Đồng nghĩa của pondered

Alternative for pondered

ponders, pondered, pondering

Đồng nghĩa: brood, consider, contemplate, deliberate, meditate, muse, reflect, think over,

Động từ

To have ruminated or mulled over
thought reflected deliberated considered contemplated analyzed debated dwelled dwelt evaluated figured out meditated reasoned ruminated understood analysed appraised apprehended brainstormed brooded cogitated comprehended concentrated discerned examined figured intellectualised minded mused processed rationalised speculated stewed studied weighed wondered cerebrated chewed ideated intellectualized logicalized mulled puzzled over racked brains rationalized sorted out excogitated lucubrated put on thinking cap used one's head noodled around perpended mulled over thought about chewed over thought over pored over questioned weighed up reflected on revolved meditated on entertained kicked around reviewed brooded over wrestled with turned dwelled on mused on ruminated on turned over eyed cogitated on pored on deliberated on thought through sized up cogitated about thought out explored stewed over turned over in one's mind assessed scrutinized gave thought to given thought to investigated ruminated over brooded on reflected upon inspected deliberated about ruminated about read scrutinised probed imagined rolled judged mused over researched conceived looked into delved into worried about looked at wondered about thought on dreamt dreamed chewed on deliberated over considered the pros and cons of brooded about surveyed puzzled discussed pictured envisioned agonized over pondered on meditated over speculated about summed up sweated over beat one's brains out about thought of inquired gone over went over daydreamed daydreamt interpreted viewed envisaged agonized estimated digested dissected contemplated on pondered over dug into picked at mooned built castles in air hammered away at agonised asked oneself about thought hard enquired gone into went into conjectured theorized soul-searched self-reflected perused looked inward read up taken stock of hit the books took stock of perceived woolgathered introspected dived into regarded conceived of hypothesized self-questioned beheld made sense of schemed decided on enquired into compared projected worried ratiocinated been through gone through went through consulted anticipated gave consideration to given consideration to clarified looked over argued cerebrated on percolated poured it on pored hashed over stopped to consider wallowed in sweat debated with oneself lingered on spent too much time thinking about cudgeled your brains kept thinking about kept talking about gave some thought to played around with had a think about chewed the cud let one's thoughts wander cut asked oneself had in mind theorised beaten one's brains out about given some thought to kicked about read between lines knocked around tracked toyed with talked over lingered upon hypothesised run up a flagpole meditated upon given much thought to learnt parsed tutored coached plugged dug crammed plunged moralized chewn refreshed learned grinded ground gave much thought to discovered guessed stargazed preached pulled an all-nighter audited elucubrated winnowed burned the midnight oil cracked the books sermonized pontificated boned up learnt the ropes burnt the midnight oil applied oneself pronounced buried oneself in obsessed polished up delved supported visualized visualised surmised queried considered the possibility of supposed stared into space entertained the thought of moped monitored planned fretted designed maintained registered bethought fantasized intended purposed scanned checked harbored harboured held fostered eyeballed observed devised played with trifled with flirted with seen fancied imaged saw daresaid daresayed mooned over presumed fretted about suspected assumed tuned out zoned out tripped out postulated sulked about moped over suspicioned languished over grieved over spaced out determined repined beholden countenanced cherished brooked tolerated assimilated accepted proposed checked out mooted anatomized assayed esteemed treated fantasied resolved reflected about visioned deduced appreciated depictured inferred suffered plotted cudgeled marveled marvelled cudgelled chawed sermonised recognized allowed yourself to consider taken under consideration deliberated upon formed theories made enquiries into formed engaged in contemplation languished thought idly about balanced sensed called the turn had thoughts about conducted a survey of hazarded a guess indulged in wool-gathering entertained idea heeded moralised batted it around had your head in the clouds looked at as an example doped gloomed sulked psyched out made tackled thought hard about doubted unearthed dealt with batted around called it recollected made suppositions philosophized looked upon mulled over things sweated out lamented doped out contextualized looked considered as an example formulated rated kept in mind rehashed deconstructed flashed on entertained the possibility of quested batted about said to oneself expected sweated bled picked apart revolved in one's mind went on about gone on about brought to light looked on chewed over things guesstimated run it up flagpole puzzled out eyed up desponded sighed felt took under consideration ruminated upon speculated on metabolised experimented recognised beat one's brains dwelled upon ran up a flagpole thought upon uncovered scoped out broke down cooled out fantasised conjured up an image of argued the pros and cons of slept on it canvassed entertained the idea of conducted research into metabolized had a hunch stewed about dwelt upon made guesses contextualised philosophised thought deeply grieved felt despondent about chafed inwardly burnt midnight oil burned midnight oil took taken beaten one's brains ran it up flagpole eaten your heart out ate your heart out done research did research taken under advisement took under advisement broken down took in aspired to taken in taken as an example took as an example took into consideration bore in mind taken into consideration approved of agreed to born in mind got down to brass tacks gotten down to brass tacks

Động từ

To have been creative or imaginative
created conceived discovered cultivated hatched innovated pioneered contrived formed formulated brainstormed cooked up dreamt up envisaged envisioned imaged imagined performed pictured projected realised realized ruminated sparked speculated thought up trumped up visualised visualized sparked off devised come up with invented put together conjured up concocted planned developed made up came up with plotted determined manufactured framed drummed up put up deliberated constructed conceptualized thought of put heads together problem-solved set down conceived of thought out conceptualised worked out racked brains drafted carved out laid out outlined strategized decided hammered out ground out started up thrashed out cobbled together obtained brought carried out draughted modelled choreographed tailored threw together got brewed churned out turned out modeled worked on drew up coined arranged cranked out schemed considered contemplated studied weighed intercommunicated found originated crafted machinated designed masterminded perpended identified communicated fabricated pinpointed minded thought analyzed suggested evolved lay out derived educed figured out drawn up ran up vamped up figured something out thought through run up excogitated free-associated analysed thrown together found an answer to mulled over mapped out shared ideas found a solution to dreamt doped out threw up dreamed whipped up gotten thrown up set up forged developt cast composed produced hit on prepared made fashioned intrigued cogitated shaped wangled engineered conspired finagled manoeuvred compassed maneuvered vamped connived colluded worked wrought organized laid improvised set organised moulded assembled molded orchestrated hatched a plot ad-libbed got ready operated shope shapen compounded rigged built manipulated coordinated negotiated conceited ideated finessed caballed blueprinted complotted charted brought about spitballed promoted fit angled framed up cut played it by ear faked it put out a contract codified set out laid plans fixed fixt becast knocked off cast about fudged together worked hand in glove mapped hit upon authored rendered diagramed comprised diagrammed executed advanced pieced brought on fantasized founded readied fancied depicted perceived feigned visioned prepped hewed hew carved stamped sculpted consorted confederated collaborated hallucinated compiled procured effected uncovered brought forth established stumbled upon mooted budgeted calculated abetted spun fabulized fantasied began comped worked up pulled strings built castles in air made secret plans occasioned storified formed a mental picture of come upon completed translated into formed a conspiracy fabled roughed out structured patterned fantasized about caused to happen fitted stirred up handled slapped together were in cahoots moved coconspired ad libbed generated groomed dreamed about winged it got up bred wired parented prefabbed been in cahoots diddled worked against detected engendered sired strategized about procreated fictionalised consummated knocked out participated in a conspiracy fantasised mixed up erected spawned provoked collogued emerged elaborated fictionalized worked something out batched caused cogitated on writ blocked out perfected matured was in cahoots got off purposed finished beared come out schemed out induced made ready traced banged out formed a picture of laid eggs hatched treason stage-managed seen saw hewn corve carven span gotten off founden fand begun gat came upon written wrote took part in a conspiracy taken part in a conspiracy gotten in bed with got in bed with seen in one's mind seen in your mind's eye saw in your mind's eye saw in one's mind broken open given forth came out gave birth given birth gotten up bore broke open gave forth borne setted

Động từ

To have decided on
determined chose decided resolved appointed decided on established elected picked selected agreed on identified opted for picked out settled on settled upon weighed went for considered sifted out singled out made a choice on reached a decision on come to a decision on committed oneself to deliberated on come to a conclusion on made a decision on come to an agreement on made up your mind on chosen gone for came to a conclusion on came to a decision on taken a stand on took a stand on came to an agreement on plumped for preferred favoured favored fixed on handpicked nominated voted for named designated took cherry-picked taken adopted tagged opted set wished embraced wanted marked desired felt disposed to pinned down decided upon put in power fancied specified optated hand-picked put down for pitched on pleased liked fixed upon ordained culled concluded pegged fingered accepted voted in demanded plumped on took up returned assigned sorted out discriminated between elected to choose made decreed craved saw fit seen fit felt like willed bid delegated wished for voted commanded commissioned figured constituted placed installed inclined toward loved indicated tapped made a choice put in put one's finger on espoused set aside taken up authorized pointed out made a selection come down in favour of authorised arrived at wanted to made a choice to ordered came to come to directed intended deputed flagged effected announced caused declared earmarked labeled labelled needed relished allotted stipulated inducted branded denoted employed cited recognized moved for thought fit brought about balloted settled received exerted signed up requested came down in favour of charged made choice yearned elected for predestined admitted deputised flagged up fixed enjoined marked out voted into office fixt recognised aspired ended up co-opted detailed deputized buttoned down picked and choose classified made the decision to made up one's mind plumped slotted resolved on settled for capped judged proposed made the choice of tabbed pointed to made a selection on exercised choice determined on insisted called for bade taken on took on seen fit to saw fit to chosen by ballot chose by ballot gone down the line went down the line forechose forechosen chosen to do chose to do

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