Đồng nghĩa của self conscious

Tính từ

Insecure with oneself
awkward bashful diffident embarrassed nervous uncomfortable edgy tense unnatural blushing gauche inhibited insecure modest shamefaced sheepish shy strained timorous uneasy affected anxious artificial aw-shucks discomfited ill at ease ill-at-ease mannered retiring shrinking stiff stilted timid uncertain unsure out of countenance unsure of yourself like a fish out of water apprehensive reserved introverted withdrawn coy hesitant troubled reticent constrained unassertive uptight unconfident meek fearful worried restless jittery nervy perturbed unrelaxed antsy doubtful disquieted abashed quiet unassured unsettled ashamed disturbed jumpy upset on edge unquiet self-effacing demure hung up discomposed recessive repressed reluctant out of place fidgety backward wary tongue-tied hinky goosey dithery atwitter queasy queazy aflutter self-doubting wooden humble suspicious mousy bothered het up twitchy guarded vexed subdued restrained forced unassuming on tenterhooks restive distrustful cold laboured blushful unpresuming contrived agitated keyed up unpoised fazed discombobulated fraught unobtrusive afraid silent fretful tormented chary mim lacking confidence distressed shaken perplexed lacking self-confidence not self-assured passive labored in turmoil stressy introvert withdrawing socially lacking rough-hewn blundering graceless geeky inelegant nerdy socially awkward socially anxious nice socially incompetent maladroit socially inept difficult frustrated discomforted flushed reddening humiliated flushing undemonstrative unforthcoming distant passionless unresponsive attention-seeking validation-seeking permission-seeking disorientated lacking social skills turning red red-faced controlled cool stand-offish aloof vague Delphic questioning touchy choked rattled bottled up wired disoriented bewildered overmodest doubting faint-hearted verecund recoiling easily embarrassed overwrought impatient alarmed mild media-shy docile apologetic angry annoyed galled chafed strange high-strung lost unrestful touch and go hanging by thread on thin ice submissive lacking assurance not confident weak lacking in confidence wimpy irritable dismayed palpitant anguished wrung harassed peevish irascible shaky up in the air unpretentious all nerves on the qui vive rabbity dubious blenching flinching unboastful discreet temperate approval-seeking proper seemly ungraceful mincing rustic rustical laborious clumsy raw unrefined unpolished uneducated indelicate callow unsophisticated lacking in social grace unworldly ill-mannered lacking in social graces oafish ill-bred chaste lowly moderate unpretending resigned prudent simple faltering on pins and needles dorky soft-spoken cautious reclusive standoffish concerned toey frightened overstrung stressed flustered scared highly strung in a tizzy worked up strung out ruffled spooked sensitive excitable in a state unstable strung up disconcerted neurotic unnerved hyper hysterical skittish spooky squirrelly windy in a state of agitation flurried all of a dither like a cat on a hot tin roof excited in a state of nerves in a stew in a flap angsty in a tizz brittle all of a lather shook up like a cat on hot bricks panicky trembling adrenalized confused unglued shaking wrought up taut in a sweat in a twitter a bundle of nerves having kittens in a twit febrile fluttery quaking distraught thrown irked wound up beside oneself bundle of nerves under stress in a cold sweat bricking oneself stressed out all of a doodah nerve-racking nail-biting irresolute spasmodic skittery creepy careful wavering fretting discountenanced overanxious shivery in suspense fevered turbulent nervous wreck hassled inconvenienced irritated worried sick quivering unsteady white-knuckled unpeaceful beset riled muddled tortured plagued angstful solicitous bugged clutched a wreck hot and bothered worried stiff put out with one's stomach in knots shot to pieces with butterflies in one's stomach with one's heart in one's mouth twittering stuttering stammering stumbling indecisive tentative dithering vacillating precarious swithering trepidatious flighty caught up under pressure curt under a strain disorderly frisky unbalanced prim pressured frazzled all of a flutter wreck moving moved shot watchful fussy easily frightened easily agitated aghast dreading having butterflies in the stomach in a spin a basket case in a flat spin sweating bullets up the wall white knuckled afflicted asea tetchy unsettling unnerving disturbing hairy disquieting distressful agitating distressing nerve-wracking irrational exacerbated puzzled displeased chagrined aggravated pained mortified pestered harried harrowed miffed provoked terrified strict conventional testy crotchety prickly hurt short-tempered crabbed hot-tempered captious snappy temperamental chippy bad-tempered querulous quick-tempered ill-tempered grieved oversensitive moody critical active hurried transient unruly wandering intermittent changeable fidgeting itchy inconstant borderline footloose roving sleepless fitful nomadic bustling gutted sad unhappy saddened old-fashioned on the defensive distracted frantic offended angered disappointed fretted shocked low worrisome verklempt blue unzipped wounded cut up in disorder amazed tossing and turning come apart psyched out bummed out broken up at sixes and sevens all torn up in a dither stressful feeling anxious shaking in one's shoes nerves on edge

Tính từ

(of a quality or result) Achieved or maintained by careful and deliberate effort
studied calculated deliberate measured careful conscious considered intentional knowing purposeful thoughtful mannered volitional advised affected artificial contrived designed feigned forced guarded labored laboured planned premeditated reasoned strained studious thought-out weighed well-considered wilful aforethought examined investigated overdone overworked plotted prepared prepense reviewed thought-about thought-through voluntary willful willing gone into intended purposive willed witting strategic reasoning responsible rational set preconceived reflective determined on purpose pre-planned done on purpose prearranged thought out in advance purposed contemplated judicious well-thought-out well thought out unforced predetermined wanton designful prudent thought out deliberately planned aimed meant computed cold-blooded meditated preconcerted informed laid-out rigged fixed sewn-up set-up proposed cogent lucid methodical circumspect sensible justified intelligent commonsense predestined framed up stacked deck contracted anticipated scrupulous planned out learned thought through well advised well-founded well chosen tactical sober pondered provident politic well thought-out organized organised diplomatic shrewd scheduled projected carefully chosen cunning well-planned outlined prospective estimated selected with care rehearsed optional discretionary open schemed predesigned predeterminate express elective discretional unenforced unconstrained non-compulsory non-mandatory permissive uncompelled spontaneous independent unprescribed free-willed controlled freely gratuitous wished autonomous unasked not required chosen elected unbidden opted with forethought with intent at your discretion up to the individual open to choice

Tính từ

(of behaviour, art, or a literary style) Marked by idiosyncratic or exaggerated mannerisms
mannered affected artificial posed put-on pretentious pseudo stilted contrived actorly arty-farty elaborate forced insincere precious stiff theatrical unnatural airish apish artsy camp campy chichi conscious false genteel highfaluting simpering stagy gone Hollywood stuck up exaggerated strained laboured overdone labored fake feigned ostentatious spurious phoney studied phony assumed pretended showy mock simulated overripe hollow hammy bogus sham mechanical melodramatic ham awkward pompous pseud unconvincing ceremonious pretend la-di-da flamboyant plastic factitious dramatic wooden put on formal overworked over-refined histrionic actressy unreal overacted stagey poncey punctilious decorous conceited toffee-nosed correct proper fakey over-the-top nice starchy reserved extravagant twee stiff-necked counterfeit flowery faked grandiose alembicated superficial posey prim theatric meretricious snobbish effete austere hifalutin staged snippy priggish comic schmaltzy imitation constrained splashy fancy-pants refined high-minded rigid chi-chi ineffectual determined manufactured rehearsed improvised overblown farcical animated expressive catchy operatic counterfeited imitated playacting affectated fraud overplayed overacting thespian unrestrained inhibited guarded ponderous inflexible grudging bound binding conscripted slave begrudging stringent coercive forcible snide queer unauthentic forged inauthentic reticent over-elaborate over-embellished overwrought heavy long-winded posturing haughty complex turgid laborious inelegant convoluted clumsy snotty posh superior snooty uppity highfalutin restrained tongue-tied distant embarrassed repressed uneasy ornate intricate prolix Daliesque wild OTT controlled cold cool subdued stand-offish aloof camped up over the top sober not spontaneous fastidious far out fogeyish snot-nosed hoity-toity lah-di-dah high and mighty full of airs and graces high falutin' stuck-up upper-class barnstorming overrefined overnice conservative strait-laced staid stodgy conventional artful persnickety choosy fussy particular finicky fragile strict sedate prudish starched square solemn emotional show amateur legitimate acting tragic dramaturgic vaudeville deceiving ersatz deceptive trick unspontaneous straight uptight old-fashioned stick-in-the-mud fuddy-duddy of the old school stuffy icy frigid unrelaxed inflated overambitious flashy conspicuous tinselly kitschy assuming flaunty flaunting grand heroic vainglorious specious sophomoric poseur dicty flatulent arty hyperventilated swank too-too gaudy puffed up la-de-da fraudulent make-believe fictitious cod faux dummy substitute synthetic imitative mimic so-called man-made not genuine graceless gauche uncomfortable rustic rustical ungraceful maladroit quasi- rough-hewn ostensible fabricated ungainly leaden gawky misleading professed hokey inept weighty reproduction replica avowed imaginary pirate quasi untrue made-up planned tortuous arduous tortured difficult facsimile chemical cast apparent seeming surface model toy manipulated far-fetched fixed recherche voulu manmade derivative not fluent mealymouthed imagined trumped-up invented concocted pseudonymous adopted fallacious invalid overly planned adulterine lumbering hard operose effortful uphill strenuous toilsome fishy purported wreck wired put unglued tight choked taut farfetched framed apocryphal deceitful bum ungenuine bent uncoordinated unwieldy ugly virtual wannabe wrong would-be self-styled phoney-baloney phony-baloney unco elephantine hard put nervous wreck strung out alleged in a state not real not legit not kosher hypocritical lifeless all thumbs as it were to all intents and purposes at end of rope uncouth uncourtly rusty coarse vulgar bluffing shammed falsified supposed masked lying impostrous in name only quack charlatan cheating covered concealed dissimulated imposturous passionless flat dry unimpassioned spiritless soulless bumbling unhandy deadpan inexpressive obstinate unyielding unbending lacking vitality heavy-handed mincing dud hoax not what it is cracked up to be

Tính từ

Lacking in confidence, assertiveness or self-assurance
humble meek unassertive deferential submissive obsequious servile acquiescent compliant cowed demure lamblike obedient obliging shy soft spineless spiritless subdued tame unobtrusive unprotesting unresisting yielding gentle lowly reverential subservient biddable docile polite resistless sheepish supplicatory timid apprehensive fearful hesitant manageable mild quiet sycophantic tentative timorous tractable unambitious mim passive dutiful unassuming pliant resigned accommodating modest self-effacing unpretentious amenable ductile slavish obeisant longanimous fawning controllable governable patient conformable law-abiding forbearing pliable reverent malleable complaisant duteous down-to-earth ingratiating tolerant orderly self-abasing willing persuadable grovelling bootlicking teachable abject persuasible nonresistant groveling menial agreeable easy under one's thumb peaceful respectful long-suffering unpresuming unboastful regardful civil courteous considerate retiring peaceable attentive thoughtful diffident awed toadying tolerating flexible unresistant deferent truckling cowering cringing cooperative gullible trusting workable wishy-washy nothing pabulum Milquetoast serene zero plain lenient subject downtrodden snivelling inferior mannerly ingratiatory impressionable manipulable putty in one's hands game suggestible dancing sniveling ignoble mean complacent easygoing well-behaved cool weak-kneed docious milky laid-back adaptable mellow usable childlike easily swayed easily manipulated easily handled at one's mercy in one's power in one's clutches a slave to at one's beck and call in one's pocket easily influenced non-resisting supine under someone's thumb nonresisting domesticated comformable obeying giving-in bowing down uncomplaining complying subordinate surrendering amiable placable kowtowing disciplinable trainable handleable susceptible influenceable responsive receptive suasible accepting assenting susceptive open moldable convincible easily persuaded consenting good easy-going indulgent supple go-with-the-flow transformable bendy ready disciplined well-disposed untroublesome conciliatory assentive forgiving agreeing approving seemly non-resistant credulous easily led helpful well-mannered disposed accessible quiescent like putty in one's hands enduring sympathetic favorable favourable putty in hands rolls with punches like putty in your hands restrained acceptive conformist tameable mouldable consentient assentient accordant compromising bendable tamable submitting unformed under someone's control amendable trained convenient inexperienced acceding spongy putty lithy willing to compromise conforming encourageable plastic giving bending able to be influenced stoical pervious acquiescing well-regulated well-disciplined domestic weak proper solicitous formative adjustable well-trained fatalistic reconciled philosophical wimpish frightened boneless concurring friendly generous Uriah Heepish observant under control wussy onside supportive adapted calm genial phlegmatic renouncing cordial satisfied stoic relinquishing adjusted accommodated companionable useful eager to please eager to help forthcoming open-minded easy to deal with administrable well trained well disciplined well brought up well behaved mindful well-brought-up well mannered decorous good-natured good-tempered in accord in agreement devoted loyal honoring faithful sheeplike venerating honouring hearsome unquestioning permissive like a lamb to the slaughter good-humoured good-humored glad to be of assistance nonviolent lifeless non-violent non-aggressive wrapped around finger on a string disinterested static reflexive sleepy unreceptive asleep latent stolid flat motionless poker-faced bearing moony flaccid idle unflappable deceivable compassionate charitable inclined hands off dupable clement happy prepared going through motions walking through it pardoning moderate benign merciful pampering naive liberal temperate unburdensome unsuspicious mollycoddling humoring spoiling excusing light condoning deludable fleeceable lax unoppressive pleased humouring glad enthusiastic eager content keen set predisposed prone desirous like-minded nothing loath in the mood one in accord with so minded in favour of a mind so-minded fain in favor zealous minded

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