Đồng nghĩa của dewy

Alternative for dewy

dewier, dewiest

Đồng nghĩa: bedewed,


Fresh and innocent
innocent naive simple unsophisticated green ingenuous unworldly unsuspicious unsuspecting unwary naif unknowing uncritical simpleminded primitive damp moist wet dewy-eyed wide-eyed aw-shucks dew-covered heavy with dew inexperienced raw childlike immature ignorant unschooled callow credulous wet behind the ears fresh born yesterday natural impressionable gullible unfledged artless unaffected trusting undeveloped untutored uninitiated rookie untrained unseasoned unstudied new unacquainted unfamiliar youthful young naïf as green as grass guileless unpretentious untaught tenderfoot easy tender folksy unartificial clean uninformed jejune plain nescient like a babe in the woods amateur unskilled idealistic unsceptical unpractised undeceitful corn-fed country uncool accepting infant juvenile adolescent vulnerable naïve unqualified over-trusting unguarded unquestioning trustful babe in woods susceptible exploitable gullable childish vernal verdant unripe easily deceived easily taken in green as grass lacking experience savage uncivilized uncultivated barbaric barbarian unrefined amateurish untested untried unpracticed just starting out unversed unconversant unaccustomed unproven inexpert uncivilised fierce unlearned uncultured untamed animal brutish undomesticated vestigial underdeveloped austere atavistic nonliterate wild barbarous modest down-to-earth unpolished unassuming gauche parochial provincial rustic cornball bush-league corny homey unadulterated kid pure genuine without airs authentic fond insensible unwise confiding silly virginal uncorrupted virgin cute quaint shallow unjaded uneducated countrified Panglossian starry-eyed simple-minded oblivious unaware unmindful unwitting unenlightened incognizant benighted clueless unconscious uninstructed open unformed unripened illiterate unread unlettered thick moronic rude puerile spontaneous witless unknowledgeable easily led sophomoric undisciplined dense stupid unpretending in the dark birdbrained unintellectual heedless inept mindless obtuse imbecilic dupable deceivable cretinous dumb analphabetic wet behind ears foolish crude believing unintelligent misinformed over-trustful childly prentice humble homely unused apprenticed real true spring chicken unfamiliar with slow uncomplicated honest-to-goodness fleeceable unskeptical blind to biting honest frank dim dopey dark babyish frivolous unscholarly unimposing unostentatious uninitiate sincere dozy unpresumptuous backward blind airheaded unweaned unbaked sophomore jellybean not aware easy-going laid-back self-effacing slow on the uptake not dry behind ears idiotic brainless feeble-minded unrehearsed developing junior fledgling budding uninhibited indiscriminating fresh-faced unstudious incompetent girlish boyish ordinary impractical dull tenderfooted newly arrived lamblike overtrusting kidstuff wholesome half-witted ill-informed vacuous slow-witted thickheaded thick-witted quiet straightforward lowly imprudent unskillful softheaded unsmart nonprofessional unprofessional candid simplistic jackleg soppy unrealistic teary-eyed sentimental sinless undefiled dovelike unwarned uncontrived undesigning unspoiled unobtrusive readily swallowing whole easy mark readily taken in readily falling for swallowing undoubting cracker-barrel inelaborate unambitious down uncomplex unbeautified discreet free-spirited prosaic unembellished taken in off guard up front down home on the up and up brash reckless superstitious inattentive deaf insensitive unobservant unperceptive unresponsive prone to superstition caught napping unconcerned out of it inconversant not all there mooning spacey out to lunch not cognizant not in the loop doped in a daze daydreaming forgetful negligent careless deaf to out cold superficial daft uncomprehending dotish divvy chowderheaded dof hebete glaikit empty-headed pig-ignorant thick as two short planks not the full shilling as thick as two short planks a brick short of a load two sandwiches short of a picnic dead from the neck up


Slightly wet or affected with moisture
damp moist humid clammy wet muggy sticky dank dripping soggy sultry soaked drenched sodden saturated waterlogged sopping soaking steamy sweaty oozy dampish drizzly rainy misty wettish showery moistened dampened foggy irriguous drippy cloudy vaporous wetted claggy moisture-laden slimy watery soused saturate bedraggled bathed doused washed watered awash logged dowsed drizzling water-soaked soppy aqueous teary slippery water-logged sopping wet dripping wet wringing-wet wringing wet chilly musty squelchy unaired close fusty marshy boggy miry swampy not dry wet through teeming raining pouring snowy stormy mucky sloppy heavy mushy sweating perspiring soft gooey fenny squidgy quaggy slushy perspiry pulpy squashy spongy stifling stinky covered with sweat squishy pappy doughy pulpous like a sauna like a Turkish bath stuffy oppressive airless gloopy sudoriferous pasty wringing over-moist semi-liquid soft and wet soaked through muddy glowing suffocating soupy fuggy sweltering boiling hazy hot droukit slick sparkling covered warm flabby squooshy sludgy flavorless colourless colorless waterlike dim anemic bloodless flavourless anaemic serous watered-down weeping beaded steaming clouded fogged balmy mucous scummy yukky muculent viscous glutinous drunk boiled bloated seethed stewed steeped diaphoretic sudoric inundated drowned streaming misted up steamed up fogged up gelatinous fleshy cushiony yielding downy cushy hot and sticky soaking wet tropical soaked to the skin like a drowned rat very damp


Newly discovered
newfound brand-new fresh new newborn afresh newfangled novel latest modern recent recently discovered just out hot off the press hot off the fire spanking new brand spanking new current brand new new-found newly arrived newest of late just completed just done just finished last latter unreleased pristine unpublished raw never-before-seen previously unreleased newly published just released newly released late virgin virginal untouched perfect mint span-new intact immature undeveloped developing unripe in its infancy in the making young modernistic contemporary state-of-the-art up-to-date advanced avant-garde up to the minute ultramodern hot up-to-the-minute present-day red-hot space-age new-fashioned designer mod cutting edge new age progressive fashionable trendy up to date leading edge high-tech revolutionary trailblazing in in fashion stylish trendsetting in vogue innovative all the rage modish innovatory now with it happening cutting-edge au courant a la mode bang up to date ultra-modern groundbreaking voguish chic forward-looking futuristic cool hip leading-edge modernised modernized avant updated hi-tech modern-day faddish neonatal popular nouvelle latter-day à la mode highly developed in-thing neoteric with-it timely forefront SOTA present extant just issued immediate ongoing topical immediately prior immediately prior to hot off press present-time twenty-first-century high-end bleeding edge just born recently born newly born in style smart flash swinging snazzy natty nifty go-ahead kicking kicky tony fly spiffy sassy stylin' leading plugged-in newly discovered contemporaneous pioneering ground-breaking recently developed most recent


Indistinct or dim in outline
misty fuzzy unclear dim obscure vague indistinct blurred foggy murky nebulous blurry hazy opaque bleary blear cloudy faint gauzy indefinite indistinguishable pale shadowy undefined undetermined overcast dark enveloped filmy mushy shrouded vaporous lacking definition out of focus ill-defined indeterminate unfocused ambiguous indiscernible smoky formless nebulose obfuscated bleared muzzy woolly wooly imprecise clouded distorted barely perceptible doubtful uncertain hard to see hard to make out confused inconspicuous teary watery tearful indefinable loose fogged unsure moist veiled unrecognizable unrecognisable intangible muddled pearly amorphous shapeless unformed transparent milky unexplicit opalescent membranous obscured dull inexact imperceptible muddy crepuscular inexplicit impalpable faded dewy-eyed unformulated tenuous shady befogged remote sketchy dusky obfuscous unsubstantial Cimmerian out-of-focus unobtrusive illusory undistinct bleached light visionary dreamy low resolution muffled incoherent distant enigmatic dreamlike tenebrous elusive disorganised disorganized imperfect airy general ill-organized ethereal equivocal unknown unlimited unsettled evasive gossamer hardly noticeable hardly detectable dubious unfixed weepy weeping lachrymose soft oracular broad unspecific open-ended innumerable indeterminable inexhaustible wide noncommittal undependable gossamery aerial diaphanous rheumy aery vapory sheer fuddled addled groggy dizzy fazed benumbed befuddled perplexed disorientated disoriented stupefied mixed up unresolved undecided debatable mysterious open to question in doubt up in the air unconfirmed cryptic speculative iffy in the balance unspecified unfathomable hidden undisclosed concealed unestablished arcane unpredictable unascertained abstruse unforeseeable incalculable pending unreliable dicey apocryphal dodgy indecisive questionable vacillating occult in limbo inscrutable mystic deep elliptical Delphic elliptic limitless untrustworthy hairy chancy risky fuliginous yet to be decided enigmatical double-edged secret infinite immeasurable endless conjectural precarious unrevealed up for grabs hanging by a thread touch and go on thin ice untold measureless horizonless unrestricted immensurable illimitable boundless bottomless unbounded fathomless undivulged sweeping approximate inconclusive unexplained unrecognized unapprehended unnoted unrecognised noteless unperceived overall rough generic blanket inaccurate undetailed ballpark basic arguable suspect perplexing puzzling not particular not partial indiscriminate non-specific not specific moot hesitant confusing contentious disputable irresolute wavering equivocating weak doubtable unverified dubitable controversial controvertible unprovable unproven marginal borderline negotiable in dispute issuable spurious disputed flimsy hypothetical contingent in question open to doubt under advisement not obvious under examination not definite open to discussion illegible unreadable unintelligible undecipherable indecipherable squiggly scribbled smudged as clear as mud difficult to read barely legible hard to read

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