Đồng nghĩa của offended

Alternative for offended

offends, offended, offending

Đồng nghĩa: affront, disgust, displease, grieve, horrify, hurt, insult, pain, sicken, wound,

Trái nghĩa: appease, defend,

Tính từ

Resentful or annoyed, typically as a result of a perceived insult
aggrieved injured pained wounded angered annoyed cross disgruntled distressed stung affronted bothered displeased galled hurt indignant irked irritated miffed needled nettled peeved resentful ruffled upset disturbed grieved huffy miffy piqued put out riled vex aggravated agitated angry eggy exasperated insulted narked outraged rattled sore vexed fed up provoked slighted snubbed snuffy tooshie brassed off browned off cheesed off hacked off in a huff in high dudgeon peed off salty teed off ticked off incensed discontented furious enraged mad infuriated irate sulky not best pleased bitter dissatisfied unhappy troubled sullen livid steamed up acrimonious apoplectic choked rankled roiled ticked shirty crabby steaming ballistic rabid wroth up in arms irritable sour fuming surly hot under the collar rancorous embittered bent out of shape hateful perturbed grumpy frustrated anguished grudging wrathful steamed maddened ireful choleric acrid boiling enflamed disgusted foaming at the mouth fit to be tied spiteful touchy malcontent chagrined crabbed testy huffish morose petulant disappointed chafed ropeable in a temper seething soreheaded hot infuriate hopping horn-mad inflamed riley foaming dirty splenetic bad-tempered unglued hassled ill-tempered hopping mad worked up beside oneself in a lather in a bad mood seeing red on the warpath worried malevolent crusty antagonized tetchy cantankerous moody miserable waspish curt moping crotchety reproachful hostile harassed snappy disquieted vitriolic uptight chippy scunnered afflicted sensitive discontent ratty flustered saddened impatient edgy churlish black prickly filthy antagonised begrudging grieving hard querulous blue peevish snaky gnashing one's teeth in a frenzy jaundiced ill-disposed as cross as two sticks at daggers drawn ill-humoured crook short-tempered ill-humored off the air hard done by quick-tempered in an uproar unimpressed defiant goaded wry heated disrespected undermined unjustifiably resentful unjustifiably offended harried grouchy p.o.'d bugged scornful snitty going crook raging wrath waxy aerated affected battered crushed incandescent wild wronged in a pet burned up in a fume dishonored humiliated harmed blue in the face cut to the quick as black as thunder beside yourself flaming out of humour out of sorts wound up umbrageous dishonoured ill-used woeful vehement cynical sardonic irreconcilable caustic persecuted oppressed victimised depressed victimized hoha unforgiving with chip on shoulder grudge-bearing with a chip on one's shoulder weighty annoying distressing revengeful butthurt temperamental emotional unsatisfied unfulfilled smouldering dark frowning saturnine glum mopish irascible bruised dour ungratified excitable mardy dejected agitable mopey broody malignant restless disapproving restive regretful disaffected fiery mumpish fierce neurotic kittle mopy skittish ennuied malcontented sniveling fretful plaintive put-out unassuaged envious insatiable picky fed-up faultfinding griping kvetching unappeased complaining fretting grumbling not satisfied unsated critical jealous vengeful pernicious malicious snivelling smoldering nasty baleful virulent vindictive mean out of joint short high-strung malign snappish curmudgeonly cranky easily frightened easily upset hot-tempered easily agitated hot-headed catty maleficent venomous malefic dismayed full of hate full of dislike thin-skinned ticklish narky peckish whingy shaken pettish antipathetic poisonous disconcerted stewed fractious confused distraught discomposed anxious unsettled implacable begruding evil-intentioned ill-natured discountenanced gutted sad inconvenienced unnerved frightened alarmed frantic insecure tense dithery nervous antsy atwitter queasy queazy aflutter nervy fretted uneasy like a bear with a sore head jumpy jittery unquiet overwrought thrown shocked low muddled verklempt hinky goosey unzipped apprehensive hung up ill at ease cut up in disorder amazed come apart psyched out bummed out shook up in a tizzy broken up at sixes and sevens all torn up het up frenzied raving violent excited ranting passionate impassioned intense stormy tempestuous very angry insane rough feverish hot and bothered turbulent fervent fervid ardent blazing storming tumultuous hysterical berserk animated corybantic blustering perfervid passional torrid antagonistic squally blustery spare ferocious windy choppy hectic howling discouraged frenetic crazy roaring boisterous out of control uncontrolled glowing burning lively boiling mad in a paddy charged keyed up demonstrative roused in a bate red-hot warm-blooded warm hot-blooded menacing threatening stroppy with all guns blazing inclement hacked explosive foul bent desperate crazed demented thundery irrational bleak rugged stormful panic-stricken fraught raging mad delirious at boiling point up the wall weirded out deranged freaked out weird spazzed out flipped out zonkers in a stew wigged out at wits' end wired hyper unscrewed superheated religious spirited convulsive aroused knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts paroxysmal cataclysmal volcanic cyclonic hammer and tongs bang-bang cataclysmic vicious disillusioned hate-filled scandalized maniac unreasonable smoking tormented gusty scandalised storm-tossed blazing mad flaming mad rainy blowy raving mad savage unpleased all steamed up in a towering rage overcome with anger raw in a rage beside yourself with rage pushed too far blown a gasket in a filthy temper in a state sombre somber overexcited good and mad mad as hell burning with excitement mighty tremendous ready to be tied scalding steamy piping airborne air-to-air flying ballistical surface-to-air crackers overheated disheartened rousted hazardous risky stimulated perplexed dogged buffaloed very upset full-on all-out uncompromising energetic manic breakneck concerted defeated scathing bilious hotheaded keen in a wax extremely angry eager enthusiastic out of countenance grousing crabbing bellyaching uncontent out of temper kicking rough-and-tumble amorous at end of one's rope rubbed the wrong way carrying a chip on your shoulder disapproving of intemperate breezy ablaze panicky bad tempered panic-struck vivid fizzing contemptuous disdainful vigorous effusive zealous distracted unhinged fevered scintillating very excited maniacal distrait hysteric powerful rampant madding belligerent aggressive unfriendly nutty gung-ho swivel-eyed berko evil wicked in a flap last-minute at your wits' end in a cold sweat having kittens in a flat spin at the end of your tether in a tizz white-hot doing your nut boiling over going ape embarrassed acid glowering louring throwing a fit blowing one's top blowing a gasket ranting and raving heavy bumpy discomfited mad as a hornet overemotional alienated soured volatile awkward unstable roily disordered estranged overactive full-hearted hyperactive weltering falling apart histrionic discombobulated fazed twitchy unmanageable noisy tremulous thunderous rebellious moiling swirling destructive riotous coarse rage strained stressy storm-wracked murky frigid riproaring cold damp out of place self-conscious uncomfortable like a fish out of water despondent avid nursing a grudge stirred up raining cats and dogs coming down disconsolate downcast with a chip on your shoulder melancholic down forlorn joyless cheerless disenchanted crestfallen doleful downhearted inconsolable sorrowful sick low-spirited

Tính từ

Not given to showing emotion or feelings
undemonstrative cold impassive passionless stiff unemotional dispassionate stolid aloof cold-blooded contained distant formal reserved restrained reticent self-contained unaffectionate uncommunicative unfeeling unloving unmoved unresponsive withdrawn wooden close guarded secretive sober taciturn unforthcoming affectless apathetic chilly cool detached emotionless frigid frosty impassible numb offish phlegmatic remote stoic stoical unfriendly annoyed chill glacial impertinent impudent incurious indifferent insolent lukewarm offhand procacious solitary standoffish stand-offish unapproachable unenthusiastic uninterested unsociable unwelcoming antisocial unclubbable asocial unbending standoff dry cold-eyed buttoned-up inhospitable negative half-hearted tepid unconcerned impersonal uncordial unsympathetic off unenthused gelid clammy Olympian brittle muted antiseptic hard-eyed icy wintery wintry coldish frozen arctic nonchalant disinterested casual hostile haughty calm laid-back uncaring lackadaisical uninvolved perfunctory forbidding heedless collected neutral stony insouciant reclusive careless passive listless poker-faced callous uncongenial disdainful carefree quiet austere composed misanthropic retiring blasé serene controlled unneighbourly easy introverted self-controlled spiritless unsocial pococurante unruffled impartial uncompanionable clinical shy relaxed diffident supercilious devil-may-care negligent blithe insensible stern laid back heartless inhibited demure unaffable unexcited untroubled inattentive impervious free and easy unimpressed sedate antagonistic insensitive silent uncivil unworried uncurious languid hard-hearted flat cursory modest cautious disagreeable bashful unbiased placid close-mouthed backward unprejudiced unflappable imperturbable introvert matter-of-fact irresponsible bored lacklustre cool, calm and collected reckless ungracious inimical conventional lax unexcitable complacent feckless antipathetic unmindful lazy expressionless unaffected discourteous eremitic easy-going rigid rude ceremonious lackluster uppity Laodicean nonpartisan unneighborly equable uncommitted private irresolute cold-hearted soft-spoken self-restrained evenhanded nasty objective thick-skinned unpleasant unkind happy-go-lucky incautious stuffy improvident abstract neglectful breezy hard tranquil unamicable uneager regardless desultory slack unperturbed unsentimental inert businesslike oblivious heedless of undecided deadpan unwilling dismissive starchy repellent slipshod prim superficial subdued slap-happy severe tame blithely unconcerned without care limp lifeless halfhearted unimpassioned removed snobbish peaceful gentle mild noncommittal weak constrained jaundiced timid self-effacing nonaligned ill-disposed media-shy nonplussed hard-boiled cynical equal candid fair-minded blah retired gay unheeding independent unpassioned rational apathetic about uninvolved in uninterested in cold as ice tardy remiss disregardful obnoxious cavalier unamiable unmoved by weary feeble derelict sloppy slapdash brusque stony-hearted inactive introspective uncircumspect delinquent unaccountable undependable unobservant untrustworthy good-for-nothing unreliable ill-natured hardhearted untouched stilted uninvolved with unexpressive steely moderate jaded bored by reluctant tough snooty proud anti temperate cross off-putting adversary mortal adversarial world-weary abstracted noncombatant nonbelligerent shrinking impolite toneless hollow dead blank bland vacant preoccupied equitable superior deaf to unmindful of lethargic closemouthed level-headed uncooperative fierce unfazed nowhere immovable nonemotional oblivious to unaroused just fair neuter nonparticipating middle-of-road unaligned bystanding disengaged pacifistic laconic uncharitable hateful opposed discouraging inward-looking unthinking thoughtless aggressive supine against unfavorable unfavourable hardened timorous hesitant tight-lipped effortless lighthearted slaphappy lightsome debonair inapproachable contrary self-centred cold-shoulder square non-committal stuck-up on sidelines on the fence airy stuck up ungregarious inaccessible sheepish coy recessive self-centered unrevealing putting on airs light-hearted cold fish uncolored nondiscriminatory thoughtful staid nongregarious flippant stony-eyed easygoing spacey informal eremetic loose strictly business couldn't care less spaced-out out of it conservative unsavoury objectionable unattractive harsh avoidant strait-laced abrupt indifferent about incurious about ungenial glutted unlikeable curt uptight grim ungenerous cloyed unincluded unhappy depressing iced flinty inscrutable bad-tempered terse selfish nonresponsive unstirred unsmiling dispassionate about mean abhorrent xenophobic unlively unconvincing unreceptive ill-tempered unsavory dry-eyed undismayed unimpressible insusceptible cool-headed hard-headed short uninfluenced indurated inexcitable damp averse unagitated ardorless loveless impotent unromantic lame weakly insociable arrogant contemptuous withering seclusive mopey mopish discreet uninquiring unimpressionable immune alienated mean-looking distrustful brooding scowling paltry meager down on obdurate inexpressive coldhearted marble uncompassionate isolated socially inhibited resolute put on airs not enthusiastic rash keeping people at arm's length insular hermitlike ascetic suspicious opposing disobliging immune to impervious to stubborn insensate unyielding not caring retreated aseptic recluse open-minded meagre torpid sluggish hermit-like hermitic hermitical nonpassionate bureaucratic inhuman proof against unambitious unmotivated enduring resigned philosophic indomitable unflustered unpassionate unnatural forced meek indrawn outside unwilling to mix with other people analytical scientific steady nonaffected featureless straight colorless soulless gray colourless grey measured depersonalised faceless careful depersonalized anonymous monolithic sketchy non-communicative all alone self-sufficient faint logical optimistic carefree and untroubled cheerful content free-minded living the life of Riley imprudent droopy wimpy dispirited moony draggy judicial contemplative self-interested pensive self-absorbed iceberg lofty contrived laboured mannered artificial even-handed unprepossessed uncoloured non-partisan non-discriminatory at odds non-emotional along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches hurried fleeting quick mechanical brief summary passing token hasty ruminative meditative reflective inner-directed unstudied artless on ice leisurely light disimpassioned cold-fish cool cat self-possessed cold turkey unrelated unconnected autonomous unallied could care less what the hell lone wolf repressed tongue-tied self-conscious uneasy embarrassed strained awkward indolent simple equanimous sunny don't give a damn dumb slovenly rapid surly sour lacking concern frivolous buoyant unserious jaunty unanxious upbeat phoning it in going through the motions walking through it pokerfaced pessimistic free from worry free from care unbothered not bothered forgetful blind deaf at ease undisturbed undaunted quarrelsome defeatist gloomy labored laodicean gloom-ridden unconcerned about indecisive uncertain unresolved menacing unmannerly bleak apathetic towards nonchalant about offhand about casual about uncaring about fatalistic comfortable facile untroublesome painless undemanding conflicting opposite estranged malicious disaffected malignant spiteful competitive unpromising warlike vengeful acrimonious censorious grouchy combative grudging gruff dismissive of mindless of careless of frivolous about reckless about unimpressed by regardless of cavalier about not giving a toss tired dulled weary of unenthusiastic about unresponsive to lukewarm about phlegmatic about wishy-washy without a care in the world straight-faced wearied ennuied obstructive resistive unconstructive highbrow scornful resisting balky up to here fed up sick of had it sick sick and tired done it all not on speaking terms not giving a monkey's

Động từ

To have triggered a passionate feeling or reaction
excited provoked incited riled stirred up fomented impassioned inflamed rallied roiled roused stirred triggered aggravated agitated animated electrified fired up goaded inspired instigated aroused enthused galvanized incensed irked primed ruffled stimulated whipped up baited charged egged on elicited encouraged enlivened grilled kindled piqued pumped up revved up set off vexed vext vivified worked up wound up activated angered awakened brought about brought out caused charged up commoved energised energized enkindled galvanised jolted motivated needled pepped up sparked off touched off triggered off worked into lather chafed discomposed flustered induced infuriated intensified maddened shook shook up started taunted upset waked up woke up fed the fire spurred sparked drove inclined given incentive gave incentive driven summoned up fostered whetted called forth influenced moved prompted inspirited fired quickened generated urged invigorated revived prodded evoked envigorated wakened engendered spurred on exhilarated impelled raised actuated produced thrilled promoted vitalized refreshed kick-started turned on waked titillated drave druv revitalized pushed restored invoked revivified occasioned fanned initiated set on made put up to revitalised created fueled fuelled renewed rejuvenated brought into being strengthened uplifted cheered swayed heartened propelled incentivized gladdened rekindled pricked fermented set going called into being emboldened ignited brought on resuscitated lit a fire under reanimated put in motion set in motion boosted impressed precipitated resurrected abetted buoyed up tempted reinvigorated intoxicated awaked brightened bucked up keyed up fired the imagination of regenerated built up effectuated steeled bred recharged brought summoned lift exhorted grabbed given rise to gave rise to braced set worked wrought elated cheered up bestirred livened up woke woken gingered up called up breathed new life into disturbed drew forth drawn forth buoyed catalyzed mobilized filliped increased brewed touched rewakened rewaked originated pleased reawakened perked up fired with enthusiasm mobilised jazzed up catalysed conjured up effected pressed prest compelled interested hatched spawned captivated led to attracted yielded recalled drummed up irritated empowered struck nudged persuaded impacted picked enticed refreshened recreated freshened renovated repaired heightened tickled reactivated instilled exalted geed up bounced back juiced up breathed life into brought forth translated into psyched got to crazed called to mind fired the enthusiasm of affected begat begotten begot annoyed improved reassured awoken awoke delighted developt developed cultivated gotten going got going woken up comforted disquieted startled enchanted educed tantalized assured fortified lifted lightened astonished amazed consoled dynamized teased boosted up cheered on spiked exercised called reached restarted re-established bugged astounded jump-started got informed made an impression on told on made waves steamed up touched up spooked rooted on got someone going fanned the flames of brought back relieved brought to zipped up had an impact on amped up tantalised made for switched on reconditioned brought around innervated brightened up made whole challenged rewoke rewoken worried refined perturbed alarmed stoked up troubled concerned given a shot in the arm to gave a shot in the arm to elevated distressed unsettled coerced enthralled built incentified intrigued distracted dismayed disconcerted pressured sustained jumpstarted egged galled furthered enforced allured bothered flurried unnerved yolden yold disposed reminded advanced stricken manifested ravished run put out shaken confused jogged stung outraged hit hooked overwhelmed overcome helped chirked up unhinged discomforted ailed alarumed derailed frazzled fussed distempered hagrid sicced nurtured coaxed fascinated enhanced seduced involved exacerbated gripped conjured solicited fazed reproduced frightened amused entertained lured suggested relaunched reinstituted overpowered evinced actualized procured forced sent magnetized killed transported spirited someone up raised your spirits reinforced rattled picked up extracted countenanced sharpened burned up burnt up mustered set afoot started up put a bomb under snapped out of it juiced made an impression drew on recovered cranked up put into action put under a spell gotten to magnetised livened set on foot weirded out freaked out agitated for put someone's back up put one in mind of drawn on brought to mind acted as a stimulus to put life into talked into cut a figure invited innerved raised someone's spirits carried done did given a boost to gave a boost to began begun gotten gat gave a buzz given a buzz sown the seeds of gathered shaken up sowed the seeds of honed gave someone a kick given someone a kick absorbed absorpt enraged applauded disinhibited beguiled supported engrossed bewitched obliged edified exasperated entranced charmed operated enheartened displeased shocked rivetted hypnotized riveted mesmerized enraptured antagonized assisted engaged spellbound transfixed reenforced nettled tripped softened melted overawed dazzled whomped up awed hounded occupied courted drew drawn facilitated bettered confounded overjoyed reestablished ran constrained peeved bolstered miffed fretted hassled cajoled led leaded convinced discomfited initialized warmed relighted aided relit praised backed overcame redeveloped affronted narked beared borne up holp holpen bore up undone hagridden hagrode undid perplexed confirmed rescued palpated cued dug ameliorated grappled civilized conceived bemused bedazzled immersed wowed busied arrested witched wiled enwrapped echoed drove on driven on bristled madded enflamed graveled ired rankled gravelled ticked off raised the morale of boosted someone's morale lifted the spirits of bielded reintroduced stimulated spiritually stiffened the resolve of psyched up propped up nursed wooed prevailed upon discombobulated dazed inveigled converted advised bewildered marked deranged frenzied stiffened infatuated diverted flushed caught up enamoured encapsulated captured expressed lit up imparted crossed empurpled delivered enabled propagated extraught progenerated cranked reignited favoured favored saved made sore introduced magnified performed CPR gave new life to afflicted brought to life called out acerbated got in someone's hair given the kiss of life to felt admiration become cheerful mesmerised drawn out plotted pressurized rubbed up the wrong way expanded made enthusiastic made splash brought round gave birth to stirred embers acted as a incentive to gave the kiss of life to added fuel won over rattled someone's cage gained strength redoubled tugged at your heartstrings made brighter lashed flirted with ventilated prevailed on suggested to extorted incarnated given someone a charge blown away brushed up antagonised badgered made uneasy milked grandstanded made someone's blood boil hinted led on pressurised rabble-roused knocked one's socks off gave someone a charge made wild vivificated lost one's temper ensnared modernised given a lift to enslaved left a mark on spurred to action gave a new lease of life to come to life caused to appear had an effect on hinted to updated augmented intruded made someone's hackles rise civilised got under someone's skin acted as an incentive to bugged up blew away issued made happen raised spirits solaced brought back to life entreated agitated against planned burned commanded recuperated made someone see red got across intensated buffaloed made active grieved rediscovered given new life to asked for it showed off gave a lift to zapped had as a result replenished acted upon leaned on got something going poured it on mounted complicated made anxious made a hit deepened filled with joy made happy won had as a consequence added fuel to the flames interfered helped out puzzled got up contributed to boosted moral initialised raced one's motor schemed gave a lift burnt dispatched made flip knocked out hacked off reminded one of pushed buttons pained ruffled someone's feathers embittered sprung left an impression on drew out hypnotised modernized built a fire under worked on mustered up looked up scored called for registered made alive insinuated fanned the fire given a new lease of life to necessitated regained made to happen extended got at examined showed stunned tickled pink changed teed off slayed jarred cleared up depressed interested greatly started off enriched forwarded raised hell spirited up scared heated up pushed around boiled given a lift given birth to suscitated fanned the flames tired worked someone up het up activized caused anxiety to appealed held spellbound left the door open to subdued felt respect enamored disheartened touched a chord alerted asked for bulldozed made confident brought on oneself molt molten bore borne given life to gave life to added fuel to fire gave shot in arm given confidence to given shot in arm given hope to gave hope to gave confidence to hitten hat gotten in the way got in the way gave a shot in the arm given a shot in the arm gotten up sowed the seeds sown the seeds took out of mothballs taken out of mothballs gave courage to given courage to sprung up sprang up ridden herd on rode herd on grew grown sprang gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation came to life given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation gotten smoking got smoking slew taken someone aback shown off took someone aback slain begged for took one's breath away taken one's breath away took your breath away taken your breath away given someone grief gave someone grief became cheerful took a turn for the better taken heart took heart taken a turn for the better gave the incentive to given the incentive to given someone a cue gave someone a cue shown got started gotten started appealed to drove mad drove crazy driven mad driven crazy got through to stricken a chord gotten through to struck a chord given a boost gave a boost given joy to gone over big gave joy to went over big gave pleasure to given pleasure to given someone the pip blew up driven up the wall got someone's goat drove up the wall gotten on someone's wick got up someone's nose got on someone's wick got on someone's nerves got someone gotten someone gotten someone's goat gotten across gotten at gotten up someone's nose gotten someone's back up gotten someone's dander up gotten on someone's nerves gotten on one's nerves gave someone the pip got someone's dander up got on one's nerves got someone's back up blown up got a rise out of gotten a rise out of

Động từ

Past tense for to fail to conform to a regulation or obligation

Trái nghĩa của offended

offended Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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