loyal fervent close earnest faithful demonstrative reverent resigned self-controlled self-restrained restrained longanimous soft-shell unflappable expressing adoration bound up close-knit trustworthy worthy incorrupt dependable piteous ruthful living with going easy on going easy with being big sparing peaceable right straight true old softie do-good well-intentioned stand-up clean-living all right on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean right-minded well-meaning

Tính từ

Of, relating to, or involving two or more governments

Tính từ

Having or displaying an appreciation of the feelings of others
sensitive perceptive sympathetic thoughtful feeling understanding receptive tactful comforting commiserating commiserative compassionate condoling considerate consoling empathetic empathic supportive sympathising sympathizing tender tenderhearted tender-hearted warm attentive aware careful intuitive caring cognizant concerned conscious discerning kind patient impressionable reactive responsive sensitised sensitized emotionable impressible insightful kindly knowing perceiving unselfish finely tuned supersensitive touchy feely tuned in turned on to benevolent humane gentle softhearted soft affectionate warmhearted kindhearted charitable pitying beneficent warm-hearted benignant loving kind-hearted good-hearted merciful soft-hearted generous helpful indulgent solicitous good-natured altruistic big-hearted all heart mild gracious tolerant lenient doting sweet encouraging sentimental maternal benign forgiving philanthropic goodhearted large-hearted soothing reassuring bleeding-heart giving selfless motherly fatherly fatherlike humanitarian friendly great-hearted open-hearted forbearing genial clement moved emotional obliging magnanimous human approachable bighearted consolatory uplifting inspiring nurturing inspiriting sorry philanthropical piteous protective fond vicarious appreciative boosting gratifying stimulating touchy-feely cheering cheerful fulfilling mushy nice amiable amicable having heart in right place bleeding heart comprehending open-minded well-disposed accommodating full of pity condolatory accepting interested fiery irritable sensorial vulnerable high-strung nervous sensible demonstrative fragile passionate sensory appreciating affirmative good paternal enthusiastic civilized approving positive gladdening heartening calming heartwarming decent accessible righteous liberal neighborly neighbourly pleasing broad-minded civilised ruthful sparing touched adopted imagined assumed welcome old softie well disposed do-good well meaning loving and giving well-intentioned stirred hospitable agreeable pleasant lovable personable impressed congenial affable lovely cordial likeable mellow melted stimulated affected influenced conciliatory easygoing prepossessing winsome delightful unpresumptuous charming unassuming engaging simpatico reasonable sweet-natured companionable barley-sugar as nice as pie likable sociable winning appealing taking mild-mannered enchanting good-tempered captivating good-humoured sweet-tempered good-humored even-tempered harmless deeply moved munificent greathearted angelic benefic well intentioned heart in right place well-mannered umbrageous hung up sentient easily affected sensile unstable wired ticklish delicate oversensitive susceptible seeing precise touchy precarious fine keen tense acute hypersensitive psychic sensatory tricky hearty easy-going permissive open pardoning pitiful condoning susceptive courteous wholesome eleemosynary unstinting soft touch cooperative polite chivalrous brotherly calm propitious unoffensive open-handed dutiful lavish princely big bounteous public-spirited regardful bountiful respectful gallant openhanded openhearted noble freehanded deferential

Tính từ

Following the established standards of behavior or manners
correct proper decorous seemly decent respectable befitting fitting nice right standard suitable accepted approved civilised civilized conventional courtly couth fit mannerly moral refined well-mannered appropriate apt ceremonious customary formal genteel polite punctilious usual kosher OK orthodox starchy stiff stiff-necked stilted traditional acceptable becoming careful conforming de rigueur done okay comme il faut right stuff meet good applicable apposite dignified felicitous expedient due just relevant timely convenient civil apropos polished pertinent prim opportune fitted cultured suited well bred happy elegant courteous worthy well-bred stuffy official congruous cultivated sophisticated modest rightful desirable deserved urbane staid qualified germane well mannered comely precise priggish gracious pretty presentable ceremonial useful strait-laced seasonable required ladylike gentlemanly posh to the point tasteful to the purpose exact material prudish prudent restrained sensible reserved chivalrous austere related adequate mannered affected favourable significant in order well-behaved pompous requisite fair au fait favorable equitable necessary compatible correspondent rigid straight tactful in keeping obligatory on the nose on the button merited ideal perfect stately condign justified advantageous sedate demure honourable able judicious capable smart legitimate solemn functional prepared feasible preferable well behaved prissy connected warranted auspicious artificial propitious in good taste adapted deserving ready gallant conservative welcome honorable competent belonging reputable puritanical employable pukka stodgy useable serviceable available usable conformable starched straitlaced square relative beneficial respectful effective upright done thing equal strict snobbish graceful pointed noble satisfactory worthwhile consonant consistent appurtenant gentle valid efficacious old-fashioned right on spruce ad rem allowable fuddy-duddy stick-in-the-mud of the old school de rigeur womanly ornate elaborate sober educated protocol ritualistic fogeyish obliging set fixed prescribed ethical sufficient ample enough legit suave mandatory normal compulsory permissible permitted well suited well qualified uptight tailor-made attentive congenial pleasing lucky forced developed classy distinguished impeccable aristocratic just right gentlemanlike considerate accommodating thoughtful bounden fortunate heaven-sent tip-top top-notch spot on made to order reasonable the done thing laboured unnatural that's the ticket earned right and proper well-respected high-class well-placed superior upper-class strained professional established imperial imposing deferential just what was ordered well-deserved admissible frigid unrelaxed icy well judged ritual regal regulation important fortuitous labored deliberate measured well-suited majestic scrupulous benign golden flukey fluky accurate regular well deserved well earned imperious grandiose linked stylish honest preferred ripe pertaining to weighty applicatory pat harmonious congruent in point accordant concerning pointful referring conformant correlated cognate having direct bearing on having to do with salient admirable accomplished desired rational wise pragmatic reasoned practical advisable Victorian slow-moving just so serendipitous casual well-timed incidental providential enviable successful well timed promising accidental distingué virtuous trustworthy respected de règle clean-living logical productive strategic sound fashionable ostentatious pretentious confined la-di-da intolerant patronizing discreet patronising hollow snooty precious condescending niminy-piminy old-maidish mimsy fussy schoolmarmish particular fastidious neat above board tidy venerable estimable old-maid po-faced governessy nice-nelly schoolmistressy straightlaced bluenosed ordinary creditable moderate august redoubtable sublime well-thought-of mediocre redoubted of good repute effectual gainful best helpful recommended unbending Grundyish square-toed inflexible unsympathetic aloof blue-nose prim and proper moralistic dapper choosy goody-goody meticulous wooden cleanly stickling overmodest spic-and-span nit-picking highly regarded bourgeois remote unfriendly detached haughty sagacious definitive suggested best suited tactical clear conformist withdrawn unsocial reticent serious forbidding antisocial unforthcoming unresponsive undemonstrative unapproachable uncommunicative taciturn traditionalist narrow-minded suburban parochial equipped exploitable operable practicable Pooterish compelling doctrinal Biedermeier dogmatic good enough straight arrow by the numbers keeping people at arm's length stand-offish -worthy small-town button-down straight-laced bien pensant most correct

Tính từ

Relating to the identification of long-term goals and the means of achieving them
strategic calculated tactical deliberate planned politic premeditated advised conscious judicious organised organized thoughtful aforethought intended knowing prearranged projected prudent purposive scheduled shrewd computed considered cunning designed determined estimated intentional measured outlined preconceived prepared prospective purposeful reasoned studied thought-out well thought out deliberately planned on purpose thought out in advance done on purpose pre-planned well-planned prepense aimed weighed programmed on the docket in the making plotted wilful voluntary willful willed witting reasoning responsible rational set reflective volitional self-conscious predetermined purposed contrived meant wanton studious anticipated proposed designful well-thought-out thought through fixed unforced well-considered investigated examined careful mannered contemplated thought-through thought-about destined artificial willing meditative rigged expected cold-blooded envisioned slated sewn-up autonomous promised due uncompelled express targeted schemed framed up gratuitous unbidden pinned required arranged free-willed thought out with forethought set up hoped-for asked for counted on wished-for according to a plan circumspect scrupulous predestined contemplative pondered provident laid-out set-up contracted cognizant mindful wary aware feigned strained forced laboured affected guarded stacked deck well thought-out predesigned informed predeterminate overworked reviewed overdone sober cogent lucid methodical planful cut-and-dried cogitative contemplating meditating thinking excogitative probing justified commonsense sensible intelligent labored gone into meditated carefully chosen deliberative selected with care well advised well-founded well chosen preconcerted directed steered marked free unprompted optional discretionary open elective discretional volunteered unsolicited unenforced unconstrained non-mandatory non-compulsory permissive settled agreed spontaneous independent unprescribed controlled freely wished elected opted unasked not required chosen preset with intent up to the individual open to choice at your discretion pre-agreed pre-decided preplanned pre-established inevitable established in advance forethought decided beforehand bound doomed cut and dried encoded inexorable foredestined arranged in advance precogitated

Tính từ

Of having a good-natured or casual personality
easy casual friendly happy pleasant outgoing relaxed sociable carefree congenial humble polite amiable gregarious unconstrained unflappable uninhibited unreserved affable down-to-earth genial gentle humouring humoring open great-hearted gracious tolerant urbane familiar natural nonchalant unaffected undemanding good-humored good-humoured good-tempered free and easy good-natured happy-go-lucky at ease cordial amicable agreeable hospitable neighbourly neighborly approachable companionable sympathetic obliging kind complaisant warm mild civil chummy buddy-buddy comradely convivial easy-going kindly courteous matey clubby sweet benevolent cheerful nice lenient hail-fellow-well-met pleasing conversable extroverted extrovert well-disposed easygoing close mellow intimate peaceful peaceable cooperative harmonious communicative easy to get along with accommodating charming benign considerate accessible clubbable pally decent informal warm-hearted social compatible well disposed helpful jovial welcoming likeable amenable non-hostile loving tender generous indulgent magnanimous forthcoming warmhearted charitable cozy likable understanding palsy-walsy bonhomous cosy regular amical conciliatory good-hearted easy to get on with chivalrous confidential affectionate receptive kindred delightful like-minded gallant pacific moderate unselfish courtly civilized personable engaging extraverted fraternal thoughtful palsy unrestrained clubable lively beneficent kind-hearted cheery conflict-free breezy civilised smiling buoyant well-mannered downright neighborly big-hearted bland unctuous company-loving stately suave willing accommodative appealing tactful ladylike gentlemanly decorous colonial boon good company genteel well-bred mannerly well mannered assent available dear lovable winsome couth winning couthy eager to please eager to help personal chilled giving swell copacetic brotherly near thick tight unstuffy livable courageous heroic noble sweet-tempered bosom bubbly door's always open laid-back supportive valiant talkative acquiescent altruistic bighearted patient compliant confident collegial hail-fellow hearty snug fresh officious inseparable easy to live with marshmallow softie brave free-and-easy thick as thieves fond vibrant loyal amusing confiding funny good faithful hilarious attentive favorable comical jocular jocose attached entertaining on good terms responsive willing to please even-tempered favourably disposed loquacious effusive garrulous empathic concordant agreeing accordant fearless honourable bold intrepid dauntless honorable stout-hearted free demonstrative unanimous square shooting right nice chatty voluble conversational noble-minded valorous frictionless unceremonious simpatico united discursive talky favourable compassionate merciful benignant knightly in tune seeing eye to eye in harmony in rapport in unison free from disagreement in accord in step of one mind en rapport on same wavelength effervescent liberal expansive lavish gushy calm measured temperate sensible attention-seeking soft caring softhearted kindhearted mild-mannered organized respectful chirpy goodhearted tenderhearted tender-hearted large-hearted lovely communal perky organised polished public fatherly unassuming maternal jolly soft-hearted motherly vivacious merry harmless community diverting jocund societal debonair fun smooth bountiful open-handed cool backslapping blithe poised heartfelt enthusiastic placid earnest wholehearted sincere cultivated inward especial deferential nonviolent taking eager soft-spoken ingratiating politic moral unpresumptuous prepossessing comforting solicitous sweet-natured regardful constant paternal humane buddy buddy angelic without hostility unoffensive well meaning as thick as thieves well intentioned forbearing all right modest all heart shared expressive socializing exuberant people-oriented festive cliquey festal fun-loving conversible gay mirthful clannish socialising facile interactional guestfriendly informative popular common pleasurable collective group general wonderful open-minded bluff bombastic glad-handering self-effacing boisterous extroversive extravertive communicable extraversive extrovertive cheering chipper upbeat high enlivening joyous upper up sunny glad genuine witty quiet good-looking inviting glowing affectious deep amorous empathetic fit adapted suitable spirited waggish sprightly attractive presentable sunny side up sophisticated well behaved well-behaved discreet eleemosynary soft touch propitious dutiful bleeding-heart big public-spirited openhearted feeling selfless wholesome unstinting benefic pitying greathearted princely humanitarian bounteous philanthropical fatherlike clement heart in right place philanthropic openhanded munificent freehanded captivating enchanting fast meek laid back well-suited well suited sympathique red-carpet favourite firm devoted fabulous gassy handsome mushy as nice as pie sensitive reasonable barley-sugar obsequious well spoken concerned good-mannered well bred well brought up punctilious well brought-up well-spoken condescending congruous consonant consistent shy non-confrontational lamblike demure sisterly dovelike reverent retiring dove-like forgiving cherished smooth-tongued worldly worldly-wise dearest special favorite canny nice-looking pretty bonny nearest and dearest close-knit honest regular fellow right neighborly self-possessed dignified smooth-talking ethical respectable upright sweetheart aces comely okay white-hat passive virtuous trustworthy worthy incorrupt dependable non-violent strife-free glib svelte refined silver-tongued living in shoals living in herds living in flocks just principled upstanding righteous unwarlike orderly disciplined cultured oily distingué impeccable fulsome slick formal right straight true nonbelligerent peace-loving pacifistic civic human good egg at peace on friendly terms on friendly clean-living stand-up on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean right-minded free from strife community-based

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