Đồng nghĩa của reanimated


Past tense for to give new life to, or to restore to a healthy condition
revitalised revitalized restored renewed rejuvenated revived revivified resuscitated regenerated refreshed resurrected rekindled recharged repaired renovated enlivened rewoke rewaked rewoken rewakened envigorated invigorated awakened energised energized roused reawakened strengthened aroused animated inspirited recovered reconditioned exhilarated rallied enkindled quickened reactivated encouraged relieved brightened woke up waked up woken up breathed new life into bounced back touched up made whole brought around stimulated reinvigorated recreated freshened refreshened braced kick-started modernized modernised re-established updated fortified vivified pepped up put some spark into brought back stirred up overhauled come to life reconstructed bucked up reestablished brought back to life uplifted replenished regained revamped stirred redeveloped restarted refurbished reinforced mended rehabilitated put new life into spruced brought to cheered prodded prompted activated relaunched improved refitted reinstituted remodeled remodelled built up boosted reintroduced recalled rediscovered rebuilt rescued rehabbed reinstated doctored made over raised from the dead livened up vamped up fixed up brought up to date came to life refound bolstered cooled helped excited galvanized vitalized given a shot in the arm to gave a shot in the arm to reproduced waked wakened propped up changed reorganized recaptured cured saved brushed up given new strength to gave new strength to reorganised galvanised retreaded reconstituted got going again put new heart into restored to life restituted patched fixed healed spruced up done up did up redeemed made healthy retouched given a new lease of life to serviced put on feet again gave a new lease of life to put someone on the road to recovery summoned up set right furbished made good set to rights tuned come back to life come back from the dead given a boost to gave a boost to sprung up sprang up inspired incited jogged relighted relit kindled triggered woke woken comforted whetted instigated reexperienced reinstalled redecorated transformed perked up amended awaked fanned filliped fired spiked reenergized unwound refurnished reclaimed relived overcome gladdened brought round solaced pleased recuperated remedied consoled titivated tempted titillated recollected revisited changed radically produced topped up rewrought reworked tidied dusted neatened cleaned sweetened recycled remembered added some zest to made younger restored vitality to promoted zipped up piqued increased vivificated moved innervated innerved goaded precipitated dispatched urged actuated sprung motivated spurred livened impelled gentrified rectified treated nursed palliated medicated cooled down replayed conjured up freshened up jump-started amped up remastered tarted up gave new life to given new life to performed CPR breathed life into made young again blew away the cobwebs blown away the cobwebs called up went over dug up made someone feel young again summoned back found again brought something up to code given a new look to come around juiced up regained consciousness gave a new look to given the kiss of life to snapped out of it gingered up made better cleaned up re-created gone over lived through again gotten into shape straightened out ministered to brought to mind gave the kiss of life to got someone back on their feet jazzed up restored to health recovered consciousness made well got into shape attended to made sound physicked treated successfully salvageed discovered again come round aired out come to experienced again salvaged come to one's senses returned to came back to life risen from the dead came back from the dead rose from the dead overcame did done awoken awoke sprang grew grown risen rose shaken up shook up gave face lift to given face lift to gave a shot in the arm given a shot in the arm given something a facelift gave something a facelift went through again gone back to gone through again went back to gave a new lease on life given a new lease on life came to one's senses came round came around came to given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation upgraded remade revised patched up reinvented corrected reformed resumed put back put back together brightened up redone redid face-lifted refashioned replaced developed picked up brought up to code reincarnated rebranded gussied up bettered reopened revolutionized restated reaffirmed come again put right resurged set up brought into the twenty-first century put to rights streamlined adjusted contemporized furnished redevised redesigned enhanced heartened revolutionised emended fettled innovated ameliorated sorted out smartened up repainted fit technologized righted modified reequipped reequipt redressed rationalized recast created again evoked established again started again prepared beautified introduced again maintained reindustrialized cheered up retrieved rationalised perfected zapped fiddled with debugged fired up buoyed up put in power again put new heart in kitted out put back into its original condition put in order rose again put new strength in put pep into let sunshine in remarketed tuned up put new life in reshaped put finishing touches on restored to working order risen again turned around restyled lit again provided brought into effect again dressed up spiffed primped smartened decked came again painted reignited rewired refinished repapered rearranged repeated emendated vamped copied redrafted reenforced altered tinkered clouted botched conditioned equipped fitted sustained become livelier cobbled glued readied reassured emboldened cleansed reconnected converted variegated reskinned cued appointed sparked dynamized meliorated polished electrified solved sorted enriched refined nerved felt happier become more cheerful got better glossed regulated confirmed hardened resolved reerected customized restructured realigned pieced together pimped out pimped up returned re-formed stiffened made lively wakened up doctored up customised squared mitigated worked on worked up recalibrated poured it on made more lively returned to power shaped up helped out cleaned up one's act fitted out gained convalesced made up for dealt with marched into the twenty-first century dragged into the twenty-first century rehired returned to a former position spiced given a face-lift spiced up looked up made improvements turned on got working rigged out red-penciled squared up braced up rounded off red-pencilled buoyed finished off aided got the latest version of made as good as new gave a face-lift lit a fire under reinvested made fit for use leaded into the twenty-first century diverted snapped up decked out entertained made confident reelected made more exciting began again begun again rewrote redrawn redrew rewritten equipt seen to saw to became livelier done over did over added to taken care of took care of given courage to gave courage to gave a facelift to given a facelift to gave life to given life to gave a lift given a lift given back gave back gave facelift given facelift gave a face-lift to became more cheerful gotten better given someone a cue gave someone a cue shaken took a turn for the better taken heart gotten into the mood took heart shook taken a turn for the better got into the mood

Trái nghĩa của reanimated

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